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Episode 11-Shadows

Olive picked up her phone quickly and texted Daisy.

Daisy called the moment she read Olive’s message, she has been very worried about her. 

Hello Olive? What do you mean?” she asked

I can’t really talk right now but please inform mum and dad to alert the police or someone that can help me. My life is in danger” she said in a whisper. 

What is going on there? You are scaring me Olive” Daisy said worriedly

Elizabeth knocked on Olive’s door and that startled her, she thought it was Ekow so she quickly ended the call.

Who is it?” she asked.

“It’s Elizabeth”

Olive quickly opened the door and asked her in.

“I have read your note but I don’t know what to do now”

“Where is the note? Elizabeth asked.

Olive pointed to the floor.

Elizabeth quickly picked the note and went to the bathroom to flush it. She rushed out and sat Olive down. 

“Right now, they are having a meeting about you then later perform some rituals on you. They do that with all the girls, they perform these rituals on the girls before they are taken away” she whispered

“Taken away? To where?”

“I have no idea, and I pray you never find out where. You need to pick only your important things. You are going to have to leave your suitcase here but they shouldn’t find anything in it that could help them find you”

Olive panicked and quickly looked through her suitcase and picked her passport and purse.

“Do you have sneakers?” Elizabeth asked.

Olive looked down at her feet and up at Elizabeth

No. I don’t. I didn’t know I would need them”

You certainly can’t run for your life in those but we can make do with them for now”

Elizabeth locked her door again and turned off the lights in the room. She walked to the window and Olive followed her. The young timid boy Olive had seen early on was standing, waiting for a signal. Elizabeth turned to look at Olive.

“You would have to jump”

“Jump? I thought we would use the door”

Elizabeth looked at her surprisingly

“I can see you don’t value your life. At the count of three please jump, he would catch you”

Olive looked down at the boy, she was so scared. She looked at Elizabeth and she nodded.

It is the only way Miss. Don’t overthink it”

Olive took in a deep breath and jumped. The boy caught her as if he had had a lot of practice. Elizabeth jumped too. They quickly ran to the back garden to hide for a bit then an old man that Olive recognized to be the gateman approached them. He led them to a small gate at the back of the house and quickly open it. 

“Asante, baba” Elizabeth said and hugged the old man.

Karibu, Lizzie. May the Lord be with you” the old man said.

They rushed out of the gate and the old man rushed back to the main gate. 

When they got out they saw two land rovers approaching the house, so they went to hide again so they wouldn’t be seen.

Who are those?” Olive asked

“The men who are supposed to take you away,” Elizabeth said. 

Olive watched quietly as the cars entered the house, her heart was beating so fast. 

We need to go now. They would notice you are out of the house any moment from now” Elizabeth said.

They run as fast as their tiny legs could take them. Olive couldn’t believe the mess she was in but she didn’t have time to think.

Daisy called as they run and Elizabeth realized her phone was on.

Turn your phone off! Do you want to have us killed? Ekow can easily track you”

Elizabeth angrily said and took the phone then turned it off.

Daisy started to panic when Olive wasn’t answering, she then realized that it isn’t a joke anymore. She had informed their parents and they were very disappointed in her for allowing Olive to travel out of the country with someone she barely knew.

They informed the police but they didn’t know how to entirely help since it wasn’t a case in Ghana but they assured them that they would handle it. 

Daisy worriedly called Kwaku, and he rushed to the police station. He was worried out of his mind, he called Olive’s number in hopes that she might just answer. That night Kwaku stayed with Daisy and her parents in their hostel room, they all couldn’t sleep. He consoled Daisy in his arms as she cried uncontrollably. 

Ekow met up with the men outside and shook their hands

Are you sure about this one?” one man asked Ekow

“Yes, I am very sure. Fresh virgin blood”

The men laughed and Ekow led them upstairs to the room where the rituals would be performed.

Ekow left to the kitchen and placed three tablets of benzodiazepine into a glass of orange juice for Olive to drink so she can doze off quickly for them to perform the rituals on her. He got to her door and was surprised her door was locked, he knocked three times and when there was no answer, he broke the door open. He turned on the lights and saw the opened window, he rushed out to inform the others and they quickly drove out to find her. The gateman who knew what was going on prayed silently for Elizabeth and the others. 

They ran to market place and Elizabeth asked them to wait. Olive watched as Elizabeth walked away. She then turned to look at the boy, he was shivering with fear.

It’s going to be alright Gabriel” she said and held his hand. 

Elizabeth came back with a woman and spoke Swahili pointing at Olive and Gabriel. The woman nodded and she asked them to follow her, they waited in a room for two hours and she came back to get them.

She led them to a truck that was going to supply plantains to a mission house in a village. The driver hid them in the stack of plantains and they started their journey. Olive cried as the car moved, she was starting to get very scared. 

Adesua was very worried when she found out about the situation with Olive, the way Daisy described it to her made her more worried. She knew Olive was hot-headed but she didn’t wish this on her. She stayed up praying for Olive all night. 

