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Episode 10- Epiphany


They cuddled and went to bed minutes later. The next morning they showered together and made love again.

At breakfast, they both ate like they hadn’t eaten for days.

“ Slow down guys, nobody wants to take the food away” Jason said and laughed.

After breakfast, they went sightseeing.
Adjoa couldn’t meet Derek’s eyes , she was a little shy.

Derek kept staring at her any chance he got.
They went to the Elmina castle and whenever Jason and Ingrid weren’t looking Derek kissed her.
On their way back to the hotel, Derek asked Jason to drive so that he could sit at the back with Adjoa and kiss her some more.

“ You two need to get a room” Ingrid teased.

They laughed.

They went at it again, when they got back to their hotel room.

I feel so guilty, my dad’s going to kill me if he ever found out” Adjoa said.

Derek laughed.

“ well I am not telling your dad if you aren’t” Derek teased.

She laughed.

“ I am so hungry though, we should go downstairs for dinner”

the kitchen would call when dinner is ready, until then you are my food, woman! “

“ Nooo..! ” Adjoa said and run to the bathroom.

Derek chased her there and they made love in the shower.

They returned to school late Sunday afternoon, Adjoa was very exhausted, she showered and went straight to bed.

She missed a couple of calls from her parents, Hannah had passed away that evening.

Jason was hanging out with Ingrid in his room when his mother broke the news to him. He cried like a baby in her arms. He knocked on Adjoa’s door but she was fast asleep.

The following morning, Adjoa woke up happy. Derek was on her mind, she sang and danced as she prepared for class in the morning.
She hadn’t checked her phone. She was packing her books for class when Jason knocked. She rushed to get it.

“ I am almost done, I would meet you downstairs soon” she said

Jason just entered and sat on her bed.

What’s the matter ?”

“ Adjoa please sit down”

She sat next to him and looked at him

what is it, you are scaring me “

Jason sighed.

“ Adjoa, Auntie Hannah passed away yesterday”

What?! No!”

Adjoa started to cry

“What happened to her?”

“ I don’t know . You should give your parents a call they have been trying to reach you”

Adjoa went to get her phone, she saw missed calls from her parents and Derek.

She called her mother, she was crying and that made Adjoa cry too

mummy, what happened to her?” she asked sobbingly.

“ she had a heart attack while she was sleeping”

No! God No! ” Adjoa said and sat on her carpet.

She cried some more, Jason consoled her

When she got to class, Derek noticed immediately that she had been crying. She was late for class so she couldn’t sit next to Derek.

He stole glances at her, and he saw her still crying and wiping her tears quickly.

He got very worried because he thought it was about what they did in Cape coast.

Babe what’s wrong?” he texted.

But her phone was in her bag so she didn’t see it.

A lot of things went through Derek’s head in class.

When class ended, he rushed to Adjoa.

Baby what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

“ I just lost someone”

“ oh no. Who?”

“ My nanny, she practically raised me. She had a heart attack while she slept”

Wow! I am so sorry Adjoa”

“ I would have to go home tomorrow”

“ Do you want me to come with you?” Derek asked.

“ No I would go with Jason, I would be fine

Adjoa sighed, she was tired.

“ I have to go back to my hostel now. I want to be alone I would call you”

Jason was waiting for her outside by his car.

Shall we go?”

Adjoa nodded and got into her car.

Jason took care of her, he asked Ingrid to get him some food stuff so he cooks some chicken light soup for her. He had a way he does it that Adjoa absolutely loved.

When he was done, he fed her. Ingrid loved Adjoa but she couldn’t help but be a little jealous when she saw the way Jason cared for her. She made something up and asked to be excused. She excepted Jason to walk her out but he only nodded and said he would call her later.

Adjoa and Jason went to Accra to see her parents. She went to Hannah’s room and cried. She laid in her bed, she could feel her.

“ Aww Auntie Hannah” she said sobbingly.

“ I had so many things to tell you. I can’t believe you are gone”

Her mother followed her when she saw her going to Hannah’s room.

She came in to console her daughter, they cried some more. Hannah’s family came around and they plan for the funeral.

Jason and Adjoa went back to school the next morning. She felt a little better, Jason made her laugh.

That Sunday at church, Jason sat next to Adjoa again. Ingrid was starting to get very angry. She had saved a seat for him like she always did. After church, she left without saying Hello to Jason. Jason called her because he was sure he saw her at church. She never answered.

Jason spent the day with Adjoa, he knew how much she loved Hannah and how emotional Adjoa is, so he didn’t know how to leave her alone.

Derek was feeling some distance from Adjoa, she hadn’t called or texted him that day, and she hadn’t returned any of his calls.

He decided to pay her a visit, Jason was happy to see Derek.

“ Glad you are here man. I have to go and see Ingrid but I didn’t want to leave her alone.”

“ Oh that’s fine. I would take care of her”


Jason informed Adjoa that he was leaving. She nodded and smiled.

