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Episode 8 – We did it for Love

“ Hey Derek”

Hey Anowa.

How are you doing Derek?”

“ I am alright, just taking it easy. You?”

“ I am good thanks. I wanted to know if it’s okay to join your study group next year?”

Derek was a little confused. When he was about to reply he got a call from Adjoa, she had seen his message. They spoke for hours on the phone like they used to do.

Derek was still very much in love with her and he felt Adjoa was too but was holding back.

Anowa approached Derek the next day in class

“ I didn’t get any response from you yesterday”

Derek was confused, he didn’t know why the quietest girl in the class wanted to be in his study group.

did something happen in your group?” he asked.

Nothing happened. I have just heard that you are really good and I would love to study with you”

“ Okay sure. I need to ask the others and get back to you”

Okay great” she said and left.

Derek looked at her, he didn’t understand what was going on.

Adjoa succeeded in surprising Jason on his birthday. He was really touched. Adjoa made Ingrid’s mother design a very nice cake for him. She managed to get his parents and his little sister to Kumasi for his birthday. Jason was so happy to see Kayla and his parents, especially his father. He knew how very busy he is all the time.

Adjoa invited Derek, but he stayed in the corner. He still wasn’t comfortable around Jason. His eyes were on Adjoa the whole time, she danced a lot with Jason. He had never seen her dancing before.

It made him laugh.

Adjoa kept holding and hugging Jason, it made Derek jealous. When the remix of R. Kelly’s song Step in the Name of love started playing, Adjoa and Jason got very excited, it was their all time favourite, they knew the lyrics off head.

They danced and sang in each other’s arm.

Later, Adjoa surprised Jason with an acoustic guitar he had been saving to get. It brought Jason to tears, he hugged and carried Adjoa.

Derek went outside for some air, the jealousy was getting to him. He had a splitting headache.

Someone tapped him from behind, he was sure it was Adjoa. He smiled and turned to look at the person.

It was Ingrid, he hadn’t seen her in a while.

Hey Ingrid ” he said and hugged her

Long time. How have you been? “ she asked.

I have been good you? 

I have been okay. It’s very good to see you again Derek. Don’t be a stranger” she said.

You too Ingrid

She went inside but Derek stayed outside for awhile, he sipped on his drink. Adjoa stood behind him then gently slid her hand through his, he was startled.

He looked at her and smiled.

Are you okay? ” she asked.

“ I am. Are you ?”

I am, just tired from dancing so much” she said and chuckled.

“We are about to cut his cake, Ingrid is getting it” Adjoa added.

Okay” Derek said and nodded.

Do you want to go back inside with me?”

“ Actually, I need to go Adjoa. I am a little tired, I have this headache”

“ oh no, I am sorry. It’s probably the loud music”

Derek smiled.

I would call you later. Please feel better” she added

Derek nodded and hugged her.

Go have some fun baby girl” he said.

Adjoa smiled shyly and went back inside.

Derek tried staying away from Adjoa after the party. He was very sure Adjoa had more feelings for Jason than just friendship and he wasn’t going to get between that.

Adjoa asked him constantly why he been so distant but he always used school work as an excuse.

They graduated after third year and moved to Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital for their last three years of medical school. The last three years were more intense than the first.

Anowa and Derek started getting closer. After spending just a couple of months around Derek, Anowa was already in love with him but she was waiting for Derek to ask her out because she was sure he liked her too based on the way they talked and how understanding Derek was to her.

Adjoa noticed them in class, but she didn’t read any meaning into it the first time but as time went by she started getting worried.

She visited Derek one time at his hostel and she confronted him about Anowa.

We only study together Adjoa

“ it doesn’t look like you two are just study buddies”

“ well we are Adjoa”

Adjoa looked at him and smiled

what are doing tomorrow?” she asked

Errmm.. Anowa wanted us to go see this movie her big brother produced, but I am too tired”

What?! I thought you just said, you two just study together?”

