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Fire And Ice Episode 13…enjoy?


Episode 13- Spiral Out

Leah has always hated surprises and she knew her girlfriends would definitely plan a surprise bridal shower for her. She’d always known since she was pretty younger that she wasn’t a fan of bridal showers, so to save her girlfriends the trouble of sneaking around and planning the bridal shower she arranged they spend a weekend at her father’s beach house in Prampram.  She made Nana Yaw invite the boys as well.

Adesua wasn’t ready to face Reginald and when Leah mentioned that Janine would be there as well, she really didn’t want to go. They were done with their exams and school was going to be boring, the twins convinced her to go just for Leah.

Adesua knew it was going to be hard to have a good time with her ex-boyfriend around with his new girlfriend but she didn’t want to disappoint Leah, she knew Leah really wanted to see her. 

“You can spend time with just Olive and I,” Daisy said 

Adesua chuckled.

You say this now, but when we get there you would spend time with your boyfriends” Adesua said sadly. 

“I promise to make time for you. Nathan would understand” Daisy said 

Leave me joor. Liar” Adesua said and the twins laughed. 

Talking about Nathan have you heard from him?” Olive asked Daisy

“Yeah. He says he would get here soon” Daisy said

Olive nodded and went back to stand by Kwaku. She wrapped her arms around his waist and looks up at him.

“I’m hungry” she said

Kwaku looked down at her and laughed

“Babe, the snacks we have are for the trip,” he said

“I just want a chocolate bar. Just one please” she said and made a puppy dog face. 

Kwaku sighed and shook his head.

Just one?” he asked 

Just one babe. I promise”

Okay” Kwaku said.

He removed his backpack and gave it to Olive. Daisy saw Olive picking chocolate from Kwaku’s backpack and went to her.

I want one Oreo. Please?” Daisy said shyly and looked at Kwaku

Make that two” Adesua said

Oh my God! I knew this would happen. Why are you girls so stubborn?” Kwaku said

But we are hungry naw. The bus has taken forever” Adesua said

They were waiting on their junction to join a bus that Leah had organized to take them to the beach house. She spoke to Gerald and he agreed to release one of his company buses to her with a driver.

But it doesn’t mean you should finish all the snacks before it gets here,” Kwaku said and chuckled.

Adesua saw Nathan walking down the road to the junction.

Wait Kwaku, did Nana Yaw ask you guys to come along with guitars? Nathan is also coming with his guitar bag. I didn’t even know he plays the guitar.” Adesua said with her mouth almost full. 

No, he didn’t but the more guitars the merrier” Kwaku said and the girls laughed

Nathan caught up with them and greeted them, he smiled at Daisy when he saw her. 

I didn’t know you played the guitar Nathan. Are you any good” Adesua asked

Erm…I started a year ago. I am still learning though but I think I am okay” Nathan said

He noticed Kwaku’s guitar bag and walked to him

“Oh, Kwaku. You play too?” he asked

Kwaku nodded and smiled

How long have you been playing?” he asked 

I started playing in high school” he said

“Wow. If we weren’t graduating soon I would have loved to take some lessons from you” Nathan said

Kwaku laughed

We can still meet up after school. You live in Accra right?”

Yeah I do”

“Great, we would meet up”

Leah called Adesua when they were getting closer to the junction

“Has Nathan arrived, we are almost there” Leah said

Yes, he is here. Hurry up and get here we are tired of standing”  Adesua said 

Leah was excited to see Adesua, she hasn’t seen her since she left school

“Adesua!” she said and hugged her

Adesua looked in the bus trying to find Reginald and Janine but they weren’t on the bus

Where is Reggie?” she whispered in Leah’s arms

Oh, he would join us later. Janine is arriving today so he wants to go get her from the airport”

“Oh okay,” Adesua said sadly

Come let me introduce you to my other girlfriends,” Leah said and held her hand. 

