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Episode 2- Sparks

They rushed out of the room. Adesua followed them to the hospital, she was very worried too.

When they got to the hospital, they found Kelly standing outside with a couple of her friends. 

Kelly. What happened? Is he okay?” Leah asked. 

We can’t really tell for now. The doctor and the nurses are not saying anything to us”

Nana Yaw sighed 

“But what happened? ” he asked

Maleek had an episode when they were playing FIFA. He got so angry when he lost. Frank and Reggie tried to calm him down because they knew it was a symptom of his bipolar but out of nowhere, Maleek hit Frank and it turned into a fight. Reggie tried to separate them but Maleek angrily pushed him and Reggie hit his head. I quickly went to call Andy for help. I came back and saw Reggie bleeding and unconscious.”

 Nana Yaw was very upset. 

“I warned Reggie about Maleek, that boy is sick. I kept telling him to stay away. But you know how Reggie is, always trying to see the best in people. Now look”

“Can we go see him now?” Leah asked.

We can only see him when he regains consciousness, Leah. That’s what a nurse told me. I really hope it’s soon” Kelly said looking at her watch. 

Why do you have somewhere else to be? ” Leah asked.

Kelly shook her head and went to wait in Reggies’s car. 

Adesua couldn’t help but notice how indifferent Kelly was about Reginald’s condition.  

She followed Leah and Nana Yaw into the hospital, Nana Yaw asked some nurses about Reggie but they didn’t have any news, they only told him to wait. 

Olive was very excited about being in a relationship with Kwaku. Before they got very close, Olive had a secret crush on him. She remembered the first day he walked into class. He had his AirPods in his ears and went straight to the back even though there were a lot of empty seats in front. He didn’t talk to a lot of people in the class but seemed to have a lot of friends. 

He only spoke when he answered questions or asked questions in class. A few classmates didn’t like him because they thought he was full of himself. 

Hugh is the second-best student in class after Kwaku and was a little intimidated by him but tried to hide it. 

During one of their afternoon classes, while they waited for the lecturer, Hugh intentionally picked a fight with Kwaku. He was saying things about Kwaku he had no business saying. 

Kwaku tried his best to ignore him but Hugh worked on his last nerve so Kwaku hit him on the chest and raised his voice at him, taking everyone in the class by surprise. Kwaku was so upset and embarrassed, he left the class and hadn’t spoken to Hugh since then. 

Olive knew she wanted to be more than a friend to Kwaku ever since they started hanging out together, she found out how very caring and thoughtful he is but she didn’t want to be the first to confess her love to him. 

Luckily, Kwaku felt the same. She was smiling to herself on her bed when Daisy walked in. 

Adesua’s crush has been rushed to the hospital. He doesn’t look good ” Daisy said worriedly. 

What happened to him? ” Olive asked

“I asked but Adesua didn’t say. She seems very worried about him” 

“Wait. How does Adesua know this? Was it announced to the entire school or Adesua has been stalking him?”

“I am surprised she even knows. Wait, she just texted me”

Daisy read the message and nodded.

ooh okay. She says Reginald got into a fight and hit his head. She was with Leah this morning when her boyfriend told them so she followed them to the hospital to see him”

“Ooh okay, that sounds a little serious. I hope he gets better soon if not Adesua would just die” Olive teased. 

They both laughed. 

“ Olive you are such a tease! Anyway, I also came here to talk to you. I couldn’t bring myself to telling you earlier because I was scared we would end up arguing” 

Daisy sat on Olive’s bed and sighed. 

so do you plan on telling mummy and daddy about Kwaku?”

Olive was a little startled by her sister’s question. 

“ No Daisy. Isn’t that a little too soon? I only just started dating the guy” 

“ This is your first official relationship, you know I don’t know much about dating guys but all I can say is be careful and just don’t do anything you don’t want to do. Kwaku seems nice but I don’t know him that well. I was thinking if you told mummy and daddy you might feel more comfortable dating him. What if he wants to hang out when we vacate? We go everywhere and do everything together. It would raise eyebrows if you have to go out alone. Daddy would have a lot of questions”

“ I don’t know Daisy maybe when we get there we would know what to do? I want to get to know him better and if it’s okay to bring him home because it wouldn’t be nice to bring him home and the next moment we are broken up”

 Daisy smiled. 

Well you have a point, most campus relationships don’t last but I am rooting for you two”

Olive smiled too.

“I hope it lasts, I really like him. He is a great guy” Olive said. 

I can’t believe you have a boyfriend Olive, I wish you luck with him,” Daisy said.

Thanks, Sissy” Olive said. 

