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Episode 12- Storms and Rainbows

Olive smiled and waved shyly down at Kwaku when she walked up to the stage with the choir. Kwaku chuckled and waved back at her, he had no idea that she had spotted him in the crowd.

A few of the audience that has seen the little wave exchange turned to look at Kwaku and he shyly covered part of his face from the curious eyes and that made Olive smile. She had no idea why he still got shy anytime she publicly claimed him, almost everyone on campus knew they were in a relationship and he is the one that loves public displays of affection, Olive was only returning the compliment. 

They have been together for two years and counting after getting back together, without trying they have become the most admired couple on campus. After Olive’s near-death experience she re-dedicated her life back to God and joined a choir on campus. 

Her month in a mission house helped her find a new love for singing and the way the Kenyan women sang passionately to God made her want to be more closer to Him. She owed everything to God for preserving her life and for giving her a second chance to experience the best relationship she has ever imagined with Kwaku Agyeman Prempeh. 

The choir was having their annual program where they minister with only songs to win souls, the guest singers started to sing William McDowell’s song Spirit Break Out, a song they knew would create the right atmosphere for the students to dance and praise God. 

King Jesus. You’re the name we’re lifting high. Your Glory, shaking up the earth and sky. Revival. We wanna see your kingdom here” the choir sang and danced.

Daisy and Adesua sang gladly in the audience. Daisy was very happy to see her sister happy on stage, doing something she absolutely loved. 

Olive was the last person to sing, they saved the best vocals for last because they knew her ministration would win a lot more souls. When Kwaku saw someone help Olive out of her choir robe, he got confused. She walked to the front of the stage to take the microphone from the female guest singer. The audience clapped and cheered when they saw Olive, she had no idea that she is that loved by the students. 

Did you know she was going to sing?” Kwaku whispered to Daisy.

Daisy chuckled and nodded.

She wanted to surprise you” Daisy whispered.

Kwaku smiled and shook his head.

Good evening everyone” Olive and chuckled

Thank you, so before I minister I wanted to share a testimony, I haven’t been able to share this with anybody else apart from my family, my boyfriend, and some very close friends but I figured if I want the world to know how great God is, I have to share it.

All my life I have been a lukewarm Christian thinking I could do everything with my strength. I had a sharp tongue, a temper and I was just a very angry person. I made a new friend two years ago and he invited me to Kenya, I didn’t read any meaning into it because he has been nice and kind to me so I quickly assumed that he is a good person but it turned out he wasn’t. He was a murderer and I was his next victim. So here I was in another country knowing I would be dead in the next minute but God…..!”

The crowd cheered and clapped when Olive mentioned God’s name, some got on their feet and clapped. Olive chuckled and continued.

But God happened and till this day I am still in awe about how he used a stranger to save my life. There was a young girl that worked in that house, she looked really sad and hungry and I knew she was being severely maltreated. This young girl got the courage to tell me about my fate in the house but that wasn’t all, she helped me escape. We jumped out of a window and run for our lives. She wasn’t only saving my life she was saving her life too, her life and her brother’s. It was a very scary experience, we run all night, and with the help of a certain market woman we ended up in a mission house. I stayed there for a month but a month was more than enough to change my heart and mind. I have always known I have been taking God for granted but I didn’t know how to do better or pray. These women at the mission house changed me, most of the songs they sang were in Swahili but I didn’t need to understand the words to appreciate them. The songs were spirit-filled and John 4:24 says God is spirit and His worshipers must worship Him in spirit and in truth. After that experience, I vowed to live for God alone and worship Him in spirit and in truth. I hope this testimony changes your mind and heart, if you are a lukewarm Christian it’s time to do better. God is great and He loves us so much. Thank you and Amen” Olive said and smiled. 

She turned to the instrumentalist and they started the tune to Benjamin Dube and Hlengiwe Ntombela’s song “The Only One”. 

Olive and the male guest singer owned that song and sang it so passionately causing half of the congregation to stand in adoration. God’s presence filled the hall and a lot of people walked out from the congregation to give an offering at the front, some knelt down in tears singing and give reverence to God. 

Kwaku looked at Olive while she sang and tears filled his eyes, he absolutely loved this for her and he was so proud of the woman she was becoming. After the ministration, they had an altar call and people came forward to give their lives to Christ and that alone made Olive know that her job was done for that night. 

When the program ended, Kwaku, Adesua, and Daisy went backstage to find Olive but she was praying with the chaplain of the University when they saw her, so they excuse them. They went back out to wait in Kwaku’s car. 

“I didn’t know Olive could sing like that. I didn’t know she had all that in her” Adesua said

“It was amazing. I think we should go out and celebrate or something” Kwaku suggested

“It’s a great idea but I don’t know if Olive would be up for that, she must be tired and it’s late” Daisy said

Olive called Kwaku

“Hey, babe,” he said

“Hey, where are you?”

“We are outside now, we saw you praying with the chaplain are you done with him?”

