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Episode 13 – Blessed Man

Derek went looking for Adjoa when he got to work that morning, but she hadn’t arrived.

She was cold towards him for days at work but he understood.

At lunch one afternoon , he found Adjoa eating alone in the canteen. Derek wondered why she didn’t  go out for lunch with Felix.
He sat next to her, Adjoa continued eating and ignored him.
He apologised to her and thanked her for the breakfast and for cleaning his house.

Adjoa smiled and accepted his apology, they talked about his break up, he wasn’t fine but he promised her that he would be eventually.
They started talking a lot and tried being friends again.

Abeiku noticed Adjoa and Derek spent a lot of time together at church and that made him very happy.

After a year of dating Felix, Adjoa noticed her father still didn’t like Felix.  He decided to ask him why.

He was preparing a sermon in the living room

Hi daddy “

“ Yes Adjoa. What do you want?”

Adjoa chuckled.

So I have a question daddy

Yes? Ask your question

Daddy, why don’t you like Felix?”

He looked at her

“ what do you mean?”

you seem indifferent about him, unlike how you were when I was with Derek”

Abeiku sighed

That’s because with Derek I saw that you loved him, your face lit up when you spoke about him. And you are all bubbly when you spend time with Derek. But with Felix, I don’t see your face light up, you are not excited about him. You love him I know but I don’t think its the same way you felt about Derek”

Adjoa sighed.

“ I love Felix dad, a lot actually”

“ Are you in love with him? When you imagine a future do you see him?”

Adjoa frowned.

“ We’ve been dating a year it’s too soon to imagine all that”

You forget, I counsel a lot of couples Adjoa, I know these things. You are in love with another man, and that man is Derek, the sooner you accept that fact the better. I see you two in church these days, you are the happiest when you are with him”

Adjoa shook her head and got up

“ you aren’t any help dad” she said and went upstairs to change. 

Felix told her about a new restaurant that had opened around his house so they went to try it out. On the date, Adjoa subconsciously started comparing the way she felt when she was with Derek to how she felt now being with Felix.

She was happy but not ecstatic. She watched Felix go on and on about whatever he was talking about, she wasn’t paying attention. She hated how her father was always right.

Adjoa took a deep breath to calm her nerves. She smiled and watched Felix talk, but he noticed that she wasn’t paying attention, he stopped talking and asked her if she was okay.

Adjoa sighed and held Felix by the hand, he was confused.

I have something to say Felix”

Okay sure

She sighed again.

You are an amazing man Felix, very kind, very selfless. Any girl would love it more than anything to be yours but unfortunately I am not the girl for you. As much as I try to deny it, my heart completely belongs to someone else. The year and day, I have spent with you has been amazing but I can’t shake the feeling I have for this other man off. I would be lying to myself and to you if I continue this relationship knowing I love another man”

It came to Felix as a shock, he wanted to be mad but he appreciated Adjoa’s honesty. She had saved him from a life of misery.

  I am deeply hurt but I understand. I noticed early on in the relationship that you were holding back, but I was hoping with time you would let your guard down. I think it is for the best and thanks for telling me the truth. It was great while it lasted. Whoever this man is, I hope he knows how lucky, no, blessed he is to have you. If you should need anything Adjoa, don’t hesitate to call me”

Adjoa smiled

“ Aww…Thank you Felix and thank you more for understanding ”

They exchanged a hug and Felix took his leave, she called Derek at the restaurant.

where are you Derek?”

“ I am home. Why?”

Okay” Adjoa said and ended the call.

She got an Uber and went to see Derek.

She kissed him when he opened the door, Derek kissed her too but stopped.

What are you doing Adjoa? You have a boyfriend”

“Actually, I don’t, we broke up”


“ Because I realised that I love you”

Derek laughed.

“ Stop playing games. I can’t believe I paused my show for your craziness” he said and continued watching his show.

Adjoa went to stand in front of the Television

I am not playing games Derek. I am serious, I broke up with Felix because I love you. I am so in love with you, you Derek, you. I should have said something sooner but I wasn’t sure you’d love me back” Adjoa said and took the remote from his hand.

Derek looked at her, she really was being serious.

Why now Adjoa? After all these years?” he asked.

