Hi people? . I hope you all are doing fine. I hope you love reading this episode. This episode is a lot of things in one. I hope I painted the picture clearly.  Fire And Ice episode sixteen…enjoy?


Episode 16 – Slippery Slope

Reginald led Adesua to the summer hut and sat next to her. 

“Hi,” he said

Adesua chuckled

Hi, Reginald. What’s going on?” she said

“I wanted to apologize on Janine’s behalf about yesterday”

“Why are you apologizing on her behalf?”

“Because I asked her to but she says she can’t and I didn’t want us to leave here tomorrow without you getting an apology”

“Okay sure. It’s alright Reginald. Thanks for apologizing”

Adesua said and tried to get up

“I am not done Adesua”

“Reginald, what is it? You are being weird”

“I…I miss you Adesua” he said

Adesua sat back down and sighed

“We can’t do this Reginald. You’ve moved on. I don’t need to hear how much you have missed me. We have broken up”

“What if I told you I haven’t been able to get you out of mind? I absolutely loved what we had. It was different and I miss that a lot too”

“Are you high? Or drunk? What are you saying? You started dating Janine shortly after our break up Reginald. This whole weekend I have watched you put so much effort into loving her, more effort than you ever gave me. I know I asked us to break up. At first, I regretted it but seeing how you have been with Janine all weekend I understand why I asked us to break up. You don’t love me as much as you love her” Adesua said

Reginald sighed and looked at Adesua

“I was there for you when we were together too Adesua, we had a good relationship. We were happy. So what if I couldn’t say I love you or call you baby? Really? You preferred I lied to you? I wasn’t ready and saying it means a lot”

“Clearly, I can see you are ready now because I have heard you call Janine baby a lot”

“Calling someone baby means nothing Adesua it’s just a pet name”

“A pet name you call someone you love”

“Really? Then I should call Leah baby because I love her or my dad or even Tessa because I love all of them too“

“Now you are just being childish Reginald”

“Am I? We are here arguing about pet names. Just because I didn’t call you by them when we were together, doesn’t mean I didn’t love you”

“Did you though?! Reginald did you? It was just about sex with you!”

“Sex?! Do you think I was with you because of sex? Adesua?! You seriously think, I went through all that crap with Kelly, protected you from getting hurt by her, got her arrested, and ruin her life all because I wanted to have sex with you? You have been in your own head all this time trying to find reasons why you think I don’t love you. There are a lot of people who say I love you easily and quickly and don’t mean it. I only wanted to mean it when I told you. I won’t lie and say I don’t have feelings for Janine, I truly care about her but I am not in love with her. I have always known there was a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone but it took coming here and seeing you with Dean to make me really understand how in love with you I am. Our relationship ended just when I was getting to know you better Adesua and I haven’t been able to get over that”

“But you started dating Janine. You didn’t fight for us” Adesua said

“I thought your mind was made up and I didn’t want to humiliate myself by fighting for something you didn’t want to be a part of anymore”

Adesua sighed, she still loved Reginald very much and all that he was saying was something she wanted to hear. She sat quietly thinking about all that Reginald had just said. Reginald was nervous, he just stared at her. Adesua sighed again and look at him, this time her voice was softer and calmer

“Are you going to end things with Janine?” she asked

“ Yes. I am going to end things with her. Adesua, I want you”

“Are you sure?”

“I have never been certain about anything in my life”

Adesua stood up and looked down at Reginald

“All this is so confusing. I just accepted to get to know Dean better and now here you are saying all the right things”

“Get to know Dean better? But you just met him”

Adesua sighed and tried to walk back inside

It’s late and we need to get some rest,” Adesua said and continued walking

Reginald held her by the hand.

“No Adesua, don’t just leave without us concluding. You now know how I feel. I am in love with you Adesua and even though you don’t want to admit it I know you are in love with me too”

Adesua took her hand out of Reginald’s hand and shook her head

“I still love you, Reginald, I won’t deny that. But I feel you are very indecisive. You can turn around and tell me later that you love Janine more and we would be back to square one. I don’t want to be hurt again” 

“I won’t do that Adesua, I am sure this time” Reginald said

“I don’t believe you Reginald and I really have to go back inside now 

Reginald held her hand tightly and pulled her closer to him.

