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Episode 2-Unbelievable

Adjoa just stared at him.

Are you okay?” he asked and touched her arm.

“ I am fine.” Adjoa said when she found her voice.

my name is Adjoa, Adjoa Morrison”  she said and shook his hand.

Morrison? As in Bishop Morrison’s daughter?”

She nodded.

Finally, we meet. I have been hearing a lot about you”

you have? Good things I hope” she asked.

Derek smiled.

yes, good things. Why are you out here anyway? Isn’t this party for you?” he asked.

“ It is, but I don’t really like crowds, most of the people here came for the free food and drinks anyway. Besides I needed sometime alone”

“ To pray I guess” Derek said.

I can’t believe you eavesdropped on my prayer” she said and shyly looked at her feet. 

Derek laughed.

you were kind of loud though” he replied.

Adjoa laughed nervously.

But don’t worry. God would definitely see you through this. You know what Deuteronomy 31:6 says right? ”  Derek said.

Adjoa nodded but she really didn’t know what it says.

Right. Then you know you have nothing to worry about” Derek added.

Adjoa smiled.

Thank you Derek Bartels” Adjoa said and smiled shyly. Derek looked at her and smiled too.

I’d like us to be friends ” he said still looking at her.

“ well that’s if you don’t mind” he added.

Adjoa giggled.

“ I don’t mind Derek Bartels

Okay Adjoa Morrison” he said and chuckled.

nobody calls me by my full name. But I like it, you are cute” he added.

He took out his phone and gave it to her

I would love to call you sometime”

Adjoa saved her number in his phone, she couldn’t believe it. God has answered her silent prayer.

They spoke for a while till Adjoa got a call from her mother. She had to go and cut the cake with Jason.

Derek walked with her and left her at the entrance of the church auditorium.

Talk to you soon Adjoa Morrison….Congratulations” he said and left.

Adjoa rushed to the front of the church and joined Jason to cut the cake.

After the party, Adjoa and Jason carried some left over food to the car. She told Jason what had happened but he thought she had made the story up.

I am serious Jason. I spoke to him for real. He was so sweet and kind to me. He smiles a lot. Oh my God! I am in love!”

Jason rolled his eyes and unlocked the car.

I guess you have finally gotten what you want. I can see you are really happy, you were so down in the morning”

of course I am happy. Derek Bartels spoke to me” Adjoa said and trotted off to the church.

That night before bed, Adjoa got a message from Derek.

it was nice talking to you Adjoa. Have a goodnight”

Adjoa was so excited when his message came through. She did a little dance before she replied.

They spoke everyday and every night after their first meeting. Jason was happy for her, he never thought she would ever be friends with Derek.

After a couple of months, Derek started catching feelings for Adjoa but he wasn’t sure about Jason. He seemed to be very close to her.

Derek asked Adjoa about Jason one evening when they spoke on the phone.

“ Oh Jason? He is my best friend. We grew up together, he is like the older brother that I never wanted but he is there anyway and I love and appreciate him for it”

Older brother?” Derek asked.

Adjoa laughed.

“ yes. He is three months older than I am and he never let’s me forget it” Adjoa said and laughed again.

Derek was quiet.

“ is something wrong? Adjoa asked.

Nothing is wrong. I only asked because I wanted to know if he would be in the way someday, when I ask you to be my girlfriend”

You intend on asking me to be your girlfriend?” Adjoa asked

would you like that?” he asked

Adjoa giggled and changed the subject.

since you asked about Jason, let me also ask you about Vanessa”

“Vanessa? Which Vanessa?”

How many Vanessas do you know?

“ A couple actually, but I am guessing Vanessa Coomson? Since she went to Wesley Girls’ too?”

“ Yes. That Vanessa. What’s the deal with you and her? She is always around you at church”

Derek laughed.

we went to primary school together, and she was amongst the very few people I knew when I started Faith Chapel, so we became friends. There is nothing there, just plain old friendship”

Adjoa heard her father’s voice, he was coming to check on her before he went to bed.

please hold on Derek” she said and quickly placed her phone under her pillow.

Adjoa pretended to be asleep, Abeiku sat on her bed and said a prayer for her. He kissed her head and left her room.

