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Episode 15 – Sweetheart

Leah was really sad her plan for a fun weekend with her friends turned out to be something completely different. She saw Adesua and Dean returning to the house and walked to them. She wanted to speak to Dean about the fight.

Hey, Adesua. Do you mind me stealing Dean away for a while?”

“Oh no. I don’t mind” Adesua said and walked into the house

“ I would catch up with you later,” Dean said

Adesua turned and nodded

“ Sure Dean”

Leah looked at him suspiciously and chuckled

“What’s going on with you two?” she asked

“ is that what you want to talk to me about?”

“ No. I wanted to ask about the fight Dean”

“Leah, why are you asking me? Come on, talk to your cousin. I am good. It’s very clear he still got real feelings for Adesua”

“ What about you? Do you have feelings for Adesua?”
Dean chuckled

“You know you can tell me. I promise I wouldn’t tell the others”

“ There is nothing to tell Leah and mind your business,” Dean said and walked off

Leah caught up with him and asked him for ideas to make the rest of the trip fun.

Adesua went back to her room and gushed about Dean to Daisy.

“ So does this mean you don’t have feelings for Reginald anymore?” Daisy asked

Adesua sighed

“ It doesn’t matter what I feel for Reginald at this point. He is with Janine now and like you rightly said it’s been two years, it’s about time I forgot about him. To be honest, I like Dean, and he is the perfect distraction I need”

Olive knocked twice and entered the room with Kwaku.

“ Leah wants us to form a team of six players. We are going to play volley ball” Olive said excitedly

We are five players including Nathan. We would need one more person” Daisy said

Yes! That’s how you come in Adesua, can you ask Dean to join our team?” Olive asked

I don’t know. I am sure he would like to join his brother’s team”

“ How would you know if you don’t ask?” Kwaku said

Adesua picked up her phone to call Dean but she got a message from him

“ We are all about to play volleyball. I was thinking we be on the same team?” it read

Adesua blushed when she read his message and called him. He answered on the first ring

“ Hey,”  he said

Hi. So I was thinking you join my team? I am with the twins, Kwaku and Nathan. You would be the sixth teammate?”

“ Alright cool. Where are you?” he asked

“ I am in the bedroom but I am coming downstairs now”

The girls changed into something sporty that showed their nice curves. Adesua walked to Dean and smiled

You look cute,” he said

Adesua chuckled

“Thanks. Are you ready to win?” she asked

I was born ready! It’s been a while I played though” Dean said and chuckled

“Me too. But I think I still got it” Adesua said

Dean went to help the other boys fix the volleyball net. Janine and Reginald came out dressed up to play. They were on Leah and Nana Yaw’s team.

Adesua saw Reginald walking towards Dean. He tapped him at the back and Dean turned to look at him, Reginald suggested they talk. Dean sighed and followed him to another side of the beach
Reginald hasn’t had a look at him after the fight and looking at him now shocked him. He sighed.

“I am so sorry Dean. I don’t know what came over me. I am really sorry”

Dean sighed too and looked at him

“It’s fine. But does Janine know you still have strong feelings for Adesua?”

Reginald just stared at Dean. Dean chuckled.

Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me but if I were you I would be honest with Janine” Dean added and walked away.

Reginald sighed and watched Dean walk back to the others.

“Hey. What was that all about?” Adesua asked

Dean smiled

“He just wanted to apologize”

“Oh cool. So you guys are good now?”

I guess, now let’s kick their ass on the court,” Dean said and clapped his hands

Adesua laughed and they run closer to the court.

Janine was a very good player and that took the other team by surprise. Her team won and Dean couldn’t wrap his mind around it. Adesua laughed when he kept talking about the whole game to her.

Dean calm down. It’s just a game and I was there too. You don’t need to tell me what happened. I wouldn’t have guessed you are this competitive” Adesua said and laughed

“I really thought I had them” Dean said

Me too but it’s all good maybe next time we would do better. Now let’s go and shower”

Me and you?” Dean asked excitedly

Adesua chuckled

“You are so crazy Dean! I would catch up with you later”

Dean smiled and nodded at her. He went to his room to shower too and thought about Adesua. Reginald without directly admitting it has just confirmed that he still has feelings for Adesua. Dean was beginning to like Adesua too and he was confused about whether to pursue it and break the bro code. Adesua was starting to like Dean a lot too, she caught herself thinking about their kiss while she dressed up.

