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Episode 6 – Friendship 

Jason made it clear to Noah and Jeffrey that he wasn’t friends with Derek anymore. It brought a lot of tension between the friends.

Derek couldn’t bear it anymore so he moved out of that hostel the next academic year for his peace of mind.

After his fight with Jason, Derek tried for some time to get to talk to Adjoa alone but there was never a right moment.

The time Adjoa spent away from Derek gradually helped her heal.

Third year was very tough on her, she failed a paper so she had to re-write it, in order to graduate.
She was stressed and scared. She spent a lot of her time alone at the library. One evening she was studying but she didn’t seem to understand what she was reading.

She felt embarrassed asking for help from her mates. Jason had no idea she had been struggling with her grades, she was very good at hiding it.

She took off her glasses and massaged her eyes, the stress was getting to her. She put her glasses back on and continued reading.

She felt like someone was looking at her, she lifted her head and saw someone smiling at her.

She smiled too, the person walked up to her table.

Hello” he said

Hi ” she replied.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

Not so great. Having quite an evening”

He smiled.

I could tell ” he said and stared at her.

Adjoa got a little shy.

Sorry. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Percy. Percy Agyeman. Fourth year, Architecture”

“ Nice to meet you Percy. I am Nana Adjoa Morrison. Third year, medicine”

“ Oh Medicine? Impressive. That explains why I see you a lot here”

Adjoa smiled.

“ are you stalking me?”

Percy laughed.

“Well not on purpose. I see you almost every time I come to the library. You always sit in this corner and I got curious about you”

Adjoa smiled.

I just have a lot to study these days” 

Percy smiled and checked his watch

“Are you leaving soon? It’s getting late” 
he asked
She checked the time on her phone.

“ooh? It’s already 9. I guess I have to go then. I have an early morning class”

“Which side are you headed? I could drop you” Percy suggested.

ooh thanks Percy. I drove here, I would be fine. It was nice meeting you”

Same here Adjoa

Percy watched her leave, he was intrigued by her and wanted to get to know her better. He hoped to run into her at the library again.

Adjoa checked on Jason in his room before she went upstairs. He was playing a video game.

Hey ” Jason said when he saw her

Hey. I just got back. I am so tired “ she said and picked some water from their refrigerator

we have a class tomorrow Jason. You have to slow down with this game” Adjoa said

“ You see what you have turned Jason into?”
Adjoa added looking at Jeffrey who was watching a movie.
Jeffrey laughed.

he is getting addicted huh? ” he asked.

can you not see he is? He is even worse than you” Adjoa said.

The boys laughed.

“ Anyway, I am going upstairs now. Goodnight guys”

“ Goodnight Adjoa” they said.

Derek’s phone rang in the middle of the night. It was Stacey.

“Hey. Did I wake you?”
she asked.

yes but it’s fine. What’s the matter?”

my roommate isn’t around and I am alittle scared. I was thinking you could come keep me company just until I fall asleep. Please?”

Derek shook his head, he was there for Stacey just once when her ex-boyfriend tried to assault her and now she just wouldn’t let him be. She always played that “ I am scared” card to get closer to Derek any chance she got.

Sure. I am on my way” he said and ended the call.

He sat up on his bed and stretched, he wore his T-shirt and left.

Stacey was wearing a very provocative night wear that made Derek uncomfortable. He read right through her and he knew for a fact that she was trouble but he wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt.

He sat on her roommate’s bed across from her.

has he been around lately? he asked her.

No he hasn’t but you know how he can be. I just don’t like being alone just incase he pops up”

Derek nodded and laid in the bed.

I have an early class tomorrow so I have to go back to sleep. You should try to sleep too, don’t worry. I am here”

Stacey nodded.

thanks for being here Derek” she added.

Derek nodded.

Just when Derek was drifting into sleep, he felt Stacey’s hand all over his chest and arm. She tried to kiss him. Derek pushed her off

Are you crazy?” What do you think you are doing?”

“ I like you Derek” she said

Derek laughed

“ you must be out of your mind Stacey. I am going to assume this never happened. I know you have your issues with your ex-boyfriend and all and it’s getting to you. I only wanted to be here for you as a friend but this right here is a little messed up”

He said and walked out on her.

Percy, after finding out Adjoa’s name, secretly asked about her from some of his medical school friends.
He waited for her one afternoon outside her lecture hall to get to see her.

Adjoa couldn’t make him out when she saw him, he had to remind her.
oh yes yes! From the library. Ermm….was it Peter?”

“ No. Percy. Percy Agyeman”

“ Right! Percy. I remember now. How are you?”

“  I am good thanks. How are you too?”

“ I am alright. So what brings you here? Are you waiting for someone?”
Adjoa asked.

Umm yes…I was actually waiting for you”


Percy nodded.

Really? Why?”

“ I just wanted to take you out for lunch or something”

Adjoa laughed.

“Ohh.. that’s nice of you Percy. But I would have to decline. Thanks though”

Are you sure? We wouldn’t be long. I know this new restaurant”

Adjoa was surprised he tried to insist.

of course I am sure. Thanks.” she said.

