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Episode 7- Sincerely, Derek. 


Hey Derek. What’s up? ” Jason said unenthusiastically.

He was a little confused to see Derek in Adjoa’s room.

“ I am good Jason” Derek replied.

Jason smiled at him and nodded.

Derek helped me out this afternoon and I asked him to bring me to the hostel”

Jason nodded.

“ I see. Okay then, I wanted to know if you were okay,  you seem fine”

“ Yep I am fine Jason. Very fine” Adjoa said with a broad smile.

Jason smiled too.

Okay then. I would see you guys later”

He said and left her room.

Now that was awkward ” Adjoa said

“ He still hates me. I know it” Derek said 

Adjoa laughed

He doesn’t hate you. Come on I would drop you off” she said and picked her keys.

She wanted to know where his new hostel was and Derek was more than happy to show her.

Jason saw her leaving with Derek, he went to see her as soon as he saw that she had arrived.

Adjoa was expecting him anyway.

I know what you are about to say Jason”

ooh you do?”

“ what am I about to say then Adjoa?

“ You are about to ask if I know what I am doing. And he isn’t any good for me and all”

okay then? Do you know what you are doing?”

“Not entirely but I want to try just being his friend. We jumped quickly in a relationship without being friends first”

“ To what end? You know he is a liar. Have you forgotten how he hurt you in first year?”

“ I know Jason. It’s not like I am about to jump into another relationship with him. I just want us to be friends that’s all”

“ I know how stubborn you can be Adjoa. Your mind is already made up. I just don’t want you getting hurt again”

“ I would be fine I promise. ” Adjoa said excitedly.

Jason had his reservations about Adjoa’s decision but he knew nothing he said would change her mind.

You need to be careful then. Anyway who was the guy from this afternoon?”

“ some creep I met at the library. He wanted to take me out for lunch. Imagine, a total stranger. I declined and he got upset. He started forcing me. Some people are really mentally ill”

“ God, Adjoa you really need to be careful. You know how Uncle Abeiku and Auntie Katherine are. If anything should happen to you, they would ask me a lot of questions”

I would be fine, nothing would happen to me. What are we having for lunch? Are you not hungry?” Adjoa said.

“ Leave me. You are really annoying, I would not eat with you”

Adjoa laughed.

Are you sure? I still have some of mummy’s Jollof left”

Jason chuckled and stared at her making sure she wasn’t pulling his legs.

Really?” don’t lie to me”

I am not lying” Adjoa said and laughed.

She took the Jollof from her refrigerator and warmed it.

She laughed when Jason sat on her bed waiting for her to dish it out.

Mummy’s food is your kryptonite, I see. My super man! Hard Guy!” Adjoa teased.

Go away!” Jason said and they both laughed.

Weeks went by, and Derek got closer with Adjoa, they studied everyday after class.

Anytime Adjoa saw Percy in the library , she got very  uncomfortable with the way Percy stared at her, so Derek suggested they study in his room.

Adjoa picked a bottle of water from his refrigerator and walked towards him. Derek looked at her, she looked very cute in her shorts, he smiled.

Adjoa smiled too and drank some water.

Why are you smiling?” Derek asked

Because you were smiling, what was on your mind?” she asked.

Derek smiled again and shook his head.

I am not going to tell you, go on finish your work” Derek said pointing at her laptop.
Adjoa groaned and picked up her laptop.

Stacey knocked on Derek’s door, he quickly went to get it.  He didn’t know it was her, after her little act the last time, he hasn’t really been entertaining her. Adjoa could hear what they were talking about at the door .

Hey can I talk to you this evening?” Stacey asked

what about?”

“ I haven’t been seeing a lot of you lately and I think it’s because of what I did the last time. I wanted to apologise to you properly and maybe cook something nice for you”

Derek wondered why Stacey would even suggest something like that. He wasn’t that close to her.

“ that’s fine Stacey. I am really good. I am not mad or anything. I really can’t be there for you like that anymore. You just need to be careful and think of a way of handling your ex”

“ Oh but Derek” she tried to interrupt

“No Stacey. I am sorry. We are still friends, no problem at all. I just can’t be there for you like that. I am busy now Stacey. I would see you around” he said and closed his door.

Adjoa had a frown on while she worked on her laptop, Derek noticed it.

she is just a friend Adjoa” he said and sat on a chair across from her.

“ I didn’t say anything Derek”

“ you didn’t have to. Your face says it all”

“ who was that anyway?”

like I said Adjoa, she is just a friend. She lives across the hall and her ex boyfriend is a little violent and I used to help her but she was acting weird and I had to stop”

“ Acting weird how?

“ she wanted more than friendship”

Adjoa sighed and continued working.

Derek felt a little uncomfortable he knew Adjoa was still upset. He had just started getting closer to her again, he didn’t want anything or anyone ruining that.

Adjoa, say something”

“ What do you want me to say?”

Derek got up from the chair and sat next to her on the bed.

“ I am sorry Adjoa. I haven’t gotten the opportunity to apologise to you about the Rachael thing and the lies. I am sorry about everything Adjoa”

Adjoa looked at him as he spoke, she searched his eyes to see if he was being sincere.

why did you do it then Derek? You hurt me so much”

“ I know. It was wrong. I was stupid and you didn’t deserve that. I am really sorry Adjoa”

it’s fine Derek. Thanks for apologizing”

Derek nodded and he hugged her.

