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Episode 14 – Sweet Dandy Beau

Dean went back outside and walked to Daisy. “ I think Adesua needs you” he whispered.

Daisy who was busy talking to Nathan sighed and nodded at Dean. 

she can be really dramatic sometimes,” Daisy said to Nathan.

Dean heard what Daisy had just said about Adesua as he walked back to sit down and turned to look at her walking into the house. Daisy called out her name thinking she was in the kitchen or living room, when Adesua didn’t answer she went upstairs to the bedroom to find her.

She was stepping out of the bathroom after washing her face when Daisy startled her.

“Hey. When did you get here?” she asked

Daisy sighed and sat on the bed

“Adesua, what is the matter now?”

“How do you mean?”

“I mean what is going on with you? It’s like you enjoy being dramatic and torturing yourself with Reginald and Janine. It’s been two years. He calls her baby now and so what? You broke up with him for Pete’s sake! I am honestly really tired of talking about Reginald. It’s silly”

Adesua didn’t like the tone of Daisy’s voice and she was a little disappointed Daisy of all people was behaving that way towards her. 

“Then stop Daisy. Stop talking about him and I am sorry for disturbing your time with Nathan with my silly problems” 

Adesua said and walked out of the room, leaving Daisy dumbfounded. She went back outside to find Dean. He wasn’t seated with the others, he got a call from his mother and excused himself to answer it.

Adesua went back inside and wandered around the house looking for Dean. Yemi called her, it felt as if he knew she wanted to speak to someone.

“Hey Yemi”

“Hi, Princess. How are you?”

“I am okay. How are you too?”

“I am good. Enjoying the trip so far?”

“It sucks so much Yemi. I don’t know why I decided to come”

“Have you seen him? Reginald?”

“Yep I have but I don’t want to talk about him

Adesua was still looking around to find Dean as she spoke with her brother, she opened a door and saw a piano. She got excited and went to check it out.

“You wouldn’t believe what I just found” 


“A piano in one of the rooms” 

She opened it and pressed a key. 

oh, nice. Let me play something” she said excitedly

Let’s FaceTime so I can see you play,” Yemi said and called her on FaceTime. 

Adesua chuckled and answered 

Woow Yemi, you need a haircut,” she said 

Yemi laughed 

Yep! I really do, my hours have been crazy at the hospital but I would get around to getting it done soon. Enough of me and let’s back to you maestro, let’s see what you got” 

“ What do you want me to play?”

“ What have you been working on?”

“ I haven’t been working on any, it’s been a while I played” 

“Okay then play daddy’s favorite”

“ Old Rugged Cross,” they said in unison and laughed 

Okay ready? ” she asked

Yemi nodded. 

The sound of the piano caught the attention of the others. Leah looked at Reginald when she heard the song, he looked a little uneasy. Leah hurried to the room where Adesua was and asked her to stop playing. 

That song always reminded Reginald of his late mother. 

“ Adesua what are you doing? How did you get in here?” Leah asked angrily. 

Adesua has never seen Leah that upset

I was looking for Dean and found the piano. I was only trying it out”

It isn’t yours to try out,” Reginald said

He walked to her and without making any eye contact with her, he closed it. 

It was very awkward, Adesua was confused and embarrassed. The other people just looked at her. Reginald went back out with Janine. Leah stayed back to talk to her. 

“ I didn’t even know you played the piano,” she said to break the ice. 

Adesua ignored her and told her brother that she would call him later and ended the FaceTime. 

“ oh, you were on the phone?” Leah asked

“ Leah, what was that? Is something wrong with the piano?” 

“ No, nothing is wrong with it”

“ Then why this embarrassment? Goodness! I am mortified” 

“ I am sorry Adesua it’s just that this piano belonged to Reginald’s mother. And the song you were playing was one of her favorites. She used to play it for Reginald all the time so it was just too much for him” 

“ Old rugged cross?”

Leah nodded

“ That’s one of my dad’s favorites too, that’s the first song that came to mind and my brother suggested I play it. I didn’t mean to offend you or Reginald. I am very sorry Leah. I guess I have to apologize to him too”

“ Don’t bother. He understands”

“ Are you sure? He was very rude”

“ I am sure”

“ What is his mother’s piano doing here anyway? I thought this is your father’s beach house” Adesua asked

Leah sighed

“I don’t really know the full story. But what I know is that when his mother passed away, Reginald was very depressed. He used to play the piano a lot to feel closer to her but what his father thought would help him heal made him more depressed so they had to get rid of the piano. Uncle Gerald wanted to burn it but my dad suggested we keep it here instead. When all this happened I had no idea who Reginald was, we knew about each other first year of University. So later on Reginald explained everything about this piano to me. I really didn’t mean to raise my voice at you Adesua, I was just a little overwhelmed” Leah apologized 

Reginald went to the room he would be sharing with Janine. He was very upset and Janine knew it.