What are you doing?” she asked with a trembling voice.

She never thought she would be that close to Reginald again. Reginald looked at her melting into him, like she has always done whenever he held her close in an embrace. 

He smiled and touched her face gently. 

“I have missed you” he whispered

Adesua just froze in his arms and looked up at him

“Please Reginald. Let me go” she said but didn’t mean it

They locked eyes and Reginald leaned in slowly to kiss her, he moved slowly because he was waiting for Adesua to wriggle her way out of his arms but she didn’t. 

Their lips touched and they shared a slow passionate kiss, in that moment Reginald knew Adesua was still very much in love with him. They broke off the kiss and stared at each other for a short while in silence then Adesua walked back inside. 

Reginald called out to her but she was just too confused to talk about what had happened. She got into her bed and thought about what she had just gotten herself into. 

The next morning the loud sound of the driver’s honk woke some of them up. Adesua who had had very little sleep woke up with a migraine. The driver gave them thirty minutes to freshen up. When Dean was done, he went to get Adesua. He knocked twice and entered the room with his backpack. He smiled when he saw Adesua, he greeted the twins and walked to her.

“All set?” he asked

“Yep!” she said and smiled

“Okay then,” he said and helped her with her suitcase

Adesua took her purse, her travel neck pillow and held Dean by the arm as they walked down the stairs to the bus. Reginald saw them as he was stepping out of the room with Janine and he got jealous. 

They followed them outside, when Adesua saw him her heart skipped a beat. Janine walked to Reginald’s car after greeting them but Reginald stayed back and wished Adesua a safe trip back to Nigeria.

“Thank you Reginald. Drive safe ”

Reginald then shook Dean’s hand and smiled

“Once again Dean, I really sorry”

“It’s alright bruv.”

“Thanks. I would be seeing you around right?”

“Sure I am here for another month so of course”

“Sure take care,” Reginald said

He waved at them and rushed to his car. 

Dean and Adesua got on the bus and sat in the back, Adesua rested her head on his chest. The bright morning sun shone on Adesua’s face and she covered that side of her face with her hand. Dean saw it and removed his sunglasses case from his backpack. He took his sunglasses out and placed them on Adesua’s face. He then removed his head cap and covered Adesua face with it.

“There, fully shielded,” Dean said 

Adesua chuckled and thanked him. When Adesua was drifting to sleep, Dean took her neck pillow and carefully placed it on her neck making sure not to wake her up.

The trip back was very quiet, everyone was tired and sleepy. The driver got to Adesua’s hostel junction after a two-hour drive. Dean woke her up and helped with her stuff off the bus. Leah and Nana Yaw got down too, to give her and the others a warm hug.

Thanks so much for coming guys,” Leah said and got back on the bus.

Dean hugged Adesua again, tightly this time

“I would see you on Wednesday. You can keep the sunglasses and the cap” he said

Adesua smiled 

“Are you sure?” she asked

“Yep! And I would text you something you can take for that migraine” he said

“I already know what I can take Doctor. Pharmacy student remember?” 

Dean laughed

“Right! Right! My apologies” he said and hugged her again.

“We need to get out of here while we are still young Dean,” Desmond said out of the window of the bus. 

Dean then rushed inside the bus and apologized to the driver. He walked back to his seat and watched as Adesua and the others walked down the junction to their hostel. 

Reginald and Janine arrived home mid-morning, there was heavy morning traffic. Tessa was very happy to see her daughter, she had to wait all weekend to see her since she heard that she had touched down in Ghana.

As Janine spoke to her mother, Reginald went up to his room to change quickly for work. He sent Adesua a message as he stepped out of the house. 

She didn’t answer all morning long because she went straight to bed when she got to her room. Reginald couldn’t fully concentrate at work, he kept checking his phone from time to time to see if Adesua has read his message. 

