Hey lovely readers ❤️. It’s so good to be back with yet another amazing story!! I have really missed you all. I started working on Fire and Ice in 2018, I used to think I didn’t experience a lot in my Uni days because I was always shy and quiet but once in a while, a memory passes through my mind and triggers a story ?.  I am sure my readers who went to Central University, can resonate a little with this story even though some parts of it are fictional. Fire and Ice episode one…enjoy?

Episode 1- Serendipity 

Adesua smiled and nodded to the beat, as she watched Leah and Antonio dance to Burnaboy’s song Collateral Damage. They were rehearsing for a stage drama that would create awareness of corruption and police brutality. They were set to perform the final act in the coming month. The dance steps were composed by Antonio, who is the dance director of the club.

It was Adesua’s first day at rehearsal and she was very glad she would be part of a stage drama that was going to depict something she knew all too well in her home country, Nigeria.

After the dance, Antonio grabbed a face towel and handed it to Leah. She smiled and thanked him.

She wiped her neck and sat on the stage and opened a bottle of water. Antonio sat next to her and smiled.

Hi people! ” Antonio said and chuckled.

I don’t like the look on your faces. Some of you look very confused, it’s not a difficult dance routine. It has fewer steps than the one we did last time” he added

Leah chuckled.

We would be taking you all through it, you don’t have to worry about it. So I hear we have some new people joining us today” Leah said, reminding Antonio.

Yes! Can the new people stand up and introduce themselves please?” Antonio said.

Adesua along with some other friends rose to their feet. Adesua was the last person to introduce herself.

Hello everybody, my name is Adesua Okunola, I am a first-year Pharmacy student. I am at Rockville Hostel. I decided to join Fire and Ice because I love dancing, dancing always helps me to relax. I am very excited to be here and I hope to get along really well with everyone. Thank you” Adesua said excitedly.

Leah smiled and asked her to take her seat.

Thank you all for deciding to join us, I do hope you all enjoy your stay here” she said.

Rehearsals ended later than they had anticipated, Adesua and her friends had planned to join the bus that shuttles to and from their hostel but missed it because they stayed longer at rehearsals.

She had sent her car to the mechanic’s shop the previous day, so getting back to the hostel was going to be a little tough.

She wasn’t in a hostel on campus because she enrolled at the university pretty late, she gained admission to study Biology at the  University of Lagos, but she really wanted to read Pharmacy. When all means of changing her course failed, she looked up some private schools in Ghana that offered Pharmacy.

She stumbled upon Crimson University on the internet one evening when she was browsing.

It is one of the leading private universities in Ghana. Daddy please, I want this,” she said excitedly to her father the next morning.

Her father agreed a couple of days later, after thinking long and hard about it.

She applied late to Crimson University but with her good grades, she gained admission immediately.

Moving to Ghana wasn’t something Adesua really wanted to do but after thinking it through, she realized she would be away from her strict parents and that alone made her very excited.

Her name wasn’t added to the list of students the hostels on campus were expecting because of her late admission, so she was asked to find a hostel closer to campus.

Her father hated the idea, he really wanted his daughter to be on campus, he tried reasoning with the hostel managers but there weren’t any spare beds available.

He reluctantly agreed and they found a hostel that wasn’t very close to campus but was safe and comfortable for Adesua.

Her parents surprised her with a car the following week, they didn’t want her struggling to get to campus judging from the distance. She couldn’t believe her eyes when her father gave her the car keys.

She made fast friends with Daisy and Olive, twin sisters who also stayed in her hostel.

She wanted to park her car close to their room so she asked permission from them in case she inconvenienced them, but they didn’t have a problem. They even assured her they would keep an eye on it for her.

Daisy happened to be a first-year Pharmacy student as well so she got closer to Adesua really quickly and they started studying and spending a lot of time together.

Olive, the other twin, was an architecture student and didn’t have a lot in common with Adesua but all three girls shared a passion for dancing and were excited when they heard about the Fire and Ice dance club.