“ Because I was scared, you seem to like Anowa so much and I didn’t want to confuse you or sound crazy”

No, you wouldn’t have sounded crazy because I love you too Adjoa, I never stopped. I thought you stopped loving me way back in school and then you started dating Felix”

“ I decided to wait for you, so you find your way back to me , but you never did, you were in deep with Anowa. So I tried with Felix, but Felix isn’t you Derek. It’s you, it’s always been you, it’s always going to be you and I am so sorry it took me this long to muster courage to say something”

Derek got up and kissed her, Adjoa kissed him back. He hugged and carried her. He was so thrilled, Adjoa laughed. 

For weeks, Derek still couldn’t believe he was kissing Adjoa’s soft lips and holding her hand in public.

He thought he had lost her forever.

They were cuddled up in bed one lazy Saturday morning, watching the procedure of a surgery, Derek had a week to prepare for.

Derek tickled her and she laughed, she turned to look at him

Stop babe. You know you are ticklish too, you wouldn’t like it if I decide to take my revenge on you…..” she said and tickled him

okay, okay. Fine. I’ll stop! ” Derek said and held her fingers.

Adjoa laughed.

Derek kissed her and asked her to be his girlfriend a third time.

Adjoa got shy, she didn’t see the need for that, because he already knew her answer.

well, well ? What do you say? They say the third time’s a charm you know?” he teased.

Adjoa laughed and nodded.

of course Derek. Of course”

Derek smiled and kissed her again.

They broke the good news to the family and they were elated. Abeiku was at peace, he walked to Derek and hugged him. Adjoa wondered why her father loved Derek so much but she was grateful that her father did.

After a couple of months of dating Derek, Adjoa went on a women’s retreat with her mother for the weekend. Derek took the opportunity to ask Adjoa’s father for her hand in marriage.

Abeiku was so happy but he wasn’t going to make it easy for him.

“ why should I give, my first and precious daughter’s hand to you in marriage Derek?”

Derek laughed, he was a little nervous.


“ No, call me Dad” Abeiku said

Okay Dad. Firstly, I wouldn’t lie, your daughter is beautiful. She is so beautiful, I could look at her all day. And when she smiles, I look at her and I know I wouldn’t want to hurt her.

Secondly, she is very God fearing, well brought up, calm, smart and intelligent and she is exactly the woman I want and need by my side. When I think about my future, she’s right there next to me. I could go on and on about her”

Go on then I have all day” Abeiku said.

Derek laughed

“ oh Dad.. but I would respectfully love to pull the brakes here” he said and laughed again.

Abeiku smiled and looked at him

“ I, would be more honoured to have you Derek, as my son in law. I have watched you over the years love God and love my daughter. Everybody loves you around here because of the man you are and becoming. You have my blessing son and I know without a doubt that you will make her happy”

Tears filled Derek’s eyes, he was very grateful. He stood up and shook Abeiku’s hand firmly. They talked some more about current events then later Derek showed Abeiku the ring he had gotten for Adjoa.

Wow! This must have cost a fortune”

Derek nodded.

you could say that Dad, but she deserves it” Derek said.

Adjoa arrived home late from the retreat with her mother on Sunday, they were so tired they went straight to bed.

The next morning Katherine woke her up very early.

Wake up honey 

Adjoa groaned she was so tired she just wanted to sleep.

“ Mummy! What’s the matter? I thought we decided to sleep in today. I am tired”

No, wake up get dressed we are having a mummy and daughter day out today”

“ Huh? On a Monday?! ”

“ Yes! Were you not born on a Monday? You are suppose to love Mondays” she said and drew her curtains.

Adjoa groaned and lazied out of bed.

She showered and went downstairs to see her father having breakfast.

Hi daddy ” she said and hugged him

Hey sweetheart

Adjoa sighed and whispered

do you know what has gotten into mummy?

Abeiku laughed


Adjoa shrugged

“ we were so tired from our trip yesterday so we agreed to stay in. But this morning she came to wake me up, she ruined my beauty sleep Daddy. She says we are having a mother, daughter day out or whatever she called it. I begged Uncle Justin to give me today off, I told him I was down with a fever. What if someone sees me having fun with mummy outside somewhere and tells him?

Well, I can call him now and tell him that you lied to him. Liar. Ask God for forgiveness” Abeiku teased

Adjoa laughed.

No, daddy please.”

“ Go on have breakfast before mummy comes” her dad said.

Katherine was excited all morning, her daughter was getting engaged.

