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Episode 10 – Sideline

Kayode smiled at Adesua when she got back into the room

Oh, I can see he has found out your love for cheeseburgers” Kayode teased.

Adesua laughed and picked the cheeseburger from the table. She sat next to Kayode on the bed.

It’s important that he knows,” she said

Well as a doctor, I would advise that you slow down with the cheeseburgers. It might not show on your body now but eating unhealthy foods is very bad for you” 

Adesua smiled and went to get a plate, she sliced the burger into a perfect half and offered Kayode one. 

You know you want to, just take it” Adesua teased. 

“I would eat it, only if you promise to cut down on it”

“I promise,” Adesua said and placed her hand on her chest

Kayode chuckled

“I am serious Adesua” he said

“I am serious too,” she said and chuckled

Kayode picked the other half and Adesua walked to her refrigerator to pour him a drink. 

I have a question,” she said 

“Sure. Lay it on me” 

So Reginald has never told me he loves me. He is nice and all but those words never come out of his mouth. I sent him a message last night telling him I loved him and he hasn’t replied”

Kayode had a little frown on his face

Has he read it?”

Adesua nodded and handed Kayode a glass of apple juice. 

Are you sure he is your boyfriend?”

“Yes. He asked me to be his girlfriend. We didn’t just go with the flow, he asked me”

Kayode sipped on the drink and thought about what Adesua had just told him. He sighed and got up, he placed the glass on her study table and turned to face her.

Adesua, I have known you all your life, I am sure I changed your dirty diaper at some point,” he said and Adesua laughed. 

You are old enough and you have a boyfriend now. When Yemi mentioned that you have a boyfriend, I was surprised. I wasn’t paying attention and now you are all grown up” he said and sat back down on the bed.

You know me, how I have had quite an adventurous life with women. The thing is, telling someone you love them is very scary but I also believe if someone really loves you they would definitely let you know. If a man loves you, you wouldn’t have any doubt about it. He would make it crystal clear with his words and his ways and you would never be confused” 

Adesua eyes filled up with tears, she really was confused and she had no idea what she was doing.

“I really love him Kayode, I don’t know why he is being this way”

“We accept the love that we think we deserve Adesua. You are just too young to be with someone who isn’t sure about you. You need someone that is very sure about you” 

Kayode said and hugged her

“You deserve to be loved fiercely by a good man. Reginald clearly isn’t interested in you like you think and he isn’t worth all this heartache and confusion”

Adesua let go of Kayode and wiped her eyes

What should I do then?

You know what to do Adesua, you are just too scared to do it but think about the peace of mind you would have if you do not have to worry your head about whether a boy loves you or not? I would choose peace of mind if I were you” 

Adesua sighed

“What if he is the one?”

Kayode laughed

The one? Usually, the first couple of people we date aren’t really the one Adesua. Let him go and get to know yourself. You would be surprised by the amazing things you would discover, love yourself first so that the man for you would know how to love you. Honestly, the Adesua I am seeing now is still too young to be someone’s girlfriend especially to a boy who doesn’t know what he wants” 

Adesua nodded in agreement

You are right Kayode. I need to know myself. I do feel something for him but I don’t want to be in a one-sided relationship. I would break things off with him”

“Okay. It’s always good to choose yourself first. I have to get going now, I have to work on my presentation. I promise to see you again before I leave”

“Sure Kayode. Thanks for passing by and your advice. I needed to hear it

“You are always welcome Adesua,” he said and smiled.

She escorted him to the gate and hugged him, he got into his car and waved at her before he drove off. 

Nana Yaw after talking to Reginald at length advised him to return to Adesua’s hostel and communicate honestly about how he really feels. He was pulling up to her hostel when he saw Adesua hugging Kayode. He sighed.

When Kayode drove past Reginald’s car they locked eyes with each other. 

Kayode stared at Reginald’s car from his rearview mirror and prayed that Adesua would get the strength to break things off with him. 

Adesua was startled to see Reginald’s car, she wasn’t ready to face him yet especially not after the conversation she just had with Kayode. 