Leah’s father paid for a private chef who came down to the beach house with his team to cook lunch and dinner for her friends. They were all very excited when they found out about Leah’s father’s kind gesture. They hang out in the lounge and played UNO and just got to know each other better.

Olive and Kwaku sneaked out to have some alone time they had really missed each other. They left their phones in the house, to avoid being distracted. They walked hand in hand to the beach. Kwaku wanted to reassure her about his love for her, they were graduating soon and he wanted to assure her that he wasn’t going anywhere.

“I know most campus relationships don’t last especially when the couple are out of school but I also know that every relationship is different and we have been through so much together to mess this relationship up Olive”

Olive smiled and looked at Kwaku. Kwaku slid his fingers in-between hers and smiled

“I love you so much and I really can’t imagine my life without you in it. I already know how living without you feels like so I know what I mean when I say I don’t want to live my life without you in it” Kwaku and chuckled

“Aww Kwaku..” Olive said

Kwaku smiled and looked at her

“I am not done yet. I want you to know that I am all in Olive. You have me and for the life of me, I am going to make our relationship work. You are stuck with me babe” he said and chuckled

Olive chuckled

“I don’t mind being stuck with you at all baby. I love you so much. I am not going anywhere, I don’t even have anywhere to go. I almost lost you once and I am never losing you again. You are it for me. A lot of people search their whole life for what we have I just thank God, he gave me you. Let’s make this work”

Kwaku smiled and nodded

“Come here” he said and kissed her

They hugged and stared at the sea in silence both of them enjoying the moment.

Daisy looked around the lounge, she hasn’t heard her sister’s voice in a while.

“Have you seen Olive?” she asked Nathan

Nathan looked around and shook his head

She quickly stood up and walked around the house, she went to their bedroom to check. She started to panic, she picked up her phone and called Olive but she saw that her phone was ringing on the bed.
She went back to the lounge and walked to Nathan and Adesua.

“She is not there and she left her phone. Where could she be?”

Daisy hasn’t really healed from the trauma she experienced when Olive got missing for a month and anytime she is very far from her for a short time she starts to panic. Dean was sitting next to Adesua and was wondering why Daisy was freaking out about Olive.

Daisy, calm down, this place is safe okay? I don’t see Kwaku around too. I am sure they are together”

We don’t know that for certain Dean,” Daisy said and walked outside
leaving Dean very confused.

Did I say anything bad?” he asked looking at Adesua

“You didn’t Dean. Don’t worry about it, I would explain everything to you later”

Adesua said and walked outside to calm Daisy down

Maybe Dean was right. She probably is with Kwaku, he isn’t here too” Adesua said

“But why would they just leave without saying anything? I need to call my parents”

No Daisy calm down. I am sure they are fine. This place is safe”

“Safe? How do you mean safe? Anything can happen and you know how Olive can be? What if she decided to swim and drowned?”

“My God Daisy! Now you are going crazy! No one has swum since with go here. Please relax”

Let’s go and get the guys to help us look for her”

Adesua said and Daisy nodded. They went to find Nathan and Dean and they walked down to the beach in search of Olive.

They were seated under a coconut tree, the cool breeze from the sea caused them to fall asleep in each other’s arms. They were tired from playing volleyball. Daisy was so relieved when she saw them under the tree.

She has been so stressed in the last forty-five minutes and seeing her sister fine caused the tears she has been fighting to fall down her cheeks. Nathan took her into her arms and they walked back into the house. Adesua woke Olive and Kwaku up and asked them to join her and Dean back into the house.

Olive saw Nathan holding Daisy and asked Adesua if Daisy was okay. Adesua chuckled

She got very worried when she couldn’t find you and she imagined the worst”

Oh no. I forgot to tell her I was going for a stroll with Kwaku

Yep and you left your phone in the bedroom as well. That wasn’t cool Olive, you know how Daisy can get”

“I forgot, it just slipped my mind I knew wasn’t going to stay out too long. My Goodness Daisy is such a cry baby”

Olive chuckled and run to catch up with Daisy and Nathan, she held Daisy by the hand and apologized for scaring her. Kwaku caught up with them, leaving Adesua and Dean behind. Adesua laughed at the confused look on Dean’s face

Why that face? You are hilarious Dean”

“Well, what was that all about?”