Yeah we just study together. This is the first time she has asked us to hang out besides she invited the entire study group not just me. ”

She likes you Derek. I can see in the way she behaves around you”

Derek laughed

“ is someone jealous? ” Derek teased

“ No”

Derek laughed.

what did you want us to do tomorrow anyway? ” he asked.

there this new ice cream place that just opened and I wanted us to go try it”

ooh sure!”

“ Really?!

“ Sure Adjoa. Anything for you, as long as you are paying” Derek teased.

When they went on their ice cream date, Anowa kept calling Derek. It pissed Adjoa off.

what does she want calling you any chance she gets?”

 she’s probably just checking up. She does that a lot for some reason”

Checking up? No. This isn’t right Derek. You can tell me. Is she your girlfriend? You don’t have to lie to me”

Adjoa I am not lying to you. She is just a friend, I am not answering her calls am I? She is a little crazy. I thought you made me promise never to lie to you anymore?”

Adjoa didn’t answer, she kept eating her ice cream

Adjoa? Look at me”

She sighed and looked at him

“ I am not lying to you. Anowa is just a friend. You trust me don’t you?”

Don’t you? he asked again

I am trying to Derek but it’s hard, because with you, there is always some girl in the picture. Some girl trying to get your attention and I get scared that you might hurt me again and-“

Derek kissed her mid sentence and she kissed him back.

“ I don’t care who has eyes for me Adjoa, can’t you see I have eyes for only you?”

Adjoa looked in his eyes

“ you are the one for me Adjoa, I love everything about you. And it took hurting you to realise how much I need you in my life” he continued.

“ I love you too Derek, very much and I don’t seem to feel this way about anyone else but you”

Derek kissed her again.

He paid for their ice cream and they left to his room. They wanted to be alone.

Derek fixed them something to eat that afternoon and they stayed in bed watching movies, kissing and cuddling.

I want to say something ” Derek said

Okay. What’s on your mind?”

“ I would love you to be my girlfriend again Adjoa, but I get a little jealous about you and Jason sometimes. You two have this bond, I can’t compete with even if I tried and the way he behaves sometimes with you makes me feel he is in love with you. The way you two are, I just don’t know”

Adjoa smiled.

 Jason is very important to me, I won’t deny that fact, but Derek, I wouldn’t be this crazy about you if I had any romantic feelings for him. I mean, we could easily be together if we really wanted to. It’s you I love, it’s always been you, and it’s always going to be you Derek”

He kissed her passionately, she said the words he had wanted to hear.

He stopped kissing her and went to connect his phone to his Bluetooth speaker.

Come dance with me” Derek said excitedly

“ What?! I don’t know how to dance Derek” she said and covered her face with his pillow

I know you can, come on. I saw you at Jason’s party” Derek said and held her up by her hand.

He played Dave Koz’s song “ You Make me Smile”  and they danced bare footed in his room.

Derek was so happy, he kissed and hugged her when they stopped dancing.

I am so in love with you Adjoa” he said looking into her eyes.

Adjoa smiled, she was shy. He kissed her forehead and hugged her.

“ I almost forgot how much you love jazz music” Adjoa teased

Till my dying day honey ” he replied and they laughed.

So do you want to be my girlfriend, again?”

Adjoa smiled and stared at him.

“ I want transparency Derek. Come to me first with anything, anything at all”

I promise Adjoa. You have my word”

Adjoa smiled and nodded.

“Yes. I would love to be your girlfriend again”

“ Thank you, and I promise never to hurt you”

They decided to hide their relationship for awhile but Jason and a few others noticed the way Derek touched Adjoa when they thought nobody was looking. He wanted to ask Adjoa but he waited for her to tell him when she was ready.

Anowa started giving Derek a lot of attitude anytime the group met to study, she had noticed he was spending a lot of time with Adjoa. He always sat next to her in class.
Anowa gets everyone in the group snacks whenever they met to study but until she started seeing Derek getting closer to Adjoa, she intentionally counts Derek out every time.

