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Episode 11- Rain


Anowa took the opportunity to use Derek’s vulnerability to her advantage. She had heard rumours about his break up with Adjoa and his demeanour in class said it all.

He wasn’t talking to Adjoa or anyone in class anymore, he sat alone at the back in a corner during class, and when class ended he was the first to leave through the back door. 

Anowa gradually started getting closer to him. She intentionally asked him questions every time the group met to study.
She had her ways, it wasn’t easy at the beginning because Derek wasn’t paying her any mind but she always went out of her way to make sure he was fine.

Morgan advised him one afternoon as they played video games together, to give Anowa a chance because she seemed harmless. 

Derek sighed.

I don’t like Anowa that way. I can’t seem to get Adjoa off my mind”

” Forget about Adjoa. Anowa has been there for you all this while. She is pretty and smart too?”

” But she isn’t Adjoa, why can’t you understand this?”

I understand Derek but Adjoa doesn’t want you anymore. Give this girl a chance, who knows she might turn out to be really amazing too” 

Derek sighed.

” Okay Morgan, I would try and get to know her better. Just because you said to”

Morgan laughed.

” Whatever but I am sure, you two would work out” 

Derek started hanging out a lot with Anowa. There was a lot of holding back at the beginning because he still loved Adjoa very much and seeing her every time was making it hard to forget about her.

Anowa and Derek were studying one evening at the library when she said something really funny that made Derek laugh out loud. He quickly turned to apologise to the students that were sitting close to them.

You are crazy Anowa ” he whispered and wiped his eyes.
Anowa was laughing silently too.  He hadn’t laughed like that in awhile.

Derek suggested they packed their books and leave the library before they were thrown out because  Anowa was really cracking him up.
As they talked and walked back to their hostel, Derek mindlessly held her hand.

Anowa was ecstatic but she played it cool and continued talking. They started texting and talking on the phone a lot more.
Derek kissed her one evening as they watched a movie she had recommended. He was starting to like her a lot.

Morgan teased him a lot when he told her how he was starting to feel about Anowa.

And the award for the best Match maker goes to me” she said

Derek laughed.

But what did it for you ? What made you like her this much?” Morgan asked

“ I can’t quite put my finger on it but I just really, really like being around her. She’s incredibly funny. On the outside she’s the quiet, shy girl. But when we are alone, she is so crazy, and I like that no one gets to see that side of her but me.  She’s warm and kind. I just like her energy ”

Dude. You are in love!”

“No! I am not. Stop!”

Morgan kept teasing him so he left her room.

By final year, Derek and Anowa had a particular spot they always sat at during class.

Adjoa saw him smiling and laughing one time to something Anowa had said. She hadn’t seen him laugh or smile in a long while.

Jason knew Adjoa wasn’t over Derek, he saw how she stole glances at him and how jealous she got anytime Derek hugged Anowa or held her hand whenever he is helping her down the stairs every time they end a class.

She stalks his Instagram page, that was the only way she finds out things about him.

Derek didn’t bother Adjoa anymore even though he looked at her a lot in class when she isn’t looking.
He wanted to delete her number and unfollow her on social media but he couldn’t bring himself to do that. When he met up with Jason, he always made sure to ask about her.

Raymond had the biggest graduation party for Derek when they graduated. Jason forced Adjoa to attend, she didn’t want to but she gave in because everyone in the class was attending.

She wore a very lovely red gown, which caught the eye of most of the guests. Raymond recognized her and went to greet her.

Hello Adjoa” he said and hugged her

Uncle Raymond. Long time, it’s nice to see you” Adjoa said

You look stunning as always” 

“ Thanks. You look great too sir”

“ Thanks, darling. Derek is up there. You should say Hi ”  he pointed and left to speak to other guests.

Adjoa looked up and saw Anowa standing next to Derek.

He was holding Anowa’s hand and talking to some classmates, his full attention was on them, but he never let go of Anowa’s hand. He made gestures as he spoke to his friends with his other hand. 

He looked very dapper in his dark suit. She didn’t know whether to go up there to talk to him or not. She sat by her table, with Jason and some other friends from class.

Let’s go say Hello to Derek ” Jason suggested to the friends on the table.

They got up and Adjoa joined, she was so nervous. Derek was alone, Anowa was saying hello to a couple of her friends.

Ato, nice party ” Jason teased.

Derek laughed.

When are you going to stop calling me by that name,” Derek said and hugged him.

Congratulations man,” Jason said

Congratulations too man. We did it”

Anowa came back.

Hi Jason” she said

Hey Anowa” he said and hugged her too.

Adjoa stood in the back, she wanted to turn and run away.

Congratulations” Anowa added

Adjoa noticed when Derek reached out for Anowa’s hand again. He never did have a problem showing affection in public. They looked very good together as a couple.

She saw as the other friends she came with hugged and congratulated Derek.

Then there she was face to face with him.

Hey” she said faintly.

Hi Adjoa” he smiled and hugged her

He gave her a quick side hug, he smelt amazing.

He was wearing the perfume she had gotten him for his birthday. She got curious and quickly checked his wrist, he was wearing the wristwatch too.