She tried walking to her car but Percy held her firmly by the arm.

But I am not done talking to you, where are you going?” he said.

I am done talking. Let go of me! ” Adjoa said and pulled her arm from his grasp.

He held her arm again, more tighter than the first. Adjoa struggled with him a little more before he set her free.

Some of Adjoa’s classmates who witnessed what happened went to her aid. They surrounded Adjoa asking if she was okay.

The little commotion caught the attention of Derek so he went to find out what was going on.

What’s wrong?” he asked his mates, then looked at Adjoa.

She looked very scared, he took her aside and asked if she was okay.

Adjoa nodded.

“Whose that guy? What happened?” Derek asked

“ Can you please take me to my hostel?”
she asked.

Sure I can” he said and walked her to her car.
Derek looked at her while he drove. She was very quiet, she massaged her arm.

“ you know you can tell me anything Adjoa. What happened back there? ”

Adjoa was still quiet. Her phone rang, it was Jason.

Where are you? Are you okay?” he asked worriedly.

“ I am fine Jason. I am on my way to the hostel”

Okay. I am coming now. See you soon”

Derek walked her to her door and she asked him in.

“ No Adjoa. I need to get back to my hostel, I don’t want to incur the wrath of Jason”

It’s going to be fine Derek. Come on”

“ Are you sure?”  he asked

“ Really…it’s fine Derek”

Derek reluctantly agreed and walked into her room.
Her room was a clear reflection of her, the soft girly girl. He couldn’t count the number of purple and pink items he saw in her room.

He smiled and shook his head.

your room is exactly how I pictured it to be or probably even more”

She laughed

how do you mean?” she asked while opening her windows.

Derek shrugged.

it’s just very you. Soft, Sweet and Neat

Adjoa got a little shy.

“ would you like something to drink? ” she asked.

what do you have?”

She opened her refrigerator to be sure.

Umm… I have apple juice, pineapple juice and some cranberry juice but that’s almost finished. That’s my favourite. I think you should try the cranberry juice” she said and picked out the cranberry juice.

Derek walked to her bookshelf and saw her Harry Potter Novels.

“ The Prisoner of Azkaban
” Derek said and picked it out.
“ I really enjoyed reading this one” he said and sat on Adjoa’s bed.

Adjoa handed him a glass of cranberry juice and sat next to him.

I see. My favourites are The Half-Blood Prince and The Chamber of Secrets. These two, I read them over and over” she said and laughed.

“ You are such a nerd”
Derek teased.

He placed the book back and sat back down next to her.

Are you feeling better now?” he asked and sipped on the juice.

“ wow, this really tastes good“
 he added.

I told you, it does. It’s my favourite drink now” Adjoa said trying to ignore his first question.

Derek nodded.

“ I see. So are you going to answer my question? who was that guy Adjoa? What happened?”

Adjoa sighed before she answered.

“ I met him once at the library, I was studying alone. We spoke for a while, it was getting late so I left. After class today, I saw him and he offered to take me out for lunch. I was surprised he asked, because I don’t know him. I said no and this guy held me by my arm tightly, trying to force me to say yes”

“ what?! Are you serious?”


But what were you doing studying late in the library all alone? Where were Fiona, Kelly and Pearl?”

I have been studying alone lately. I failed a course and I have trying to study so I could take it again”

“And how is it going? studying alone?”

“Really, really tough”

“Exactly Adjoa, you cannot study alone and expect to pass a course you have failed once. You need to get help, talk to the people who passed this course to help you. Which course are you talking about any way?”

Pharmacology. I hate it”

Derek laughed.

Have you asked Jason to help you?”

No. I don’t want him finding out. He tells my dad almost everything and if he finds out I am failing, he would definitely tell my dad and my dad would be so hard on me.

“I see. Okay, I could help you Adjoa. If you want”

Are you sure?”

Yes I am sure. I can’t promise you would get an A though because it’s mad hard. Let just target a B+ for now” Derek said and they both laughed.

I would have to go now. I really don’t want Jason to find me here”

“ Okay. So when do we start studying?”

“ Tomorrow is fine. I would meet you at the library after class”

okay great thanks Derek”

Anytime Adjoa. See you tomorrow” Derek said walking towards to her door.

Wait Derek” she said

Derek looked at her a little confused. She walked towards him and hugged him.

Derek hugged her back.

“ I have missed you”
she said.

I miss you more” he said.

They stayed in each other’s arm quietly.
Jason knocked on her door, he had a way of knocking that made Adjoa know it’s him.

“Jason is here but don’t worry”

Derek sighed and went to sit on Adjoa’s bed.

She opened the door

Hey” she said.

Are you okay? Joshua told me some guy was bothering you after class. Who was that?”

Jason still hadn’t noticed Derek, his focus was on Adjoa. He looked right at her as she tried to explain everything to him.

When she was done, Derek cleared his throat and Jason turned to look at him.


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