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Episode 12- Rocky Road


Derek was busy tracking down his uncle, he didn’t see Adjoa’s message.

Raymond had gone into hiding, they found him in a small village in Elmina a couple of days later. 

Dean arrived in Ghana some days later, he was very upset. He almost strangled Raymond at the police station.
They found a lawyer to handle their case, they wanted everything that rightfully belonged to them in their names.

Derek called Adjoa a week later when he got back from CapeCoast. His life was gradually getting back to normal.

Adjoa was excited to see his call, she smiled and answered.

Hello Adjoa”

“ Hi Derek”

How did it go?” she asked

“ it went well, they are with the police now. I am just sad about the whole thing”

Adjoa sighed

“It’s very sad and hard to believe that they were capable of doing that. I am very sorry Derek”

it’s fine Adjoa. Thanks. How are you feeling?

“ I am okay. Recovering gradually”

Thank God. So I got your message, you said you had something to tell me?”

Adjoa swallowed hard.

A lot of days had gone by and she wasn’t very sure she had the courage to tell Derek how she felt, especially now that he had a girlfriend. It felt like a good idea in her head the first time.

“ Hello ? Adjoa are you there?”

“ Sorry I am. I was trying to recall what it was I wanted to say to you. I don’t seem to remember it anymore but when I do, I would call you”

Okay sure Adjoa. I would talk you later then”

Okay sure

Bye” he said and ended the call

He went to find Anowa, she was working out at the back of the house. They moved in together in Accra after graduation.

Anowa wanted to be closer to him, Derek partly agreed to live in Accra so that he would be closer to Adjoa when she was in the hospital, he wanted to be able to visit her easily.

Anowa smiled when she saw him.

“I didn’t know you were inside, I would have asked you to get me some water” Anowa said

oh, I could go get you one now” Derek said and returned to the the kitchen.

He gave her the bottle of water and kissed her.

Are you okay?” she asked.

I am okay, just tired.

So Dean seriously checked into a Hotel? He could have used the guest room”

Derek laughed

He said he wanted to give us privacy. But I know he has other plans. Don’t worry about Dean, he would be fine”

Derek pulled her closer and wrapped his hand around her.

Anowa giggled.

I missed you babe ” he said.

I missed you too. I was worried but I am so glad you are back”

Derek smiled and kissed her again, he left her to continue with her work out.

He took a quick shower and thought about Adjoa, he wondered what it was she wanted to tell him.

Adjoa called Ingrid that night for some advice, she wanted to be sure if she was doing the right thing keeping quiet about how she still felt about Derek.

You know you pushed Anowa into Derek’s arms, and I think they are really happy together” Ingrid said

Adjoa sighed.

I really hate how cute they look together, always holding hands and smiling”

You see? So you can’t ruin that by telling Derek you still love him after you broke up with him the way that you did. You really hurt him Adjoa. It wouldn’t be fair to him if you turn around and say that you love him, it  might confused him”

I guess I should have taken my time when he was mine, now I can’t get him back”

If he is yours, he would find his way back to you. I suggest you pray. I never thought, I would ever get a guy like Jason, but now I do and I know its all God”

Adjoa smiled.

Awwww… that’s really sweet. So tell me, how are things going with him?”

Pretty well. He is a great guy. I am happy” Ingrid said and giggled.

So I would suggest you pray and leave it to God. If you are meant to be with Derek. God would definitely make it happen. Enjoy your single hood, trust me, you’d miss it” Ingrid added.

Justin pulled some strings for Jason, Adjoa and Derek to have their house man ship together at his hospital. After hearing his story, Justin and Abeiku started treating Derek like a son.

On her days off work, Anowa went to Accra and visited Derek with lunch at work, she was working in a district hospital in the Eastern hospital.

Her visits always made Adjoa jealous but she hid it well.

After two years, they finished the house man ship and got employed as Medical Officers.

Anowa got an opportunity to study in Canada but she wanted to turn it down just to be with Derek.

She cried so much in his arms when Derek advised her to take that opportunity.

Derek was hurting too, he had gotten very used to her.

everything would change when I leave, you know how I feel about distance that’s why I asked us to move in together” Anowa said sobbingly

Anowa nothing would change between us. We would talk everyday, you would hear from me everyday we can make it work. You just need to trust me”

I trust you. It’s Adjoa that I don’t trust”

Adjoa? Why would you think about her ? Adjoa and I just work together now. How many years has it been? Over two years, since we started working together, we are just colleagues at this point”

Anowa sighed

but still, you two have so much history, and the inside jokes as well. It’s annoying”

“ You are just overthinking. You are all I care about right now, stop finding a problem when we don’t have any okay baby?”

Anowa looked at him and nodded.

Everything would be fine. So go live your dream baby” he said and kissed her.