“So two years ago, Olive got missing in Kenya. She broke up with Kwaku and she was doing a lot of crazy stuff to numb the pain. She met some guy and followed him to Kenya and it turned out he was a murderer. He wanted to kill Olive but she got very lucky and escaped. It was a very traumatizing time, she was missing for a month and we all thought she was dead. So since then, Daisy has been very protective of her that’s why she freaked out right now”

“Ooh Woow. That’s tough”

“Yes, it was a very tough time so I totally understand her whenever she gets this way”

“Well, I understand now. I didn’t know Olive and Kwaku broke up and got back together”

“Their break up was a whole thing, I don’t want to get into all that but I am glad they got back together”

“I see that’s interesting. What about you? Would you go back to your ex?”


“Would you go back to Reginald if he says he wants you back?”

“Where from this question Dean?”

“I mean from what you told me about your breakup, it feels as if you two have unfinished business Adesua”

“Unfinished business? Are you being serious right now? Can’t you see he has a new girlfriend? What are you talking about?”

“And I thought we had a thing going. Me and You” Adesua added

Dean sighed

“About that. I don’t know anymore Adesua”

“Wow. You don’t know anymore? Okay” Adesua said

She tried walking away but Dean held her hand

It’s not so easy. I know Reginald still has feelings for you. The fight we had was about you Adesua. I really don’t want to be in the middle of this”

Adesua just looked at him, she didn’t know what to say so she nodded and walked away. Dean called out to her but she ignored him. Tears filled her eyes, she really did like Dean. They avoided each other all afternoon and the others caught on quickly because they knew Dean and Adesua are always together.

They had lunch, the chef did an amazing job and that made Leah so happy she couldn’t wait for dinner. Adesua went upstairs after lunch, she was very sad. She didn’t want to see or talk to anyone. Dean also became very quiet and that was so unlike him. Desmond asked if he was okay, he lied and said that he was. Adesua cried a little and took a long nap, she too was very tired from the day’s activities.

By evening Reginald also noticed Dean’s change in behavior and went to talk to him.

“Hey Dean”

“Hey mate”

“You good? You don’t seem like your usual self”

“I am in a fight with Adesua”

“Lover’s quarrel. Cute” Reginald teased

You don’t get to say that Reginald and we aren’t a couple. I told her everything about how you still have feelings for her”


“She needed to know mate. It’s done”

But it wasn’t your place to say it, Dean. She had to hear it from me”

Oh, so you do have feelings for her? This is the first time you are actually owning up to it”

Reginald got quiet

“Don’t hurt her Reginald. She is an amazing girl. If you know you are going to chicken out again please let her go”

“So you can have a chance with her right?”

Dean ignored him and got up to leave Reginald’s side but he came back to sit down. He looked at Reginald and chuckled.

Actually yes. Let her go so I can have a real chance with her. You have a new girlfriend now, a girl you’ve been rubbing in Adesua’s face since you got here. Do you really know what you want?
Do you know which girl you really want? Because you really can’t have your cake and eat it too. These girls have feelings so you need to stop toying with their feelings”

“I am not toying with their feelings. I love them both for separate reasons”

Dean chuckled

“Can you hear yourself? You can never love two people the same. You would definitely love one more. I wanted to let Adesua go and let you get a chance with her again but I have decided to get to know her better because as far as I am concerned you have a girlfriend and Adesua is very single. I wouldn’t let someone as amazing as her go because of my indecisive friend. I know she is your ex and I know the drill about breaking the bro code but someone as rare as her comes along once in a lifetime and I wouldn’t sabotage my happiness for a guy who isn’t even sure about her. So if it’s Adesua you really want to be with, I want to watch you fight for her. May the best man win” Dean said and walked away.

Reginald frowned and looked at Dean walk away.

Dean went to find Adesua, the last time he saw her she was going to her bedroom. He knocked twice on the door but there was no response, he opened the door to check if it was really empty.

Adesua had woken up minutes earlier and was hanging out with Leah in her room, they haven’t had a lot of time to talk all day. They listened to music together in bed and gossiped. Adesua told Leah about the kiss she shared with Dean and Leah was shocked.

“I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that you two got close a little too quickly. And now you tell me that you two have kissed?”

Adesua chuckled

He is such a good kisser too” Adesua said shyly

Wow! Adesua. I can’t believe this, but what happens when you go to Nigeria and he goes back to the UK?”

Nothing. He thinks Reginald has a thing for me and he says he doesn’t want to be in the middle of all that. He also says the fight he had with Reginald was because of me. Did you know this?”

