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Episode 3-Innocence 

Adjoa turned her phone ringer off and went to bed.

Derek felt bad for hanging up on her so he called her again but she couldn’t pick up.

He thought about her all night, he was very hurt by her words.

He expected her to be more understanding judging from all that he knew, she knew he had been through.

The next day, he expected Adjoa to apologize but she left class with Jason as soon as the class ended so he decided to give her some space and has been avoiding her for weeks.

Jason noticed it and asked Adjoa about it one evening when they went to see a movie at the mall.

What’s up with you and Derek anyway?”

“ nothing is up. He is just being a child”

“ did you guys fight or something?”

Adjoa sighed.

Not really. I just sort of raised my voice at him the last time we spoke. He was really pissing me off. I saw him hugging that Naa girl. I don’t know how he even met her or if they are in relationship. He was away for months and didn’t bother to check on me. Even when he came to Ghana he didn’t call me or text. Now he has a girlfriend or whatever and he is rubbing it in my face”

Jason looked at Adjoa and laughed.

“You are really funny Adjoa. Jealousy doesn’t suit you. You sound ridiculous. I mean what’s the issue if he didn’t reach out to you when he was in America? He has reached out now hasn’t he?

This guy just lost his parents, both parents at once. And all you care about is the fact that he didn’t call you? That’s a little insensitive Adjoa and selfish of you. I wouldn’t even talk to you too if I were him”

Adjoa looked at Jason surprisingly.

Yes Adjoa. You didn’t do well. You are the child here. Of course! I am not surprised you are a very big baby. You need to apologize to him.

It’s funny how this world works, there was a time you were dying to talk to him and he wouldn’t even notice you, now you raise your voice at him because he wants to be friends again? Come on. After the movie try and apologize to him”

Adjoa suddenly felt very bad, Jason had made a good point. She had made a mistake.

The movie started but Adjoa was sad while she watched.

Seeing Adjoa in class and not being able to speak to her really hurt Derek.

Naa Shika noticed his change in mood and tried her best to cheer him up. She stayed all night with Derek in his room, she wanted to stay the night since it was a weekend.

Derek knew and he wasn’t going to allow that. He insisted to walk her to her hall even though it was getting late.

Jason and Adjoa drove past them when they were approaching Queens Hall.

that’s Adjoa and Jason. They are such a cute couple. I like how they drive the same kind of car, that’s real couple goals ” Naa Shika said and laughed.

Derek didn’t laugh he acted like he hadn’t heard her.

Naa Shika said Hello to Adjoa and Jason when they caught up with them at the entrance.

Derek said hello too because he didn’t want to be rude, he said goodnight to Naa and left.

Jason signalled Adjoa to go after him but she was so shy and she didn’t know what to say.

The next week after class Jason insisted again and Adjoa mustered courage to approach Derek.

Jason drove Naa Shika back to her hall to give Adjoa and Derek some privacy.

Derek didn’t make eye contact with Adjoa. That made her even more nervous.

“ I am so sorry Derek. I…I didn’t mean to raise my voice at you”

that’s fine Adjoa” Derek said and walked out of the class.

Adjoa followed him out and held his hand.

“ Please. Don’t go. I want to speak to you. You know we have a lot of catching up to do”

Derek sighed and looked at her.

Please Derek” Adjoa begged.

Derek nodded and Adjoa led him to her car.

It was quiet at first, Adjoa broke the silence and asked if he was hungry.

A little bit.  I would buy some food when I get back to my room”

I can treat you to lunch. I know this nice restaurant at the mall. We can have lunch then talk?” Adjoa sugggested.

Derek shrugged.

Adjoa smiled and they went to the mall.

As they waited to be served, Derek looked at her and shook his head.

Adjoa smiled.

what? Why are you shaking your head?” she asked.

you have this funny voice whenever you are upset” Derek teased.

Adjoa laughed.

Really? Show me”

“ I can’t do it. It just cute that’s all”

Derek looked at her again, this time meeting her eyes.

Adjoa, no matter how difficult it might be in the moment, you need to learn to control your emotions, Okay?”

Adjoa shyly nodded which made Derek laugh.

I am so sorry for raising my voice at you. I am not even one to raise my voice at anybody. I was just hurt, but I wouldn’t do that to you again or to anyone for that matter” Adjoa apologized again.

that would be awesome” Derek said and gave her a high five.

After lunch, Derek asked if he could drive.