Anowa travelled out the next month, it was a sad and tearful goodbye at the airport. Derek was really going to miss her.

He was a little quiet and sad at work. Adjoa noticed it and asked him one time at their canteen but Derek told her it was nothing and left her alone at the canteen.

A couple of months later Jason asked Ingrid to marry him, he couldn’t wait any longer.

Ingrid asked Adjoa to be her maid of honour, she wasn’t expecting it, so she was really honored.

Since Derek had an empty apartment to himself, Jason moved in with him.

Adjoa and Ingrid visited one evening to plan the wedding, it got very late so Jason suggested they stayed the night. He asked Derek for his permission but he really didn’t have a problem.

Adjoa has trouble sleeping at new places, she tossed and turned next to Ingrid.

She gave up and went to fix herself a cup of warm milk hoping it would help her sleep. She run into Derek and Jason talking in the kitchen.

why aren’t you boys asleep?”

“ why aren’t you asleep? Jason asked.

“ I can’t sleep, do you have any milk? I want to warm some and see if it would help me” she said and opened the their refrigerator.

Ingrid gave Adjoa one of Jason’s T shirts to sleep in, it was a little short and it showed her beautiful thighs and legs.

Derek wasn’t comfortable, he was trying to stay faithful to Anowa so seeing Adjoa that way brought back a lot of memories he wasn’t ready to deal with.

Derek immediately excused himself and rushed out of the kitchen.

The next morning, Derek waited till Adjoa and Ingrid  had left before he came out of his room.

Jason laughed when he saw him out of his room.

Ingrid looked very beautiful on her wedding day, Adjoa cried a little when they were saying their vows. She was so happy for her best friends.

She stole glances at Derek at the reception, she liked how he looked in his dark sunglasses and nice hair trim. She wanted to pass her fingers through his beard.

She sighed and sipped on her drink.

Felix had his eyes on Adjoa since he laid eyes on her at the church.

He walked up to talk to her, he smiled and introduced himself.

Adjoa smiled too and introduced herself.

A conversation Felix thought would last for minutes lasted hours, they kept finding new things to speak about.

Before he left, Felix gave her his business card. He was into Real Estate.

Adjoa looked at his card all night and contemplated whether to use it or not.

Derek and Anowa talked when he got home, because of the time difference, communication was tough.

He called her on FaceTime because he had missed her face.

He smiled when he saw her sleepy face.

“ Hey Sleepy Head”

Hey baby” Anowa said rubbing her eye

How are you?” he asked

I am okay. How was the wedding?”

it was a nice ceremony”

Yeah I got the photos you sent, she looked pretty, and you looked so good too babe”

Derek smiled

Thanks baby. I just wanted to see your face. I had missed you, sorry for waking you up. Let’s talk later Baby. Go back to bed. I love you”

“ I love you too baby ” Anowa said and yawned

Derek looked at her, she looked cute. Anowa smiled and blew him a kiss.

Derek caught it, Anowa giggled and ended the call.

Before contacting Felix, Adjoa prayed, she took Ingrid’s advice to let Derek go, and if they were really meant to be, they would.

A part of her was curious and excited to get to know Felix anyway.

Felix was excited when she contacted him.

Miss Adjoa Morrison, finally. I was starting to think you had misplaced my card or something”

Adjoa smiled over the phone

I have been a little busy at work. How are you?

“ Better now that I have heard your lovely voice Adjoa”

Adjoa smiled.

They spoke for an hour, they didn’t want to end but they both had a lot of work to do.

A couple of months later, Felix started surprising Adjoa with a lot of random gifts at work.

It caught the attention of the people at work, especially Derek. He often saw when Felix, took her out for lunch.

He was a little jealous but it didn’t hurt as much, he was gradually getting over her.

Adjoa took Felix home after church for lunch. She wanted Felix to meet her family.

When he left, Adjoa asked her parents what they thought of him.

he seems fine” Katherine said

Just that? What about you dad?”

Abeiku sighed and continued reading.

Come on. He isn’t that bad. Daddy?”

“I just met him, he seems fine like mummy said. Let’s see how it goes”

She turned to look at her little sister who was eating by the dining table.

“ Ewurama what about you? What do you think” Adjoa asked

I would appreciate it, if you leave me out of this” she said.

Adjoa groaned.

You people are unbelievable” she said and went to her room.

Derek was having a hard time getting through to Anowa. She always gave the excuse of being tired or busy.

He was trying his best but Anowa was drifting away. It went on for months but he never gave up. He told Jason about it when they had lunch

Maybe she’s really busy” Jason said

“ But she used to always make time but now nothing at all. I am starting to think if I should start making plans to go see her in Canada”

I don’t think that’s necessary. She would come around” Jason said

Derek saw Felix dropping Adjoa off. 

