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Episode 4 – Bittersweet 

But how come you are here? In Ghana, in this school? I thought you were obsessed with Yale or was it Princeton?” Derek asked

Rachel chuckled.

“ okay so, I didn’t apply to any Universities in Ghana after the wassce because my heart was set on Princeton. But I failed my SATs and couldn’t get in. My father got a contract in Ghana and he suggested I come back with him. He knows some top people in this school who pulled some strings for me but we had to pay a lot money so I would get admitted. Pretty late though, I have lost a whole semester but I am grateful to be here. I am reading Pharmacy”

“ that’s great. Adjoa and I are in medical school”

“ that’s awesome! I remember you mentioned something about being a doctor. I am proud of you” Rachel said and tap him on his shoulder.

Adjoa couldn’t believe what was happening. She looked at Derek, he seemed really excited to see her again. It made Adjoa wonder what really went on between them.

Derek helped them to unpack and treated them to lunch. Rachel and Derek spoke a lot about their time together in the states and it irritated Adjoa.

She just ate her fries and went on Instagram acting like she didn’t care.

Derek went back to his hall that evening but promised to pass by the next day.

Adjoa started feeling really insecure.

Rachel is a really pretty girl with nice curly hair, and smooth skin any guy would fall for her at first glance.

Adjoa told Jason everything when he visited him in his room the next day.

“ are you serious? that’s pretty interesting. But you have nothing to worry about. Derek likes you. He was worried about you during the vacation”

worried about what?”

he said something about you not wanting him to do some little stuff for you. He offered to get you a new phone, you said no”

he told you that? Oh, I only said No because of daddy. You know how he is. He would be wondering how I have a new phone and ask me a lot of questions. I am not ready to answer those questions just yet”

“ what about the other times on campus when he offered to pay for lunch or just anything”

but yesterday he paid for lunch? I didn’t object to it”

“ I am sure it’s because Rachel was there. If she wasn’t I know you would have gone Dutch at lunch ” Jason teased.

“ I mean there is nothing wrong with that. I just want to show support, I know he doesn’t have enough money. I feel after the robbery he might be struggling financially”

Adjoa, the guy offers to do things for you, most guys wouldn’t even worry about these things. If they know you have a daddy who provides all your needs. Some would even take advantage of all that.

This supposed financial problems you think he has, let it be his problem and not yours. If he wants to be there for you whether financially or emotionally let him be there”

Adjoa nodded.

what are we going to do about Rachel? That’s the main reason I came here Jason”

Jason shrugged.

I don’t know Adjoa. You are with Derek now. You have no business worrying about who likes him. If Derek has eyes for just you, you have no problem and I know Derek has eyes for only you”

Lectures began the following week, it was tedious than their first semester.

Some lecturers advised them to create study groups, that would make learning easier.

Adjoa got closer with some of her classmates and formed an all girls study group with them.

Derek, Noah, Jeffrey and Jason formed their own group. They were studying in the library one morning, it was a weekend.

Rachel came by and asked to speak to Derek in private.

Derek apologised to his friends and left the Library with Rachel. Jason could see them talking from where he was seated.

Rachel gave him an envelope and said something to him in his ear. Derek laughed hysterically at whatever she had said to him.

They hugged tightly for minutes then Rachel left.

Jason looked away when he saw Derek entering the library. He put the envelope in his book bag and continued reading as if nothing had happened. Jason wanted to ask Derek what all that was about but he wasn’t sure they were that close yet.

Jason saw Derek and Rachel together again that  afternoon, when he took a drive around campus. They were walking towards the Central Classroom Block (CCB). He knew they were going to see the play.

He was confused because he knew Adjoa spoke about wanting to see that play all week.

He called Adjoa, she was taking a nap.

sorry for waking you. How are you?”

“ I am fine. Are you done studying?”

“Yes. We are done. What have you been up to today?”

“ Nothing really. I really wanted to go see the play at CCB but Derek says he has to do something in town with Amoako and he isn’t sure he would be back in time. I was watching a movie then took a nap. What are you also up to?”

Derek says he is going to town with Kwabena Amoako? His roommate? When did he tell you this?”