Adjoa nodded and gave him the keys.

He drove to a quiet area with lots of buildings under construction, he wanted a place where they could talk without any distraction.

Where is this place?” Adjoa asked.

“It’s one of my parents’s land. Now mine. I come here anytime I miss them or want to think”

Adjoa was quiet, she didn’t know what to say.

“ I am really sorry about your parents Derek. I really wish I could have met your father. I knew Auntie Shirley, she was always nice to me anytime I wanted to get a book after church at the book shop” she said when she found her voice.

Derek smiled.

Yes. My mother is very nice, a lot of people like her. My dad doesn’t like going to church. He believes in God and all, he just has a problem with the long church services. He doesn’t play with his time” Derek said and smiled again.

Adjoa noticed he spoke about his parents in the present tense. She knew it was very hard to accept that he wasn’t going to see them again. She tried changing the subject.

“ How are you finding lectures so far?” Adjoa asked

But Derek wanted to talk about his parents.

“You know, I assumed my  parents would have more lands in Capecoast or in Accra but not in Kumasi. I was surprised when my uncle mentioned this land to me. They have a couple more in Capecoast though. Our house in Accra is the only land they have in Accra. After the robbery, the house was sold.

This land, my uncle said my parents want to use it for a hotel”

Adjoa just looked at him, she didn’t know what to say. She knew she had to say something but nothing seem appropriate.

Derek got quiet for a while after talking about his parents. Adjoa got quiet too.

The only sound they could hear was the lover’s rock music playing from the radio. Derek reached for Adjoa’s hand.

about what you said the last time, the thing is, I really wanted to reach out to you. I knew you would want to hear from me but I was a mess. I didn’t want to hurt you. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I stopped going on social media , I stopped talking basically.

My big brother wanted me to stay in the states and take the SAT then apply to a University in America. But I was not in the right frame of mind to study. I was devastated and traumatised. I was also very lazy.

When I checked my results and found out I had passed I decided to come down and go to medical school here and stay with my uncle” Derek said still holding Adjoa’s hand.

“ but I didn’t stop thinking about you. I just didn’t know who I was anymore and I didn’t want to hurt or confuse you too” he added.

Adjoa nodded.

I understand. I shouldn’t have concluded. I should have asked you” she said.

when I saw your name on the notice board, I really hoped and prayed that it would be you” Derek said.

Adjoa smiled.

“ I felt the same way when I saw your name too. That reminds me, I have been meaning to ask you something”

“Sure, ask away”

“So are you the Fiifi Bartels?”

Derek laughed.

“ No. I am Ato Kwamina. But I don’t use Ato in public, only close family call me Ato. Fiifi Bartels is the tall fair guy with the Afro. I hear he is very smart”

Really? He is very quiet. I see” she said.

Derek smiled and nodded.

Uhuh..! That explains why you are this stubborn. Some Atos are very stubborn” Adjoa teased.

Are you sure? Because I know for a fact that all Adjoas are crazy”  Derek said.

Adjoa laughed.

Derek looked at her while she laughed. She looked beautiful. He kissed her hand and held it tightly.

Adjoa looked at him.

so crazy Adjoa, would you love to be my girlfriend?

Adjoa was a little surprised.

I thought you were going to wait a little longer before you asked”

Derek smiled.

well, I have waited eight long months to ask you this. I really couldn’t wait any longer. So what do you say? Do you want to make a stubborn Ato happy?”

Adjoa laughed and nodded.

I would be honoured to be your girlfriend”

Awesome! Thank you” Derek said and hugged her.

Derek drove back to Republic hall, he wanted Adjoa to see his room. They were walking hand in hand, Derek didn’t mind showing affection in public.

Naa Shika was on his bed when they got there, she was reading.

you are back. I have been waiting for a while” she said and stretched.

Derek asked Adjoa to wait so that he could ask Naa Shika to leave but Adjoa understood, she wasn’t even upset. They walked back outside to Adjoa’s car. Derek tried to apologize but Adjoa asked him to stop.

“ it’s fine, handle your business. I am really tired anyway. ” Adjoa said.

She got into her car and drove off.

Derek quickly went back to his room.

Naa Shika, how did you get here?”

“ Amoako asked me in. He didn’t know where you were so he asked me to wait if I wanted to”

“ See, I know I asked you to come to me if you have any issue. But Naa Shika, the rate at which you come here, is getting a little out of hand”

Really? I thought we are friends? And since when do you have a problem with me coming here?”