“Yes I am, I am packing my stuff now and meet you outside”

“Okay baby”

Kwaku walked to Olive and hugged her,

“You killed the song babe. I loved it, it was a perfect surprise”

“Thanks, baby ” Olive said excitedly and smiled

“We wanted to go out and celebrate”

My feet hurt, I really just want to shower and go to bed. Can we do that tomorrow please?”

“Of course babe, tomorrow is fine too” 

Kwaku ordered two boxes of pizzas when they got to the hostel, Kwaku moved into Olive’s hostel in their third year to be closer to her. Kwaku stayed with the girls in their room to wait for the pizzas to arrive. When it did, he picked one box for himself and Olive to share. 

Tonight girls,” Kwaku said to Daisy and Adesua

Night Night Kwaku and thanks for the pizza,” Adesua said

Kwaku chuckled and walked out of the room, he went upstairs to his room. Olive after taking a shower wore one of Kwaku’s hoodies and went upstairs to his room. 

I am so tired,” she said and yawned

“You should eat something before bed,” Kwaku said and opened the pizza

Olive took a slice and turned on his TV, Kwaku excused himself and went to shower, when he got back Olive was fast asleep with a half-eaten pizza on her chest. Kwaku chuckled and took the pizza, he kissed her forehead and tucked her in the bed properly. 

Reginald found the courage and started a new relationship with Janine, he came clean to his father and Tessa. He thought they would be upset but they were extremely happy and he wondered why he and Janine kept it a secret the first time. 

He was the happiest that he could have been, being with Janine made sense. 

Adesua was devastated for a year when she found out about the relationship from Leah but she had to accept that she had a chance and ruined it. She stayed away from love and relationships for the rest of her stay in school. 

Daisy, in her third year, had a cute crush on a guy in business school, she has never seen him before on campus, and Crimson University isn’t a very big school. She wondered where he had been all those years. 

They met in front of the library, she was waiting for Adesua. Nathan was a little distracted on his phone and didn’t notice her at the front so he bumped into her and Daisy fell butt flat on the floor. She was wearing white trousers that day so she got a little upset.  Nathan helped her up and apologized. He then offered her his jacket to wrap around her waist to cover her dirty bum. Daisy didn’t want to take it at first so Adesua took it instead and thanked him. Adesua then suggested they exchanged numbers so that Daisy could return the jacket the next day. They exchanged numbers and they talked every day for a year, he quickly became her best friend. He asked her if she wanted to explore a romantic relationship with him the first semester of their fourth year and Daisy gladly accepted it. 

As they ate the pizza, Nathan called Daisy.

“Hey, Love. How was the show? I heard your sister stole the show” 

Yes, she did. It was a very nice show I really enjoyed myself” 

“I am glad to hear that. Sorry I couldn’t make it”

“That’s fine boo. Don’t apologize. How was the flight?”

“Very long, I wish you were with me, you know how much I hate traveling for long hours”

Daisy chuckled

“I know. Maybe next time I would join you”

“Sure boo. What are you up to?”

“Eating pizza with Adesua and watching Money Heist”

“Babe, are you watching Money Heist without me?”

Daisy laughed out loud

No baby, they are old episodes, Adesua wanted to catch up”

“Oh okay, cool. Don’t give her any spoilers though”

“Sure I won’t. What about you, what are you up to?” 

“In bed now listening to music. The others are downstairs, my sister is so excited about tomorrow”

“She should be, she gets to marry the love of her life tomorrow”

“Is that how excited you would be when we get married ?” Nathan teased

He liked to playfully put her on the spot. Daisy blushed and chuckled

Yes,” she said shyly

“Cool. I can’t wait. Okay I should get some sleep now. I have a long day tomorrow” 

“Okay baby. My best wishes to your sister”

“I would tell her. Goodnight doll face. I love you”

“I love you too boo Goodnight”

Adesua looked at Daisy when the call ended

You two are so cute together. Nathan is one of the good ones” she said

I know. I got lucky with him” Daisy said and blushed.

Her phone chimed, it was a message from Nathan. She quickly opened it to read. 

“This song reminds me of us, babe. You are phenomenal and I love you so much Daisy”

He then sent her Taylor Swift’s song “You Are in Love” and Daisy listened to it all night till she fell asleep. 

The next morning they all overslept, they were very tired. Nathan sent Daisy photos of his sister’s wedding. When Daisy woke up to them, it made her morning. Later in the day, they planned a nice lunch date to celebrate Olive and friendship in general.

They were all eating when their phones chimed at the same time, it was a video from Leah. They opened a saw that it was an engagement video, she was engaged to Nana Yaw.

