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Episode 1 – Cry Baby

“Don’t tell Pastor Henry you came with me, he would want to see me too” Adjoa said.

” You know he would definitely ask about you” Jason said.

“These heels are hurting my feet Jason, I just want to sit here and wait for you” Adjoa said pointing to the couch at the reception.

Tell him I had to go and see daddy or something” Adjoa added.

” Bad influence. You want me to lie to a man of God” Jason teased.

Adjoa laughed.

“Jason leave me alone!” she said.

”Please don’t stay long in there, I know how you two get when you start talking” Adjoa added.

Jason laughed.

“Okay sure. Give me fifteen minutes.” he said

Fifteen minutes is a lot Jason. I can only give you five minutes. I am starving, come on”

Jason smiled at her and nodded.

Okay, I would be back soon” he said and entered the youth pastor’s office.

Adjoa checked Instagram while she waited for her best friend.

As usual, she stalked Derek Bartel’s page. Her long time crush.

He had posted a selfie he took with Vanessa that afternoon and captioned it “ lovely Sunday with a beautiful friend”.

She quickly checked Vanessa’s Instagram page too, she had also posted the same photo.

Adjoa got jealous and a little sad. She scrolled through both pages to see if they have any more photos together but that was the only one.

Jason was taking longer than he had said he would so Adjoa texted him.

I am leaving. Mummy and Daddy should be looking for me by now” she texted.

Alright. I am so sorry for keeping you waiting. I would see you later” he replied.

She read his message but didn’t reply.

She banged the car door when she sat in her father’s car. Her mother was already in the car. She greeted her and apologized for banging the door.

“What’s the matter Adjoa?” Katherine asked.

Adjoa didn’t reply.

“ you saw Derek with a girl today right?” her mother asked and turned to look at her.

Adjoa really hated seeing Derek with other girls, she has had a crush on him for so long everyone except her father knew.

Her mother thought it was a silly teenage crush when Adjoa first told her about Derek.

She had just turned sixteen then, it’s been three years and she still hadn’t gotten over him.

People in her circle who knew about her huge crush for Derek teased her all the time.

Mummy, I don’t know what else to do. I am really tired. Today, he sat next to Vanessa, even after church they were still in class talking and laughing. I just saw a photo of them on Instagram”

Katherine laughed.

“You know what? I can’t bear to see you like this anymore. I would call Shirley and tell her you love his son” Katherine teased.

Mummy! No! You want to tell Auntie Shirley?! How do you expect me to go to the book shop if she finds out about this? She would definitely tell Auntie Beverly and Auntie Monica and if those two find out, that means the whole church knows! No mummy No! Please” Adjoa said worriedly.

Katherine laughed.

“ I am only joking Adjoa. You know I cannot do that. But on a more serious note you need to get a hold of yourself. You can’t be all worked up every time you see Derek with a girl. He is allowed to make friends you know?”

“ I know that mummy, but I just want him to be my friend too” Adjoa said sadly almost tearing up.

Katherine smiled and nodded.

“I know sweetheart, I totally understand”

Tears rolled down Adjoa’s eyes and she sobbed quietly.

Come on. Don’t cry honey. You really need to learn to control your emotions and not cry any chance you get especially not over a boy. I keep telling you this”

Katherine said and wiped her daughter’s eyes.

She looked out the window and saw her husband walking to the car with their second daughter.

“ Daddy is coming. What are you going to say if he sees you crying?”

Adjoa looked outside to be sure her mother wasn’t pulling her legs. She wiped her eyes quickly when she saw them.

“Adjoa ? Is Jason joining us home ? her father asked when he sat in the car.

No Dad. He would come later with Kayla

“Are you sure?”

“ yes please.”

Mummy! Are you cooking Jollof today?” Ewurama asked excitedly

Yes princess. How was Sunday school today baby?”

“It was nice. Teacher Sarah didn’t come, so teacher Deborah taught us today”

and what did teacher Deborah teach you today?

she taught us a song” Ewurama said and started singing.

Adjoa rolled her eyes when her little sister started singing. She picked up her phone and listened to some music.