“ I see Adjoa and this guy are going pretty strong” Derek said.

Jason turned to look at them.

Yes. They hit it off pretty strong. She seems to like him” Jason said

Hey guys!” Adjoa said excitedly

“ Wow. Someone seems happy” Jason said.

Yep! I am” she said and pick off Jason’s plate.

Derek stared at her and shook his head.

At dawn, a call from Anowa woke Derek up. He quickly answered.

Baby, are you okay?” Derek asked worriedly.

Anowa was crying.

what’s wrong baby? Talk to me”

I have done something bad” she said sobbingly.

what have you done? 

Anowa hesitated a bit before she started talking.

“ so there’s this guy, I met him at this conference we had at work. We talked and we started hanging out. One time he invited me to his home, it was a harmless visit. We sat and talked but one thing led to another and..and”

And..? ” Derek said

And.. and..we..we kissed, but I stopped him 

Derek closed his eyes, he was getting angry. He stopped talking.

Baby? Are you there? I am sorry ” Anowa said

Derek still didn’t talk, a lot of things were running through his mind. He sighed.

Anowa, are you sure you only kissed this guy?”

She got quiet.

Anowa, did you sleep with him?” Derek asked, his voice was breaking. He cleared his throat.

Anowa, did you have sex with this man?! ” Derek asked angrily.

Anowa was startled, Derek had never yelled at her before.

Yes. Yes baby. It happened so fast but it means nothing. It means nothi-“

Derek ended the call, he couldn’t listen to another word. He cried all night. 

Anowa called him all morning but he didn’t answer. She sent a lot of messages but he deleted them without reading.

Jason found him crying again in the changing room at work.

He rushed to him and consoled him. When he was all cried out, he told Jason what had happened.

“ that explains her many excuses and her distance” Derek added

“ I am so sorry. What are you going to do now? Break up with her ?” Jason asked.

I don’t know but clearly we don’t have a relationship anymore. She has broken our trust. I can never trust her after this, so I think we would have to break up”

Adjoa noticed Derek drank a lot of coffee that day.

Did you not get any sleep last night?” she asked

Derek smiled and walked past her.

Adjoa saw how miserable he looked.

After work he called Jason, and found everything out but Jason asked her to keep quiet about it, till Derek told her himself.

Derek never did, Adjoa watched as he got sadder every day.

After weeks of not saying a single word to Anowa, he sent sent her a message breaking things off with her. Anowa called and begged but he didn’t want to hear it.

You did what you did Anowa. You knew it was going to hurt me but you did it anyway. It means nothing to you but it means something to me. You lied to me and you cheated. I don’t think you understand the severity of what you have done to me, to us. I can’t trust you anymore. I have to go”

Derek no. Baby!”

Derek ended the call and blocked her number.

Adjoa thought a lot about Derek after she heard about what Anowa had done. She visited him unexpectedly one evening.

Hey? ” she said when he opened the door

Hey ” he said.

Can I come in? ” she asked him

Sure sorry

The place looked a mess.

I am sorry about the mess ” he apologised and grabbed some dirty plates from the dining table. 

“ Don’t worry about that. I came to check if you were okay. Jason told me about Anowa”

Derek didn’t say anything, he just walked to the kitchen. Adjoa followed him.

“Derek, are you okay?”

Derek angrily dropped the plates into the sink

“ Do I look okay Adjoa?! ”

Adjoa tried to touch him but he moved away from her.

why are you even here Adjoa? 

Like I said, I wanted to know if you are fine and if you needed any help”

I don’t need your help Adjoa. Please leave

what’s the problem? I am only trying to be your friend here. Why are you being mean?”

Leave Adjoa!”

No! I won’t leave. You can’t keep pushing me away any chance you get”

Pushing you away? I am pushing you away now Adjoa? I see, you have forgotten who pushed who away. Come to think of it, I am in this mess because of you. Because you broke things off when I needed you the most. At least, I know why I broke things off with Anowa. But till this day, I have no idea why you left me, what your father told you that was so bad, that you felt I didn’t need to know! Now you come here acting like you care about me?! ”

I care about you Derek. You know I do. I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have broken things off but I was stupid and scared and I made bad decisions”

I can’t talk about this now Adjoa, especially not with you’’ he said and walked to his room.

Adjoa followed him in but he pushed her out and locked the door. She knocked and knocked.

Don’t do this Derek! Please! Okay, Fine! I am going to stay here till you open this door”

She sat in front of his door and kept knocking but Derek never opened.

He knew when she got tired she would leave. He listened to music to keep him from hearing her knock but he eventually drifted off to sleep. He was very tired from stressing and crying.

In the morning, he woke up to a tidy house with breakfast on his dining table.

Adjoa ” he whispered to himself.

He checked the breakfast and smiled.



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