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Episode 9 – Say my Name


Jason rushed upstairs to Adjoa’s room he opened the door but it was locked.

He knocked twice but Adjoa was fast asleep in Derek’s arms.

Derek recognised his knock, he gently placed Adjoa’s head on her pillow and went to get the door.

Jason’s smile disappeared when he saw Derek at the door.

“ she’s sleeping now” Derek said.

“ okay.. tell her I passed by” Jason said and tried to leave.

Derek asked him to wait, he checked if Adjoa was still sleeping and quietly closed the door behind him.

He wanted to clear things up with Jason, since Jason was very important to Adjoa he needed to make things right.

I know you hate me now because of what happened between Adjoa and I in first year. I can’t make you like me or trust me but all I can say is that, I am not going to hurt Adjoa again. Whatever happened in first year, was a silly mistake”

What makes you so sure you wouldn’t lie to her and hurt her again?”

“ I love her Jason and I need her. There’s something about her. I didn’t know how much I wanted her in my life till I lost her. I can’t afford to lose her this time around. Not again”

“ So you two are back together?” Jason asked

Derek smiled and nodded.

Yes we are. But we don’t want a lot of people knowing just yet”

Jason smiled.

I thought as much, I saw how you two looked at each other in class” Jason said and sighed.

And I don’t hate you Derek. I just care so much about Adjoa and seeing how messed up she was because of you, pissed me off. And about last time, I am terribly sorry, so sorry for hitting you. I lost it. I have been meaning to apologise to you”

“ it’s all good Jason

Derek shook Jason’s hand and they hugged.

So we good?” Derek asked

Sure we good

Derek nodded.

Take care of her Bro” Jason added and rushed downstairs.

Derek ordered some pancakes for Adjoa, he asked Jason to give them to her when she woke up. He had to rush back to his hostel to change for class.

She woke up to find Jason staring at her, she smiled and asked him why he was there that early.

your boyfriend asked me to deliver some pancakes to you”

what boyfriend?” Adjoa asked trying to lie

Derek Bartels. And you can stop lying now. I know you two are back together”

Adjoa’s face changed

what?! how did you know?”

He told me”

You and Derek spoke alone?” Adjoa asked and checked Jason’s knuckles too see if they were bruised.

Haha very funny ” Jason said and pulled his hand away

We are two civilised adults Adjoa. And I am not some animal who goes about hitting people”

“ So what happened? When was this?”

Yesterday. Nothing happened. He promised to be good to you. I apologised for the fight, we kissed and made up”

Adjoa laughed.

I see. That’s nice Jason. I am glad you two are friends again”

“ Aren’t you going ask me how it went with Ingrid?”

Oh my God! oh my God! I can’t believe I forgot. How did it go?”

“ Well she said yes. She likes me too so she is my girlfriend now”

Whoa!!! Jason! Your first girlfriend! ” Adjoa said with her mouth half full.

She got off her chair and did a little dance.

Jason laughed

You are crazy Adjoa.

“ If only Daddy and Uncle Justin could see us now, both of us in a relationship” she said

Jason laughed.

“ they would have our heads” he said

They both laughed.

“ we are going to be late for class. You need to hurry and freshen up” Jason said

okay sure

Ingrid wasn’t expecting to be so happy being in a relationship with Jason. She fell in love with him every passing day.

They had a few days free without class, and Derek had to go to Cape coast to visit his parents’s grave so he decided to make it a fun road trip with his friends.

He asked Adjoa if she was wanted to go sightseeing in Cape Coast and she loved the idea. She asked Jason and he agreed to bring Ingrid along.

When they got to the grave yard, they gave Derek some privacy. Adjoa watched from the car, she knew it was a very difficult moment for Derek. She asked to be excused and run to stand next to her boyfriend.

She held his hand and squeezed it a little.

It made Derek smile.

I am here ” she said.

They looked at the grave in silence and Adjoa saw a tear roll down his cheek.

She had never seen him cry before, she held on tightly to his hand.

Derek was trying to hold back his tears because he didn’t want to break down in front of his girlfriend but it was a hard time for him.
He thought after four years he would be okay visiting their grave but it got harder each year.

His tears kept fighting back and he gave up. Adjoa hugged him, seeing him cry made her tear up a little.

She didn’t know the words to say that were appropriate in the moment. She just hugged him and rubbed his back gently.

Jason and Ingrid looked out at them from the car and it made them sad too.