Her eyes were closed, knowing her little sister she was going to talk the whole ride home but she heard her father’s voice and opened her eyes to check.

When she saw him staring at her, she quickly removed the earpiece and put her phone into her bag.

I asked how church was today” he said and turned to drive.

it was good dad. We learnt about Ruth” she answered quickly.

I see. Did you take notes?”

“ yes please Dad”

Abeiku  nodded.

“ I would take a look at it when we get home”

“ how was my sermon today honey?” he asked Katherine.

It was good honey. I really enjoyed it, you are a really good preacher.”

Abeiku smiled when his wife complimented him.

Her parents spoke the whole drive home, they spoke mainly about church and upcoming events.

Adjoa rushed to her bedroom when they got home and called Jason.

when are you coming over Jason?”

“ Soon, just waiting for Kayla. Why?”

“Umm… so you still at church right?“

“Yes I am. Why?”

“I want your church note book. Did you take notes today?”

“Yes I did”

“ Great!”

Why do you want my notebook Adjoa?”

Daddy wants to see what I learnt today at church. I only remember the story of Ruth. I was busy looking at Derek, I couldn’t write anything”

I know. I know you were looking at him Adjoa, I saw you”

Did you see Vanessa today? She was just hovering around him like a fly” Adjoa said.

Jason laughed.

let me get there first, then you can insult Vanessa all you want”

okay. Hurry up. And thanks so much Jason I really owe you one”

Adjoa quickly changed and went to the kitchen.

She went to help her mother and their house manager, Hannah to prepare lunch.

Adjoa was very fond of Hannah, she was her nanny when she was four and fifteen years later, she is still her favourite nanny.

“ Hello Auntie Hannah“ she said excitedly and hugged her.

“ Adjoa…how was church my girl?”

“ it was good Auntie”

Did you see Derek today?”  she teased.

Adjoa laughed

Yes I did. I really liked the shirt he wore. There was this particular girl called Vanessa all over him today, I wanted to push her away”

Hannah laughed

“ That would have been wrong sweetheart, it would have started a fight. Violence is never the answer”

I know Auntie Hannah. I would never start a fight, I was just jealous I guess. I just want all those girls to leave my Derek alone” Adjoa said and they both giggled.

She picked up a knife and helped Hannah dice some Onions.

Katherine walked into the kitchen.

I just got off the phone with Brenda. She said Jason and Kayla are on their way”

“ yes mum.. Jason told me”

“ then we need to hurry up with lunch. The teacher would soon be here”

Hannah and Adjoa prepared the Jollof while Katherine focused on making the smoothies.

Jason arrived at the house with his little sister an hour later.

Hi Jason” Hannah said when she saw him in the kitchen.

Jason hugged Hannah and gave her a peck. She was his favourite too. She looked after him sometimes when he was little.

I have missed you Hannah. I didn’t see you yesterday” he said.

I miss you too my sweet boy. Yes, yesterday I went for a wedding. I was away all day. Where’s Kayla?” she asked.

Ewurama took her to her room when we arrived, I am sure they are playing now”

Jason hugged and greeted Katherine too then left the kitchen to take a quick nap on Adjoa’s bed, while he waited for lunch to be served.

Adjoa came to get him for lunch half an hour later, she tickled him awake. Jason chased her out of the room to the dining area.

what did I say about running in the house?!” Abeiku said angrily.

Sorry Dad” Adjoa apologized and sat down.

Jason apologized too and sat next to Adjoa.

Bishop Abeiku Morrison, the head pastor of Faith Chapel is a very strict father. He wasn’t going to allow his daughters go astray on his watch.

Jason is the only boy allowed into his home.

Jason’s father Justin, was Abeiku’s class mate and closest friend At Mfantsipim school.

They got married around the same time to their high school sweethearts.

Justin had his son Jason three months before Abeiku’s daughter Adjoa was born.

They weren’t surprised when their children grew up to be the best of friends.

How’s your father?” Abeiku asked Jason.