She picked up the phone when her father left.

Hey” she said.


“I am sorry about that”

“ that’s fine Adjoa. Don’t apologize”

“So..I have to go to bed now Derek”

“ Sure.” Derek said.

Maybe tomorrow we can talk more about this girlfriend thing” Adjoa added.

Derek laughed.

so it’s a girlfriend thing now?” he asked.

“ Yes. Goodnight Derek Bartels”

Goodnight Adjoa Morrison

Justin planned a surprise family trip when he finally got his leave and invited the Morrisons.

Adjoa had planned on meeting up with Derek that weekend so they could talk more about the next level of their relationship but the tickets for the trip were booked for that weekend.

Adjoa was sad when she found out.

She called Derek that night before bed.

I really wanted to see you” she said sadly.

“ I know Adjoa, but don’t worry. I would be here when you get back”

Can’t we have this talk on the phone now?” Adjoa suggested 

Derek smiled over his phone.

Relax Adjoa. I want to ask you to be my girlfriend in person and not on the phone. If that’s what you are dying to know”

Adjoa sighed.

“Okay Derek Bartels . You seem to have your own rules and principles with everything”

Derek laughed.

“ well..that’s what makes me Derek Bartels . I am my own person”

Whatever!” Adjoa said playfully.

They both laughed hysterically.

There was a brief silence after they laughed.

I really like you Adjoa”

“ I like you too Derek”

“ Have fun on your trip okay? Send me lots of pictures. Call me and text me everyday”

“Okay I will”

“ Goodnight Adjoa Morrison”

“ Goodnight Derek Bartels ”

Adjoa left Ghana with her family that weekend, Bishop Morrison couldn’t join them because of pastoral duties but Katherine and the kids honoured the invitation. They travelled to a few countries in Europe, shopped and tried new food.

Adjoa texted Derek while they were on the trip but he never replied. She tried calling him but her calls couldn’t go through.

She discussed it with Jason but he didn’t have any answers. They were away for a month.

When they got back to Ghana, Adjoa called Derek but his phone was off. That Sunday she looked everywhere in class for him, she checked in the next class but he wasn’t there either.

After church, she saw Vanessa walking with a group of friends. She didn’t want to ask her about him but she was the only one she thought had some answers.

Hi Vanessa”

“ Hello Adjoa. How are you?”

“ I am fine thanks. You?”

“ I am blessed”

“ Ermm…have you seen Derek Bartels ?”

“ Derek Bartels ? You haven’t heard?”

“Heard what?”

“ They were robbed at home I think a month ago. He lost his parents. He hasn’t been to church since. I am sorry I thought you knew.”

“ No I didn’t. I haven’t been in the country”

“ yes. I think I heard something like that. Hope you enjoyed your trip?”

Adjoa dismissed her question with a question

So you haven’t heard from him at all?”

“ No…his phone has been off. I asked some of his Mfantsipim friends and they said he has left the country for a while to be with his older brother. I don’t know how true that is. But that’s the last I heard of him”

Adjoa’s heart was broken. She thanked Vanessa and went to find Jason. She felt Jason knew and hid it from her. He was talking to a group of friends when Adjoa saw him. She apologized to the guys and pulled Jason aside.

“ did you know about what happened to Derek Bartels’s family?”

“ you mean about the robbery and his parents?”

“ Yes. Did you know all along and didn’t say anything? He is your class mate you should have heard something”

“ I didn’t know anything Adjoa. I am only finding out just now from Jeffrey and Noah. They are more closer to him than I am”

“ it’s very sad. Is it true he left the country?”

“ Yes. That’s what Noah was telling me when you came. He is now with his older brother in Boston”

“Wow! Unbelievable. He must be in so much pain now. I wish I could speak to him. Can you ask Noah if he has a number I could call him on?”

“ Okay Adjoa. I would try”

Thanks. I would see you later at home”

Adjoa told Hannah everything when she got home from church. She was devastated.

Abeiku told Katherine about it the evening they arrived in Ghana, she was very sad to hear about Shirley, she wished she could have gotten to know her better. She knew Adjoa would be sad if she found out, she was looking for a good time to break the news to her till Adjoa found out at church that Sunday.