Reginald smiled and got out of the car, Adesua smiled too. He walked to her and hugged her.

How are you?” he asked 

“I am fine. How are you?

Reginald let go of her and nodded

I am okay. I just saw your friend leaving, I didn’t know he would stay that long”

Adesua chuckled

“We had a lot to talk about that’s why. What are you doing here by the way? Did you forget something?”

Reginald smiled and nodded.

“Yes, I forgot to do this”

He held her hand and pulled her closer to him. He touched the side of her face and kissed her very passionately. Adesua kissed him back but she was very surprised, he hasn’t kissed her like that in a while.

After the kiss, Reginald held her hand and they walked to her room. He locked the door behind him and started kissing and undoing the buttons on Adesua’s shirt. 

Adesua was confused so she asked him to stop but he kept going 

Reginald I said stop!” she said angrily

Reginald was surprised she raised her voice at him

What’s the matter?” he asked

“Wait, I need to understand something. Who am I to you, Reginald?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean who am I to you? Because I certainly don’t feel like your girlfriend. It’s always sex, we hardly talk and you can’t even tell me you love me. I know you read my message last night and you are yet to reply but here you are trying to get into my panties again. What do you take me for?”

Reginald has never seen her that upset.

Calm down Adesua. You already know how I feel about you”

“No, I don’t. I don’t know how you feel about me. I need you to tell me how you feel. I need you to own it, I am tired of assuming Reginald!”

What has gotten into you? Why are you like this? Did your friend tell you something?”

“Kayode didn’t tell me anything, this is about me and you and how I feel like less of a girlfriend to you” 

You are my girlfriend Adesua I asked you out, didn’t I? So where from all this?”

“Reginald do you love me? Are you in love with me?”

Reginald sighed, he liked her a lot but wasn’t in love with her. He didn’t want to hurt her feelings so he just sat quietly on her bed

Last night when I texted I love you, you were typing then you stopped what were you typing?” she continued

I don’t really remember”

Adesua chuckled 

“You really can’t be serious. I don’t know what you are doing but I really don’t want to be a part of it anymore. You don’t love me. The fact that I have to ask you if you love me is sad, just sad Reginald”

“I don’t know why you are doing this Adesua. I really care about you, you know this. I am always there when you need me” 

“I know and I appreciate it but I remember the day I visited you in your room and Kelly called. You told her that you love her so it’s something you are capable of saying but just not to me I guess” 

Reginald was dumbfounded, Adesua sighed and leaned against her table, and looked at Reginald

“I guess I was probably the only one in this relationship and that’s alright. It is what it is. I want us to break up Reginald” she said

Reginald looked up at her

Adesua I know you are upset but don’t do this”

Do what? Put me first? Save me from getting hurt by you?”

I am not going to hurt you Adesua. I am never going to hurt you. You just don’t understand. I need time. When I say I love you to you, I want to mean it not because you have asked me to”

“When you told Kelly, did you mean it?”

Reginald ignored the question.

“You mean so much to me Adesua. I want to mean it when I tell you. It’s a process and I would get there, I just need you to be patient”

Patient? We are having sex and you want me to wait for you to get the courage to tell me you love me and mean it? So we have been having meaningless sex?”

Adesua chuckled and shook her head

This gets worse by the second. I want you to leave my room now Reginald. We are done”

“Adesua, please I know how it looks like but I need you to calm down,”

Reginald said and got off her bed. He walked to her and held her hand.

You don’t understand what I am saying. I really do love you Adesua more than you would ever think. I just find it hard saying it because it makes everything real. The last two people I said it to broke my heart so I just want to take it slow”

“ last two people? There was someone before Kelly?” Adesua asked

Reginald then realized that he had gotten carried away and said a little too much. He knew Adesua finding out about Janine would cause more problems. 

Yes there was,” he said

“I see,” she said

Luckily Adesua didn’t ask any more questions. Adesua walked back to her bed and sat quietly with her thoughts. She wanted to believe him and try to understand him but everything he said sounded shady and she didn’t understand why he had to give reasons why he couldn’t say I love you back. 