He is fine please. I spoke to him yesterday. He would be in Ghana nextweek”

“ Yes, he told me. Have you seen how well you father has done for himself Jason? You should never disappoint him okay?” Abeiku said.

Jason nodded.

Okay Uncle Abeiku

Adjoa looked at her father briefly and continued eating her lunch. She was very scared of her father, he took everything seriously and she was sure never to disappoint him.

After lunch Adjoa and Jason waited for their teacher. They were preparing for their senior high school certificate examinations. They were set to write it early the following year.

This was their last longest vacation before they went back to school. They didn’t have any time to waste, their parents wouldn’t allow it.

Every afternoon during their vacation, Jason went over to study with Adjoa.

Jason followed in his father’s footsteps and gained admission to Mfantsipim School.

When Jason told Adjoa that he wanted to go to Mfantsipim,she made sure to study harder to get an opportunity to go to Wesley Girls’ High School and be a little closer to Jason.

Adjoa cried the night they finished writing their basic school examinations, she was scared she wouldn’t get to go to Wesley Girls’ because she made a few mistakes when she wrote her last paper; Fanti.

She hated that subject.

She was even more scared her father would be disappointed in her.

Jason assured and prayed with her, he was alittle worried because he really wanted Adjoa to go to Wesley Girls’ too.

When their results came out, she was so nervous to check by herself, so she asked Jason to help her.

She had passed, Jason was so relieved when she saw her results.

They went to boarding school together each term with Jason’s driver Yaw and came back home together for vacation.

Derek Bartels, Adjoa’s crush since form one was in Jason’s class at Mfantsipim School.

He visited Wesley Girls’ once for a program when they were in first year and Adjoa fell in love with him the moment she laid eyes on him.

She found out Derek went to her father’s church when they were in form two and since then she has been finding ways and means to make Derek notice her. Most of the girls at church liked Derek, especially Vanessa who went to the same elementary school with Derek, so she used that as an advantage over Adjoa.

She was in the same house with Vanessa at school; Wrigley House but never spoke to her.

Jason told her it was very petty of her to hold a grudge against Vanessa at school just because she was closer to Derek but Adjoa didn’t pay Jason any mind.

That night was their last weekend at home, school was  reopening the next weekend so they had to prepare.

After studies that night, Abeiku prayed for them and wished them the best as they went back to go school to take the exam.

Kayla and Ewurama were fast asleep in the living room by the time they were done studying.

Jason took Kayla into his arms while she slept, she always slept better in his arms.

Adjoa smiled when Jason carried Kayla, she has always admired how Jason adored his baby sister.

She sat next to him on the couch while they waited for their driver and took that opportunity to speak to him some more about Derek.

“ I need to be friends with Derek before we complete school. If we end up in different Universities, it would be hard to reach him but if we become friends this last term, I might know the University he goes to”

Jason looked at her and shook his head

“ Adjoa, I hope this term you wouldn’t waste your study time thinking about Derek. We have a very important exam ahead of us”

“ I am not going to waste time thinking about Derek. I am only saying it would be nice to know him when we are at University or something. It’s all your fault by the way, Jason.  If you had introduced us like I asked you to in form one I wouldn’t be here thinking of ways to get him to like me”

how sure are you that he would even like you? With your big forehead” Jason said and laughed.

Adjoa gasped and touched her forehead. Jason laughed and shook his head. Adjoa playfully hit his arm.

you are lucky you have Kayla in your arms, I would have beaten you up”

Jason laughed again.

Adjoa had her phone with her so she suggested they listen to music together.

They shared her earpiece and listened to the music  quietly until Jason’s driver arrived.

The driver took Kayla from Jason’s arms and he got a chance to hug Adjoa.

“ I would see you tomorrow. Don’t forget to write my church notes into your note book”

Adjoa nodded, she had completely forgotten.

Thanks for reminding me”

She said a quick hello to Jason’s driver Yaw and rushed back to the house to write her church notes.

Before bed, Abeiku asked Adjoa to bring her church notes and explain what she had learnt at church.

Luckily, Jason’s notes were clear enough to help Adjoa explain things to her father.