They went to the backseat and Leah introduced Adesua to her best friend and maid of honor Cheryl. 

Cheryl meet Adesua” Leah said

Finally we meet. Leah wouldn’t stop talking about you” Cheryl teased

Adesua chuckled

I hope she only said good things about me,” Adesua said 

Leah then introduced Adesua to her other friends Maame Ama, Kelsey, Ewurabena, and Sefakor. 

“So you all including Janine are my bridal tribe Leah said excitedly

“Aww Janine. I miss her so much” Kelsey said

“Me too. I can’t wait to see her. What time is her flight?” Sefakor asked Leah

Adesua wasn’t in the mood to listen to a bunch of girls she didn’t know, talk about Janine so she found an empty seat and sat down then listened to music instead.

The boys talked about soccer at the front as if they all knew each other.  Nana Yaw brought along a couple of his high school friends Henry and Paa Kwesi. When he went to the UK to propose to Leah, he returned to Ghana with his cousins Dean and Desmond so he added them to his groomsmen. 

Dean brought along his Bluetooth speaker and was the “DJ” on the trip. 

When he played AV’s song Big Thug Boys, the boys screamed and started singing along. Some rushed to the back to dance with the girls. 

Dean noticed Adesua wasn’t very happy so he sat in the empty seat by her

“Hello,” he said and smiled

Adesua noticed when someone sat next to her, so she took her AirPods out. 

“Hi, there,” Dean said again. 

Hello,” Adesua said and smiled. 

I am Dean Mensah Danso. The groom’s cousin. And you are?” 

His British accent was thick but Adesua managed to hear what he said.

My name is Adesua Okunola. Friend of the bride” 

“Oh cool. What were you listening to? Can I listen too?” Dean asked

Adesua was surprised but she gave him one AirPod and played the song.

Ooh, Beyoncé’s Irreplaceable. Did someone break your heart? Or you are part of the weirdos that listen to break up songs for fun” Dean teased.  

Adesua laughed 

“Actually, someone broke my heart but this is one of my favorite Beyoncé songs so I am just listening to it”

Dean chuckled

“Oh? So you are a weirdo then?” Dean said and smiled. 

Adesua smiled shyly. Dean looked at her when she smiled

“It’s good to see you smiling, my job here is done I guess. It was nice meeting you Adesua. I would see you around. The next song I am playing is dedicated to you by the way. Maybe you should join this little party” Dean said and winked. 

Adesua chuckled and nodded.

Awesome” Dean said and walked back to the front.

 He started playing King Promise song Commando. Adesua hadn’t heard it before but she liked it. Dean looked at her and smiled. 

Come on. Join the girls and dance” he said

Adesua chuckled and moved a little to the beat. 

They got to the beach house in the afternoon, they were so tired. Leah brought a lot of foodstuff and snacks for the trip. She asked Reginald and Janine to grab some more when they were coming. They rested for a bit and the girls started cooking, the boys grilled some meat in the backyard. 

Reginald and Janine arrived later in the afternoon. When Adesua saw them walking hand in hand into the house, her heart skipped a beat. She looked away and focused her attention on washing some dishes. She could smell his perfume even before he entered the kitchen. He was bringing the groceries that Leah asked him to buy. 

“Hi Leah” Reginald said

Hey, Reggie. Thank you so much”

You are welcome”

“Where is Janine?”

Some of your girlfriends are all over her in the living room” he said and chuckled 

He noticed Adesua and walked to her

Hey,” he said


How are you?” he asked

“I am fine. You?”

“I am okay too. Lovely to see you”


“I’ll see you around,” he said and smiled.

He went to the twins and said hello to them too before he left the kitchen. Janine later brought another bag of groceries and hugged Leah

“Congratulations Leah. You’ll make a beautiful bride. I am happy for you”

“Thanks, Janine, and thanks for coming”

“Oh I wouldn’t have missed this fun weekend for anything in the world”

Adesua walked out of the kitchen, she needed to breathe. She smiled and said hello to Janine before walking past her. The other girls noticed the awkwardness and started gossiping when Adesua left.