“ Why does anything she does get you so worked up Reginald?” she asked

First you were upset when she kept talking to Dean at the beach but these are things I think shouldn’t get you worked up at all babe” 

“ I am not upset. It’s just that she never does anything right. She is always all over the place seeking attention” 

“ And what do you care if she seeks attention from Dean or whoever. Can we stop talking about Adesua please?” 

Reginald looked at her and nodded

“ I am sorry. I was just a little thrown off when I heard her playing the piano and that song” 

“ Can we talk about that instead? How do you feel, I know your mother loved that song a lot” 

Yeah she did but I am good baby. I am not depressed anymore. I was just caught off guard when I heard Adesua playing it. Come on let’s go back outside” he said

“ No. I am too tired from the trip. I haven’t gotten time to rest” Janine said

“Alright. I think you should freshen up and get some rest. I would check on you later” 

“ I thought you would want to stay in with me?” Janine asked and chuckled

“ I would have loved to, you know I would but it’s just that I want to hang out with the boys now”

Janine nodded 

“ Sure babe”

Reginald kissed her before he left the room. 

Leah and Adesua went back outside, Dean was back and Adesua walked to him

“ Hey?” she said

“ Hi. Are you feeling better?” 

Adesua nodded

“ Where have you been? I have been looking you”

“ Really? I was on the phone with my mom, it was a long call. Why what’s up?” 

“ it doesn’t matter anymore. Everyone hates me already” 

“ Everyone hates you? Why what did you do?”

“ I would tell you about it later. What are you up to?” 

Dean chuckled 

“ The boys want some drinks, and they claim I make a mean punch so I am getting some done” 

“ ooh, yummy!”

No. It isn’t yummy for you young lady. It’s going to be too strong for you” 

“ Too strong?! Don’t be silly. It’s a party so let’s party. You know what? I am going to help you prepare the punch, that way you would have no choice than to give me some”

Dean laughed and shook his head

“ No freaking way Adesua” 

“ Yes, way! I am helping even if you like it or not. I saw a bowl of fruits in the refrigerator, I am going to get them” Adesua said excitedly and run towards the house. 

Dean chuckled and run after her to stop her

“ Not if I get to the kitchen first” 

“ No Dean!” Adesua said and tried holding on to his shirt to stop him. 

Dean run ahead of her, and Adesua followed him

“ You are such a cheat!” she said and chuckled

Reginald clashed with them at the door

What’s going on here?!” Reginald asked and chuckled. 

He quickly got out of the way to let them pass. He watched as Dean and Adesua rushed to the kitchen, seeing them laughing and playing together got him a little jealous, he didn’t know they would get along so well in such a short time.

Dean was the first to get to the refrigerator and quickly picked out the bowl of assorted fruits and raised it above his head. He was taller than Adesua so she jumped to get a hold of it but Dean kept raising it higher.

“Are you not going to give up? I clearly won” Dean teased

Adesua narrowed her eyes at him and that made Dean laugh.

“ Are you trying to threaten me with your eyes? You look cute but you still can’t have any punch sweetie”

Dean said and placed the bowl on the kitchen counter and transferred some into another bowl. Adesua sat on the kitchen counter and watched Dean. He looked up at her and they smiled at each other. Adesua got a little shy and picked a diced apple from the bowl, into her mouth. Dean cleared his throat, there was an awkward silence before Dean asked about the kiss

“So are we going to talk about the kiss?”

Adesua looked at him while she munch on the pieces of apple

“I know we should, but I don’t know what to say. I was really confused and honestly, it’s been a long time I kissed someone and your lips were so inviting” 

Dean laughed out loud and that made Adesua laugh too. 

“I am terribly sorry. I really didn’t mean to take advantage of your lips” Adesua said

“Don’t apologize, you didn’t. We should try it again soon. I liked it” Dean said

Adesua chuckled and got off the counter.

“No Dean. You probably have a girlfriend”

“You really think I would want to kiss you again if I had a girlfriend?” 