Derek pulled a chair and sat in front of her. She couldn’t look at him.

what’s the matter Adjoa? What’s really the matter”

Tears started falling down her eyes.

I think I killed Auntie Hannah”

“ why would you ever think that?”

“ I can’t tell you, I might hurt your feelings

What? You are really confusing me now” Derek said and sat next to her.

She picked up her bible which threw Derek off a little.

when I turned thirteen and I got my first period, Auntie Hannah was the first person I told . She taught me everything I needed to know. And she taught me about boys and sex”

“ I knew this vibe I was getting from you was because of what happened between us Adjoa and not only because you lost Auntie Hannah” Derek interrupted.

Adjoa got quiet.

“ I shouldn’t have done it. Now I feel terrible. I wish, I could take it all back and make everything better Adjoa” Derek said. 

Adjoa picked her bible and opened to 1 Thessalonians 4:3-5 and started reading it out loud with tears running down her face. Derek recited it with her without looking into her bible, he knew that verse very well.

Adjoa looked at him.

“ what have we done Derek? I feel so dirty and ashamed. I have failed God and Auntie Hannah,  my Dad. Everyone. I am going to hell”

“ Relax Adjoa. God is forgiving. Trust me, it took a lot of fighting within myself that night to control myself from touching you, I almost decided to go and wake Jason up so Ingrid stays with you instead. But the canal part fo me, wanted to know how it felt like too. I am not proud of that but I was weak, I couldn’t control my self, you are so beautiful Adjoa and I am a foolish weak human boy”

Adjoa smiled.

“ But I am sorry. Truly, truly, sorry. We would wait if that’s what you really want. We could”

“ that’s what I really want Derek but I have already lost my virginity I am not getting my innocence or purity back”

“ Well, that’s true but you can be celibate. Everything is a state of mind baby. Come to think of it, you are only thinking about your self. I lost my virginity too you know”

Adjoa laughed.

Be serious Derek

I am being serious. Anyway as I was saying, we both lost our virginities and we aren’t proud of it. I want you to be happy always Adjoa, I didn’t mean to hurt you that night. We could pray now and ask God to forgive us and guide us in this relationship because I want us to work, I want this to work”

Adjoa looked at him, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

You would pray with me?” Adjoa asked.

of course baby. I would pray with you and for you” Derek said and held her hand.

It warmed her heart to hear Derek pray like that. She was moved to tears, she had fallen in love with this side of him, she never knew existed.

Derek looked at her and smiled, he wiped her eyes and kissed her forehead.

“ I love you Adjoa and I promised never to hurt you anymore and I want to stick to that promise

Adjoa smiled and hugged him.

“ Thank you so much for this”

And Adjoa, know that you didn’t kill Auntie Hannah because you had sex for the first time” he teased.

Adjoa laughed.

Jason went to see Ingrid, they spoke in the car . Ingrid started crying out of nowhere making Jason very uncomfortable.

“ you are always with Adjoa these days, you hardly have any time for me. I thought you would want to spend a lot more time with me since I am leaving in two months”

Jason smiled.

“Come here. I don’t know what it is with you girls and crying. You cry about the littlest of things”

Ingrid looked away.

“ baby, you know Adjoa lost someone. Someone so so dear to her. I had to be there for her”

“ but you didn’t have to abandon me completely? Like today at church you sat by her”

“ okay I am sorry I apologise. I would spend time with you more from now on. You say you are leaving in two months as if you are not based in Kumasi. I know where you live”

Ingrid laughed.

But still I would be a little far from you”

This girl, you like love” Jason teased and kissed her.

Adjoa took Derek home for Auntie Hannah’s funeral. Her father looked at him while he preached during the burial service, it really intimidated Derek.

Jason had given Derek tips on how to woo her father but all the tips were failing him.

Her father knew who he was, he attended his parent’s funeral, he was just wondering what his daughter was doing with him.

Jason’s family was kind enough to host Derek in their home. That evening when Derek and Jason had left, Mr. Morrison interrogated his daughter. They spoke for hours about Derek in his study. Adjoa yawned and stretched indicating she was tired but her father ignored it, he went on and on advising her daughter.

When Mr. Morrison was done with his daughter, it was half past midnight. He prayed with her and hugged her. She stayed awake in bed pondering on some points her father had made. She had few hours to sleep before she woke up for Hannah’s Thanksgiving service.

when he saw Derek at church she smiled and waved. Derek was at the back with Jason.

At lunch, she didn’t sit next to Derek. She sat with her family, and avoided Derek. He immediately felt that something was wrong. That evening after supper they drove back to Kumasi. Adjoa hasn’t said more that two words to Derek. He walked her to her room, but Adjoa didn’t invite him in.

“ I am very tired Derek, I would see tomorrow in class” she said.

She went inside her room and locked her door, while Derek stood behind it. He was so confused and worried.

For weeks Adjoa made up excuses, she spent more time with Jason and Ingrid instead of talking to Derek.

Derek was going crazy. He went to visit her one evening in her room and begged his way in.