They went to get their hair and nails done, and to shop for some proposal worthy outfits. Adjoa didn’t understand what was going on but she didn’t mind spending her mother’s money at all.
They came back early in the afternoon to cook.

Are we expecting people Mummy? Adjoa asked.

“ Yes we are, Kayla jumped a grade at school. She’s so bright, that girl. So we are having a small party for her”

Mummy, so you woke me up so early, to go get my hair and nails done because Kayla jumped a grade at school?”

Yes honey. It good to celebrate these things. Who knows it could encourage Ewurama to do better at school”

God! I can’t believe this is happening mum”

Go get dressed before more people start coming in. Wear the Ivory dress with the gold shoes I got for you this afternoon. They looked great on you”

“ Okay mom, anything for Kayla” she said sarcastically.

And put on some make up! ” Katherine added.

When Adjoa went upstairs, Katherine, Brenda along with the new house manager quickly decorated the garden.

Katherine went upstairs to check on her.

Aww you look pretty baby ” Katherine said and hugged her.

Why are you so happy mummy? Kayla is only going to Form 3”

“ Well, that’s a great achievement if you ask me. Now come help me pick something to wear”

Katherine wanted to stall her some more so they could finish decorating the garden.

Adjoa went downstairs, forty-five minutes later with her mother to find a couple more people in the house. She saw her cousins and a few family friends. She started getting suspicious because she knows her cousins had no idea who Kayla was and wouldn’t come all the way just for Kayla.
She turned to look at her mother. 

“ Mummy, what are you hiding? You’ve been weird all day, all this can’t be for Kayla. Come on.. tell me”

Okay, Okay fine. You’ve caught me, so we have a surprise for you. You know how you lost your car in the accident some years ago?”

Adjoa nodded.

“Well we had been thinking for years about the perfect car to get you and after thinking long and hard we have finally decided on one”

“ Really?” she asked and looked at her father.

He nodded.

Yes! It’s outside, in the garden ” Abeiku said

what? You parked the car in the garden? ” she asked and rushed out.

She couldn’t run fast enough in her heels.

The family followed her out to the garden.

When she got to the garden, bright lights came on and there stood Derek all dressed up.

A violinist started playing Daniel Jang’s  “Can’t Help Falling In Love” in the Background.

Derek smiled when he saw her, she looked so beautiful,  he went down on one knee.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! ” she whispered and teared up.
She couldn’t believe it was actually happening, she turned to look her parents, they were tearing up too.

She walked towards him and looked around at the decorations that read “ will you marry me crazy Adjoa?”

She laughed when she read the “ crazy Adjoa 

Derek held her left hand. 

I have been sitting here in the dark babe, rehearsing this long speech I had written. But seeing you right now, in this moment, I don’t think words would ever be enough to describe how much I love you Nana Adjoa Morrison.

We have been through a lot together my love, it’s been quite a journey.

Today, in front of your family, I am asking you to be my wife. Mine babe. I love you so much and I don’t want to live another day without making you all mine.

And, I promise, to love, cherish and honour you the way Christ loves, cherishes and honours the Church. So what do you say Queen?

Does Crazy Adjoa want to make a stubborn Ato happy by being his wife? ” Derek said and smiled.

Adjoa was already crying, everything was beautiful.

She laughed through her tears and nodded.

Everyone clapped and cheered them on. Derek placed the ring on her finger

Wow Babe. Such a beautiful ring ” she said and kissed him.

“I love you” Derek said and kissed her again.

They went back inside after taking a lot of photos and had dinner together with the family.

Jason and Ingrid joined them later, Jason was sad he missed the actual thing but Kayla caught everything on camera.

After dinner, Adjoa changed into something more comfortable and sat outside with Derek. They wanted to be alone. She kept looking at her ring

I am obsessed with this ring baby. I wish, I didn’t have to constantly take it off anytime I have to perform a surgery”

Derek laughed and took off his suit. He pulled Adjoa closer to him.

God! You smell so good babe!” Adjoa said.

 so you want to rip my shirt off right?! Eii! Pastor’s daughter. Bad girl ”

Adjoa laughed hysterically.

You are the worst! Stop putting bad thoughts into my head. I was only complimenting you Derek”

Well, I was only saying, what you were finding hard to say. Bad girl. I would tell your Daddy!”

Adjoa laughed and kissed him, he kissed her back.

I can’t believe I get to spend the rest of my life with you babe” she said.