“Please don’t lie to me again” she said

“I promise never to lie to you Adjoa” he said and she smiled.

Do you understand what you learnt today?” he added.

Ermmm… I think so. You are a good teacher Mr. Bartels” she teased 

Derek walked her to her car when they finished studying that evening and she noticed a few people staring at them from their balconies.

“ why are people staring?” she asked.

just keep walking, people are very inquisitive in this hostel”

Adjoa smiled and opened her car, they hugged again and Adjoa left.

She sang to herself while she drove she was very excited. “ Derek still likes me” she thought.

Derek was watching a movie and eating his supper when Morgan called. She sounded excited on the phone.

whoa! Who was that??!” she asked.

Derek was a little confused.

what you are talking about?”

Come on! You know, the pretty girl you were with this evening”

Derek laughed but didn’t answer.

Yo Derek! you aren’t gonna tell me? I am coming over” she said and ended the call.

She was knocking on his door some minutes later

“Derek open up I know you are in there!”

Derek opened up and pulled her inside

Must you always cause a scene?” he asked.

what’s up?! You look happy man!” she said and sat on his bed.

What do you want Morgan?”

“ I want you to tell me what’s going on with you? People are talking you know? I only want the truth, I don’t want to assume like the others. So tell me who was that girl?”

That was Adjoa”

Adjoa? Like Adjoa Adjoa? Your Adjoa?


Oh my God! She’s pretty Derek!”

He nodded.

So have you made up with her?”

“ Yeah. We are good now. Not in a relationship though , I am just helping her study for now”

“ but you like her, do you want to be with her?

I want to of course, but I just want to take my time this time, and see where this takes us. I don’t want to hurt her again. So I am taking it very slow now”

“ Wow! I clearly see why you were a total wreck when you two broke up! She’s a beautiful girl”

Derek looked down at Morgan’s feet, she had different pairs of slippers on.

“ What are you wearing Morgan?!”

She laughed.

I had to rush here man! Since you were withholding vital information from me”

Derek laughed and turned on his Television

Are you up for a quick game?” Derek asked.


Sandra Morgan is one of the first friends Derek made when he moved to the hostel. He was intrigued by her tom boyish mannerisms. She is like a boy in a girl’s body. She helped Derek move his stuff into his room and they became fast friends. They spent a lot of time playing video games and Derek opened up to her about his life, something he hardly does. She helped him get through his break up with Adjoa.

Jason was studying when Adjoa walked in with a wide smile.

what’s wrong with you?” he asked.

“Nothing just happy. Derek and I spoke and he apologised”

Okay” Jason said and continued studying.

What’s wrong?”

Nothing Adjoa. I heard you. You and Derek spoke and he apologised for lying to you”

“ yes! It was so sincere”

“ I see. So what now? You two are a thing again?”

“ No. Not yet”

“ Just be careful Adjoa. Don’t just jump in blindly like you did last time. Get to know him better”

“ I will Jason. Just be happy for me”

“ I am trying to be happy for you but I don’t trust Derek just yet. I would need some time to see whatever it is you see in him”

“ what are you studying?” she asked trying to change the subject.

Anatomy” he replied

Okay. I am going to my room. Goodnight Jason

Goodnight Adjoa

Adjoa wrote her paper again and passed, thanks to Derek. They have been inseparable since they started hanging out together.

Derek wanted to ask her to be his girlfriend again but he was scared she might say no.

They spent one afternoon in Adjoa’s room, Jason had to go to Accra for an important meeting with this father. That bought Adjoa some time to plan for his surprise birthday party. He asked Derek for some help and ideas.

“ I would ask Jeffrey to stall him so we could set everything up in his room” Adjoa said.

where are you getting his cake?” Derek asked

“Ingrid’s mother makes really creative and delicious cakes” Adjoa said.

Derek kept looking at Adjoa’s digital photo frame, he found it fascinating.

this is very beautiful” he said

“ Yep, it is. Jason got it for my birthday in first year. It has all our baby photos and some other photos of me I didn’t know he had” Adjoa said and grabbed its remote.

She scrolled through the photos and showed Derek all the photos Jason had placed on the memory card.

Derek laughed when he saw some funny childhood photos of them.

“ I see why you want to have this big party for him. He is really an amazing friend”

Adjoa nodded.

“ He really is and I love him very much. I don’t know how my life would have turned out if he wasn’t in my life”

Derek got a little jealous when Adjoa spoke that way about Jason. He had always been a little insecure about what Adjoa and Jason share.

They continued planning the surprise birthday till they took a nap in each other’s arms. Derek woke up after awhile and watched Adjoa sleep. She looked so beautiful and peaceful, he left her a message explaining why he had to leave and crept out of her room.

He thought about what Adjoa said about Jason while walking back to his hostel.

He wasn’t sure asking Adjoa out was a good idea anymore. After the fight he had with Jason he also knew without a doubt that Jason had feelings for Adjoa and not just friendship.

He listened to some music in his room while scrolling through Adjoa’s photos on Instagram.

A notification popped up, it was a follow request from a girl in their class. She is awfully quiet, he was surprised but accepted the request.

She sent a direct message when Derek accepted her request.


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