“ yes we are friends, we go to class together and study together”

we sometimes watch movies together too” Naa Shika added.

Yes sure. We do all that, but sometimes I need some privacy. You are like a fifth roommate. Please Naa Shika, next time if you want to visit, kindly call”

Naa Shika sighed.

“ Is it because of Adjoa? I saw you holding her hand. Is she like your girlfriend now?”

“ Yes. Adjoa is my girlfriend now and it wasn’t very nice for her to see you in my bed like that”

Wow! Are you seriously dating Adjoa? Doesn’t she have a boyfriend? Dee, you know I like you. I have done everything to prove it”

“ Jason isn’t her boyfriend and please stop calling me Dee. Honestly Naa, I can’t get into this now. Please call me next time you want to visit. That’s all I am trying to say”

Naa Shika angrily wore her slippers and stormed out of the room.

Adjoa called Jason when she got to her room. She was very excited, she couldn’t wait to tell him everything.

Jason laughed, he couldn’t believe it.

“ wow! Today it would rain! Heavily! Derek asked you to be his girlfriend? Like real girlfriend?”

stop teasing Jason

“ why wouldn’t I tease you? Since form one you have been chasing this guy. I am really happy for you though. I never thought that I would live to see the day you call Derek your boyfriend. Then tonight the way you would sleep”

Adjoa laughed.

“ I can’t believe you Jason. I would get you tomorrow”

A call from Derek was coming through so she ended the call with Jason and quickly answered.

Hi” she said.

Hi” Derek replied.

I just got to my room” she continued.

that’s good. I think I just offended Naa Shika”


I eventually had to tell her that you are my girlfriend. She certainly wasn’t the first person I was planning on telling”

Adjoa laughed

I just got off the phone with Jason. He is happy

I am happy too, very happy. It felt pretty good telling Naa Shika that you are girlfriend”

Adjoa smiled.

“ so what do we do next? I haven’t been anybody’s girlfriend before?” she asked.

you are my first girlfriend too

Really? With the rate at which girls liked you at church I assumed you dated one of them”

you are my first girlfriend Adjoa, stop overthinking” he said and they both laughed.

Now we just take it one day at a time and be very honest with each other. Let’s see where this takes us” Derek continued.

Okay. Do I come get you for lectures tomorrow?” Adjoa asked.

No, I have a group of friends I go for lectures with, nothing has really changed. Let’s do whatever we used to do. The only thing that has changed is that, you don’t get to like any other guy”

Adjoa laughed hysterically.

They talked all night till Adjoa fell asleep.

In class the next day, Derek stole glances at Adjoa, she always sat at the back with Jason. Adjoa smiled anytime their eyes met. Jason just enjoyed the show and teased her every chance he got.

Adjoa and Derek spent all their time together, people at school who had seen Adjoa and Jason together, started asking Jason if he knew about Adjoa and Derek and if he was okay.

Adjoa and Derek laughed whenever Jason tells them some of the things people tell him.

some people approach me concerned. They seriously think I am suffering from some heart break” Jason said.

Derek laughed.

we really need to let people know the truth that you and Adjoa are just friends” Derek said.

No. I like it just the way it is. I get to speak to some really pretty girls. The very pretty ones are the ones very concerned about my heartbreak. A little attention never hurt anyone” Jason said.

“ you are sick Jason” Adjoa said and laughed.

I might also get a girlfriend. Who knows?

Jason and Derek got a little closer when Adjoa started dating Derek.

Derek needed Jason, he was the perfect person to go to when he really wanted to impress Adjoa. They became better friends over the months, they played video games together and studied together.

The semester ended, Derek went to Capecoast to be with his uncle. Adjoa missed him so much, she wished she could see him. She missed him more anytime she went to church.

Bishop Morrison noticed her daughter spent a lot of time on her phone. She smiled a lot whenever she texted. One evening, he went to Adjoa’s room. She was FaceTiming with Derek.

She didn’t hear him enter, she had her earpieces in. She saw him standing behind her, she panicked then dropped her phone.

who were you speaking to?”

“ a friend from school dad”

“ then why are you so scared?”

“ that’s because you startled me Dad

I see. Are your end of semester results in yet?”

