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Daddy’s Girl episode five…..enjoy?

Episode 5 – Disconnect

Derek wasn’t himself, for weeks Adjoa ignored him. It was as if he didn’t exist anymore to her.

He tried reaching out to Jason but he never gave Derek the time or day. He pleaded with Jeffrey and Noah to talk to Jason on his behalf but Jason wasn’t willing to listen to whatever Derek had to say.

Jason, Jeffrey and Noah were discussing the hostel they wanted to move into the coming year, when Noah mentioned that he wanted to share a room with Derek.

Why Derek?” Jason asked

He asked me last time and I think it’s a great idea. We make a great team, and you know he is very neat. He wouldn’t be any trouble”

“ Why can’t we three be in the same room?” Jason asked

The room would be crowded Jason. We are going to be in the same hostel. We are still going to be together. You sef wat bi your beef with Derek?”

“ I no get any beef plus am. I just don’t trust the guy”

“ But have you heard his side of the story?” Jeffrey asked.

I don’t need to hear his side of the story. He lied and hurt Adjoa. That speaks a lot about his character”

“ that Adjoa chick sef. She is too full of her herself. Derek used to complain about how uptight she is. If the other chick makes Derek happy, what’s your beef?” Noah said.

Jason wasn’t ready to argue with his friends. He reluctantly agreed for Noah to share a room with Derek. He just had to continue ignoring Derek, he had seen through him and he wasn’t going to allow whatever he did to Adjoa happen again.

Adjoa discussed moving into the same room with Ingrid but Ingrid had already made plans with someone in her class. Adjoa wasn’t very close with her classmates so she wasn’t sure moving into a room with them would be a good idea.

Later that evening she visited Jason.

Jason, have you found a hostel yet?” she asked, while they ate supper together.

“ No not yet. Have you?”

No. I wanted to get one with Ingrid but she has made other plans with a friend from her class. Why don’t we find one together? I would have to move alone into a room so if we are in the same hostel I would feel way better”

“ One in a room? Why, what about Fiona, Kelly and Pearl? Have you asked any of them to share a room with you?”

“ I haven’t. Honestly, I don’t really trust them. After the whole Rachel thing, I don’t want to share a room with someone I don’t trust anymore”

Talking about Rachel, how are things between you two now? ”

What do you think Jason? There is nothing, our relationship is however I left it. Ingrid wondered why I stopped speaking to her. I told her about it and she doesn’t speak to her too. Ingrid is funny”

“ I think you should talk to Derek, maybe he had a reason. It was just a play after all. Maybe he decided to see it last minute and ran into Rachel there so they watched it together”

“ you know it wasn’t just a play Jason. Derek didn’t just meet her, I told you about the letter. Rachel asked to see the play with him. He had a choice to make and he chose her. Knowing how much I wanted to see the play with him. After everything he even kept her letter and the ticket in his book. I think it shows how much he cares a lot about that day so much he couldn’t throw them away. He lied to me.

You know what?

I am over it, I am not even mad anymore. I think I have liked Derek so much for so long and the idea of us being together made me happier than Derek himself. Our relationship was too sudden, we probably weren’t ready”

“ So do you think you might have done something to make Derek like Rachel?”

“ No. that isn’t what I am saying. I am not going to blame myself for the decision Derek made. All I am saying is, we are still young and still learning about love and relationships. I know he once told you about how I didn’t let him pay for my lunch or allow him get me anything. I wasn’t brought up that way. I am probably not used to that yet, but I was getting there and working on myself. He should have come to me, if he had a problem rather than lie and be with someone else behind my back. I deserved better. Honestly, Derek can do whatever he wants to do. You should be happy Jason. I am finally over this silly crush I have for Derek”

Jason sighed and got up to get Adjoa a bottle of water.

“ When you started crushing on him, I know, you knew how much I found it ridiculous because I never once thought you two would ever be together. But when you two started dating, I saw how happy you were and how happy he made you. I can’t be happy now that you two are over Adjoa” Jason said.