“ Umm…in the morning. He says it was unplanned and he doesn’t want to disappoint him”

Jason shook his head, he was disappointed.

Adjoa do you still want to see the play?” Jason asked

Umm.. yeah of course. I still have our tickets”

“Okay meet me at CCB then”

Okay. I feel bad, I would have to tell Derek I am giving his ticket to you or something”

No! Don’t call Derek. I have my own ticket. Just bring along one ticket”

“ okay sure see you soon”

Adjoa dressed up quickly. Ingrid asked her where she was going. She wanted to see the play too but didn’t have a ticket. So Adjoa gave her Derek’s ticket.

They went together to meet Jason just before the play started. They got a seat at the back. Adjoa felt bad and texted Derek about the ticket.

Babe, Ingrid wanted to see the play but didn’t have a ticket , so I gave your ticket to her since you couldn’t make it. I would pass by your room when we finish watching the play okay?” she texted.

Derek’s heart skipped a beat when he read Adjoa’s text.

He wanted to be sure about what Adjoa just texted.

“ oh so you are watching the play with Ingrid at CCB now?” he replied.

Yes. I am with Jason too. We didn’t get a seat in front because we arrived late. How come you replied so quickly? Are you not in town?” she texted.

Derek looked around hoping to see Adjoa but he couldn’t. He didn’t reply Adjoa’s messages anymore. Adjoa waited for him to reply but he didn’t so she put her phone into her bag and enjoyed the play.

After the play Jason made sure they left quickly before Adjoa saw Derek with Rachel.

I really enjoyed the play” Rachel said

Derek nodded and smiled but he was a little troubled, he hoped Adjoa didn’t see him.

Adjoa and Ingrid talked and laughed about the play when they got back to their room.

Rachel entered the room and greeted.

You missed out on the play Rachel. It was so funny” Adjoa said.

I saw it” Rachel said.

You did? Alone?” Adjoa asked.

No with…”

Rachel quickly realised she was about to blow the cover because Derek was still in a relationship with Adjoa, she had completely forgotten about that fact because she has recently been spending a lot of time with Derek so she lied.

“with.. with a couple of my classmates. It was last minute and I joined them”

“ ooh okay. We could have gone together if I knew you wanted to see it” Adjoa said

that’s fine.” Rachel said and smiled.

She quickly went to the bathroom,she texted Derek to find out if he was in his room.

Derek replied with a thumbs up emoji.

thanks for today I had so much fun Derek. Are we still meeting tomorrow after church?” she added.

Derek sighed when he got the message. He had no idea what he was doing. He knew he loved Adjoa, he just didn’t know what he was doing with Rachel as well. All that he knew was that Rachel made him feel really comfortable and he enjoyed her company.

“ Let’s see what happens tomorrow Rachel. I am really tired. Let’s talk later”

Rachel replied and added a kiss emoji

Derek called Adjoa right after, forgetting she is in the same room as Rachel.

Hey baby” Adjoa said.

Rachel quickly looked at Adjoa, she was so jealous.

She wanted to hear what they were talking about, but Adjoa spoke with a low voice whenever she spoke on the phone. She could see Adjoa smiling and that made her even more jealous. She quickly texted Derek a message.

I thought you said you were tired but I can see you have some energy left to call Adjoa”

She was about to send it but she didn’t. It was going to cause a lot of issues she thought.

She forced herself to sleep, she listened to music so she wouldn’t hear Adjoa laughing.

The next day after church Adjoa and Derek spent some time together in her room. They played scrabble and watched a movie. Rachel came back from church very excited because she thought she was going to see Derek later that day. She almost dropped her phone when she saw Derek and Adjoa cuddled up in bed watching a movie. She greeted and walked to her bed. She picked some clothes and went to change in the bathroom. She wore something short that would show her beautiful fair legs and thighs.

Ingrid was reading in her bed, she found it very inappropriate how Rachel had dressed knowing there was a guy in the room.

Rachel looked at Derek, she was so upset. She pretended to be watching something on her laptop but she looked at Derek any chance she got.

When Derek left later in the evening, Ingrid spoke about the way Rachel dressed.

Rachel wasn’t going to allow anyone dictate to her what she could and couldn’t wear in her room.