Olive suggested they give Vincent a call, a mutual friend at their hostel who had a car.

Olive called him twice but he didn’t answer.

It’s Friday remember, Vincent loves to Party. I doubt he would come. Let’s try walking to the entrance maybe we would get a taxi” Adesua insisted.

Olive sighed and looked at her sister.

I honestly don’t know why you left your phone in the room Daisy, we could have ordered an Uber” Olive angrily said.

Why didn’t you install the app when I asked you to Olive? Must you always blame me? You can install it now if you want” Daisy said glaring at Olive.

Girls, this isn’t the time or place to argue. We need to find a way to get back to the hostel safely. Olive, how about Kwaku? Can he come and get us?” Adesua said.

Olive shook her head.

Kwaku has gone home for the weekend. He left after class” she said.

Yeah right. I forgot he goes home every weekend. Okay, I think I have an idea” Adesua said.

She saw Leah still around and walked to her.

Hello, Leah. I am very sorry to bother you. So my friends and I are stranded, we missed our hostel bus because rehearsal took a tad longer than we had expected. Could you please order an Uber for us? Adesua asked.

Oh, I am so sorry Adesua. My battery just died, but my boyfriend is coming to get me, maybe he can drop you girls off at your hostel. You said you are at Rockville right?”

Adesua nodded.

that is fine. It is pretty close to my hostel. I am at Fritz Hostel” Leah said.

Adesua smiled.

oh great. That’s really close. Thank you very much, Leah. I would tell my friends”

“Alright. It’s my pleasure Adesua”

Nana Yaw arrives minutes later then Leah signals him to roll his window down then asks him the favor of dropping Adesua and the twins.

Nana Yaw didn’t really like the idea, they were already very late for a party they had planned to go to after Leah’s rehearsal, and also he wasn’t going in their direction.

He got out of the car and walked Leah aside.

That wasn’t the plan babe, I thought you said I should pick you up then we go straight to my place ?”

I know but I am really sticky from all the dancing, I would love to freshen up. So I was thinking if we drop them at Rockville, then we go to Fritz so that I can change.”

You know you can freshen up at my place Leah and don’t forget you brought a change of clothes for the party to my place this morning so there is really no need to go to Fritz,” Nana Yaw said.

Leah made a sad puppy dog face but Nana Yaw shook his head.

This face isn’t going to work this time around babe, I am not going in their direction, there is too much traffic there. You know how is it on Fridays”

We can’t just leave them here, come on, almost everyone has left,” Leah said sadly

Nana Yaw sighed and went to get his phone from the car but he had left it. 

Oh no. I left my phone in the room. I was charging it. I completely forgot about it. I wanted to call Reginald. He didn’t seem to have plans when I was leaving the room” Nana Yaw said.

My battery is dead.  I would have called him” Leah said.

Nana Yaw sighed.

What should we do now? ” he asked.

Leah shrugged.

Nana Yaw sighed and walked to Adesua. He could tell that she was very worried.

Hi. My name is Nana Yaw. Leah told me you girls are going to Rockville? 

Adesua nodded and smiled.

Okay. The thing is, we are late for a party but Leah has to change in my hostel. So I was thinking of taking you girls to my hostel, then getting my roommate to drop you, girls, at your hostel when the traffic dies down? If that’s okay by you ?”

Adesua wasn’t sure it was a good idea but it was getting late and they knew getting a taxi would be difficult. She asked Daisy and Olive and they agreed.

Reginald, Nana Yaw’s roommate was watching a documentary when they entered. He was a little surprised to see three other girls with him.

Yo bro. Can I have a word? ” Nana Yaw said.

Yes sure” Reginald said.

They walked out of the room for some privacy.