The truck arrived at the village the next morning and the women were eager to get Olive and rest out, they had already been informed about their arrival. They helped them down and led them inside. They freshened up and had some breakfast.

Ekow and the other men searched for Olive all night and all morning. They went to the airports and bus stations and everywhere else they could think of. They had no idea Elizabeth and Gabriel had escaped too till they got home and Nekesa told them.

Nekesa was very frustrated, they were running out of time. Ekow’s father arrived in Kenya on the next available flight, he couldn’t believe how careless Ekow has been.

Olive stayed in hiding at the mission house for a month. They wanted things to ease up before she makes any move. When the coast seemed clear, the people in the mission house contributed and paid for a return ticket for Olive. 

She was sad when she had to leave, she had grown very fond of all of them especially the little kids. Before she left, she hugged Elizabeth and Gabriel tightly and her eyes filled up with tears. 

“I can’t thank you enough Lizzie. I owe you my life”

“Don’t mention Miss Olive. Please take proper care of yourself as you leave and may God be with you”

Olive hugged her again and gave her a bracelet on her wrist.

I would never forget about you, Lizzie. Asante sana.” Olive said.

Elizabeth smiled, Olive had picked up a little Swahili. Olive joined the mission bus to the airport. She prayed as she boarded the plane, her nightmare was almost over. She wore a long blue dress with her hair covered up in a white scarf and had sunglasses on to cover her face. 

When the plane landed at the Kotoka International Airport in Ghana, she was overwhelmed with emotions, she walked out of the arrival hall and stopped a taxi. She went straight home, everything else could wait, she had missed her parents so much. 

When her mother opened the door and saw Olive, she dropped on the floor in relief. She couldn’t believe her eyes, she was just starting to accept the fact that Olive was dead. Olive helped her up and she hugged her tightly.

“Mummy I missed you. I am so sorry” 

“It’s alright. I am very glad you are alive, I don’t know what I would have done without you”

They went inside and Olive went to her bedroom to sleep in her bed, she was happy to be home. She thought about the whole experience in bed and drifted off to sleep. 

Daisy went home after lectures, she couldn’t wait to see Olive. She rushed to her bedroom but she was sleeping. She watched her sleeping for a bit before she left her room. 

Kwaku called, he had just seen Daisy’s message telling him about Olive. 

Hey Daisy”

“Hi Kwaku” 

“ I just read your message. Are you sure?”

Daisy smiled over the phone.

“I am very sure. I am home now and I just watched her sleeping soundly in her bed”

“Oh my God! We thank God. This is great news!”

“Yes. We thank God and thanks so much for your prayers and support Kwaku”

“You are very welcome Daisy”

“Okay, I would keep you posted”

“Sure, say hello to her for me”

“Okay I will” 

Olive woke up later and freshened up. She found Daisy watching Tv in the living room when she went downstairs. 

Daisy!” she said excitedly.

She quickly run to her and hugged her.

“I am happy to see you sissy” she added. 

She laughed and started crying in Daisy’s arms she was overwhelmed with emotions, she really thought she wouldn’t see her again. Hearing Olive cry caused Daisy to cry too. Olive narrated her whole experience to Daisy that evening.

After a week of her return, she got a new phone, changed her number, and stayed off social media. 

Elizabeth after finally escaping,  mustered some courage and with the help of the people at the mission house, reported Ekow’s family to the police in Kenya. They were arrested in their home where human bones were later found buried on their coffee farm. 

Olive changed a lot after her near-death experience in Kenya, she was a lot calmer and grounded. Her month in a mission house drew her a lot closer to God and everyone around her noticed and was quite impressed. 

Adesua started to miss Reginald a lot, she told herself she wasn’t going to stalk him on social media but she found herself doing it one afternoon. She was hanging out with the twins in their room.

She went on his Instagram page and saw that Reginald had posted a photo with Janine. 

Is Janine in Ghana?” Adesua asked

Daisy shrugged.

“Why do you ask?”

Adesua then gave her phone to Daisy, Daisy looked at the photo.

Did you read his caption though? I think he is in the UK”

“Really?” Olive asked and collected the phone. She read Reginald’s caption out loud

“Rendezvousing with this beaut, somewhere on the streets of Birmingham” she read

Olive looked at Adesua.

“He didn’t tell you he was going to the UK?” 

Adesua shook her head and stretch her hand to collect her phone.

“We don’t talk anymore,” Adesua said. 

“Breakups are the worst! I am sorry Adesua. But what’s the deal with Reginald and this Janine girl?” Olive said

“I know right?! I noticed some little tension between them, the time when we had the game night at Reginald’s house. I didn’t want to say anything because I felt I was just imagining it” Daisy said. 

“Really? I asked Reggie and he said he is just his childhood friend” Adesua said

“Ooh okay. Interesting” Daisy said

You know what? Why don’t we ask Leah, maybe she knows something? She is studying in the UK now after all” Olive suggested. 

Adesua chuckled and nodded.

“You might be right,” she said. 

Olive giggled and sat by Adesua.

“Put it on speaker, Put it on speaker,” she said excitedly.

Daisy and Adesua chuckled. 

“Hello, Adesua?”