Adjoa texted and called Derek’s old number that afternoon but there was no response.

Later that evening, Jason called her. He told her Noah didn’t have a number she could call Derek on. She cried herself to sleep that night.

The examination results arrived a couple of months later and once again Adjoa was very nervous to check by herself.

She invited Jason over to her house so they check together.

She covered her eyes when Jason pulled out her result on his laptop.

“ Wow! You passed! Adjoa you passed! You had all A’s!”

“ What??!” she asked and checked for herself.

She checked the name and index numbers to be very sure it was hers. She jumped high for joy.

“ Thank You Jesus. Thank you Jesus! I am definitely going to medical school. Daddy would be so proud”

Calm down! I need to check mine too” Jason said.

You?! You would definitely pass Jason. If I got all A’s you would get same too”

Jason checked his results and he had passed with all A’s too.

Their parents gifted them both with a new car, the same car model.

Adjoa hadn’t mastered her driving yet so before they went to the University Jason helped her.

They both gained admission to medical school at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology(KNUST) and went for their interview together.

Adjoa was taking a nap one afternoon when Jason called her.

“ the list is out”

Adjoa’s heart skipped a beat.

“ Did you make it? ” she asked.

we made it. I asked Jeffrey to check our names and he told me we are part of the list but we need to go to Kumasi and check for ourselves” Jason said excitedly.

Adjoa jumped out of bed and told her family.

Yaw took them to Kumasi the next day to check their names on the list.

Adjoa checked for Jason’s name and Jason checked for Adjoa’s name.

“ Jason Brew, Jason Brew” she whispered to herself as she moved her finger through the names on the list.

She saw the names Derek Bartels and Derek Fiifi  Bartels on the list.

Yes! I have found your name! Have you found mine? ” Jason asked excitedly and walked to Adjoa.

She showed him the names she had just seen instead.

Adjoa! For Goodness sake! Focus. It is not him. He isn’t even in Ghana”

Jason sighed and looked down for his name himself.

“ I have seen my name. Let’s go” Jason said and walked to the car.

Adjoa followed him sadly. A part of her really wanted it to be Derek.

They moved to campus the next couple of weeks when school reopened.

Yaw drove Jason’s new car to campus and Jason drove Adjoa’s car because she was too scared to drive to Kumasi.

She went to Kumasi with her parents.

Jason moved to Katanga hall and Adjoa moved to Queens hall.

People at school immediately assumed Adjoa and Jason were in a relationship. They drove the same car model and did almost everything together.

Lectures hadn’t started yet so Jason and Adjoa spent  time together in each other’s halls as much as they could.

Adjoa was buying some food for Jason at her hall’s canteen when someone mentioned her name.

Adjoa Morrison?” she turned and saw Derek Bartels

He smiled and walked closer to her.

when I saw your name on the board I didn’t want to believe that it could actually be you” he added.

Adjoa was surprised.

You checked for my name on the board? why? I never told you I wanted to study medicine”  Adjoa said.

“ I just had a hunch to check and when I saw your name, I assumed it would be another Nana Adjoa Morrison yet here you are”

Adjoa smiled.

“It’s good to see you again” he said.

Same here. You know, I saw your name too. I wasn’t looking, I only stumbled on it” Adjoa said.

Derek smiled and nodded.

I see” 

“ when did you come to Ghana?” she asked.

“Last month. I wanted to prepare for the interview”

They were interrupted by Derek’s friend, Naa Shika.

“ Sorry for keeping you waiting Derek.” she said.

“ it’s fine. Umm…meet my friend, her name is Adjoa Morrison. We attend the same church”

“ Hello Adjoa Morrison . I am Naa Shika Lamptey, a pleasure to meet you”

Adjoa, are you in this hall? I forgot to ask” Derek said

“ Yes I am

Okay. I am in Republic Hall but Naa is here so I am sure you two can be friends. She is studying medicine too”

Naa rolled her eyes at Derek. Adjoa felt a little uncomfortable but nodded.

sure. I would see you around then” Adjoa said to Naa.

Dee…we are going to be late” Naa said totally ignoring Adjoa.

“Yes yes. Okay then Adjoa. Take care yh” Derek said and rushed off with Naa Shika.