Leah nodded

“What in heaven’s name is wrong with Reginald? He has moved on yet fights his friends over me?”

“The thing with Reginald is his indecisiveness. I think over the years, he has loved the idea of being with Janine and now that he actually has her he has come to realize they are probably really better off as friends. I remember last year Janine told me they weren’t having sex at all”

How come?”

Leah shrugged

“I don’t know. But I am thinking, they have gone around to doing it because they seem very close and in love now. Before now, I really thought Reginald was doing fine with Janine but that’s because he wasn’t seeing you at all but now that he has seen more of you I think it’s making him miss you more and the way you are with Dean can make an ex-boyfriend really jealous”
Adesua chuckled

“It wasn’t my intention to make him jealous. I just click so well with Dean it’s insane. I really like Dean, I am just realizing it” Adesua cried

“More than you like Reginald?” Leah asked

Adesua sighed and sat up on the bed

“You know how I feel about Reginald. I am so crazy about that guy but I really can’t put my heart on the line again. I see how he treats Janine, I don’t care what you think, whether they are having sex or not, Reginald really loves her. I am tired of being his second best. But with Dean, he feels different I have known him for a couple of days but I feel really happy when I am with him. I might be insane but I really would love to see how things go with Dean. At least with him I know I am his only option”

But I thought you said he doesn’t want to be part of a love triangle? Besides, you can’t be sure you are his only option with the number of women in the world now. He has a life in the UK and have you taken a good look at him? He is very, very, handsome. Guys who look like that have a lot of girls to choose from. My advice to you is that you deal with all the feelings you have for Reginald. Don’t make the mistake of jumping into something with Dean just because he makes you happy, you don’t know him well enough. Fine, you two have kissed but it is just a kiss until you make it mean something. Choose you, first. Work on your heart. Don’t be in a rush at all”

“You know what? Let’s stop talking about this. It’s starting to stress me out honestly. But thanks for your advice though. I would take my time. I am getting hungry now. Let’s go and see what the chef is preparing for dinner” Adesua said .

“Tomorrow is our last day here. We need to make it epic” Leah said as they went down the stairs

Wow! The days have gone by so fast. What do you have planned though?”

“Nothing yet I would just let the day decide”

They went to the dining room and saw the chef setting up the table. Reginald and Janine were already seated. Adesua’s eyes met Reginald’s but she quickly looked away. Dean and the other guys arrived later, Dean purposely sat across from Adesua.

“Where have you been?” he asked

“I was with Leah”

Oh okay. Umm…Can we talk after dinner?” he asked

“Sure we can”

After Dinner, they were the first to leave the dining room, Reginald looked at them leave

“What’s up?” Adesua asked

So about earlier, I know I hurt you and I am really sorry. You were right, we do have a thing going and I would hate it if we don’t explore it further”

“What changed your mind?”

“I have been thinking and I realized I really like you Adesua. I haven’t really connected with anyone as I have with you

“Do you not think we are rushing into this? We just met each other”
“That’s why we are going to know each other better like what most people do when they meet someone new? Duh..?”

“Don’t Duh me. Bighead” Adesua said and chuckled

“So what do you say?” he asked

“You are pretty awesome and I wouldn’t want to lose you, so yes let’s get to know each other. There is no harm in that”

“Exclusively?” Dean asked

“Exclusively? Are you sure you wouldn’t miss talking to your many female friends Dr. Dean Mensah Danso?”

Dean chuckled

“Look at you remembering my full name,” he said and Adesua laughed

“But, I think getting to know each other exclusively would block out the noise and confusion. I really don’t have time to play games Adesua, also if I enjoyed speaking to my many female friends I wouldn’t want to be exclusive with you. You don’t have to give me an answer right away. You can think it through, I wouldn’t force you into doing something you aren’t ready for. Just don’t leave me waiting for too long”

Adesua smiled and nodded

“I would think about it Dean and let you know”

“Sure thing”

They went out to join the other people outside, Reginald noticed that Adesua was back to smiling. Janine was getting fed up with the way Reginald’s eyes followed Adesua everywhere.

Leah suggested they play 21 questions to get to know each other better.

“Since we are a lot I want to twist it up a bit to make it fun. So you pick the person you want to ask the question to and whoever is picked must answer. No judgment, please. Remember this is just a game. Okay, so I will start” Leah said

She chose Nana Yaw and asked him a question

“Okay, babe. What’s the most creative thing you have ever done?
Nana Yaw chuckled

I think planning your proposal. I really wanted to think outside the box and not be a cliché”

Leah smiled. Nana Yaw smiled too and picked Paa Kwesi and asked him the next question.