I need a big favor bro. The other girls you just saw are Leah’s friends, I think. They are stranded. They are at Rockville hostel but It’s Friday and I know how the traffic is. I should have taken them but that would make us so late for Frema’s party. So I was hoping you help me drop them at Rockville? Please?”

Wow, Rockville by this time?”

“I know but you really are my last hope. I need them to be safe please.“

Reginald sighed and agreed.

Okay sure bro. It’s not like I have a choice ” he said

Thanks, man. I owe you one ” Nana Yaw said

They stayed outside for a while to give Leah some privacy to dress up.

Adesua and the twins felt uncomfortable being in the room, they should have just stuck with her first plan of walking to the entrance to get a taxi.

Olive was beginning to get very impatient but Daisy calmed her down.

Leah walked out of the bathroom to change. She smiled and looked at Adesua.

Are you okay? ” she asked.

I am okay. I just didn’t want to bother anyone”

Leah laughed.

You aren’t bothering anybody Adesua

“If you say so Leah but I really feel like I am though” she said

Leah smiled

Stop worrying Adesua. Sometimes things happen but remember it could have always been worse. You would be fine, you are in safe hands with Reginald”

Leah said and went to get her dress from Nana Yaw’s wardrobe. He had ironed it, Leah smiled and took it out.

Adesua watched Leah as she dressed up for the party.

Nana Yaw and Reginald returned to the room after a while.

Nana Yaw introduced the girls to Reginald.

This is my friend and also roommate Reginald Boateng. I have asked him to take you back to your hostel”

Reginald stretched his hand and shook Adesua.

I am really sorry for the inconvenience Reginald ” she said while shaking his hand.

No. it’s fine

He said hello to Daisy, Olive had fallen asleep on her lap.

Nana Yaw quickly changed too and soon they were ready for the party.

He thanked Reginald again for helping him before he left with Leah.

Adesua sat at the front to steal glances at Reginald. She hadn’t seen anyone quite as handsome as he is.

Reginald smiled when he caught her staring.

I am guessing you girls are hungry, we could grab something to eat? Maybe by the time we are done, the traffic at your end would have died down?”

They agreed and went to get a Pizza.

Adesua liked Reginald from the moment she laid eyes on him but she was trying to downplay her excitement in the room. She has never liked anyone that suddenly before.

She admired Reginald’s patience and how he cared about little things like getting them something to eat. She loved the perfume he had on, his smile, the way he ate his pizza, how he walked and talked.

She loved everything about him and she had just met him.

When they continued their drive back to the hostel, Reginald got curious as to why Adesua didn’t have the Uber app.

Why don’t you have the Uber app?” he asked.

She smiled.

Actually, I have a car. I tried installing the Uber app when we were on campus this evening, but it didn’t seem to work. I left my car at the mechanics yesterday. I always thought I was never going to need the Uber app because I thought I could drive myself everywhere. I thought very wrong” Adesua said.

Reginald laughed and connected his phone to his car’s Bluetooth.

I hope you don’t mind me playing some music?” Reginald asked with a smile.

The girls laughed.

Come on! It’s your car ” Adesua said.

Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake’s song Holy Grail started to play.

Reginald started to sing then Adesua started to sing along out of nowhere when it got to the chorus and that blew Reginald away.

She saw how shocked he was but she kept singing.

And Baby. It’s amazing, I’m in this maze with you. I just can’t crack your code. One day you screaming you love me loud. The next day you’re so cold. One day you here. One day you there. One day you care. You so unfair. Sipping from your cup till it runneth over. Holy Grail !   Adesua sang.

Whoa! Hold up! Wait! what?! ” Reginald said excitedly.

Adesua laughed.

my big brother loves Jay-Z so much. He used to play his songs loudly in his bedroom a lot and whenever we are driving anywhere together. So I am guessing, I caught on. I remember him putting this particular song was on repeat for days. It got our parents so upset but he just didn’t care” Adesua said and laughed.

I see and you learned the lyrics?  I am really impressed” he said.