I told you inviting her was a bad idea, Leah. It is too awkward” Cheryl said

“I couldn’t leave her out Cheryl. She is still my friend

“It is okay. I am sure we can manage to be in the same house for three days. We are here for you. She is your friend she has to be a part of this. I would try to avoid her much as I can. She clearly can’t stand me” Janine said and chuckled

Leah sighed and looked outside wondering where Adesua went. 

Adesua walked past the boys in the backyard without saying a word to them and headed to the beach. Dean saw her and wanted to go after her but he was still on “DJ” duties. Reginald knew right away why she was upset, he knew her being around Janine would trigger her but he didn’t have any other choice.

Dean was talking to the boys and playing some music but his attention was on Adesua. He saw her standing on the shore of the beach just staring at the sea. He asked his brother Desmond to take over the music so that he can go to Adesua.

Adesua quickly wiped her eyes when she saw Dean walking to her.

I saw that. What happened back there, and why are you here crying?

“Nothing. I am fine”

“You don’t seem fine”

Adesua sighed heavily and continued walking but Dean followed her

“Please stop following me Dean”

“I would if you tell me what’s bothering you. What happened?”

“I don’t want to talk about it”

“Okay, we can talk about something else. It’s not safe for you to be out here all alone” 

Adesua looked at him and shook her head

“Are you always this stubborn?” she asked

“Yep! Always”

That made Adesua laugh she wasn’t expecting him to answer.

Okay. Let’s talk about something else. Is this your first time in Ghana?”

“Oh no but it is my first time in this part of Ghana. It’s beautiful” 

“Yeah me too. Ghana is very beautiful and peaceful. I wish I could stay longer but my parents want me in Nigeria after this weekend”

“Oh no. You are leaving Ghana?”

“Yes. I am done with school” 

“Oh, I had plans of hanging out with you when we leave here”

Adesua smiled

“I am sure you have enough girls to hang out with when we leave here”

Dean looked at her surprisingly

‘Um..excuse me but why would you think that ma’am?”

Adesua chuckled

“I mean you are handsome and you look like a guy that a lot of girls like”

“Oh? so you think I am handsome? Why, thank you” 

“You are hilarious,” Adesua said and chuckled

Dean chuckled too

So tell me what did you read at the University?” Dean asked

“I read Pharmacy”

“Nice very impressive. Smart girl” 

“What about you?’

“I am actually a medical doctor”

“What?! Stop lying?”

“I am not lying why don’t you believe me?”

“You don’t look anything like a medical doctor”

“What? But how do medical doctors look?”

“Well, I don’t know how they look per se but certainly not like you. Your ear is pierced and you really look like some gang leader”

Dean laughed hysterically

“Adesua? Come on. That was not fair”

“I am sorry but that’s how I feel,” Adesua said and smiled

“My dad and big brother are doctors so I think I have an idea how doctors should look”

“Your dad is a medical doctor? I know a doctor with your surname, he is a neurologist. He was my lecturer in my fifth year. I wanted to ask but I wasn’t sure” 

“Did you study at Leicester Medical School?”

“Yes, I did.” 

“Then you know my dad. He lectures at Leicester Medical School sometimes”

“No! What? Dr. Yemi Okunola is your father?! That man is my hero. He comes second to my dad. This world is so small. My colleagues wouldn’t believe me if I tell them I met Dr. Yemi Okunola’s daughter so I need evidence” Dean said and quickly took a selfie

Adesua laughed when Dean took a selfie

“I think we should get back? it’s getting late” Dean said

“I am not ready to go back yet”

“Why not? Is your ex-boyfriend back there?” Dean said and chuckled

He was only teasing but Adesua didn’t laugh, so he looked at her.

“Is your ex-boyfriend back there?”