She then sighed and looked up at him 

“ It’s either you love me or you don’t Reginald. The overthinking and the excuses only show that you don’t and I can’t be with someone who isn’t sure about me. I really think we should break up Reginald” 

Reginald looked at her from across the room

“ Are you serious? ” he asked

“ I am. Let’s just end it now and save each other the time, trouble and heartache” 

“Okay, Adesua. I really hope you know what you are doing” Reginald said sadly. 

He hugged, then kissed her on the cheek.

“For what it’s worth we didn’t have meaningless sex Adesua” Reginald said and sighed.

He walked to her door and turned to look at her before he opened it and left.

Adesua sat in silence for a moment to come to terms with what had just happened. 

Reginald was sad as he drove back so he called Leah. He assumed that she might know what was going on with Adesua but Leah hadn’t spoken to Adesua in a while. 

Hello, Reggie?” Leah said

“ Hi, Leah. How are you?”

“ I am okay. How are you too?”

“ I am not really good. Your friend just broke up with me” 

“ Adesua?! Why? Have you guys been fighting?”

“ No. She just switched on me this evening because I didn’t tell her I love her” 

“ Oh, that” Leah said and sighed

“ Yes, that”

Were you able to tell her the truth though?” Leah asked

I was trying to but I ended up saying all the wrong things”

“ What did you tell her?”

“ So one time she overheard me telling Kelly I loved her on the phone so she asked me why I can’t openly tell her too. I told her I find it hard to say it because I want to mean it when I do so I needed time” 

Well, that was a silly thing to say,” Leah said and chuckled

I know, it was really silly. So I am not surprised she broke things off. I would have broken up with myself too” 

Leah laughed 

“ But on a more serious note Reginald, I really think your mother would want you to be happy. You can’t keep holding on to what your father did. You are not him” 

Reginald stayed quiet and Leah continued.

“ Stop living in fear and genuinely open up to someone. I know your parents had a horrible marriage but that doesn’t mean you would have a horrible marriage too. If it’s Janine that you really want, go for her. Stop looking for her in all these girls. You would never find her in them, you are only hurting them. I thought Adesua was the one to help you forget about Janine but clearly, she isn’t. She is complaining about the same things Kelly used to complain about when you started dating her. You were forced to say you love her even though you didn’t. You couldn’t even call Kelly by the pet names most couples do like Baby or Boo. It was always Kaycee or whatever. For Adesua you call her by her first name like she is some acquaintance. Stop beating yourself up and stop wasting time. Go and get the girl you want and be happy. You wouldn’t lose her, you would make her happy. Janine still loves you a lot. You are not your father Reginald” 

Reginald sighed.

Are you sure Janine loves me?” he asked. 

“ She loves you very much. She is crazy about you, anytime I talk to her she always talks about you. She has been sad lately because she found out about you and Adesua” 

“ I knew she would be sad about that. I need to call her” 

You should call her, I also need to call Adesua too. I didn’t mind it when you played about Kelly’s feelings but I am sort of mad at you for hurting my friend. I am sure she is an emotional wreck now” 

“ But she broke things off with me Leah”

“ Yes because you don’t love her enough. She is in her right mind to do that. I just know she is very sad now because she too loves you a lot” 

Reginald sighed

“ Let me know how she is doing when you call her. I want to check up on Janine now” Reginald said

“ Okay. Sure. Bye” Leah said and ended the call. 

Ekow planned a trip to Kenya with Olive the next weekend. He wanted to show her their coffee farm. Olive was very excited about it, Daisy hated the idea but she covered up for her whenever their parents called. 

Ekow’s mother is Kenyan, she came to Ghana for a holiday when she was younger and met Ekow’s dad. The rest was history, they had Ekow a year after getting married and started the coffee business which has been very successful over the years. 

She couldn’t wait to meet the girl Ekow wouldn’t shut up about. Ekow ushered Olive to the house when they arrived. He went to find his mother, she was cooking his favorite Kenyan dish in the kitchen. He crept behind her and whispered. 