I didn’t really plan on learning this song. I guess constantly hearing it, made the lyrics stick to my brain” she said and chuckled.

Reginald almost dropped his jaw when Adesua started to rap.

I got haters in the paper. Photoshoots and paparazzi. Can’t even take my daughter for a walk. See them by the corner store. I feel like I am cornered off. Enough is enough I’m calling it off ” she rapped.

Reginald joined her.

who the f*ck am kidding though. I’m getting high, sitting low. Slide by in that big body. Curtains all in my window. This fame hurts but this chain works. I think back you asked the same person if this is all you had to deal with…” they both rapped in unison.

Daisy and Olive sat at the back and nodded to the tune. They were surprised Adesua and Reginald were getting along so well.

Adesua laughed when the song ended.

You just reminded me of my big brother. I miss him a lot. He would freak out when I tell him I met someone that loves his favorite song 

Reginald laughed.

is he in Nigeria? ” he asked.

No. He is an Oncologist in the States. I haven’t seen him in a pretty long time”

Adesua sighed.

Reginald noticed it was kind of hard for her to talk about her big brother.

He didn’t want to probe any further so they spoke about music and school, the rest of the ride.

When they finally made it to the hostel, Adesua thought Reginald would ask for her number but he didn’t. He just told her to install the Uber app and to have a good rest.

She watched his car disappear through her hostel gate.

She thought of Reginald that whole night in bed, she couldn’t believe how well they had gotten along. She slowly drifted into sleep.

By evening the next day, the mechanic brought her car.

The following weeks were very busy for Adesua, she had a lot of classes. Her course was pretty intense and she was starting to regret her decision to study Pharmacy. She planned on studying a bit longer with Daisy at the library after class.

They had to prepare for a class the next day, that lecturer always made them write pop quizzes.

Kwaku offered to drop Olive at the hostel since Adesua had to study with Daisy.

Kwaku likes Olive, he likes her tomboyish nature and how opinionated she is.

He likes how she makes an attempt to score him whenever they play FIFA together.

He has been mustering a lot of courage to tell her how he feels for months but he feared she might reject him then friend zone him.

Olive was getting lunch from the food court so he waited for her in the car, his heart started beating a little faster when he saw her walking towards the car. His heart does that a lot whenever she is close to him.

I am so sorry I kept you waiting. I was explaining something to Hugh,” she said.

Kwaku sighed and unlocked the doors. She placed the food in the backseat and joined him at the front.

You know what? Let me drive. I want to drive” Olive said and got out of the car.

“Why? Why do you want to drive Olive?”

“I just feel like it. Come on, give me the keys “ she insisted.

Kwaku gave her the keys and got down.

You better drive safely” he warned.

Olive giggled and started the car.

Ali Gatie’s song IT’S YOU  started to play.

Olive nodded to the beat as she drove and looked at Kwaku.

He was busy texting on his phone.

She knew Kwaku was a little upset because she mentioned that she was speaking to Hugh at the food court.

Kwaku had an altercation with Hugh in class over a very trivial matter when the semester began and they haven’t made up since then.

Kwaku started getting closer to Olive when he found out she lived closer to his hostel so they started studying together. They eventually realized they had a lot in common.

Hugh for some reason has started speaking a lot to Olive to spite Kwaku.

Kwaku brought it up one time when he was studying with Olive but she got very upset.

She didn’t want Kwaku telling her what to do and who she can and cannot speak to at school.

She later apologized to Kwaku but since then Hugh has been a rough topic in their friendship.

Hey. Are you mad at me? ” she asked playfully. Kwaku chuckled and shook his head.

I am just tired from class,” he said.

You sure? ” Olive asked.

Kwaku smiled but didn’t answer because he knew what Olive was up to. There was an awkward silence.

What were you two talking about anyway? ” Kwaku asked breaking the silence but still looking down at his phone.

