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Everyday,I love you.

George knocked on Nana Yaa’s hotel room door.

“ A gift for the bride” he said

He opened the door and found Nana Yaa in her morning robe, her make up half made.

She smiled when she saw George handsomely dressed in his black suit.

“ you look dashing George” she said

thank you” he replied with a smile.

He gave her a gift bag and an envelope.

He hugged her and left.

The makeup artist gave her some privacy, she went into the next room to assist the bridesmaids. 

Nana Yaa opened the envelope first.

Hi there Beautiful,

Gosh…I just cannot wait to see you walk down the aisle babe.

I still can’t believe you are all mine Nana Yaa.

I love you….I love you…I love you!

This is forever babe.

I hope you like your gift.

See you soon Mrs. Clarke”

She opened the gift bag. She smiled as tears rolled down her cheeks.

such thoughtful gifts babe, you really were paying attention” she whispered to herself.

The bridal team rushed to her room when they heard George had brought Nana Yaa a gift from Jeffrey.

She was startled when they all barged into her room.

oh my God. He got you a Rolex?! No way and your favourite perfume, Hugo Boss; Boss the scent?! He really knows you so well Nana. Wow! What a beautiful diamond bracelet!” the girls said excitedly.

Settle down girls” Nicole said.

They were causing a racket in the room. Nana Yaa needed a quiet morning.

Well since you are done intruding on her privacy can we please go back and continue dressing up? Please?” she added and led the girls out.

Nana Yaa smiled.

Nicole stayed back and helped her with the diamond bracelet and the watch. They looked lovely around her wrist.

you, my friend are going to make a beautiful bride” she said.

The makeup artist returned and finished her job. She looked stunning.

Nicole returned to her room half an hour later to assist her with her wedding dress. She cried when she saw Nana Yaa all dressed up.

stop crying Nicole, you would make me cry too and  mess up my makeup” Nana Yaa warned.

Doreen walked in few moments later and was speechless when she saw her daughter.

She hugged her.

She prayed over her veil and fixed it on her hair.

Nicole assisted her with the perfume, Nana Yaa’s signature scent.

When Mr. Osei- Danquah entered the room,everyone  excused them.

Nana Yaa had never seen her father cry but he did. She knew they were happy tears.

Mr. Osei- Danquah succeeded in making Nana Yaa mess up her makeup just a little because she couldn’t hold back her tears either.

The make up artist touched a little on her face before she walked down to her car.

Jeffrey rented a Rolls Royce just for her,she had no idea. She was indeed surprised.

Jeffrey was very nervous at the church, waiting and praying his bride made it there safely. George calmed him down the best way he could.

Nana Yaa’s heart started to beat fast when they were approaching the church.

She held on to her daddy’s hand, she was so nervous.
When they arrived at the church, Kaylin walked towards the car and opened Nana Yaa’s door.

Are you okay? Deep breaths Nana Yaa. Relax. Everything is going to be beautiful” Kaylin assured her.

Nicole rushed to her side and helped her with the dress.

the bride has arrived” the officiating pastor announced.

Jeffrey’s heart fluttered when the pianist started playing one of his favourite songs, Everyday,I love you by Boyzone.

He mentioned it once to Nana Yaa when they went on a date. He couldn’t believe she remembered and chose to walk down the aisle with that song.
It was the last song he was expecting to hear because all through their wedding rehearsal, they rehearsed with a completely different song.

He smiled to himself then turned to look at the door, patiently waiting for his bride.

Happy tears rolled down his cheeks when she saw Nana Yaa walking gracefully with her father in her beautiful gown. George wiped his eyes.

Nana Yaa kept her eyes on Jeffrey as she walked. When they got closer, Mr.Osei Danquah gave him Nana Yaa’s hand and hugged them both.

Nana Yaa wiped his eye and smiled at him. He smiled back and whispered “ I love you”

Natasha squeezed Stephen’s hand when Nana Yaa arrived at the church.

“ she looks very beautiful honey” she said

Stephen nodded.

I couldn’t agree with you more babe. She looks like a princess” Stephen said.

Stephen flew Natasha to the states for her treatment. Jeffrey’s father recommended the best Oncologist, who is also a friend. It was a tough fight but it was a fight they were all determined to win.

Nana Yaa prayed, hoped, and waited for Natasha to get better. She needed her to be better before she got married, because, she knew she couldn’t survive losing someone so dear.

It was the best news in the world for them when they heard Natasha had gotten a bone marrow donor.

They all flew to the states to support her during the surgery.

Stephen had never in his life been so grateful and humbled. The actions of his friends and family moved him so much and he believes that the love and support they showed his wife played a vital role in her recovery.

He smiled and looked at his wife.

He was very glad she  got a chance to witness Nana Yaa’s wedding. He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a peck.

She couldn’t be part of the bridal party even though Nana Yaa would have loved it very much. She was still recovering and Nana Yaa didn’t want to trouble her, knowing she was at her wedding was enough.

Nicole and George welcomed a set of twin boys, Aiden and Ethan. They are an absolute bundle of joy, little cute and adorable one year olds who are curious about the world.

Leila didn’t miss the wedding for the world,seeing Jeffrey up close and at his wedding was an honour. Anthony thought since she was in her last trimester of pregnancy, she would sit it out at home and wait to see photos and videos on the Internet.He completely forgot that he is married to a strong-willed woman. He still teases her with Jeffrey.

Derek couldn’t make it to the wedding, it was still difficult watching Nana Yaa get married to Jeffrey but he sent all his prayers, love and gifts their way.He took a civil engineering job in Canada and is still trying to find love again.

Nana Yaa was overwhelmed by the love she received at her wedding. She didn’t know what she ever did to deserve such an amazing family and friends.

She was the happiest woman on earth to have been blessed with a man like Jeffrey, he is a sign that God is still in the miracle business.

She lost all hope at love when she lost Ebo but God had greater plans for her.

She looked at Jeffrey as they were being chauffeured to the airport for their honeymoon that evening.

He was tired but she could tell that he was very happy.

She leaned in and kissed him passionately.

I love you so much Jeffrey Clarke”

“ I love you more Mrs. Nana Yaa Clarke”

She smiled and hugged him.

She rested her head on his chest, she was tired. It’s been an eventful day.

She closed her eyes and dreamed about the wonderful life she was about to start with the love of her life.

Jeffrey kissed her forehead and pulled her closer, he was never letting her go.