” Paa Kwesi what’s the weirdest thing you have ever done?”

“I think it would be the time I borrowed a friend’s car to follow my ex-girlfriend’s car to campus because I thought she was cheating on me. And it turned out that she was. It was weird but I caught her” Paa Kwesi said

Paa Kwesi then chose Janine.

“Okay, Janine. Have you ever smoked weed before?”

The question made the others laugh

“Yes, I have. First-year of University. I was curious so I tried it. That was my first and my last time” Janine said and chuckled

Paa Kwesi nodded and sipped on his drink. Janine didn’t know who to pick but she needed to find out something that has been weighing on her mind so she took the opportunity and asked.

“Umm…Adesua. Did you ever have sex with my boyfriend when you two were in a relationship?”

“What the hell Jay?!” Reginald said

“What? It’s just a game remember?” Janine said

Adesua was surprised by the question but she answered

“Yes Janine, I did,” Adesua said and looked at Reginald

Reginald, could you please find out from your girlfriend why she is asking silly questions?” Adesua angrily said.

Whoa! Whoa! Guys calm down. We are not about to ruin this game too are we?” Desmond said

“Why can’t we behave like the civilized adults that we are? I thought bringing my friends together for a fun weekend was a good idea but I guess it really wasn’t” Leah said.

She stormed off and Nana Yaw followed her inside

Babe, Babe. Relax. We knew bringing Adesua and Janine under the same roof wasn’t the best but we decided to give it a try” Nana Yaw said

“I really thought they were mature enough. I am still surprised Reginald and Dean fought. Should we just go home tomorrow instead of Monday? I am really tired of the drama” Leah said

Let’s hold on one more day baby. You are upset now, but by tomorrow you would have calmed down”

Leah nodded.

“If you say so. I am going back to my room I can’t be around them right now” she said

“Okay I would go and handle the little situation and come check up on you”

“Sure baby”

When Nana Yaw went back outside he saw that the others have gotten up and doing their own thing.

Reginald walked Janine to his car and they argued about what she had just started.

“But it was a game of questions and I asked a question”

“What did you need that information for Jay? It’s her personal life”

Janine sighed and looked at Reginald

Reggie, why aren’t we having sex anymore? That one time was the last time and it’s been two years. Are you not sexually attracted to me?”

Reginald looked at her surprisingly

“So is that what all that was about?”

Janine nodded and looked down at her fingers. Reginald sighed and took her by the hand

Baby, you remember what happened the last time we had sex. You were in so much pain and it became a whole thing. You were so scared you would get pregnant even though I kept telling you, that you wouldn’t. I just felt you weren’t ready and I didn’t want to put you through that again babe. I am attracted to you, very attracted to you but I also know we have the rest of our lives to have sex”

“So what you are saying is that it has nothing to do with me per se, you just want us to wait till I am really ready?”
Reginald smiled

“Yes babe, that’s what I am saying so please stop attacking Adesua. I think you should apologize to her, you really put her on the spot”

Janine sighed and nodded

“I would try,” she said

Reginald smiled and kissed her

The night ended abruptly, Adesua went straight to bed she was not in the mood for anything. Dean knocked on the door later in the night to check on her but Olive answered and told him that Adesua was asleep.
Reginald and Cheryl had planned to surprise Leah and Nana Yaw with a party. Even though Leah hated a bridal shower, her friends still wanted to celebrate her. Reginald woke up early the next morning to meet the person who baked Leah’s cake halfway.

He gave it to Cheryl and they hid it in the refrigerator. When everything was set for the surprise, the girls dressed up in a pink customized T-shirt and white jeans shorts and the boys wore a white T-shirt with jeans trousers. They knocked on their door and Leah opened the door

“Surprise!” They all said

“What surprise? It isn’t my birthday” Leah said

Well, it is your bachelorette party!” Cheryl said

They went to wake Nana Yaw up and surprised him too

“You two have thirty minutes to freshen up and meet us downstairs,” Cheryl said

Nana Yaw yawned and looked at his friends he was confused and still sleepy, he covered his face with a pillow and tried to sleep again but the boys dragged him out of bed and carried him to the bathtub. Desmond opened the shower on him and they left him in there

“We are waiting for you downstairs, so hurry up and Leah please wear something cute, ” Sefakor said

Luckily the chef left a lot of food in the refrigerator so they had enough food for the party. Dean turned the volume of his speaker up, he was playing Adekunle Gold and Patroranking’s song Pretty Girl. The girls danced as they worked together to add some finishing touches to the decoration.