Derek noticed her cold attitude towards him but he wasn’t going to ask her anything, he already knew what it was about.

Jason and Ingrid have been talking a lot since first year and they were starting to like each other a lot. Jason was thinking of asking her out so he asked Adjoa about it one time when she visited him.

Adjoa couldn’t believe Jason liked Ingrid.

“ Well Ingrid is great. If you really do like her, I think you should ask her out. Honestly, I would never have guessed that you two would ever be an item”

Jason smiled

“I didn’t see it coming either. You remember when you left your phone in your room in first year and called her with my phone to check?”

“ Yes. I do”

Well, we started talking since then and I started liking her a little too much”

“ Wow! I feel like a proud mother, Jason has a girlfriend, his first ever girlfriend” Adjoa teased.

“ She isn’t my girlfriend yet dummy

Derek called Adjoa, she earlier texted him that she wasn’t feeling too good.

Adjoa panicked when she saw his call, she didn’t want Jason to see.

She let it ring then turned her ringer off.

Babe, are you okay? I am outside your door” Derek texted.

Adjoa read the message and asked Jason to be excused.

She rushed upstairs to find Derek.

“ Baby…I am sorry. I didn’t know you were coming by”

“ Why? You said you were not feeling fine so I had to see you”

Adjoa unlocked her door.

She hugged him when they went inside, she had missed him.

Here. I got you some muffins” Derek said.

How did you know I was craving something sweet”

Derek smiled and sat on her bed.

what’s today’s date?” he asked

Adjoa laughed hysterically.

Noooo! I hate you ” Adjoa said and threw a pillow at him.

How do you always find out ? I always try to hide it” she added.

“ You are terrible at hiding it. You usually get very emotional every time, you touch and kiss me a lot, then a day or two later, you either call or text to tell me your tummy hurts or you aren’t feeling well”

Adjoa laughed and sat next to him.

okay fine…you caught me” she said

But are you okay? No cramps ?” he asked

Adjoa shook her head

“ Not anymore. I took some pain killers”

“ you need to slow down with these pain killers Adjoa. I hope you aren’t abusing drugs?”

“ No, I am not Doctor. Come here I miss you” Adjoa said trying to kiss him

Derek playfully tried pulling away

why are you trying to take advantage of me. Bad girl” he said.

Adjoa laughed.

come here” she  said.

That evening Jason drove to Ingrid’s hostel. He was so nervous. Her roommate opened the door.

“ Hello. Is Ingrid around please?

“Yes. Please hold on”

Ingrid came out to see him

“ Hi Jason. Good evening”

“ Hey. Are you busy?”

“ Not really, I was just trying to study”

Jason smiled.

“ Do you mind going for a ride with me?”

Ingrid was confused but she agreed, she changed her shirt and followed Jason out.

What’s going on Jason?” she asked as they drove.

Jason was very nervous, he found a serene spot and parked.

We have been talking for a while now and I like you Ingrid, not like a friend but more. You are graduating next semester and I wanted you to know how I feel. I was hoping if you feel the same way too, we could start dating ?”

Ingrid laughed.

Jason, you like me?”

She looked so surprised.

What about Adjoa? I thought you had feelings for her rather” she added.

What? No. Where did you get that notion from?”

I mean you two are like the perfect couple

Come on Ingrid, you know she dated Derek.  I even think they are back together. Adjoa and I are just friends”

“ Well that isn’t what people think

“ Ingrid, I don’t care what people think. I care what you think. I am here asking you, to be my girlfriend”

Ingrid got quiet.

“ do you not like me? I honestly thought we had something” Jason said.

“ I like you too, you know I do. I just wasn’t sure you liked me back, judging from the way you are with Adjoa”

“ Adjoa is like a sister to me. She’s always going to be that to me. So what do you say? Would you like to be my girlfriend?”

Ingrid smiled and nodded.

Jason smiled and kissed her, something he had wanted to do for so long. He dropped her at her hostel and went back to his hostel to tell Adjoa the good news.


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