“Oh my God!” Daisy said

“What a pleasant surprise. I am so happy for them” Olive said

Adesua called Leah but she was already on a call

“I can’t believe they are getting married. They have come so far. I just can’t wait for their wedding now” 

Leah returned Adesua’s call and she placed it on speaker

“Congratulations!!!” they all said

Leah laughed over the phone

Thanks, guys,” Nana Yaw said

“Yo! Nana Yaw sharp guy!” Kwaku teased

The sharpest!” Nana Yaw replied

Wow! Congrats man. You are setting the pace for us” Kwaku said and looked at Olive.

We would be in Ghana next month. When would you guys be done with your final exams?” Leah said

By June hopefully. When do you guys plan on getting married? “Adesua asked

We haven’t thought about any date yet Adesua, we just got engaged yesterday” Leah and giggled

Well, you two should decide fast. I don’t know about the others but I can’t wait for the wedding. We should meet up when you come to Ghana”

“For sure. We would plan something” Nana Yaw said

Awesome” Kwaku said

“Okay, we have to go now. Thanks so much, guys” Leah said

“You are welcome, fiancée ” Adesua said and ended the call

You two are next” Adesua said looking at Kwaku and Olive

“Amen to that!” Kwaku said

Olive laughed and shook her head

After lunch, Kwaku went to play basketball with some of his friends and the girls stayed back at the hostel. Olive took a nap in Kwaku’s room and Adesua and Daisy stayed up watching movies but Adesua dozed off.

Daisy and Nathan texted back and forth all afternoon. He kept asking her if she was in her hostel and Daisy kept replying that she was. Nathan stopped texting for a while so Daisy closed her eyes to nap but the sound of a violin outside her door woke both her and Adesua up. The violinist played Bruno Mar’s rendition of  Just the way you are.

Daisy had no idea it was for her, she and Adesua were ready with their curious eyes to gossip. They quickly wore their slippers and rushed outside to find out who was being serenaded in the hostel.

She got outside and saw a couple of Nathan’s friends coming inside the hostel with two boxes of cupcakes and a huge teddy bear.

“Oh my God! What is this?” she asked excitedly

” Happy Birthday in Advance Daisy,” one friend said

“Did Nathan put you up to this?” she asked

They laughed and nodded

“He felt bad that he wouldn’t be around for your birthday so he planned this” 

She smiled and asked the guys in, they dropped the boxes and the teddy bear on her table and they hugged and wish her well.

“Thanks so much, guys. I really appreciate this” Daisy said

“You are welcome Daisy. Enjoy yourself”

When the guys left, Daisy facetimed Nathan, he was already laughing

“I got you, real good babe”

You are so crazy, babe. When have you been planning all this? And how do you know someone that plays the violin so well ?”

“I have my ways, honey. Happy Birthday in advance my love. May God bless you” 

Daisy just looked at him, tears filled her eyes, she couldn’t believe how blessed she was to have Nathan

“I love you,” Daisy said tearfully.

“I love you too babe”

Adesua left the room when Daisy started crying to give her some privacy to talk to Nathan.

“Stop crying babe. You deserve this and more”

She wiped her eyes and smiled

I miss you so much,” she said

“I miss you too. I can’t wait to come down to Ghana. I don’t know why my sister decided to have a wedding all the way in Zanzibar”

Daisy laughed

“Because it’s her day and she can do whatever she wants”

Nathan chuckled

“I guess, now back to you. Are you happy baby?” Nathan asked

“Very happy, The teddy bear is so huge, where did you get it from?”

Nathan laughed

“Yeah I know, I wanted something big so that you can cuddle him whenever you miss me”

Daisy chuckled.

Adesua went to tell Olive the news and Olive rushed downstairs to have a look at the gifts.

“Whoa! I love this teddy” she said excitedly and carried it

Hi Olive” Nathan said

She rushed to Daisy and sat by her

Hi, Nathan. How are you?”

“I am good. Congratulations, I heard you sang so well last night”

I tried my best but all glory goes to God. This is lovely by the way and very thoughtful, thank you”

You are welcome but promise me you are going to allow Daisy to enjoy the teddy bear, please don’t steal it away” Nathan teased

The twins laughed

I promise I am not going to steal it away, Nathan”


Olive left them to continue talking and went to taste the cupcakes with Adesua. Daisy ended the call after a while and went to join the girls. When Kwaku got back from playing basketball that evening, Olive told him everything

Wow! Then I really missed it. Daisy this your boyfriend needs to stop giving us guys pressure. He seriously brought a violinist here? ” Kwaku teased

Daisy laughed.

You are also very dope Kwaku, I see how you make Olive happy too” Daisy said

Talking about making me happy, I also want a big teddy bear too,  boo” Olive cried

Daisy, you see what your boyfriend has caused?” Kwaku said

“I am all the teddy bear you need babe” he added and carried Olive over his shoulder.

Oh God! You are sweating baby. Put me down” Olive cried

Olive asked Adesua to give her one of the cupcake boxes while Kwaku carried her out of the room.

Goodnight ladies,” Kwaku said

The girls laughed when they left the room, Olive waved at them shyly as she laid on Kwaku’s shoulder while he ascended the stairs to his room.



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