Congratulations Adjoa. I love your dress, it’s very lovely”  Anowa said and smiled

Thanks Anowayours isn’t bad at all. And  Congratulations too

“ Thank you,” she said and smiled.

There was an awkward silence, they had nothing else to say to each other.

Okay then, take care Adjoa, and Congratulations” Derek said.

She was just about to say “ Take care too Derek” when the fireworks display started.

Baby look” Anowa said and pointed to the sky.

She dragged him to the front to get a clearer view.

Adjoa was devastated, she went to sit back down. Derek held Anowa from behind as they looked at the fireworks.  

He seems happy” she thought.

She picked up her car key and walked to the car park. She would rather stay in her room than watch Derek and Anowa be happy in each other’s arms. 

When she got to the car park, there was a group of people gathered in a heated argument, she stopped walking. She knew better than to eavesdrop on someone’s conversation but she recognized Raymond and Tony. Derek’s uncle and cousin and got curious why they were at each other’s throats.

“ he has had too much to drink. Get him out of here” Raymond said.

A well-built man carried Tony onto his shoulder.

Dad, they need to know. Dad! I can’t hold on to this secret anymore. Dean and Derek need to know that you killed their parents” Tony said at the top of his voice.

Raymond was walking away but he had to stop.

“ Are you out of your mind Tony?! Lower your voice you fool! When are you going to let this go? It’s been six freaking years! Aren’t you now in charge of almost all his hotels?”   

“ You only wanted the money they had in their safe that night, the robbers weren’t supposed to kill them, Dad. I can’t keep this burden anymore. Why did you drag me into this dad?! I hate you! ” Tony said sobbingly.

“ Give me the gun!   Raymond angrily said to one of the bodyguards.

“ I would need to shut this boy up myself,” he said and hit his head with the gun.

Tony became unconscious and the man carried him away. Adjoa quickly went to hide behind a car when she saw Raymond going back to the party she wasn’t spotted.
When the coast was almost clear she removed her heels and run to the car but her phone rang, it was Jason.

Raymond and the other bodyguard heard the ring and turned. Adjoa run to her car and sped off.

The bodyguard pursued Adjoa, she was so scared. Her phone kept ringing. She was distraught.
The bodyguard caught up to her and hit the back of her car.

He wanted her dead because she had clearly heard a lot. He went to her side and hit her off the road. Adjoa’s car meandered off the road and into the bush.

She jumped out of the car just before it hit a bunch of trees and exploded.

The bodyguard on seeing the explosion knew, the person wouldn’t make it. He drove off.

The loud explosion got the attention of the people at the party. They drove to the scene, Jason had a feeling Adjoa was in trouble, he couldn’t find her anywhere. Her number was suddenly off. He was going crazy.

They called the police and they barricaded the scene. The police prevented them from getting closer.
Jason saw one of the policemen put a number plate into a Ziploc bag. Jason recognized the number plate. It was Adjoa’s. He started shouting

that’s my friend’s car! Adjoa! Adjoa!” he cried.

did you find a body!! ” he asked.
He wanted to jump over the barricade. People held him back. Derek went to get him out of there.

“ It’s Adjoa’s car. Adjoa is dead Derek ” Jason said.

Derek took him away from the scene to console him.

They are still looking for a body. Let hope she’s fine” Derek said. He was crying too.

Oh no. Adjoa can’t die. Why did she just leave the party?  What happened to her?” Jason said sadly.

Jason cried so much.

One of their classmates came running.

“ The police have found Adjoa, she’s alive but badly hurt”

Jason and Derek rushed to the scene. She was being strapped onto a stretcher.

Adjoa!” Jason said

She was unconscious.

Derek and Jason got into his car and followed the ambulance.

They waited for her to gain consciousness.

Luckily her bruises weren’t life-threatening. She fractured her leg and it was put in a cast. She had some cuts and bruises that the doctors could easily treat.

When she got a little strength, her parents transferred her to Jason’s father’s hospital for proper treatment.

She stayed in the hospital for a month, Jason always came to see her. Her parents never left her side. Derek always made time to see her whenever he was in Accra.

He even visited with Tony one time, she got very uncomfortable when she saw Tony.

She recovered and went home, Justin got her a physiotherapist who helped her to walk.

Raymond found out, it was Adjoa that was there that night. The bodyguard that chased her confirmed it.

“ I instructed you to kill her! And you left her to live? She knows too much” Raymond said.

I really thought she was dead boss, her car exploded”

Fool ! ” Raymond said and took a gun.

He shot him dead and instructed the other men to bury him.

When Adjoa has fully recovered her parents had a party for her. She wasn’t very happy but she tried to be.

She saw Tony, Anowa, and Derek entering the house. She wondered why Tony suddenly, always left his busy life in Cape Coast to come to Accra to see her.

She was seated next to Jason and Ingrid. She rushed inside when she saw Tony.

Jason thought it was because Derek was with Anowa. Jason followed Adjoa to her room.

“ what’s wrong?” he asked

Adjoa locked her door and told Jason everything she heard that night.