Nothing really Kwaku. He just asked me if I could help him with a design this evening at his hostel. Paa Kwesi and Nora would be there. Want to come with me?”

No Olive. You go have fun”

I am not going to have fun. We are actually going to study Kwaku. Everything isn’t about you, you know?! ”

Kwaku looked at her when she started yelling.

Why are you throwing a fit Olive? I said am tired and I need some rest. You can go and study with Hugh or whoever you want”

Olive sighed and looked on the road pretending she didn’t hear what Kwaku had just said. She got quiet for a short while then angrily hit her hand against the steering wheel.

“Kwaku! Why is this bloody song on repeat?! ” she angrily said.

Kwaku looked at her surprisingly then turned the music off.

There! Happy now?! ” Kwaku retorted.

The drive back was very silent, they were both very upset.

Kwaku texted on his phone the whole time, the only sound they both could hear was the sound his keypad made while he texted.

Olive wondered who he was busy chatting with.

She drove to her hostel and angrily got out of his car. She took her food from the back seat and without saying goodbye, banged his door and stomped to her room.

Kwaku rolled his eyes, he got down to sit in the driver’s seat and sped off. He liked Olive a lot but really hated her quick temper and sharp tongue.

Olive couldn’t wait to report to her sister, she sent Daisy a text when she got into the room.

Daisy shook her head when she read the message. Adesua asked her what the matter was and Daisy showed her Olive’s message.

I am not speaking to Kwaku ever again!! ” it read.

Those two! I don’t understand them. They behave like a couple of two years olds” Adesua said.

I will deal with it when I get to the room. But I am very sure Olive started it. She really needs to work on her temper” Daisy added.

I am very tired and hungry Daisy. Let’s call it a day. We can continue at dawn in my room” Adesua said.

Daisy nodded and they packed their books.

They drove to the food court to get red velvet muffins for Olive, it always cheered her up anytime she was upset.

Reginald and his girlfriend Kelly were there.

Kelly was eating while Reginald sat across from her, he was facing the entrance so he saw when Adesua and Daisy walked in.

Adesua didn’t see them but Daisy did.

She started teasing Adesua.

Oh my God! Adesua isn’t that your hubby?”

Adesua smiled and waved at him.

He smiled and waved back. Kelly turned to look at who Reginald was waving at.

Adesua suddenly became very uncomfortable, she couldn’t wait to buy the muffins and leave. Daisy just stared at her, enjoying every moment.

When they got back to the hostel, Olive wasn’t there. Daisy called her, she was at Hugh’s hostel studying.

Okay then, please don’t stay out too long. It’s getting pretty late. I don’t want mummy or daddy to call then I have to lie about your whereabouts” Daisy said when she called her.

I would be back soon. We are wrapping up” Olive said

Daisy was cooking with Adesua when she got a call from Kwaku.

They both laughed because they knew he was calling to complain about Olive.

“Hello, Kwaku. How are you?”

“Hey Daisy. I am good. How are you too? Did I wake you? I have been knocking on your door. Olive isn’t picking my calls” Kwaku said.

Oh. I am actually upstairs with Adesua. Olive isn’t around. She has gone to Hugh’s hostel to study. Hold on. I am coming downstairs”

Kwaku was very disappointed to hear that Olive had gone to Hugh’s hostel after all.

Hey Kwaku” Daisy said and hugged him

Hi, Daisy. What time did Olive leave?”

I really don’t know. Adesua and I got back an hour and a half ago. She wasn’t here when we got back. Is anything the matter?”

Ermmm.. No. Just tell her I passed by. Have a goodnight. My greetings to Adesua”

Daisy watched him as he rushed out of the gate. He didn’t seem fine. She texted Olive and told her about Kwaku’s visit.

Hugh offered to walk Olive back to the hostel when they finished studying.

Kwaku was leaving when he saw Olive and Hugh walking towards the hostel.