“ To lose a parent so young must be one of the hardest things in life. God give him strength” Ingrid said and placed her head on Jason’s chest.

He looked down at her and kissed her forehead they sat in silence and continued looking out at them.

Derek and Adjoa got back into the car, Adjoa decided to drive. Jason squeezed his shoulder and they both nodded.

Thanks man” Derek said without turning to look at him.

Derek directed Adjoa to one of his late father’s hotels. They weren’t expecting it to be that beautiful. Adjoa’s jaw dropped while she drove inside.

She parked and a man that resembled Derek walked to the car.

“ Ato, finally. I wanted to see you before I went into a meeting. What took you so long?” he said and hugged him.

“ I went to Ma and Da’s grave”

The man sighed and nodded.

Ermm…Uncle Ray this is Adjoa. She is my girlfriend”

“ Really?? Nice to meet you Adjoa. I hope he is treating you right?”

You have good eyes Ato, she is very beautiful” he teased.

Derek laughed.

“ And this is Jason and Ingrid”

Nice to meet you all. I hope you enjoy your stay in Cape Coast”

“Thanks we will. A pleasure to meet you too” Adjoa said.

Okay Ato. I have to run now. I have asked Tony to reserve two rooms for you. You wanted two rooms right?”

Derek nodded and his uncle laughed.

Big Boy Ato” he teased.

Anyway, I would be back to see you in the evening. I asked Suzzy to grill some tilapia for you. You should go and see her when you settle down. She’s been very excited to see you”

Okay Uncle

Alright then, enjoy yourself guys” he said and rush into a very luxurious car.

Ato! Ato ! ” Jason teased

The girls laughed hysterically.

No one calls me Ato on this trip. I am serious” Derek said and laughed.

Sure. We promise we wouldn’t, Ato. ” Adjoa teased.

“You too babe ” Derek said and all laughed.

They walked to the reception, there was a big portrait  of Derek’s parent at the reception.

Adjoa recognised Derek’s mother.

You are a photocopy of your father” Adjoa said.

Yep!” Derek said and spoke to the receptionist. She was a new face.

“ Hi. I am Derek Bartels”

Yes. Yes. I was asked by Tony to reserve two Deluxe Rooms for you” she said and gave Derek two key cards.

Where is Tony by the way?” Derek asked.

He is around here somewhere I will call him” the receptionist said.

Derek went upstairs and gave Jason his key card when they got to his door.

Adjoa took a quick shower after she was done unpacking, she got shy when she came  out of the bathroom with just her towel. Derek noticed it.

“ I could step out if I make you feel uncomfortable. I need to go find the hotel manager Tony anyway” Derek said.

He wore his Adidas slides and left without waiting for Adjoa to say anything.

Jason and Ingrid made out a lot. They had been waiting to be alone. Derek interrupted them when he knocked, he wanted to let him know he was going downstairs for a bit.

Sure thing Ato” Jason teased.

Guy, you for shon that thing”

They laughed and Derek left to find Tony.

He called him when he couldn’t find him but his was on another call. He went down to the restaurant to see the chef instead.

Ato! Thank God. I was getting worried when you hadn’t arrived. How are you?” she said and hugged him.

I am fine. How are you too?”

I am doing very well. I am cooking your favourite for lunch. Banku with grilled tilapia”

Thanks Aunt Suzzy. I wanted to say hello to Tony but I can’t  seem to find him ”

“ oh Tony is by the pool. These days he spends a lot of time out there, thinking”

“Really? I hope he is okay?”

“ He seems okay. He works fine, he just takes a lot of breaks these days”

I see. I should go find him then. I would see you at lunch Auntie, thanks”

“ Sure. I can’t wait to meet your girlfriend” she said

Derek laughed.

“ I see you have been talking to Uncle Raymond”

Derek said and left the kitchen.

Tony was on a call when he saw Derek walking towards him. He quickly ended the call, Derek found it a little suspicious but he understood because Suzzy had told him Tony had been dealing with a lot lately.

Girl trouble?” Derek teased.

Tony laughed.

You know how these women are. Have you gotten taller” Tony said.

Maybe… What do you think?”

“No. It can’t be” Tony said and stood next to him to measure.

“ Yes. You still can’t reach my shoulder just yet” Tony teased.

Derek laughed.

“ you are never going to stop competing with me are you?”

“ How is it competing when I am better than you with everything?”

Derek shook his head.

“ You are crazy. I have missed you, after the funeral I haven’t seen you” Derek said.