“ Adjoa. What’s going on? What’s wrong?”

“ Nothing Derek”

this right here isn’t nothing. Your attitude, your distance what’s wrong with you?” Derek said and touched her arm.

“ don’t touch me Derek” she said and moved away from him.

It broke Derek’s heart. She got up from his side to sit by her study table. They sat in silence for awhile, Derek heart was beating fast. He was very scared.

I spoke to my father” Adjoa said.

Derek looked at her.

what did you speak to your father about?”

he wanted to know who you were and why I was with you. So I told him everything”

Everything?” Derek asked.

Adjoa sighed.

I couldn’t bring myself to telling him we had sex Derek. He would have killed me. But after I told him about our relationship, he made me realise how much I wasn’t ready to be in a relationship with you”

Derek’s eye widened.

“ what did he say?” he asked 

There’s no need for you to know but what I trying to say is that I don’t want to disappoint my father, Derek. I used to tell him everything but now I am hiding things from him. Big things actually”

Derek couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

Adjoa calm down. I am really confused now please we can talk abou-“

I want us to break up Derek” Adjoa interrupted.

Derek looked at her, surprised.

“ Are you seriously breaking up with me because of something your father said Adjoa?”

“ Yes, Derek. I have lost myself since I got here. I have allowed you to lie and abuse me, but not anymore”

“ Hold up Adjoa.  What’s this really about? Yes, we had sex, something we aren’t proud of. But I thought we decided never to do it again. We prayed together and we have been abstaining. Please, don’t do this, please.”

We praying together doesn’t change the fact that you are a lying and manipulative person and I want absolutely nothing to do with you. I need to be alone now Derek, please leave my room”

Derek looked at her, trying to understand but Adjoa looked away.
He sighed and without saying another word, he left her room.
He stood behind her door for minutes before he walked to his hostel.

He didn’t want to be alone so he went to hang out with Morgan, to distract himself.

Morgan was so happy to see him

“ Well, look what the cat dragged in. Derek the lover boy. What do I owe this visit?”

Derek went to sleep in her bed, his chest was hurting.

What is wrong man?” Morgan asked.

He was trying to be hard, but his heart was breaking. He told Morgan everything.

When Derek was done, Morgan laughed heartily first before she said anything.

Dude, are you serious? Is she a kid?

Derek sighed.

wait, wait. Are you telling me you two have broken up because of her father?”

“Yep. I have no idea what he said to her but it must have been pretty deep”

“ so are you going to let her go? Just like that? Dude, you love her, just look at yourself, you are falling apart”

“ She doesn’t want to be with me anymore Morgan, she made that very clear”

“ I can’t believe it. I know you two were wrong for having sex outside of marriage but you two are not the first and won’t be the last couple to fall off the wagon. Let God be our judge. Why she is condemning you? This is crazy Derek, and I am getting very upset. I need to go and talk some sense into her”

Calm down Morgan. I would just find a way to give her what she wants. I would stay away from her, I am clearly the devil in her life. ”

“ This is some crazy stuff. So what happens to your party next week? Do we call it off because she might not attend?” Morgan asked

it is my birthday, I need to celebrate it. I would invite her if she doesn’t come, it’s on her”

Yes! You got that right. Let’s turn up!!”

Jason and Ingrid were busy all week helping Derek plan his birthday party. Adjoa didn’t seem interested and that surprised Jason. He asked her about it when they went for a stroll. Adjoa suggested they go for a walk so that she clears her mind.

it’s your boyfriend’s birthday this weekend. You know that right? You don’t seem excited about his party. You aren’t helping out or anything”

Adjoa sighed.

Derek and I have broken up”

Jason laughed.

I am serious Jason. We broke up last week

“ Why? Did he do something to you?” 

“ I don’t want to talk about Derek. We have broken up and that’s that”

“ So are you coming for his birthday party this weekend? It would be very rude if you don’t attend Adjoa. You guys are still friends at least”

“ I would think about it, let’s go back inside. It’s getting cold”

Adjoa didn’t attend Derek’s party, she didn’t want to see him.

She ordered an early birthday gift for him, it arrived the morning of his birthday.

It was a box of his favorite perfume, he told her just once that his father got it for him the first time and it always reminded him of his father, she added a wristwatch and a bracelet she had engraved “to the only man, I would ever love”.

She was contemplating whether to give it to him, but she couldn’t keep it. It was his and he had to have it. He still was the man she loved.
She asked Ingrid to help her, give Derek the gift.
She didn’t want to give it to Jason, he would have insisted she gave it to him herself.

Ingrid found Derek alone and gave her gift and Adjoa’s gifts to him.

The second one is from Adjoa” she said.

Happy Birthday Derek” she added and hugged him.

That night when he opened Adjoa’s gift, it got him very sad. He cried on his bathroom floor. He felt so alone, he needed his father. He wanted to tell him everything, and he had missed Adjoa so dearly, he wanted to hold her.



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