Adjoa got her food and waited for Jason in her room. She was so down she didn’t even know what to feel.

Jason arrived some minutes later with some drinks. He placed them in her fridge and removed his shoes.

Are you okay?” he asked while he washed his hands.

did you know Derek Bartels goes here now? I am sure Jeffrey, Noah or some other classmate of yours knew”

Jason was startled by the question

Jason did you know?” she asked again

I found out the day you saw his name. I asked Jeffrey and he confirmed it. I just didn’t want to upset you. You get all worked up when it comes to him and I wanted you to be happy”

Adjoa sighed.

I just saw him Jason. He was with some too-known girl bi. She called him Dee. What’s Dee? Nonsense! His name is Derek!”

Jason sighed and sat by her.

“ There it is. You are all worked up again. I didn’t want this for you. Try and enjoy school, make some new friends. You will see there are more cuter and better guys than Derek”

“ but I want this Derek. Why doesn’t he like me? He was in Ghana for a month and didn’t bother to reach out to me”

Adjoa, the food would get cold. There is no point worrying your head about Derek. Where is your laptop? Let’s watch Grey’s Anatomy”

Adjoa groaned and cover her head with her pillow.

Why were you rude to my friend?” Derek asked Naa Shika.

I wasn’t rude to her. You were just wasting a lot of time talking with her when you knew we had somewhere to be. You even asked me to be friends with her. I don’t know her”

Derek sighed and looked at his watch .

is your cousin coming? The movie would start soon” Derek said.

“ let me call her”

Derek thought a lot about Adjoa after seeing her. He wanted to see her again and ask for her number.

Jason waited for Adjoa’s roommate to arrive before he left her room.

When lectures began the following week, Derek waited anxiously to see Adjoa. He was fidgeting and Naa Shika noticed it.

Adjoa walked in laughing hysterically to something Jason had said.

They walked straight to the back, Derek turned to look at them. They were watching something on Jason’s laptop, they were sharing an earpiece.

Their eyes were fixed on the screen the whole time, Adjoa didn’t notice Derek.

After class, Derek rushed to the back to catch Adjoa before she left

Jason excused them.

Hey Adjoa”

“ Hello”

“ so I forgot to take your number the last time”

“ Ermm yeah”

“I actually lost my phone and all of my contacts”

Derek said and gave his phone to Adjoa.

Adjoa rushed to find Jason after giving Derek back his phone.

“ I would call you” he said.

Adjoa didn’t respond she just left.

Derek watched her leave, he was confused. She didn’t seem to want to talk to him.

Are you done?” Jason asked when he saw Adjoa walking to him

Yes. What are we having for lunch?” she asked.

I have some stew in my fridge should we cook rice?” Jason suggested.

Okay. I would meet you up. I need to go take some books from my room and maybe shower” Adjoa said and walked to her car.

Jason nodded and got into his car.

Adjoa got a message while she drove, she checked her phone when she got to her room. It was from a new number and she knew it was Derek.

She checked it.

Hi. It’s Derek Bartels . Are you okay?” it read

She sighed and placed the phone on her bed.

She took a quick shower and wore something more comfortable. She quickly picked her text books and rushed out of her room forgetting her phone.

She decided to call Jason before she got to his hall but she couldn’t find her phone. Luckily Jason heard the noise the boys were making when Adjoa got there and went to check. He saw her car and rushed to go get her. He always had to shield her to his room anytime she passed by.

The boys in the hall picked pans and hit them together with a spoon making a lot of noise shouting “ ebi aba oo” meaning there is a girl around.

They do that whenever a female attempts to enter that Hall. Adjoa always remembered never to wear anything red when going to that Hall, for some reason whenever a girl wears red to that hall, it drove the guys wild and they become vulgar.

She placed the books by his bed and checked her bag again for her phone but it wasn’t there.

She thought she dropped it in her car somewhere so she begged Jason to go check but it wasn’t there either.

Derek called Adjoa when she didn’t reply his message. He kept calling but she never answered. He sent a couple more messages to her.

Naa Shika visited him with some food and they ate together. They watched a movie then Derek took a nap. Naa Shika looked at him while he slept and kissed him on the cheek but Derek was deep in sleep so he didn’t feel it. Derek’s roommate saw it but looked away quickly. Naa Shika thought he too was also asleep.