Janine was eating in the kitchen when the telephone rang. She thought her mother would get it but she was busy. When it rang for a while, she rushed to get it. 

Hello? Mr. Boateng’s Residence. Good morning” she said

The caller kept quiet.

“Hello? Can you hear me?” Janine asked

The caller stayed quiet for a while then ended the call

Janine was confused and dropped the phone. After a while, Tessa came to the kitchen and asked her who had called. She shrugged

“I don’t know, the person didn’t talk,” Janine said

“Really?! This is the fifth time someone has called and said nothing. I am beginning to get worried. If it persists I would ask Gerald to change the number”

“That’s weird. Who do you think it could be?” Janine asked

“I have no idea sweetie. Let’s not worry our heads about that. What are your plans for the day?”

“I would just sleep in today”

Tessa smiled and looked at her daughter

I have missed you, baby,” she said and hugged her.

“I miss you too mom”

Adesua woke up in the afternoon and checked her phone. She had gotten a couple of calls from her mother, and a couple of messages from Reginald and Dean. Daisy was on the phone with Nathan, she smiled at Adesua when she saw that she was awake. 

Adesua went to freshen up and microwaved some of the food they were able to bring from the beach house. Her migraine subsided after she had rested and eaten. She went for a stroll and called her mother, she wanted to make sure Adesua was still coming on Wednesday. Adesua confirmed and they spoke about other family matters. When the call ended, she checked Dean’s messages first.

I just got home. How’s the migraine?”

She smiled and replied

It’s better now. I took a long nap and had lunch. How are you?”

She later checked Reginald’s message.

“ Hi, Adesua. Are you okay? You looked a little tired this morning”

She sighed but replied

Yes. I didn’t get enough sleep so I woke up with a migraine but it’s better now”

Reginald called the moment he saw that Adesua had replied, they spoke for a while as she continued her stroll. Reginald had to enter a meeting so he promised to call when he closes. Adesua did enjoy her chat with him, he had always been very easy to talk to. She saw that Dean had replied to her message and they texted for a bit. 

She was watching one of her favorite series on her bed when a call from Reginald came through. 

“Hey. Closed already?” she asked

“Yep. I closed early today. I am really tired. I wanted to take today off but Daddy didn’t allow it so had to just go and show my face”

“Oh, I see. How’s your dad doing by the way?”

“He is good Adesua. Thanks for asking”

“You are welcome. So what now? What’s up for the rest of the day?”

“I would just rest and prepare for work tomorrow. What about you?”

“I was watching Big Bang Theory when you called. I might continue watching it”

Reginald chuckled 

“You still watch that?”

“Of course I do. And why are you asking me that? Were you not the one that introduced me to that show?”

“I was but I didn’t know you’d love it this much. Which season are you on now?”

“Season 11”

“Wow. The last season I watched was season 7 I think. I have been so busy lately, I can’t really sit through a movie these days. I always doze off a couple of minutes in”

“That’s a symptom of old age, sir. You should be growing a couple of grey hairs pretty soon” Adesua teased

Reginald laughed

“I think so too,” he said and chuckled

There was an awkward silence.

“Okay, so I would leave you to enjoy Big Bang Theory but you can text me if you want to talk,” Reginald said breaking the silence.

“Okay, sure Reginald. Drive safe”

“Thanks, Adesua”

“You are welcome. Okay bye”

“Bye” he said

Reginald drove in silence with Adesua on his mind, he knew he had to find a way to end things with Janine quickly so that he can start something real with Adesua. 

Dean got a little busy with his family that evening, they had a conference call and talked about the family and Nana Yaw’s wedding. 

They have had that family meeting for as long as Dean could remember, it has brought them together as a family over the years and it has built some trust. They have it every Sunday evening but because of Dean and Desmond’s trip that weekend they decided to have it on Monday. 

Dean was caught up in the conversation and lost track of time, Adesua thought to reach out to him but she hesitated. She was confused about Reginald now and didn’t want to lead Dean on anymore. To keep herself from calling Dean she packed some of her things instead. Dean called her when he was done with his family but Adesua was asleep.