She sighed.

“ I cannot believe we are over too Jason. We had just started our relationship” she said sadly and drank some water.
They sat in silence for a moment.

Derek packed his books into his backpack, he was the last to leave the library. It’s been two weeks since he and Adjoa broke up, to get his mind off it, he studied a lot more.
He got a message from Rachel as he descended the stairs. He checked it but didn’t reply. He has been avoiding her.

He laid on his bed when he got to his room. He tried calling Adjoa. He has been trying to call her for the past two weeks but he never got the courage to dial her number.

They ran into each other at the entrance of their class the following morning. They exchanged a quick smile and Adjoa walked past him.

Derek couldn’t concentrate in class, his heart skipped a beat anytime Adjoa answered or asked a question. After class he wanted to speak to her but she was speaking to a group of girl friends and he didn’t know how to get her attention. He waited outside for her. When she came out Derek asked to speak to her. She hesitated, her friends were around and she didn’t want to embarrass him.

“ I need to be somewhere at the moment with my friends. Can I call you later please?” Adjoa said.

Derek nodded.

okay sure.” Derek said.

He knew she wasn’t going to call him but he agreed anyway and left. He waited for her to call, even though he knew she wasn’t going to call he still hoped that she would.
Someone knocked on their door, they were not expecting anyone. Amoako opened it.

It was Rachel, Derek has been avoiding her for too long and she wanted to know why. Derek got out of his bed and went outside to speak to Rachel in front of the door.

He smiled when he saw her, she smiled back.

how are you?” he asked.

“ I am fine. I haven’t heard from you in awhile and it made me worry”

I am okay. Just busy a lot this semester with school stuff”

Rachel sighed.

I heard about your break up with Adjoa. She doesn’t talk to me anymore. I am guessing she found out about us?” Rachel said.

“Us? There is no Us Rachel. There can never be an us. I am sorry but I really love Adjoa and I need to find a way to get her to forgive me”

Rachel didn’t talk.

I am not mad at you and I didn’t mean to avoid you, I just needed some time alone to gather my thoughts” Derek added.

Rachel nodded.

“ I understand. I am really sorry for everything. Just know if you need to talk, I would always be here for you and good luck with Adjoa too” Rachel said and hugged Derek tightly.

Adjoa was on her way to see Derek, she felt they needed to talk in person. Seeing him outside after class that afternoon made her worry about him. He looked liked he hadn’t been sleeping.

A big part of her wanted to be close to him that evening so they finally talk.

She was getting her phone to call Derek when she saw him hugging Rachel in front of his room. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

“ Seriously?!” she said angrily.

I am such a fool” she added.

Derek was startled upon seeing her. He rushed to her trying to explain but Adjoa run out of the hall.

Adjoa didn’t talk to both of them till that semester ended. She couldn’t wait for the semester to end. It had been her worst semester.

During the vacation she got busy with her studies and church work just to keep her from thinking about Derek.

When school reopened they moved to a private hostel close to campus. Derek moved in with Noah as planned and Jason moved in with Jeffrey.

Adjoa moved into that hostel too. She lived alone,she needed the peace and quiet anyway to gather her thoughts after her breakup.

She had no idea Derek was also in her hostel. Jason wanted to be in same hostel as her to keep an eye on her so telling her Derek was also in that hostel would have made her leave to find a different hostel.

The girls were on the last floor in that hostel.

After Adjoa had settled, Jason was contemplating whether or not to tell her but he decided to be honest.

Adjoa was so upset when she found out and it was too late to find a new hostel.

She kept hoping and praying to never run into him.

Everything was going well until he, ran into her one afternoon in Jason’s room. He was looking for Noah so he went to check if he was with Jason.

Adjoa wasn’t feeling too well and had come downstairs to be with Jason because he took care of her best anytime she wasn’t feeling well.