“ No dad they aren’t”

Bishop Morrison nodded and looked at his daughter

I hope you are really studying Adjoa. Ever since you got home, you have been on your phone. I have been watching you. You are studying medicine, your mind doesn’t vacate even if you are on vacation. Your studies must always be priority”

it’s priority dad. I am just catching my breath”

how about your relationship with God? Hope you are taking that seriously too?”

yes please I am

“that’s good. That’s very good. I am glad”

“ that’s awesome dad”

He nodded and left her.

Adjoa quickly picked up her phone. The screen had cracked but she could still use it.

She called Derek again.

“ I have cracked my phone screen”

“ oh no. I am so sorry. Is it really bad?”

“ sort of bad. I would have to change it”

okay maybe we can get you one together when school reopens”

“ oh no Derek. You don’t have to worry your head about these things. I would get a new one if I just ask my father”

I just want to do something that makes you happy”

you make me happy by just being you. You don’t have to impress me”

okay… Adjoa. If you say so. Let’s talk tomorrow okay?”

“ okay.. Goodnight Derek”

“ Goodnight Adjoa”

Derek had some fears, it seemed Adjoa didn’t need him. Nothing he did impressed her. She had everything she needed from her family and the little things that impressed most girls didn’t move her. It was hard getting through to her.

He told Jason about it but he only told him to relax and that with time he would figure Adjoa out.

He thought about her all night, he wanted to do something nice for her birthday the next semester, but he was running out of ideas.

School reopened a couple of weeks later. Derek went early to school. He couldn’t wait to see Adjoa.

Adjoa for the first time drove to Kumasi, she carefully and patiently followed Jason’s lead. She was proud of herself when they made it safely to school. She excitedly narrated her experience to Derek that evening when she visited him.

None of his roommate had arrived so they had some privacy.

Derek connected his phone to his Bluetooth speaker. They listened to Kenny G’s jazz music together.

Derek was fan of jazz music, his father used to listen to them a lot and it sort of stuck with him.

He set the volume just right, and the soft music from Kenny G’s saxophone filled the room.

When Jazz music is very loud, it’s hard to fully appreciate it” Derek said and smiled at Adjoa.

She smiled too and nodded.

yes sir” she teased.

He chuckled and placed his phone on his study table next to his Bluetooth speaker.

The room was dark, Derek wanted to turn the lights on but Adjoa insisted they talk in the dark.

I think we can talk better if we can’t see each other’s face I am still a little shy” she said shyly.

Derek smiled, then nodded.

They laid in his bed looking up at the ceiling, they were holding hands. Derek played with her fingers. He loved how small and soft they were. Her finger nails were always kept short and neat. He kissed her hand and placed it on his chest. Adjoa smiled and looked at him.

Did you have a nice vacation with your Uncle?” she asked.

Derek sighed.

it was different. It was new. I missed my parents a lot.”

I can only imagine. But I know with time, you would feel a little better. Take all the time you need” Adjoa said.

Derek looked at her and smiled, she smiled back. It was a perfect moment to share their first kiss. They were thinking alike, they both moved too fast and bumped their heads. Derek burst out laughing and it made Adjoa laugh too.

are you okay?” he asked gently massaging her forehead.

I am fine. Are you okay too?”

He nodded and laughed nervously.

I am fine, don’t worry”

There was an awkward silence, they listened to the music but their minds were running wild. Adjoa’s heart started beating faster. Derek wrapped his arms around her and she placed her head on his chest.

what do you want to do for your birthday?” Derek asked

I want a quiet birthday, with just you and Jason and maybe some chosen class mates. We can have dinner at the mall. This is what I want, but I don’t know the plans my parents have. They are always so ecstatic about my birthday”

Derek was quiet.

Adjoa realized she had reminded him about his parents and how he would never share a birthday with them again. She quickly looked up at him and apologized.

don’t apologize Adjoa. It is what it is” Derek said and kissed her forehead.

you are really adorable” he added.

Adjoa still looked at him and they locked eyes. Adjoa moved closer but slowly this time to avoid another head bump. Derek moved closer too and they kissed. Their first ever kiss.

Derek was a good kisser, he took his sweet time and kissed Adjoa’s soft lips. They kissed while Kenny G’s song Innocence played in the background creating the perfect ambience.

After the kiss, Derek hugged her.

I love you Adjoa” he whispered.

I love you Derek” Adjoa replied.

Derek asked her to stay the night, he didn’t want to let her go. They had officially fallen in love with each other and they didn’t want to be away from each other.