It was dark so Olive couldn’t recognize Kwaku’s car when they passed it.  His heart skipped a beat when he saw them hugging in front of her gate, he didn’t know they had started hugging each other.

When Hugh left, Olive entered the hostel and checked her phone, she saw Daisy’s messages and Kwaku’s missed calls. She quickly returned Kwaku’s call.

“Hey, Kwaku. I missed your call”

“ were you busy? Where are you? he asked.

Olive hesitated before she answered.

“I was with Hugh”

“Yeah. I saw you two hugging just now”


“Come outside. I am in front of your gate”

Olive was confused, she rushed outside.

She walked to the car and Kwaku unlocked the door.

Hey Kwaku….” she said when she got in.

Kwaku just stared at Olive for a while before he spoke.

It’s pretty late Olive. Almost 7 pm”

“What time did you leave for his place?”

“Kwaku. I am not a child. Stop treating me like one”

“Olive! What time did you leave?!”

Olive was startled when Kwaku raised his voice at her. She was the one that usually raised her voice at him.

Around 4 pm Kwaku. I left at 4 pm”

Kwaku noticed a crack in her voice as she spoke. He didn’t intend to make her cry, he felt terrible. He held her by the hand but Olive let go of his hand.

Kwaku held her hand again, this time tightly.

“ I am sorry Olive. I didn’t mean to raise my voice at you. You are just too hard-headed”

No, I am not. You are overly protective Kwaku and so childish. If you would go on like this then I don’t want to be friends with you anymore” Daisy said and forced her hand out of his.

Kwaku looked at her.

So is that it? You want the freedom to be with Hugh right?”

“Kwaku! Can you hear yourself? You sound like a jealous boyfriend! We are just friends. And what’s with this song anyway? It’s been on repeat since afternoon”

“What if I want to be more than just your friend Olive?”

What?! Kwaku what are you saying?”

“I have been trying to find the right words but this song’s lyrics are the exact words I want to say to you Olive. I am falling for you, just you and it hurts so much to see you with Hugh almost all the time

Olive was surprised and speechless.

She listened to the song again, this time more attentively. The lyrics to the song were perfect and she was happy those were the words Kwaku wanted to tell her.

A tear rolled down her cheek and she looked at him.

I think I like you more than just a friend too. You are so important to me. Even though we fight a lot. ” Olive said.

Kwaku smiled and sighed

so you want to be my girlfriend?”

Olive nodded shyly.

Kwaku laughed.

I never thought I would ever see the girly side of you Olive. Look at you all coy”

Olive smiled and Kwaku kissed her.

“I love you” Kwaku whispered

“I love you too

and you better be grateful to Ali Gatie for having amazing lyrics to this song” Olive added.

Kwaku chuckled.

So is it safe to say Ali Gatie’s IT’S YOU is our song?” he asked.

Olive giggled and shrugged shyly.

It can be our song for now,” she said.

Okay… girlfriend. If you say so

They both laughed.

I have to go inside now. I would see you tomorrow?”

Kwaku nodded and they kissed again.

Olive went straight to Adesua’s room to find Daisy. She was so excited. She couldn’t wait to tell them.

I met Kwaku at the gate when I got back. He just asked me to be his girlfriend. It happened so fast”

What?! And what did you say?” Daisy asked.

Yes of course!! This is Kwaku we are talking about. Have you taken a good look at him? I am so happy! ” Olive said.

so you love him this much and you guys always fight like kids? ” Adesua teased.

Olive laughed

He really can be very annoying sometimes. Anyway, how are things with Reginald? The ultimate crush! ” Olive asked and the twins burst out into laughter.

Olive, Olive! That reminds me. We saw him today at the food court, he was with someone I am assuming is his girlfriend. Reginald waved at Adesua and the look this girlfriend gave Adesua, if looks could kill Adesua would be dead!! ” Daisy said. 

Olive fell on the bed with laughter.

oh my God! You better forget about that guy before it’s too late, Adesua.”