Adesua avoided Dean the whole of Tuesday but not on purpose. She had a lot to do since she was leaving the next morning. Kwaku and the twins helped her pack as well, they wanted to help Adesua sell some of the things she couldn’t take to Nigeria like her refrigerator, study desk, and a few other things. She asked the twins to keep her car until she returns a couple of months later for Leah’s wedding. Dean called her in the evening to confirm if she was set for the trip the next morning and they ended up talking all night. 

The next morning Daisy made a special breakfast for all of them before they drove Adesua to the airport. Dean arrived at the airport a couple of minutes after Adesua had checked in, she was very happy to see him. She hugged him

“I am so happy you came,” she said

“I told you that I would”

“Yes you did”

“How are you feeling?” he asked

“I am just sad, four years came really quickly”

“I know but we would see you soon at Leah’s wedding so don’t be too sad,” he said

They waited with her until her flight number was announced for boarding, even though she knew she would see all of them soon she was still sad. For four years her life has been with them. She teared up when she hugged Daisy, she has been a very good friend to her.

Don’t cry, silly girl. You would make me cry too. I would see you soon” Daisy said forcing herself not to cry. 

She hugged Dean last

Take care of yourself ” he said

“Sure I will do that. I would call you as soon as I settle down” she said 

Dean smiled and nodded. They waved at her and watched as she walked away to board her plane. 

When she arrived in Nigeria she sent Dean a message, and he replied quickly. She later called Reginald but he didn’t answer. She rested all afternoon and caught up with her parents, later she called Yemi to let him know that she is back home.

The strange caller kept calling Reginald’s home for a couple more weeks so Gerald had to change their number. Reginald has been so busy with work and getting Adesua back that he didn’t notice that he was slowly pulling away from Janine.

He was working on his laptop one evening in the living room when the doorbell rang. Their security guy had early on asked for some days off so Reginald dropped the laptop and went to the gate to check.

“What?! Uncle Joe?! How?” Reginald said surprisingly

“Hello Reginald,” he said

“I can’t believe it is you. I have so many questions” Reginald said

Uncle Joe chuckled

“Can I come in?”

“Oh sure. Has Tessa known all along that you were alive and didn’t say anything?”

Uncle Joe just chuckled and didn’t talk. Reginald excitedly opened the front door for him and called out for her father, Tessa, and Janine. 

Tessa who was sipping on a cup of tea in the kitchen rushed out to see who was at the door.

“Joe!” Tessa said and dropped her cup

“Hello Tessa,” he said

“What are you doing here?”

“I can see you finally got what you want” Joe said looking around in the living room

“Reginald call the police!” Tessa said

Reginald started to get worried and confused

“What is going on here? Why should I call the police ? ” he asked

Gerald and Janine came out of the room to check the reason why Tessa was shouting. Gerald was surprised to see Joe.

“Joe?!” he said

“How is Joe in our living room?” he asked looking at Tessa

“I thought you were dead” he added

“I survived the accident sir and I have been in hiding all this while”

“In hiding? What for?” Gerald asked

“Are you going to tell them Tessa or I should? ” Joe said looking at Tessa

“Tell us what?” Reginald asked

“You are running mad what are you talking about?” Tessa said angrily

Joe laughed out loud and shook his head

“You are still the same cynical woman I know. I see”

“Would someone tell me what’s going on here?!” Gerald said angrily

“Tessa what is Joe talking about?!” he added

“Your house manager here isn’t who you think she is sir. She is the reason why your wife passed away” Joe said


“Yes sir. Tessa created a separate email and sent you all those messages making it seem you were cheating, to make your wife see them. That’s why you two had that big fight that night. Tessa has always loved you sir and has been very jealous of what you had with your wife. When she found out you have been secretly cheating on her and hiding it so well she decided to take advantage of that and break you two up so she came up with the email idea. Your wife had early on confided in her about how she had a feeling you were cheating even though she wasn’t sure. So when she read those fake emails Tessa had planted she believed instantly. Tessa got her drunk on purpose and when you arrived home from work she confronted you, but you were so confused and it turned into that big fight”

Gerald turned to look at Tessa

“Is this true?” he asked

“It’s not true. He is lying!