Jason had stepped out to get her some food. She was on Jason’s bed trying to finish an assignment with his laptop, she had wrapped herself up in Jason’s duvet. The AC was on the lowest and she was feeling too lazy to get the remote to increase it.

She thought it was Jason or Jeffrey that had entered the room so she didn’t bother to lift her head up to check.

Are you feeling cold Adjoa?” Derek asked.

She was startled, she smiled.

Yes” she said shyly.

Derek laughed and took the remote from Jason’s study table to increase the AC for Adjoa.

“Thanks Derek

He nodded and looked at her, she looked a little pale.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“ Not really. Its malaria. It started yesterday”

“ oh sorry. Are you on any medication?”

Yes. I went to the hospital with Jason this morning. I had some tests done and the doctor prescribed some drugs for me.” Adjoa said.

Derek nodded.

This was the longest conversation they have had since the break up

I was looking for Noah, has he been here?” he asked.

Adjoa shook her head.

There was an awkward silence.

How have you been?” she asked.

I have been good. Thanks for asking

Jason walked into the room, he was upset to see Derek but played it cool because of Adjoa.

He greeted and walked to the kitchenette to dish out Adjoa’s food. Derek took the hint and excused them.

I would see you around then. Get well soon” Derek said and walked out.

what did he want?” Jason asked when he walked to her.

he was looking for Noah”

Jason didn’t say anything, he just fed Adjoa.

You have to eat everything, this food is expensive”

Adjoa laughed.

That evening Derek begged Noah to tell him which room Adjoa was in.

Jason wouldn’t like that Derek. You two have broken up, let her be”

“She isn’t feeling well, I just want to know if she’s fine”

Noah sighed then told him.

Jason shouldn’t find out I told you” he added.

Derek quickly freshened up and went upstairs to see Adjoa.

He knocked twice.

Jason opened the door. Derek was surprised to see him.

Jason” he said

Derek what do you want here?

I only want to know if she’s fine”

She is fine Derek. Thanks for stopping by”

Can I see her?

Jason chuckled.

No. She’s sleeping

Aren’t you being a little ridiculous Jason? Can’t I at least be friends with her? She’s a grown up and can decide for herself”

“ she doesn’t need friends like you Derek. She’s sleeping now so please go away”

Derek angrily tried to force himself into Adjoa’s room.

That really pissed Jason off.

“Are you mad?” he said and struggled with him in front of the door. 

He angrily pushed Derek to the ground and punched him severally on the face. Something he had wanted to do months earlier.

People came around to separate them, Adjoa rushed out too. But Jason asked her to go back inside. Adjoa has never seen Jason that angry.

He held Derek by his shirt and warned him to stay away from Adjoa.

I don’t want to ever see you anywhere near her or near her room”

He went back inside and locked the door. Adjoa looked at his bruised hand.

Are you okay?” she asked touching his hand.

I am fine, I am fine. Derek just pissed me off. That’s all”

She boiled some water and massaged his hand.

Noah was shocked to see Derek’s face when he got back to his room.

“ what happened?!” 

Derek didn’t answer, he went to check his face in the bathroom. Noah went to the bathroom to help him.

Jason stayed the night in Adjoa’s room, for some reason he felt Derek would be back.

Adjoa was very worried about Derek, she couldn’t sleep. When Jason drifted to sleep, she texted Derek.

He was thinking about her too and it kept him awake.

Are you okay?” she texted.

I am okay” he replied.

what are you still doing up?” she asked

“ I am thinking about you Adjoa. Your bodyguard has warned me off you”

“ don’t call him that Derek, he was only looking out for me. After everything you did to me. He is just protecting me”

Derek was surprised by that text.

Everything I did to you? Come on Adjoa. You are not a child. The two of us can talk about this like adults. I made a mistake and I am sorry. Please I need to talk to you in person”

I have to go Derek. I just wanted to know if you were okay. Goodnight” Adjoa replied


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