Tony sighed.

“ Yes. I have been just a little busy. Juggling through here and the other hotels hasn’t been easy. Anyway, I am very sorry for your loss cousin. Haven’t gotten the chance to tell you properly”

Thanks a lot Tony” Derek said and hugged him.

“ Now where is the girlfriend everybody seems to be talking about?

Wow. Your father is such a gossip. I told him about her just 45 minutes ago or less and now everyone knows?”

Now you see why I keep all my girls away from him? He doesn’t know how to keep a secret”

Derek smiled.

“Do you hear from Dean? How’s he doing?”

“ Dean is fine, he would be in Ghana for Christmas”

“ Yeah Daddy told me that. He seems very busy, he never picks up my calls”

Oh I see. I would tell him to give you call then”

“ That would be nice”

Adjoa texted Derek to know where he is so she comes to him but he told her he was on his way back. He told Tony he would catch with him later and left.

Tony called back the person he was talking to before Derek came.

Adjoa was hanging out when Jason and Ingrid in their room when Derek got there.

Hey Baby ” Adjoa said when he saw him.

“ Hey. Are you guys hungry?” he asked.

Yeah I am starving” Ingrid said.

Okay let me freshen up then we go have lunch” Derek said.

He saw how neatly Adjoa has arranged his clothes and toiletries in the wardrobe. He liked and appreciated that.

He freshened up quickly, he didn’t want to keep his friends waiting. Lunch was very delicious, Suzzy really put her foot in it. Derek went to the kitchen to thank her.

“ Dinner would be even better Ato”

“ Nice. I can’t wait, what are you making?”

“ It’s a surprise boy”

Derek laughed.

“ Okay. My girlfriend wanted to meet you but since nobody is allowed back here but me, I needed to let you know”

Suzzy smiled

“ Let me change and come out

Derek nodded and left.

Suzzy reminded Adjoa of her nanny Hannah, he warmth and her smile. She liked her immediately.

“ It’s an honour to meet you Auntie Suzzy. Your food was really delicious”

Thanks Darling, you are one very beautiful girl”

“ Aww thank you ma’am ” Adjoa said and smiled

They went to hang out by the pool, Derek introduced her to Tony when he passed by.

“ Tony meet Adjoa, my girlfriend”

“ Nice to meet you Adjoa”

“ Nice to meet you too”

“ Tony here is my cousin. Uncle Ray is his father”

“ And Tony, this is Jason and Ingrid. My friends from school “

Tony was delighted to see Derek was doing better after the tragic death of his parents. He had early on asked a friend of his who has a live band crew to come around to the hotel to play something for Derek.

The crew arrived when they were having dinner, they played a few of Derek’s favourite Jazz songs, he was surprised Tony went through all that trouble for him. The other guests at the hotel enjoyed the songs, a few of them got up to dance.
Jason and Ingrid danced slowly in each other’s arms. Adjoa was busy enjoying her dinner, she had no business dancing.

Derek thanked his cousin when they were done, he went for a stroll with Adjoa along the beach. Jason and Ingrid went back to the room, they wanted some alone time.

“ You have such a nice family” Adjoa said

Derek smiled.

wish you could have met my father, he would have loved you. I remember when Dean came to Ghana with his then girlfriend for Christmas. Daddy always teased him but treated the girl so nicely, he even taught her a few Fanti phrases. They were like best friends for the month they stayed in Ghana. At the airport when they were leaving, Daddy gave her a gift, a very pretty wrist watch. It brought tears to her eyes, she wasn’t expecting it”

Awww.. that’s so sweet. Are they married now?”

“ No. she actually ended up cheating on Dean”

“ what?!”

“ yeah, they were pretty young”

“ is he dating anyone now?”

“ there was this Indian American girl, that always came to see him when I was with him”

your brother seem to like exotic women

Derek laughed.

Ingrid wasn’t used to being loved the way that Jason loves her, growing up with a single mother she saw men come in and go out of her mother’s life.

Her biological father left them when she was just a baby, her mother tried to let her get to know him when she turned six but her father didn’t seem to be interested in knowing her so for four years there was an on and off relationship.
On her tenth birthday, her father promised to throw a party for her but it never happened. She tried reaching out to him some more but after a while she stopped trying and her father hasn’t bothered either.

Growing up, it’s made her have a lot of trust issues and it always got in the way of her relationships with guys but Jason seemed different.