Adesua didn’t pay them any mind.

Are you girls done? Please I have to wake up early to study. Leave my room” she said and chuckled. 

The twins continued laughing and teasing her.

I don’t like Reginald. I don’t know what makes you girls think that I do”

“We saw the way you looked at him at the restaurant when he ordered the Pizza. It was crazy, I am sure he might have felt uncomfortable” Daisy said.

Adesua shook her head

I didn’t stare at him that much, you girls are exaggerating. You know what? It’s late and I need to sleep. I have no idea what you girls are talking about. Anyway, congratulations Olive and I wish you luck with Kwaku

Thanks, Adesua“ Olive replied.

I would see you at dawn so we finish up. Call me when you wake up, I would also call you when I wake up” Daisy said.

Sure Daisy, Goodnight

Kwaku and Olive were inseparable, he held her hand a lot on campus which sometimes made Olive uncomfortable because she wasn’t very big on public displays of affection but she noticed that was what Kwaku liked and she didn’t want to rob him of it.

Adesua and Leah have gotten pretty close in the last couple of months so she paid her a visit one Saturday afternoon. She was bored and the twins had gone home for the weekend.

Kelly Coomson, she won the Miss Crimson University pageant last semester.

She has been very popular since she got to Crimson University. She is in my class but we don’t really talk much. She is loved by all our lecturers because of how good she is in class. Reginald met her at a party when we were in our first year and they both hit it off pretty strongly. He asked her to be his girlfriend in the second year, it was at her birthday party and in front of everybody so she said yes even though a part of me thinks she only said yes to make Reggie happy and not embarrass him. She was very close to a certain guy in class and everyone in the law faculty knew she would go out with that guy instead” Leah said.

Really?” Adesua asked

Yes. The guy stopped being close to her when he heard the rumor about her accepting Reggie’s proposal”

Wow. But she seems happy now with Reggie from my point of view” Adesua said

Yeah. They are the power couple on campus. Everyone knows them” Leah said and chuckled

so you met Reginald through Kelly?”

No. Reggie is actually my cousin but we were not very close at first. We found out when we came to this school. My dad and his dad are stepbrothers. We share the same grandmother. Pretty awkward

Yeah… very awkward,” Adesua said.

But we have gotten closer over the years. These days whenever his dad comes to visit him, he passes by my hostel and gives me some money and provisions.

Reginald is all the way at Derby Hostel but his dad drives down here just to see me. My dad also tries to see Reginald whenever he visits me too.

On days Reginald isn’t around he leaves some money for me to give to him. I think we are good now

That’s so nice Leah. Are you the only child?”

Yeah, I am. Reginald is an only child too. So we are like brother and sister. Nana Yaw is one of his best friends. Reggie really didn’t want me dating any of his friends at all but Nana Yaw is one of the good ones and he treats me very well so Reginald had no choice than to give us his blessings or whatever”

They both laughed.

How about you? Are you an only child and are you dating anyone? ” Leah asked.

No. I have a big brother but I hardly see him. He is a medical Doctor but based in the States with his family. He visits every other Christmas. My father wanted me to also be a Medical Doctor but I decided I wanted to be a pharmacist instead. We have enough Doctors in my family as it is. I have two Uncles and an Aunt who are doctors”

then all those rumors are true?” Leah asked.

What rumors?”

I heard you are Dr. Yemi Okunola’s daughter. The Neurosurgeon? He is pretty famous”

Wow, news travels fast! Well, yeah I am the daughter of  Dr. Yemi Okunola. My big brother has the same name but he is an Oncologist and my dad isn’t that famous I don’t know why people think that..” Adesua said. 

A call came through on Leah’s phone, interrupting the conversation. It was Nana Yaw.

Hey Baby,” she said.

Are you in your room? I am getting lunch”

“ Yeah, I am around. What food are you getting?