Joe chuckled and continued

“Tessa knew your wife would drive out to cool off because she always did that when you two got into a fight. She also knew that you would instruct me to drive her like you always did. Tessa had already told me about her plan and as the good friend I thought I was to her, I told her to stop that plan. I told her there was no point bringing more confusion into an already struggling marriage just for her selfish pleasure. I thought I had convinced her to stop but I guess I had offended her instead. As I drove your wife she started telling me what had happened and it really aligned with the plan Tessa had told me about. I was trying to tell her the truth but she was so drunk and was so caught up in the lie that she didn’t believe a word that came out of my mouth. Before we knew the brakes of the car were not working it was just too late and we had the accident but I survived because I had my seatbelt on. I tried to help your wife but I had no idea where she had fallen when the accident forced her out of the car. I knew if I didn’t escape, Tessa would surely kill me because I knew too much” 

“Were you the caller that had been calling and hanging up?” Gerald asked

“Yes sir. Anytime I called you never answered, it was almost always Tessa that answered but I wanted to speak to you directly” 

Reginald stared at Tessa he was so shocked, tears filled his eyes he tried to talk but he could find the words. 

Are you still going to deny it, Tessa?” Joe asked

Tessa run to the kitchen and Gerald followed her, she quickly went to the storeroom and came out with a gun. He threatened to shoot Gerald if he came closer. Gerald raised his hands up and Tessa took him back to the living room with the gun pointing to his back.

Janine cried and begged her mother to stop she was so scared and confused. She had no idea her mother was capable of all that. 

“Janine, go and pack your stuff, we are leaving the house this minute!” Tessa said

“Mummy please drop the gun. Mummy please” Janine cried

Did you hear what I said?! Hurry up! We don’t have much time” she said

She also asked her daughter to steal some money from Gerald’s safe in his study and told Janine the passcode to the safe. Gerald and Reginald were shocked Tessa knew the passcode to the safe. Janine was so scared but she went upstairs and did what her mother had ordered.

One of the house staff sneaked out through the backdoor in the kitchen and went to ask for help. Joe before coming to the house had already planned with the security man to inform the police that’s why he took some days off work to plan. 

“All this time you have watched me blame myself for my Natalie’s death. You have watched me suffer and cried and said nothing. You are evil Tessa!” Gerald angrily said and struggled with Tessa with the gun

“No Dad!” Reginald cried

Tessa got hold of the gun and hit Gerald’s head with it leaving him unconscious then he pointed the gun at Reginald and Joe.

“Don’t you dare come close, I would shoot you without thinking twice” she said angrily.

They raised their hands up and moved a little further away from her. The house staff that had escaped to find help, came back with two of the strongest guys they knew in the area.

The guys in the area really admired Gerald and how very generous he was to them, so they didn’t hesitate to help when they found out that he might be in danger. 

Reginald saw the two guys creeping behind Tessa but he kept his eyes focused on her so she had no idea people were behind her. 

They held Tessa by the neck from behind and placed a cloth containing chloroform on her nose. She struggled a bit and in the struggle, she fired the gun and it hit Reginald’s chest. Tessa then dropped the gun and became unconscious.

Joe rushed to Reginald and pressed on his chest to stop the blood. The sound of the gun startled Janine and she dropped the money she had taken from Gerald’s safe and rushed outside. The security man arrived with the police a few moments later and picked Tessa up.

Janine cried and called out for her mother as they carried her away. She followed the police to the station she wanted to be sure her mother was fine. 

The house staff quickly went to check on Gerald and Reginald. They wanted to call an ambulance but they decided to rush them to the Hospital by themselves to save time. Joe joined the driver that replaced him after his accident and they took Gerald and Reginald to the hospital in separate cars.