“Hey, Leah? Are you busy?”

“Not really. What’s up?”

“I wanted to know something”

“Sure. What’s it?”

“Is Reginald in the UK now?”

“Yes, he is. He arrived a couple of days ago for a visit”

“Okay. What’s up with him and Janine? Did something happen between them?”

Leah hesitated for a bit before speaking.

Ummm…Adesua. What’s going on? Has Reginald told you anything?” 

“No, he hasn’t. Reginald and I don’t talk anymore”

“I see. Well, the thing is, Janine and Reginald used to be in a relationship. She is his first girlfriend”

“I just saw a photo of them together on Instagram. Are they back together or something?”

“I can’t really tell. He did mention that they are back to talking”

“I see” Adesua said sadly.

“I am sorry Adesua, I know this information is a lot to handle”

Adesua sighed.

“It actually is but I would be fine. I was the one that ended things him, he has every right to hang out with any girl he wants”

A video call from Nana Yaw came through on Leah’s phone so she had to end the call.

“I was right, after all, I did sense a vibe between them” Daisy said when the call ended.

Olive sighed

I mean Adesua, I don’t know why you ended things with Reginald if you love this much. It doesn’t matter if he says I love back or not. He showed it in many ways to you. I hope you don’t end up living with regret like me. I had to lose Kwaku, to realize how very much I love him and it is not easy living with something like that” 

A knock on the door startled Olive, she has gotten a little jumpy after her trip to Kenya. 

“Are you expecting someone?” Olive asked Daisy in a whisper

Daisy chuckled

“No, but why are whispering though? Ekow is in jail. You can relax” she said and went to get the door. 

It was Kwaku. 

“Oh Hi Kwaku?”

Olive’s heart skipped a beat when she heard Kwaku’s name. She turned to look at Adesua surprisingly. Adesua chuckled. 

“Hi, Daisy. Is Olive around?” he asked.

“Yes, she is. Come in”

Kwaku walked into the room, and Olive got a little shy when she met eyes with Kwaku. 

Hi, Adesua. Hello, Olive” he said and smiled. 

“Hello, Kwaku. How are you?” Adesua asked.

“I am doing okay, how about you?”

“I am doing fine too” 

Kwaku looked at Olive and asked if they could talk outside. Olive nodded sharply and walked out. 

Okay girls, I would see you around,” Kwaku said before he followed Olive out. 

Daisy and Adesua waited for a while for them to walk a distance before they looked at them from the window. 

Do you think, they would work things out?” Adesua asked. 

“I have no idea but for Kwaku to drive here just for her, I am thinking he probably wants to”

Those two though,” Adesua said and went back to sit on Olive’s bed.

“I know! They are just something else” Daisy said and chuckled. 

Kwaku offered they grabbed a bite to eat and talk. Olive nodded and Kwaku opened the car door for her. 

It was a very awkward ride to the restaurant, they haven’t really spoken in a while. Kwaku was very nervous. When they got to the restaurant, Kwaku suggested they sat at the back corner at the restaurant for some privacy. 

“So how have you been?” Kwaku asked

“I have been okay. You?”

“I have been okay too. Your little incident scared me a lot though. Glad you are okay”

“Yes! It was very scary but God was on my side”

Kwaku nodded and smiled. 

“So what’s up Kwaku? Why are we here? Why are we even talking now because you haven’t said a word to me for months” 

Kwaku sighed and leaned back in his seat.

“I miss you Olive. I really miss you”

“I thought you hated me Kwaku. You almost died because of my foolishness”

“I have never hated you, I have been very upset with you, yes but I don’t hate you. I was going crazy when you went missing for a month”

Olive sighed and looked at Kwaku.

“I have missed you a lot too, Kwaku.  I know I messed up with the Hugh thing but I didn’t know how blessed I was to have you as a boyfriend. I took you for granted and I am terribly sorry, I haven’t been able to forgive myself”

“I have been trying to get over you, over us and everything we shared but it’s so hard especially if I have to see you every day in class,” Kwaku said and they chuckled.

“I am so in love with you Olive and I really want our relationship to work. I don’t see myself with anybody else and trust me I have tried dating other people”

“I am crazy about you too Kwaku”

“So you want to give us another go? This time we try to be honest and transparent with each other more?” Kwaku asked

Olive smiled and nodded

Yes, I would like that. I would love that very much” Olive said excitedly.

She got off her seat and hugged Kwaku.

“I thought I have lost you forever,” she said in his arms.

I thought the same too. I love you Olive” Kwaku said

“I love you too so much,” Olive said and kissed him

After the hug they laughed and sat back down, Kwaku felt very relieved. Their food arrived and they ate and talked. Kwaku opened the car door for her again when they were leaving the restaurant. 

When Kwaku got to the car, he connected this phone to the Bluetooth speaker and played Rihanna and Neyo’s song “Hate that I love you”. Olive laughed out loud when she recognized the song.

“Oh Noo” Olive said and laughed again

Oh yeah!” Kwaku said and nodded to the song

They laughed and sang the song together happily in the car as Kwaku drove back to Olive’s hostel. 


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