Adesau sighed and nodded

“Wow. Which one he is?

“The one that joined us later with Janine”

“Reginald Boateng! Reggie is your ex-boyfriend?”

Adesua nodded and sighed

“That’s tough. Seeing him with Janine like that. I am so sorry”

It’s fine. Thanks, Dean. It’s hard but I would be fine. How do you know Reginald by the way?”

“He is Nana Yaw’s bestfriend. When I come to Ghana we sometimes hang out. I knew about a Kelly girl he used to date but he never mentioned you”

“He never mentioned me. I see” Adesua said sadly.

No. I didn’t mean it that way. That conversation never came up”

“You don’t have to explain. I understand” Adesua said

Leah called Adesua

“Hey Leah”

“Where are you?

“By the beach. What’s up”

“We are about to eat. Are you with Dean, we can’t find him too”

“Yes. He is with me”

“Okay. You guys should come please”

“Sure. We are on our way”

“Leah wants us to come and eat. We can talk some other time”

They walked back to the house and they all had dinner outside. After dinner, Kwaku and Nathan serenaded them with songs from the guitar. They played Ed Sheeran’s song Shape of you and everyone danced for a bit. The girls suggested they play Ed Sheeran’s song  Perfect for the couple to dance to, Nathan wasn’t familiar with the tune so Kwaku played it alone while Olive sang.

Nana Yaw took Leah’s hand and they and danced in the sand. It was getting a little cold outside so Reginald went inside to get a sweater for Janine and also make her a hot cup of tea but he forgot the kind she normally liked. He rushed out to the door and asked her

“Baby? Baby? Green Tea with Mint or Chamomile? Reginald asked

“Umm.. Chamomile is fine. Thanks, baby”

Adesua couldn’t believe what she had just heard, Reginald called Janine baby. She turned to look at Reginald and watched as he walked back inside the house and looked at Janine as she admired Nana Yaw and Leah dancing, she was upset and jealous.

Did Reginald just call Janine baby? Like Baby? Something that he could never call me once. So he is capable of saying it, just not to me”  Adesua said angrily to Daisy

Daisy sighed

Adesua let Reginald go. You broke things off with him. It’s been two years, he has probably changed and learned how to call his girlfriend by a pet name. It’s normal for couples to do that. You are here for Leah and Nana Yaw, forget about Janine and Reginald”

Reginald got back a couple of minutes later with a sweater and a cup of tea for Janine. He handed her the cup, then covered her back with the sweater. He sat next to her, wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her cheek. Seeing how Reginald treated Janine made Adesua so jealous.

Dean noticed everything and saw when Adesua angrily stood up and rushed into the house. He followed her, she looked like she was about to do something crazy.

Dean caught up with her and held her hand, she was crying again.

“Oh no. Come here” Dean said and hugged her

Dean hugged her while she cried in his arms

I hate him, I hate him” she said sobbingly

She looked up at him with her teary eyes

Why didn’t he love me as much as he loves her?

Dean looked down at her, it broke his heart to see her like that. He smiled and wiped her eyes with his fingers

“I don’t know what to say Adesua. I am sorry you have to go through this, but I promise you that you would get over this someday and meet a man that would love you the way that you deserve” 

Dean said and smiled, Adesua looked at him and smiled too.

You look cute when you cry though but that doesn’t mean you should cry any chance you get”  Dean teased

Adesua chuckled

“Thanks for always cheering me up Dean. I don’t know how you do it but I am so glad you are on this trip, I don’t know how I would have coped”

“It is my pleasure beautiful,” Dean said

They locked eyes and Adesua leaned in to kiss him, Dean kissed her back. Adesua suddenly broke it off and apologized.

“I am so sorry. I am so sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I am sorry” Adesua apologized.

She run upstairs to a room she was going to be sharing with the twins that weekend. Dean wanted to follow her but he didn’t want to make things more awkward.


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