Leah had heard the news and called Janine to check up on her, she called several times but Janine didn’t answer. Leah was at the hospital with her family, Gerald had regained consciousness but Reginald was still in surgery. 

When Tessa regained consciousness, Janine was allowed to see her. Tessa looked miserable, Janine started to cry when she saw her. 

“Mummy, why did you do it?”

“I don’t have time to answer your many questions. There is something I need to tell you, Janine”

“What mummy?”

“I am terribly sorry about this Janine. There has never been an easy way to say this to you”

What is it, mummy?” Janine asked and held her mother’s hand

Reginald is your half-brother. Gerald is your biological father

“What?!!” Janine said and let go of her mother’s hand. 

Mummy, you are joking!”

“Please calm down and lower your voice” Tessa said looking around

How can I be calm mum? Reginald told you and Uncle Gerald about our relationship two years ago. About our romantic relationship mum, and you two agreed knowing we are brother and sister? How sick is that?”

Gerald doesn’t know. I never told him. His wife’s father hired me as their cook when they moved into their house after marriage. I didn’t want to do it at first because I didn’t want to serve a couple who were around my age. I found it demeaning but I needed the money so I accepted it. I didn’t go to that house with the intention of falling in love with Gerald but I found myself falling in love with him with each passing day. He didn’t make me feel like just the cook, he made me feel like a part of the family. Natalie his wife, was treated like a princess, she schooled abroad all her life. She only came to Ghana because she got married to Gerald, so she had no idea how to cook certain Ghanaian dishes for him or how to generally cater for him. That is why her father hired me to teach her but Natalie didn’t want to learn she felt since I was there Gerald would be fine. I was there for just over a month when I started to hear them argue almost every night in their bedroom. The nights they argue, Gerald woke up the next morning looking really sad so to cheer him up I cooked his favorite dish for breakfast. He always used to sit with me anytime I cooked and I ended up teaching him a thing or two. Natalie was never at home, she only spent her father’s money with her girlfriends, a bunch of rich spoilt girls too. 

Gerald had just started building the architecture firm so he was always frustrated and tired most of the time. One day he returned home in the afternoon, he was really upset, he was talking about how he had wasted some money. I didn’t like to see him upset so I asked him to go freshen up while I fix him something nice to eat but before I could make my way to the kitchen, I heard him crying on the couch.  I went back to him to console him. I took him in my arms, I had never seen him cry before so I didn’t know what to do. He cried a little in my arms. I found myself caressing the back of his head slowly, I thought that would calm him down but I think it turned him on because he ended up kissing me. He apologized at first but he kissed me again. We both knew it was wrong but we ended up having sex that afternoon on the couch. We both thought that the first time was going to be the only time but he started coming home in the afternoons to be with me. He wasn’t paying much attention to Natalie anymore so I asked him to spend time with her so that Natalie wouldn’t suspect anything. I thought I was doing that to protect our secret, but I realized Gerald started to enjoy spending time with Natalie. He wasn’t doing it to cover our secret anymore, he even stopped coming home in the afternoon to spend time with me. One night I couldn’t sleep so I went to the kitchen to fix myself a cup of tea only to hear Natalie moaning passionately from their bedroom. I stayed up each night since then to listen if they would go at it again and they went at it every night. I found out I was pregnant with you a week later, I was a month gone. I knew Gerald wouldn’t accept it, judging from the newfound love he had gotten for his wife. So I invited an old friend of mine over one afternoon when Gerald and Natalie left the house and seduced him. We had sex and I pinned the pregnancy on him, he had a decent job so I thought he could support me financially.