“ Oh just Jollof rice from Benji’s”

Ooh okay. Adesua came to visit, could you kindly get her a pack. It’s high time she tasted correct Ghana Jollof”

Adesua laughed.

Okay love. I would see you soon” Nana Yaw said and ended the call.

I really admire you two. How did you guys meet?” Adesua asked.

I can see you are choosing to ignore my question about your dating anyone?” Leah said.

Adesua smiled.

I haven’t dated anyone before. I was trying to get to know someone but I had to come to Ghana so I ended it”

“Oh, Adesua. I am very sorry”

Ooh no. It’s fine. I am not hurt or anything”

that’s really good. Okay then, let me tell you about how I met Nana Yaw.

Well, in our first year, I went to visit Reggie. My father got him something for his birthday. When he came to visit, Reggie was out partying so he left it with me to give to him.

It was a Beats by Dre headphones; Reggie wanted one so badly. He had been saving to get one. It came up in a conversation with my dad one time so we decided to surprise him.

I decided to go and give it to him the next day, it was my very first time going over to his hostel even though I knew where it was, I forgot to call before setting off and called when I got to his gate.

He was playing a video game with a lot of his friends so the room was stuffy. He took me to Nana Yaw’s room to wait there, they weren’t roommates in the first year.

For some reason, that day of all days, Nana Yaw didn’t join the boys to play. He was working on an assignment with one of his coursemates.

I always say he didn’t play that day because God wanted us to meet, knowing Nana Yaw now, he really loves to play FIFA so for him to forfeit it to do his assignment is definitely God”

Adesua laughed

I greeted them and sat on his bed and waited.

When I walked in with Reggie, he thought I was Reggie’s girlfriend but when Reggie introduced us he found out I am his cousin. So when Reggie left us to finish his FIFA tournament. We started talking then we exchanged numbers.

We started texting every single day. He asked me to be his girlfriend when the second semester ended, I agreed during the vacation so we started dating in the second year and we still going strong. ”

That’s very lovely. So how did Fire and Ice start?” Adesua asked

ooh I didn’t start it per se. It is a dance group for the school. The old president handed it over to Antonio and me this semester so when the year ends I would also hand it over to someone you all elect. I hope you are enjoying Fire and Ice so far though?”

Adesua nodded.

“I am really happy I get to dance. I really loved the stage drama we did last month. It resonated with me. It’s was really a fun experience”

Nana Yaw knocked on the door and opened it.

Leah smiled when she saw him. He walked to her and kissed her.

“Hey, Adesua. Is that your car out there? ” he asked.

Adesua was startled by the question

“Yes. Why? Has someone created a dent in it again ? ” she asked worriedly.

Ooh no. I am just surprised. When you said you had a car, I didn’t picture you would have such a car. How do you manage to buy fuel? 

Adesua chuckled.

My father handles that for now”

“I see. Rich kid. So, I didn’t know what you like with your Jollof so I got you a little of everything” Nana Yaw said

“This is the best Ghana Jollof you would ever taste. When you go back to Nigeria you spread the word that Ghana Jollof is the best okay?” Leah added

Adesua laughed.

They ate and watched a movie together.

She was surprised she was actually friends with Leah, she didn’t plan it but Leah is a really nice person and Adesua looked forward to more years of friendship with her even when Leah graduates.

Nana Yaw’s phone rang when he took their plates to the kitchenette. The caller kept calling.

He rushed to answer it, it was a strange number.

Hello Nana Yaw, this is Andy. Can you kindly pass by Trust Hospital? Frank and Maleek got into a fight. Reginald tried separating them and now he is injured”

“Oh noo! I am on my way now”

Nana Yaw quickly looked around for his car keys.

What’s the matter?” Leah asked.

We need to go. Reggie is hurt ”

“What?! How?!” Leah asked worriedly.


Quite a long read but I hope you enjoyed reading it, I needed to introduce almost all the characters ??. The next episode would be published soon..❤️ See ya!