She spoke rudely to Adjoa and Ingrid, especially to Adjoa asking her to give them prior notice if she decides to bring guys to the room. She said and stormed out of the room.

Ingrid and Adjoa were surprised by her behaviour.

The coming Friday was Adjoa’s birthday. She was very excited, her parents were coming over for the weekend and she couldn’t wait.

Jason stopped getting closer to Derek, he only spoke to Noah and Jeffrey whenever they meet up to study. Derek sensed his distance and decided to ask him one evening after the finished studying together.

He asked Jason if he could drop him at his hall, he wanted to decline but Jeffrey and Noah were around and he didn’t want to start anything. He nodded without making eye contact. It was awkward and quiet at first.

“ so wat dey happen?” Derek asked

Notin dey happen. I dey for you”

are we good? Me and you. It feels like you have a problem with me”

Jason didn’t say anything.

Jason why what’s up? Wetin I do?”

Derek. Notin dey happen but all I wan tell you bi say,  you for shon the thing way you dey do plus Rachel nu”

wetin I dey do plus Rachel?”

my guy, see, I know about the play, I know you lied to Adjoa. I no get issue for whatever you figa say you dey do plus Rachel o. Me, my issue bi say, if you no dey feel my paddie again, shon dey lie to am”

Derek was quiet, he had been found out. He didn’t know whether to ask Jason not to tell Adjoa or to apologize to Jason.

They got to Republic hall and Jason asked Derek to get out of the car.

Before Derek got out he apologized and promised never to lie to Adjoa anymore.

Masa, e no be me you for apologize to. You have a girlfriend, do right by her. She deserves way better” Jason said.

Still not making eye contact with him, he unlocked the car and asked Derek out.

Derek got out of the car feeling like the biggest fool, Jason sped off as soon as Derek closed his door.

Jason left the study group and joined Adjoa’s group. He was the only guy but he didn’t mind.

Adjoa asked him why he left,he told her he just wasn’t feeling the group anymore and needed a change.

Adjoa joined Derek to his room after class. It was her birthday the next day and Derek had an early birthday gift for her.

It was a perfume, some cupcakes and a bracelet.

“ I ordered some cupcakes for you, it would be here soon” Derek said.

No..really? Thanks babe” she said excitedly

Adjoa was very happy.

They watched a movie together on his bed and waited for the cupcakes.

Derek’s roommate Amoako was also watching something on his laptop, his bed was above Derek’s. He wanted a big book he could use to support his laptop on his bed, so he asked for one of Derek’s text books. When Derek was handing it over to him, it fell and the ticket to the play with the letter Rachel had earlier given to him at the library fell out.

Adjoa quickly went to pick the book up and saw the ticket and the letter. She read the short letter Rachel had written to him.

Hi Derek,

This is so unlike me. I know you are with Adjoa and I respect that but I really enjoyed the times we spent together in the states. Especially when we watched the movie together and went for long walks. I was very happy.

In here, is a ticket to the play that’s showing this afternoon. If a part of you also misses our time together and wants to re-live the past, please meet me at CCB this afternoon. Please say yes, I would be waiting outside.



Adjoa looked behind the ticket and saw that it was stamped, he went to watch the play with Rachel instead and he has been lying to her all along. She couldn’t believe it.

She sighed and placed the letter back and gave the book to Amoako.

Amoako, last Saturday did you have to go to town? To buy something that was pretty important?” Adjoa asked.

Amoako who was oblivious told Adjoa the truth.

“ Last Saturday? I wasn’t on campus last Saturday. I went home on Friday, my big sister was getting married”

Okay thanks” Adjoa said.

why? Did you see someone that looks like me in town or something?”

Adjoa smiled.

“ oh no

She sat down on Derek’s bed and looked at him.

you went to watch the play with Rachel? You knew how much I wanted to go with you. When I texted you that day, about giving your ticket to Ingrid, you were already watching the play?” Adjoa said

I can explain” Derek said.

is there really something to explain Derek? I mean the letter says it all. You had a choice to make, you chose Rachel and lied to me”

Tears filled Adjoa’s eyes as she spoke, it broke Derek’s heart. He knew she didn’t deserve that.