They were watching a series Ingrid had introduced him to but now he likes more than she does. They were spooning in bed, Ingrid smiled and looked at him. She kissed him and he kissed her back.

“ what was that for?” Jason asked, his eyes still fixed on his laptop screen.

Nothing, I just love you”

“ I love you too baby. Are you watching babe, Nairobi has been shot. They kidnapped her son”

Ingrid smiled and turned to continue the series.

“ At this rate, I think you love Money Heist more than you love me Jason”

Jason didn’t answer, he didn’t hear what Ingrid had said, his attention was on the series.

Derek and Adjoa spent all night at beach, they went back to their bedroom at midnight. They knocked on Jason and Ingrid’s door but didn’t open, they had fallen asleep.

I would take a quick shower and get ready for bed” Adjoa said.

Okay sure” Derek said and turned on the television.

He laid in bed and watched the football match that was on. He stretched and got comfortable on the bed, his feet hit Adjoa’s towel, she had forgotten it.

Babe, you forgot your towel” he said but Adjoa couldn’t hear him.

He picked it up and went to the bathroom. Adjoa was showering, her face was turned away from him. Derek was stunned by her beautiful body, the water dripping off her curves.

He hanged the towel and left but seeing her naked got him very excited.

His eyes were on the Tv but his mind was on Adjoa. She came out of the bathroom already dressed in her night wear.

Derek wanted to see more of her. He watched her use her night cream and he smiled. He shook his head and jumped out of bed, he was getting excited again.

He rushed to the bathroom to shower, he saw Adjoa’s washed lingerie hanging on the towel holder. It got him really excited again, he groaned.

For goodness sake Adjoa what are you up to” he said

It felt as if she was leaving stuff around on purpose. He jumped into the shower to cool off.

Adjoa was reading a novel when Derek got out of the bathroom. She was wrapped up in the duvet, Derek wore his shorts and joined her in bed.

Are you not going to wear a shirt? You might catch a cold sleeping bare chested”

“ I would be fine baby” Derek said and pulled the duvet over him.

Adjoa dropped her novel and went closer to lie on his chest.

“ you are hairy, it tickles” Adjoa teased.

Derek smiled and looked at her.

And you are beautiful Adjoa

“ Thanks Derek. You are handsome” she said shyly.

Derek kissed her, Adjoa kissed him back. He kissed her more passionately and went down to her neck, Adjoa moaned.

He pushed down the strands on her night wear to get access to her breasts. Adjoa moaned deeper when she felt his tongue on her nipple. Derek was expecting her to resist, he was willing to stop if Adjoa objected to it but Adjoa pulled him closer and kissed him.

“Do you like it?” he whispered.

Mhmm. I do

They kissed again and she felt his fingers sliding slowly down her panty. She gasped and kissed him harder. Derek kissed her breasts, down to her navel, she moaned louder.

Her moaning got Derek more excited, he slowly took her panty off and went down on her, she moaned his name under her breath.

She pulled Derek up and kissed him passionately. Derek took off his shorts and helped Adjoa take off her night wear. There she was naked and vulnerable in his arms.

we could stop if you aren’t ready Adjoa” Derek said.

Adjoa shook her head

I want you to be my first” she said looking into his eyes. Derek looked at her too.

Are you sure about this?”

Adjoa nodded.

Derek turned and opened the drawer by his bed side, the hotel provided a pack of condoms in each room.  He took the condom and kissed her again, Derek touched her breasts while he kissed her. That turned her on, she kissed Derek harder.

He went down on her again, this time making Adjoa more vulnerable. She moaned louder…he stopped and put the condom on. He went back up and kissed her some more.

this might hurt a little baby” he whispered and kissed her again.

Adjoa still moaning, Derek gently touched her, she was very wet.

She gasped and held on to him tightly when she felt him inside of her. She moaned louder.

Baby…Baby….” she said under her breath.

Derek kissed her and thrusted deeper into her. He kissed her neck and her breasts.

Adjoa caressed the back of his head taking every part of him in.

Oh my God Adjoa. I love you” Derek said still inside of her, she felt amazing.

He started moving faster and deeper inside her.

Adjoa’s toes curled and her thighs started to shake.

Derek held her closer when he felt her body shaking.

She called out his name and they both moaned deeper. Derek laid on Adjoa’s chest when they were done to catch his breath.

He looked up at her, she was smiling, he smiled too.

Are you okay?” he asked

Yes. I am fine”


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