Daisy and Adesua danced together in a corner, they thought they were far from the eyeshot of the others so they really busted a move, whining and just getting it down. Dean was in awe, he had no idea Adesua could dance like that and she looked really cute in her jeans shorts.
He didn’t want them to stop dancing so, he changed the song to KiDi’s Touch it. He saw how excited they got when they heard the song. He smiled to himself and enjoyed their show in silence.

Cheryl signaled Dean when Nana Yaw and Leah got out of the room, she had early on asked him to play one of Leah’s favorite songs as she descends the stairs with Nana Yaw.
Dean nodded and played E.L’s song Koko.

When the others heard the song, they quickly rushed to the end of the stairs to cheer Leah and Nana Yaw on. Leah giggled and danced with Nana Yaw at the top for a short while before they descended the stairs. They were so happy, they kept dancing to the beat as they went down the stairs and their friends excitedly cheered them on.

Cheryl placed the bride-to-be sash around Leah when she finished dancing and led her to the front.
The friends took turns in telling the couple the five things they love about them and gave them a bit of advice. The few who were able to bring along a gift gave it to them. They ate together and danced for the rest of the party.

Leah never thought she would be that happy at her bachelorette, her friends did an amazing job and she teared up a little when she gave her thank you speech. The day ended quickly because they were all so busy with the party. Dean caught up with Adesua when everyone was done dancing and partying. Adesua’s head was on Olive’s lap she was exhausted from all the shouting and dancing.

“Hey sleepyhead, ” Dean said

Adesua opened one eye and looked at him, she chuckled and got up.

Hey,” she said and they walked outside.

“I never really knew you could dance like this” Dean teased

“I make you wanna speak Spanish huh?”
Adesua said and they both laughed hysterically

Si ! Shakira! Shakira!” Dean said and they laughed some more

“You are crazy Dean,” she said

“And you are insane,” he said

You look tired though,” he added

“Yeah I am and I have to pack. I can’t believe the weekend is over”

“Yeah and you have to go back to Nigeria

Adesua sighed and nodded sadly

“When do you leave by the way? I was wondering if it is okay if I saw you off at the airport”

“You would do that?” she asked

“Of course I would. It’s nothing at all

That’s sweet Dean. So I leave on Wednesday on the third flight, I am not sure about the departure time. I would check it and let you know”

“Alright sure”

They spent the rest of the time packing things around the house because they were leaving very early the next morning.
Adesua jumped into bed after packing her stuff, the twins were still packing but they were playing more than packing. Adesua was too tired to play with them, she smiled when she remembered Dean’s request to see her off at the airport. It reminded her to check her departure time. She did and sent Dean a message, the first message she has ever sent him since taking his number.

Dean was talking heartily with the other guys about Chelsea FC, they didn’t understand why he supported that football club so he was explaining. His phone chimed and he quickly checked it, he stopped talking when he saw that it was from Adesua. He quickly checked the message and smiled.

Who has got you blushing like that?” Paa Kwesi asked

Dean smiled and continued talking, when he was done making all his points and Desmond had started talking about Liverpool, he opened Adesua’s message and read it properly.

“Hi Dean..so I have been thinking about our chat. The one where you asked us to be exclusive with each other. I still don’t know if it’s a good idea to commit to each other this soon but I must admit our vibe is unmatched and life is just too short to let the chance of getting to know someone as awesome as you exclusively slip away so yes let’s get to know each other better, take it one day at a time and see where this take us. And my departure time is at 11:50 am, on Wednesday” it read

Dean smiled after reading it and left the room to see Adesua.

There was a knock on Adesua’s door, she was excited she thought it was Dean. She rushed to open it only to see Reginald.

“Hey, Adesua. Can we talk?” he asked

“About what?”

Reginald looked into the room and saw Olive’s and Daisy’s curious eyes watching him so he asked if they could talk in private.

Adesua sighed and closed the door behind her. She then followed Reginald outside. Dean who was about to walk to Adesua’s room saw Reginald knocking on her door. His heart sank when he saw Adesua walking outside with him, he went back into his room and slept on his bed with a thousand and one things running through his mind.


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