Abeiku then advised her and prayed with her before she went to bed.

She sent Jason a message before she drifted to sleep.

“ you saved my life today, I just finished explaining what I learnt at church to daddy. Thanks bestie”

Jason was studying when her message came through. He smiled and called her but she had placed her ringer on silent so she could sleep.

They went to school that weekend and exchanged a few letters before they started their exams.

Adjoa saw Jason again, a few days after their last paper, he came with Yaw to pick her up from school.

His hair and beard were grown and he has lost some weight. Adjoa teased him.

On their drive back home they discussed a few questions and answers.

Adjoa had some trouble with her chemistry paper and wanted clarification from Jason.

He explained the way he answered a particular question and Adjoa realized she had made a mistake.

She started crying, making Jason and Yaw a little uncomfortable.

you see why I don’t like discussing answers with you? You worry too much Adjoa” Jason said and held her in his arms.

She cried some more.

Adjoa gyae su wae. W’ay3 adi paa. Relaxi. Bibiara b3y3 fine wati?” Yaw said trying to make her feel better.

Adjoa cried in Jason’s arms a few more minutes then wiped her eyes.

She didn’t say anything anymore, she looked outside her window and thought about what her father would do if she didn’t make the cut to medical school.

They got home in the afternoon, Adjoa thanked Yaw and Jason for bringing her home.

They helped her remove her things from the car.

Jason went in briefly to greet Hannah and promised to visit later in the evening.

He asked her to console Adjoa because she was down about a paper.

“ is that why she run upstairs without saying hello to me?” Hannah asked.

Jason nodded and smiled.

“Don’t worry, I would talk to her. My regards to your family okay? And Congratulations” Hannah said and hugged him.

“I will. Thanks Auntie” Jason said and rushed out.

Hannah went to see Adjoa, she was crying again in her bed.

She picked her into her arms like the big baby she is and wiped her eyes.

Philippians 4:6-7 says Be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Jesus Christ” Hannah said.

Adjoa sat up right and looked at Hannah.

have you even thanked God for seeing you through all the other papers? No. But you are here crying about something you cannot change my sweet girl. Pray to God, thank Him and let He alone give you peace okay? Don’t worry about the exams. You are a very smart young lady and I believe our God would make you smile. He did when you got scared after your basic school examination. He has done it before so be rest assured that he would do it again. Okay?”

Adjoa nodded and hugged Hannah.

Thank you” she whispered.

It’s my pleasure. When you are done praying, take your bath and come downstairs for lunch okay?”

Adjoa nodded and Hannah left the room.

Jason’s parents surprised him with a cake when he entered the house.

Justin asked a colleague to cover his shift at the hospital that day so he could be there when his son arrived home.

Jason was very happy to see his family.

His mother had lunch ready so he quickly freshened up and enjoyed his time with his family.

He charged his phone so he could be able to call Adjoa later that evening. He had wanted to visit Adjoa but he was too tired.

Adjoa’s parents arrived later in the evening. She was in a better mood.

Abeiku congratulated her, he was so proud of her.

He announced it to his congregation that Sunday.

Jason sat next to Adjoa at church, he wanted to make sure she was fine.

Their youth pastor preached about courage that Sunday and that lifted Adjoa’s spirit a little.

Their parents had a huge congratulatory party for them that evening at the church premises and invited the church, some friends and family.

Adjoa has never liked parties, she didn’t like crowded places but her family loved throwing parties a lot, because they knew a lot of people would come.

Jason was talking with a few school mates, so Adjoa went to sit outside to catch some air, she didn’t want to disturb him.

She sat by a tree outside the church auditorium, the alone time she had, brought back her fears, so she prayed out loud to God, she asked Him to help her pass all her papers so she could make her father happy.

With a prayer like that, He surely will”

A deep voice startled her, she looked around but didn’t see anyone.

Derek stood up from the other side of the tree and sat next to Adjoa.

“ it’s just me. I am really sorry for startling you” he said and smiled.

Adjoa was dumbfounded. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

Hi. My name is Derek Bartels” he said and stretch out his hand.


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