And you kept the used ticket in your book, together with her letter? After all this while. Does it mean this much to you? It’s actually fine Derek. I totally understand, you don’t have to explain anything to me. I have to go now” Adjoa said and picked her bag.

She met the guy that was bringing her the cupcakes and other presents at the door, she walked past him and ran to her car. She went straight to Jason’s hall.

Jason sat in the car with her and watched her cry. Jason was so angry, he wanted to beat Derek up. He hated to see Adjoa like that.

Adjoa stop crying. Please stop. I am so sorry but at least you know he is no good and you deserve better”

how could he do this Jason?”

tomorrow is your birthday Adjoa, get a hold of yourself, your parents are coming to see you, you need to be happy. He is not worth it” Jason said and held her hand.

Adjoa drove back to her room, she was still very sad. Seeing Rachel made it worst. There was no need confronting her. She knew better than that. She crawled into her bed and covered her head with her cloth and cried silently.

Derek called her all night but she didn’t want to talk about it.

Early the next morning, Ingrid surprised her with a birthday card and a lovely purple cardigan on her bed, she once told her how much she loved the colour purple. Adjoa was surprised Ingrid remembered. She got out of bed to thank her but she was still sleeping. Rachel was texting on her phone, her eyes met Adjoa’s and she smiled.

Happy Birthday Adjoa. I am sorry, I really didn’t know. I found out this dawn from Ingrid. I hope you don’t mind a late birthday gift”

“ thanks. It’s fine, don’t bother your head over a gift. I really appreciate the thought” Adjoa said and made her way to the bathroom.

But I insist” Rachel said.

Adjoa didn’t pay her any mind and left the room.

When she got back to the room after taking a bath, Rachel tried talking to her again. She just couldn’t take a hint.

“ So I am getting these lovely bikinis from a friend they are really pretty. I want to get one for you but you need to choose because I can’t” Rachel said excitedly.

Anyone is fine Rachel. You choose. I am really late for class” she said.

Adjoa stayed quiet, she walked to her wardrobe and pick out her clothes for class. Rachel sensed something was up. Rachel knew she had offended Adjoa early on but she apologised and things were good so her sudden change in mood baffled her. Rachel climbed back to her bed and tried to sleep again. She didn’t have a class that morning.

Adjoa was ironing her clothes when Ingrid woke up, she was really excited.

Happy Birthday Adjoa. Did you find my gift?”

Adjoa smiled.

yes. I love them. Thank you” she said and hugged Ingrid.

Can I ride with you? I am late for class” Ingrid asked.

Adjoa checked her watch.

you have approximately fifteen minutes, if not I would be late for class” Adjoa said

Sure! I would be fast” Ingrid said and left the room to bath.

Adjoa was dressing up when she she got a call from her father. They were preparing to go to Kumasi and he wanted to know if she wanted anything.

I don’t want anything dad. I just can’t wait to see everybody. What time do you think you would be here?”

can’t really tell, roughly around noon

Sure. I would see you all soon”

Jason made a few of their friends surprise her with a beautiful cake after class. It made her happy to be celebrated that way.

Naa Shika got her a gift, a scented candle and card. Adjoa wasn’t expecting anything from her because she thought she hated her but she was very grateful.

Derek didn’t come to class that day, that was a burden lifted because Adjoa wasn’t ready to see him.

She received a couple of birthday messages from him but didn’t reply.

That evening she had dinner with her family and Jason at a Chinese restaurant around campus. Her parents gave her a MacBook, she had always wanted one. Ewurama gave her a cute note pad, she saved up and got it for her from their church book shop.

After dinner, Adjoa spent time with her family at their hotel. She had planned to introduce Derek to them that day and not being able to do that made her sad.

When it was getting late Jason drove her back to campus, they used her car that evening.

“ How are you feeling Adjoa?”

I am good Jason. Thanks a lot for today

you were very happy. I can still picture the look on your face when you saw the laptop”

Adjoa laughed

my parents are amazing” she said.

I got you something. I was hoping it would get here today but we would have to wait another day more” Jason said

What is it? “ Adjoa asked

since I know you love surprises, I would have to withhold that information madam”

Adjoa laughed.

I want just a clue Jason



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