Jason and Adjoa studied in his room, all evening. She called her roommate, Ingrid, with Jason’s phone and asked her to check if she had left her phone in the room. Jason suggested she might have left it there while they studied. Ingrid called back to tell her that she had found it.

After studies, Jason walked Adjoa to her car to protect her from the troublesome guys.

next time we are studying in my Hall” Adjoa said and hugged him.

Jason laughed.

“Yes ma’am

He watched Adjoa drive out of the hall.

Derek woke up to find Naa Shika still around. She was reading.

you are still here?” he asked and yawned.

Yep!” she said and closed the book. Derek got out of bed and washed his face.

He laid his bed and walked Naa Shika back to her hall. Derek checked his phone to see if Adjoa had replied but she hadn’t.

He sighed and put his phone back into his pocket.

At the entrance of Queens hall, as Adjoa was driving in, she saw Derek hugging Naa Shika. She sighed and shook her head.

When she was getting out of her car, Naa Shika saw her.

“ Hello. Is Adjoa right?”

“ yeah”

“ that’s a nice car”


“ you just missed Derek. He was here a while ago”

“ Ooh okay. That’s fine. My regards to him. I have go now. Goodnight”

Adjoa said and went to her room.

She angrily dropped her bag when she entered. She didn’t know why she was so upset. Ingrid noticed how worked up she was and asked her if she was okay.

She nodded and picked up her phone. She saw the calls and messages from Derek. She tried replying but she didn’t know what to tell him, she sat on her bed and took her shoes and clothes off.

She wrapped a towel around her bosom and walked to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth then took a shower.

While she showered, she thought about Derek and what to say to him because she was really mad at him for not reaching out to her when he returned to Ghana. When she got back to the room Ingrid told her she had missed a call. She assumed it was from Derek so she didn’t bother to check. She was changing into her night wear when her phone rang again, it was Jason.

“ are you in your room now?” he asked.

yeah. Sorry I didn’t tell you as soon as I got here” Adjoa said.

that’s okay. So……you have gotten new admirers now. It seems anytime you visit me here, you get new boyfriends”

Adjoa chuckled.

What do they tell you anyway?” she asked.

most of them ask for your name and what you are reading here and some go to the extent of asking me for your number”

After making all that noise when I come over, some of them have the nerve to ask you for my number? They are crazy. I don’t have time for all that anyway” Adjoa said and yawned.

Jason yawned too.

“ I guess I would see you in Class tomorrow. Pray before you sleep Adjoa”

Adjoa laughed.

you know I always do Jason”

Liar!” Jason said and ended the call

Adjoa smiled.

She got comfortable in her bed, she sighed and looked at Derek’s messages again.

are you okay? I am worried about you” it read.

A few minutes later he sent a second message.

“ I have called you severally but you are not answering please call me back”

“ Adjoa, come on? Are you ignoring me?

The last message read.

Adjoa sighed then texted him.

“Hi. I was studying with Jason at Kat. and forgot my phone in my room”

Derek called as soon as he got Adjoa’s message.

Adjoa hesitated before she answered.

Hello?” Derek said.

“Hi” she answered.

Adjoa, how are you?”

“ I am fine Derek. How are you?”

“ Good too. This morning in class you seemed a little off when we spoke. Did I do anything?”

Adjoa was quiet

Hello? Adjoa? Are you there?”

“I am here Derek”

“ Adjoa. What’s going on? Why are you giving me a hard time?”

Hard time? What do you want from me Derek?”

“ what do you mean Adjoa?”

“ I mean why are you even here talking to me? You didn’t bother to reach out to me when you came back to Ghana. Suddenly you see me, and you want us to be the best of friends?”

“ wow. Adjoa. Are you serious right now? You haven’t once asked me why I didn’t reach out. I really wanted to but I just couldn’t”

why?! Why couldn’t you?! You’ve been around for a whole month Derek!” Adjoa said raising her voice at Derek.

Derek sighed, he was disappointed.

“ you know what?! Calling you was a mistake. Goodnight Adjoa”

Derek said and ended the call.


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