“ Jambo Mama”. 

Nekesa was startled but she turned and hugged her son. 

Ekow!” she said excitedly. 

“ How are you?” she added

“ Very tired and hungry,” he said

He took a wooden spoon and tasted his mother’s stew. 

“ Wow, Mama! This tastes good”

“ Asante, baby. I am happy you like it. So tell me did you bring your friend?” 

“ Yes, she is in the living room. Please be nice, she is very nervous”

Nekesa chuckled. 

“You know I would be. Let me finish up in here and meet her. I am so happy you are here. I have missed you” 

 “I have missed you too, Mama”

Ok go on. I would join you two soon” Nekesa said and continued cooking. 

Olive walked around in the living room admiring the place but she was startled by an artifact of a lion in a corner and mistakenly hit a vase off a table. 

Ekow rushed to the living room and found Olive trying to pick up the broken pieces.

What have you done?” he asked and walked to her.

I..I..don’t know. I..I..was just…” Olive stammered. 

Nekesa got to the living room and saw the broken vase, she was very upset. It was one of her favorite vases. Olive was scared when she saw Nekesa. 

“Stop. I would do it” Ekow said. 

No. I can clean it up. I am terribly sorry”

It’s fine, stop” he said

Olive didn’t pay Ekow any mind and kept picking up the pieces of the vase. 

“ Olive! I said stop! “ Ekow said angrily.

He forced the broken pieces Olive had picked up out of her hand cutting her in the process. 

“ Go and sit down!” he added

Olive was startled and embarrassed, her finger was bleeding but she hid it. Nekesa glared at her and Olive felt worse.

She walked to Ekow and they picked up the rest of the pieces together. They walked back to the kitchen and stayed longer. Olive was going crazy with fear, a young boy popped out from the backyard with a broom and cleaned the place. She was still bleeding so she asked the boy for help but the boy looked scared and timid. He shook his head and rushed out after cleaning.

Olive searched her purse and wrapped her finger with her handkerchief, Ekow later came out of the kitchen and sat by her, and saw the blood-stained handkerchief on her finger.

“What happened?” he asked firmly

“I cut myself when you took the broken pieces out of my hand”

Olive was so frightened by how Ekow had reacted early on, she flinched when Ekow asked to see the finger.

Ekow examined it and got up to get a first aid box, Nekesa immerged from the kitchen with a smile on. Olive was ready for her wrath after the look she had given her but she was smiling and acting like everything was fine. She asked if Olive was fine after Ekow placed a bandaid on her finger. Olive nodded and smiled.

“Okay then, let’s have lunch,” Nekesa said

A young teenage girl who looked really malnourished served them, she smiled at Olive and Olive smiled back at her. Nekesa noticed it and looked up at the young girl.

Hurry up Elizabeth!” she retorted.

“Okay madam,” she said.

Olive at that moment wanted to go back home, she knew she had made a mistake following Ekow to Kenya. They had lunch and spoke about the coffee business. Nekesa told Olive about the history of the business, she was warming up a little to Olive and that made Olive feel a little comfortable.

Ekow walked her through the coffee farm that evening and explained to her why the vase was very important and why he was upset that it was broken. While they spoke, Elizabeth approached them.

Madam wants to talk to you Sir,” she said

Okay go tell her I would be with her soon”

“Okay Sir”

Elizabeth walked past Olive and quickly squeezed a piece of paper into Olive’s hand. It was getting dark so Ekow didn’t see. Olive held on to it and watched Elizabeth walk away.

What’s wrong?“Ekow asked

Nothing is wrong,” she said

Okay, let’s go back inside I have to go and see my mother now”

Olive was in a hurry to go to the guest room and read the note from Elizabeth. Ekow led her to the front of her room and told her he would come and check on her later.

Sure Ekow. Take your time” she said and smiled

Ekow smiled back and went to find his mother. Olive quickly went to her room and locked the door. She quickly unfolded the paper.

You need to get out of this house Miss. ASAP! If you don’t, I am afraid you would not make it out of here alive”

Olive gasped and dropped the paper.


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