I can’t believe it either ” Derek said.

Adjoa turned around and rested her head on his chest, Derek wrapped his arms around her. They sat in silence for awhile. Adjoa was replaying the day’s event in her head. She chuckled to herself.

“ what’s funny?” Derek asked.

you know mummy and Daddy lied today, they said they had gotten me a new car. But when daddy said the car was in the garden, I got a little confused but I had no idea I was running to meet you. You did good babe, you did really good”

Derek smiled.

well, you do have a new car babe” Derek said.

what?! I do? So they weren’t lying? I just called them liars. Oh no” Adjoa said and laughed.

Derek laughed too and held her by the hand.

Come On ” he said and led her to the front of the house.

It was a black 2019 Mercedes Benz E- class.

Oh my God daddy! He shouldn’t have. Oh my God!” she said.

Tears filled her eyes, she run inside the house and hugged her father.

Daddy! It’s a beautiful car! I love it ” she said still hugging him.

Actually, I didn’t get you that car honey, Derek did

What?!! What?! No way! ” she said and rushed back outside.

Derek was leaning against the car with his arms folded. He smiled when he saw Adjoa running out of the house. Adjoa stopped running and looked at him, she was amazed.

He shrugged and showed her the key.

She laughed and run to hug him tightly.

I hate you! Why do you have to be this amazing?! How could you afford all this?! You just got me this amazing ring and and now a car?” Adjoa said excitedly.

Don’t worry your head about it baby. It’s all yours, I got you”

My God! I love you! I love you so much! ” she said and kissed him.

After all the excitement, the family sat together to relax, Derek had to be acquainted with the rest of Adjoa’s family members. They told Derek embarrassing stories about Adjoa.

Katherine suddenly remembered one.

Come to think of it now, today is more special than we think” she said.

why mummy? ” Adjoa asked

you are sitting next to Derek Bartels, he is holding your hand. You are wearing his ring, and you are about to his wife”

Yes mummy, you are clearly stating the obvious” Adjoa said and chuckled.

Am I? Jason, she has no clue” Katherine said and looked at Jason.

what are you two talking about ?” Adjoa asked

Jason laughed and cleared his throat.

why doesn’t Derek like me? Today, he sat next to Vanessa at church. I just wish all those girls would just leave my Derek alone! ” Jason said in a very tiny voice, trying to imitate Adjoa’s voice.

Oh my goodness! Jason No! stop it! ” Adjoa said and laughed

I am confused. What are they talking about? ” Derek asked her.

Nothing babe. Don’t pay them any mind ” Adjoa said and covered Derek’s ears.

Derek laughed and took her hand away from his ears. 

No, no I am interested. What’s this about? ” Derek asked and leaned forward.

You see, Derek is interested, and I am going to tell him” Katherine said looking at Adjoa.

Adjoa covered her face with a throw pillow.

Okay my dear Derek, so the thing is, Adjoa here, used to have the biggest and fattest crush on you when she was sixteen. She made all of our lives a living hell with her constant crying. Jason’s life especially, because you wouldn’t notice or talk to her in church”

oh my God! Mummy! No! I am going to bed now. I can’t, I just can’t” Adjoa said and tried to get up.

Derek laughed and looked at Adjoa.

Really?! ” he asked.

No, it’s not true, they are making it up ” Adjoa said.

Well if it is true, that would be weird because I also had a crush on you in church” Derek said.

What?! ” everyone said.

Yep! A pretty huge crush. I saw you around, always very quiet, always with Jason so there was never a right time to talk to you. So the day you we spoke for the first time, by the tree, I had followed you out.

I wanted to talk to you, but you started crying then you started praying and I got nervous. I needed to think fast because it was my only chance to talk to you. And I am sorry again for eavesdropping on you prayer that night”

Everyone was shocked, they stared at them in silence. Derek smiled and turned to look at Adjoa.

Well, I guess we really are meant to be babe ” Derek said

Adjoa smiled and nodded.

He hugged her.

I love you ” he said

I love you too

They had a small intimate wedding in Adjoa’s home, the following year.

Derek couldn’t wait for their honeymoon, he had waited for so long to make Adjoa his again, but in the proper way this time, with God’s blessings, and he was going to make every second count.

They were blessed with a son a couple of years later, he looked just like Derek. They named him after Derek’s late father; Dennis Fiifi Bartels.



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