What?! We need to inform the police”

Adjoa nodded

Jason quickly went to inform his father and Abeiku about everything. Abeiku made some calls to his friends in the police force.

Tony had been instructed by his father to kill Adjoa by any means possible.
He looked everywhere for her but he couldn’t find her. He sneaked into the house.

Abeiku and Justin upon finding out about who Tony was, kept an eye on him. Abeiku noticed Tony sneaking into the house and told Justin.

Tony was wandering from room to room looking for Adjoa.

“ Hey young man. Are you lost? Can we help you?” Abeiku said

“ I was looking for the bathroom

“ The bathroom? We have made the mobile toilets available to guests outside. And I am sure you saw it”

Tony pulled out a gun.

“ Where’s Adjoa?! Where are you hiding her?” he said and gave a warning shot.

It startled Adjoa, she went to hide.

You think I am joking? I would shoot you” Tony said pointing the car at Abeiku.

The police arrived just in time, Jason directed them to where Tony was.

Tony was still shooting warning shots, scaring everyone.  The police got a good position, to shoot Tony.

They shot his arm, they arrested him immediately. The commotion confused Derek.

What’s going on here?” Derek asked when he saw that Tony had been arrested.

Call my dad Derek! Call my dad! ” Tony said.

Derek wanted to follow them to the police station, he wanted to help his cousin but Adjoa’s father advised him against it.

Adjoa’s father sat him down then told him everything Jason had told him. He broke down but Abeiku consoles him.
When he was all cried out, he called his big brother and told him. Dean decided to get on the next available flight to Ghana.

Derek asked Adjoa’s father if he could see her. He nodded.

“ She’s in her bedroom. When you get upstairs the last door on your left”

Thank you, sir”

He knocked three times and waited.

Adjoa hesitated before she opened the door.

Derek smiled when she saw her face.

Are you okay?”

Adjoa nodded.

“ I have something to tell you Derek”

“ I already know. Tony is at the police station now”

“ I should have told you earlier. I am sorry. There was never the right moment. He was always around you for some reason”

Adjoa, it’s fine. I know the truth now thanks to you” he said and hugged her.

I wanted to know if you are okay. Did he hurt you?”

She shook her head. He hugged her again, longer this time. He wanted to protect her.

I am glad you are okay. I am going to the police station to arrange the arrest of my uncle. I would call you as soon as things settle okay?” he said.

Please be careful” Adjoa said

Derek nodded and left her room, Adjoa sat on the her bed and smiled.

He rushed downstairs and thanked Adjoa’s father. He also apologised for messing up Adjoa’s party.

That’s alright son” he said.

He went to get Anowa and they left.

Abeiku went to his daughter’s room. She was smiling in bed thinking about Derek.

He cleared his throat.

“ Hey daddy

How are you ?”

Fine. I was so scared daddy”

“ everything is fine now sweetheart”

He cleared his throat again

Adjoa, was that the same young man we spoke long about in my study?”

Adjoa laughed.

yes daddy.”

Wow! Such a lovely young man

Adjoa nodded

yes he is dad”

“ But how come he came here with another girl? I thought you two are, you know, together? ”

I broke things off with him. Because I wanted to make you happy, and proud Daddy”

what do you mean? He is a decent young man. I am already proud you brought such a man home. I knew his mother at church, she was very good. But Adjoa, I didn’t ask you to go and break up with him, I only asked you to be careful”

I know daddy”

“ then why did you break up with him?”

Adjoa started to cry and told her father the truth about everything including the sex

Her father was disappointed but he saw that his daughter had truly regretted her actions.

Look, I am a pastor and your father. It was wrong what you did with him, entirely wrong, you already know how I feel about all that, I guess that’s why you broke things off and stayed away from him. But you asked God to forgive you. You said you two prayed to God to forgive you and you started abstaining right?”

Adjoa nodded.

“ I am honoured you corrected this wrong and decided to live uprightly. God is a God of a second chance. Once you realise your sin and ask for forgiveness. He is faithful and just to forgive. I am not saying you have keep sinning and ask for forgiveness Adjoa”

Adjoa laughed

“ of course not Daddy”

“ Do you love this boy?”

“ with all my heart”

“ And does he know that?”

“ I think he does, but daddy he likes someone else now”

Her father shook his head.

the Young man I saw this afternoon loves you”

“ how do you know that daddy?”

“ I am a father and I am a man. He had love in his eyes for you. He was worried about you, you sweetheart, and not the girl he came here with

Adjoa sighed.

“ when he is done handling his family issues, I think you should let him know”

“ so am I allowed to date now Daddy?”

“ Are you now asking me if you are allowed to date? When you went to school and started dating behind my back?”

Adjoa laughed hysterically.

oh no Daddy” Adjoa said and covered her face.

I love you Adjoa but God loves you more. Talk to Him about everything first, then come to me. I will always be here for you my girl”

Thanks daddy. I love you too” she said and hugged him.

She came out of her room and saw the mess Tony had caused. She helped her family and few friends that stayed back to clean the house, that evening while watching a movie with her father, she sent Derek a text.

“ I have something to tell you




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