Adesua shrugged and walked out of the kitchen, Dean chuckled as he watched her leave and shook his head.

Dean fixed the punch, he didn’t add a lot of alcohol to it at first because he knew Adesua would drink some but some of the boys complained so he added a little more. Adesua danced and talked to him all night. She kept going to the table to pour more punch into her plastic cup. Dean asked her to stop when she was on her sixth cup. 

Desmond was the one in charge of music and played JayZ and Alicia Keys’ song Empire State of Mind just because he knew Dean, Reginald, and Nana Yaw loved that song. Adesua was starting to get tipsy but she liked that song too and started rapping along to JayZ.

She was dancing with Dean, and he was shocked Adesua knew the song and knew how to rap. He looked at her, she looked really cute. Reginald watched as she rapped, he had really missed that part of her. He totally forgot how fun she could be. Dean laughed when the song ended.

“How do you even know how to rap mate?” he asked excitedly.

Adesua chuckled and wrapped her arms around him, she placed her head on this chest and they stood in silence for a bit. Adesua was starting to get dizzy. Dean got a little worried and looked down at her

“Are you okay?” he asked

Adesua quickly let go of Dean and rushed to the beach, she wanted to throw up. Dean ran after her and that caught the attention of the others.

Dean caught up to her and held her braids up for her to throw up. Reginald grabbed a bottle of water before walking to the beach. He was upset Adesua was acting that carelessly, he gave the bottle of water to Adesua and offered to take her back inside but Dean insisted that he could take her. 

“I think you have done more than enough Dean,” Reginald said

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Dean asked

“She’s in this state because of you. Isn’t she?”

Reginald said and took Adesua from Dean’s arms.

“Reginald, what are you doing? I said I got her” Dean said and held Adesua’s hand.

Reginald sighed and watched as Dean walked Adesua into the house. He took her to her bedroom and helped her into the bed. He left her room and l went to his room to find a pack of Ibuprofen he had packed for the trip. He returned to her room and sat next to her.

“How are you feeling?” he whispered

“Not very great. I have a headache”

Dean got up and took the Ibuprofen and the bottle of water for her.

“Wait, are you allergic to Ibuprofen?” he asked

“No, I am not”

“Okay. Take one tablet, it’s 400mg so one tablet is fine. After four hours if you are still in pain you can take another one but I am sure just one would do the trick. You would feel better by morning” Dean said

Adesua chuckled and took the drug

“I almost forgot you are doctor,” she teased

Dean smiled and looked at her

“Get some rest now. It’s been an eventful day”

Adesua looked at him and smiled, he kissed her on the forehead and left her room. 

He met Daisy on his way outside and she asked about her

“She is trying to sleep now but she is going to be fine,” he said

“Okay, I am going to check on her. Thanks, Dean”

Daisy felt bad for speaking to Adesua the way that she did early on and felt bad for not understanding how Adesua might have felt at that moment. She went inside to check on her but Adesua was asleep. 

Dean wanted to finish what Reginald had started, he went to find him outside. He was talking to Nana Yaw.

“Yo mate. What was that? What were you trying to insinuate?”

“Dean it’s over now. How’s Adesua doing?” Nana Yaw said

Dean didn’t pay Nana Yaw any mind, he was focused on Reginald

“Bruv! I am speaking to you” Dean said

Reginald sighed

“The alcohol was a little too much Dean. You knew the girls might drink some”

“ Were you not here when Paa Kwesi and co said it was too little and I should add some more?”

“Well, that doesn’t mean you should go crazy?” 

 “Crazy? Reginald do you have a problem with me? Is this really about the punch or it’s about Adesua?”

“I mean she was with you, you should have taken better care of her rather than watching her drink that much alcohol. I mean I expected more from you, you being a doctor and all” 

Dean got really pissed and pushed Reginald

“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?!” Dean angrily said

Reginald angrily pushed him too and that provoked Dean even more. Nana Yaw tried to hold Dean back but Dean moved Nana Yaw aside and went for Reginald. 

“What did you say?!”

“You heard me the first time. You should do better next time”

Dean was the first to throw a punch at Reginald and his lips got cut. Reginald angrily pounced on Dean and hit him multiple times on his face, Desmond rushed to the scene and pushed Reginald off him. 

“What the hell?! What is this?” Desmond asked

Reginald was very angry and walked off to the house. Desmond and Nana Yaw helped Dean up. He was bleeding too, he angrily asked them to let go of him and he walked to the beach to cool off.