A couple of days later I noticed that Natalie stopped going out as often and she stopped drinking wine. She started to ask me to cook a lot of spicy foods, foods I also craved. Then I knew she was pregnant too, I asked Gerald and he confirmed it. I wanted to tell him about you but I was too afraid of his rejection. I took care of Natalie for a while but when I started to show, I lied and told them that your grandmother was sick and I needed some time to be with her. I moved in with the guy I had pinned the pregnancy on but one day he went to work and never came home. He left a letter apologizing, he even added some money. I stayed there and had you. After a year, I returned to Gerald and Natalie’s home. I didn’t have any money and you were almost dying of hunger. They had already replaced me with a new cook but because I had done a good job while I worked there, they decided to make me their house manager. They funded my education at the university. While I went to school Natalie helped take care of you and Reginald. She became very different after she had Reginald, motherhood suited her well. You and Reginald became very close over the years and I didn’t want to mess anything up especially with the help Gerald and Natalie had given me. But I never stopped loving Gerald, when I heard that he had started cheating on Natalie, it made me realize he didn’t love her as much anymore so I saw it as my chance to ruin their marriage so that Gerald and I would pick up from where we left off” 

 Janine was dumfounded after Tessa explained everything, tears rolled down her cheeks, she wiped her eyes and sighed

“Mummy, your silence for all these years has ruined my life. Before Reginald and I told you about our relationship two years ago, we had been in a secret relationship. But for some reason, I thought if you and Uncle Gerald found out you would be upset so we broke up just before I left for the UK. We only kissed then because we wanted to wait to have sex but we got back together again when Reginald visited me in the UK and we had sex mummy. It was my first time too. Thanks to you my half-brother broke my virginity mum! Thanks a lot! ”  

“No! Janine. I am so sorry. I knew I would pay dearly for this but not this way”

“Not this way? What way did you expect then? You watched me in silence as I dated my half-brother. A guy I told you how much I loved? Did you think we were never going to have sex ever? We are two young people who love each other, what did you expect?”

“But you promised me that you would wait to get married before you have sex, Janine” Tessa said sobbingly

“A promise? So you held on to my silly promise to buy you some time before you told me the truth about Reginald? ” 

Tessa sat there quietly and cried bitterly, she has realized how stupid she had been

“Well, I am sorry I couldn’t hold on to that promise mom. You really deserve to be here. I am so disgusted with myself. What you did was really selfish and you ended up ruining a lot of lives in the process. You are an evil person mom and I want nothing to do with you. Absolutely nothing!” Janine said and walked out of the station.

She stopped a taxi and went back home to pack, she wanted to disappear. She booked a return ticket back to the UK, she sent Leah a long message explaining everything to her. She also asked Leah to tell Reginald not to look for her because she can’t look him in the eye ever again. Leah after reading the message called Janine but she turned her phone off. 

Tessa couldn’t survive in prison she died a year after her sentence. Gerald couldn’t forgive himself for what he had done to his family. Reginald stopped speaking to him when he found out the truth about Janine. He couldn’t believe Gerald disrespected his mother that way, all the many insecurities he has about love and relationships was because he saw how much his mother suffered being married to his father. 

When Adesua found out about Reginald from Leah she moved to Ghana to be with him. She took care of him when he got out of the hospital, she comforted him the night Leah told him the truth about Janine. He wanted to end his life because the life and the people he knew all turned out to be liars but Adesua talked him out of it.

Leah postponed her wedding because of all that had happened. Janine stayed hidden for a year but reached out to Leah sometime to ask about her father and Reginald. 

The last time she reached out, Leah told her about the new date of her wedding but Janine told her that she still wasn’t ready to face the family yet. 

When Dean found out that Adesua had returned to Ghana just to be by Reginald’s side even though he asked her not to, he knew Adesua still had feelings for him.

The night that she landed in Ghana, Adesua tried explaining to Dean the situation with Reginald and why she had to be with him but they ended up getting into a heated argument.

They both said a lot of harsh things to each other, things they both couldn’t take back. Since that night, they didn’t say a word to each other again. Adesua thought the Dean she knew would reach out but he never did, she later found out that he left the country without telling her.

 She on the other hand was too proud to reach out to him, so for a year, they gave each other the silent treatment even though both of them were dying to talk to each other. Their relationship ended even before it started. Dean still loved her very much and still stalked her sometimes on her Instagram page when he wasn’t busy being a doctor. 


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