Derek gave Adjoa one of his T-shirt to sleep in.

Jason called Adjoa the next morning.

He wanted to visit her and discuss somethings Derek told him about her during the vacation. When he got to her door, he saw a new face. She was packing into the room.

Adjoa? Where are you?”

“ I am with Derek why?”

“ Really? What was so important that you had to see him this early?”

Adjoa didn’t answer. If Jason knew she spent the night with him, he would throw a fit.

Anyway, I am just leaving your room, it seems you have a new roommate”

“ New roommate? Sorry, I am confused. What do you mean?”

“I mean there is a new girl packing into your room. Did you not know?”

“ No. I had no idea”

Adjoa ended the call and hurriedly changed into her clothes.

The noise she made woke Derek up.

“ what’s the matter?” he asked and yawned.

Good morning Derek” she said and smiled shyly. 

It made Derek a little shy too.  He chuckled.

“ Good morning Adjoa. Did something happen?

No. Not really. Jason just told me he saw someone packing into my room. He says it’s my new roommate but Ingrid and I didn’t know about this. The porter didn’t tell us anything last semester”

“ wow. Interesting

yep. I need to go there before she messes up with my stuff. I rushed here yesterday, I wanted to see you. I thought I would return in time to unpack my things so I left my suitcase and jute bags everywhere in the room”

“ I can drive you. Or even help you unpack. I am not doing anything really” Derek said

“ Are you sure?”she asked

Derek nodded and rushed to freshen up.

Adjoa waited in his room and texted Ingrid.

She called immediately she got Adjoa’s message.

How?! What new roommate?” Ingrid asked.

I am also surprised. Mr. Mensah didn’t tell us anything last semester. I don’t know how he would bring someone to our room without informing us. When are you coming though?” Adjoa said

Ingrid sighed

“ Maybe on Wednesday. I wanted to come on Monday but I am looking forward to some money. I would get it on Wednesday”

“ okay sure. I would let you know whatever happens

“ Okay Adjoa. See you on Wednesday”

They left to Adjoa’s hall a couple of minutes later. Adjoa rushed to her room while Derek locked up the car.

Rachel was laying her bed when Adjoa entered the room but she was actually laying Ingrid’s bed.

She quickly scanned the room making sure her things are intact. She looked at Rachel, she wasn’t expecting her to be a pretty mixed raced girl.

Hi. I am Adjoa” she said catching her breath.

Rachel wondered why she was out of breath.

do you want some water?”she asked and smiled.

Adjoa chuckled and shook her head.

Rachel smiled.

I am Rachel. Rachel Simons” she said extending her hand.

Adjoa shook her.

nice to meet you Rachel”

Rachel smiled and continued laying her bed.

Adjoa wanted to find a way to tell her that she was laying the wrong bed. Derek entered the room and greeted.

Rachel was stunned when she saw Derek but tried to hide it.

Adjoa told Derek about the little bed situation and Derek advised her to tell Rachel before she finished laying the bed.  Adjoa hesitated then told her.

“Umm…Rachel I am sorry but you are actually laying the wrong bed. That’s for our other roommate Ingrid. She would be here on Wednesday. The one above her’s is free”

“Oh? I see. Okay sure. Thanks for telling me” Rachel said and removed her blanket. She looked at Derek and smiled.

Adjoa saw her staring at him so she introduced him.

sorry. I forgot to introduce you two. This is Derek, Derek meet Rachel. Rachel meet Derek, my boyfriend”

Rachel swallowed hard when she heard Adjoa say boyfriend. She smiled and climbed up to her bed. Derek offered to help her.

Adjoa was on her bed trying to unpack her things when she heard Derek laughing.

No way! Small world. You sort of looked familiar but I had forgotten where I had seen your face before” Derek said and laughed again.

Adjoa was confused.

“ Umm what’s so funny?” she asked Derek and smiled

“ Rachel and I already met in the states. I completely forgot, we used to wait tables together in some restaurant in Boston”

Really?!” Adjoa asked unenthusiastically.

yes. wow such a small world” Derek said excitedly.

We had so much fun” Derek added.

You remember when we sneaked into the cinema?” Rachel asked.

Derek laughed.

“Yes!Yes! What movie did we see again?” he asked.

“ I think it was Iron Man or something” Rachel said

“ yes, yes. Oh my God. I had such a great time” Derek said.

Adjoa’s jaw dropped.


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