The next morning Adesua woke up and had a little chat with Daisy, she apologized to her and told her about Dean and Reginald’s fight. 

“What?! Are you serious? Why did they fight?” 

“I have no idea. Adesua, it was just crazy”

Janine and Reginald had an argument that night after the fight and she walked out to sleep with Leah so Nana Yaw had to move in with Reginald. 

The other girls gossiped about the incident as they made breakfast.

“I knew Leah inviting that Adesua girl would bring trouble. Now everything is getting out of hands” Sefakor said.

“ I didn’t like how she was all over the place seeking attention. She is really annoying” Cheryl said.

Dean heard the girls talking about Adesua but he ignored them and went to get a bottle of water from the refrigerator. 

“Good morning ladies,” he said

“Hey Dean” Kelsey said

“Hey, Kelsey. Good morning” he said before he left the kitchen.

“What was that?” Cheryl asked

“What?” Kelsey said

“ Hey, Dean. It was so fake” Sefakor said

“I was just being nice to him,” Kelsey said

“His face looks bad though, Reginald really didn’t go easy on him at all” she added

Their whole fight was just stupid,” Cheryl said

Adesua and the twins came down and joined the others for breakfast, Janine stayed in bed all morning. After breakfast, Reginald made a plate for Janine and went upstairs so that they could talk.

Adesua was very upset when she saw Dean and Reginald. He was more upset with Reginald for hurting Dean that much. Dean distanced himself from the others after breakfast, Adesua saw him walking by the beach when she was helping the other girls tidy up the kitchen. She went to him when she was done. Dean was talking to his mother on the phone.

Hey, you,” Adesua said and smiled.

“Let me call you back mom,” Dean said and ended the call

“Hey. How are you feeling today?” Dean asked

“I am good but you don’t look good, What happened?”

Dean chuckled

“I really don’t want to talk about it Adesua. It doesn’t really matter”

Adesua nodded 

“Sure Dean. We can talk about something else. Should we go for a stroll?”

Janine was still upset with Reginald, she knows him so well and as much as he says the fight wasn’t about Adesua, she knew that it was. Reginald had talked to her about Adesua and Dean since they got there.

They argued some more, Janine cried a bit but they made up. Even though it was obvious Reginald still had some feelings for Adesua, Janine knew Reginald loves her more. 

On their stroll, Dean asked Adesua about her relationship with Reginald and how it ended. Adesua told him everything but Dean didn’t say anything.

“Why do you ask though?” she asked

“I am only curious,” Dean said

“Are you really leaving Ghana after this trip?” he added

Adesua nodded

How long are you in Ghana for? ” she asked

“I would be here for a month and a half”

Adesua looked up at him, Dean didn’t seem himself and she knew it was about the fight.

“Are you okay? she asked

Dean turned to look at her and smiled

” I am okay Adesua. Trust me I am. So..do you mind giving me your number? I would love to get in touch when you leave for Nigeria”


They sat down under a coconut tree and talked some more. There was no doubt they had a lot of chemistry. Adesua chuckled when she saw his legs and feet in his flip-flop.

“What’s funny?” he asked

“Your legs and feet are really nice”

“What? Really? I don’t think anyone has told me that before. Thanks” Dean said and chuckled.

He looked at his legs and feet then looked at Adesua

Well for me, I like the shape of your eyes and your nose. I also like the way your lips curl when your smile” Dean said

The compliment made Adesua smile shyly and Dean looked at her

“Yes! There it is. My favorite smile” he said

Adesua smiled and took his hand, she wrapped it around her body and she placed her head on his chest.

You make me happy Dean. I am so glad you joined us on this trip” 

“I am glad I came too Adesua”

“And I have been meaning to say that, I really don’t know what caused the fight between you and Reginald. Nobody wants to tell me but whatever it was I am really sorry you had to go through that, you didn’t deserve it” 

“I appreciate you saying this Adesua. I really do but don’t worry your head about it. Boys fight sometimes that’s how we are. It’s no big deal”

Adesua smiled and nodded then placed her head back on his chest.

Umm…So you remember when you said early on, that my lips were inviting and you wanted to kiss them so badly? Well, your lips are killing me and I want to kiss them really badly now” Dean said

Adesua laughed out loud and looked up and him

“Can I kiss you?” he asked

Adesua chuckled and nodded. Dean leaned in and they shared a passionate kiss which meant something pretty special to both of them.


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