Reginald regained consciousness after an hour, a nurse informed his friends. 

The doctor is examining him now, when he is through with him, you would be allowed to see him ” a nurse added. 

They were very happy to hear that. Adesua immediately texted Daisy to tell her the good news.

Why don’t we go and have something to eat now that he is out of the woods. He must also be very hungry by now,  that way, we can also get him something to eat? ” Adesua suggested.

“ Of course! That’s a brilliant idea Adesua. By the time we return the doctor would have been done with him” Nana Yaw added.

“ I am sorry but who are you again? ” Kelly asked.

Adesua was dumbfounded. 

she is a friend of ours. She was with us when we got the news and she decided to join us ” Nana Yaw replied.

Kelly took a good look at her, she looked familiar but couldn’t remember where she had seen her.

They went to a decent restaurant close to the hospital. Adesua felt very uncomfortable, she really didn’t know why she stayed that long. It was obvious Kelly didn’t want her there. She texted Leah from across the table and told her that she would like to leave. Leah looked at her when she got the message and shook her head. 

I don’t know what I am doing here Leah and besides Reginald doesn’t know me like that. Just let me know how everything goes tomorrow“ Adesua texted and stood up. 

She politely asked to be excused. Leah walked her to the car park.

I know it is because of what Kelly said but you really don’t have to let her get to you,” Leah said as they walked.

She did have a point. I honestly don’t know why I stayed this long”

you were worried about your friend. It’s a normal thing to do, don’t beat yourself up over this” 

My friend? I wouldn’t say I am friends with Reginald, I doubt he even remembers my name” 

Leah laughed.

  well, I am happy to let you know that he remembers your name. He always asks about you anytime we chat” Leah said. 

Adesua chuckled, she was so excited on the inside but managed to control her excitement on the outside. 

that’s good to know. I really hope he feels better soon. I would take my leave now, but don’t hesitate to call me if you need anything “

Leah nodded and waved her goodbye. 

She rushed back to the restaurant, Nana Yaw kept calling.

Adesua was so happy about what Leah had just told her. 

“ Reginald remembers my name.” she thought. 

Kwaku called Olive that night, he had missed her. 

“Hey Kwaku” 

“Hi Olive. How are you?

A little bored. I can’t wait to go back to school tomorrow. How about you, how was your dad’s birthday party?”

“ We are yet to start the party. We are still setting up but I missed you and decided to call you”

“I miss you too, I was thinking about you when you called. I want to tell you something but I want to tell you in person” 

Okay, I would pass by your hostel tomorrow. What time would you go back to school?” he asked. 

We usually close from the church by 10:30 am. We would later cook some stews and soups for school. So I am sure by 4 pm or 5 pm we should be in school” 

Okay. I would come to school right after my dad’s thanksgiving service. So text me when you arrive”

“Okay, I will do that. Have fun at the party. Send me some photos” she said. 

Kwaku smiled.

Sure. I would do that. Ummm… Olive?” 


“I love you

She smiled over the phone and replied. 

“Hey. How are you feeling? ” Leah asked when she finally got to see Reginald. 

I am good,” he said with a very faint voice.

I am glad you are. Should I call Uncle Gerald? ” Leah asked. 

No! Daddy can’t find out. Please, Leah. I don’t want to trouble him”

“Okay… Reggie. If you say so”

Kelly kissed Reginald out of nowhere. 

I am so sorry Reggie but I am happy you are feeling a little better now” she said.

“ Thanks, Kaycee,” he said with a smile. 

Leah gave Reginald the food they bought for him at the restaurant and spent some time with him. The doctor advised him to stay in the hospital for a couple of days so they can keep a close eye on his head wound. Maleek apologized to Reginald before they all left the hospital. 

In the following week, Adesua asked Leah about Reginald a lot. She was very worried about him but Leah assured her that he is doing absolutely fine.  

Olive mustered the courage and asked Kwaku if he was okay meeting her parents. She thought about what Daisy had said, her parents knowing who she is with would make it easy for Kwaku to visit her at home and also ask her out. Kwaku was very terrified, but he did it because of Olive. 

Her parents loved him, he spoke respectfully and Intelligently. 

Daisy was very proud of Olive, she knew it wasn’t easy for her to do all that. 

The semester ended, Adesua left for Nigeria, after her last paper. Her parents booked the last flight for her. She had wanted to spend some time with the twins but she had strict parents. 

Daisy dropped Adesua at the airport in her car. Adesua early on asked Daisy to keep the car in her house until school reopened. 

They said their goodbyes and Daisy waited for Adesua to get on the plane. 

Kwaku and Olive spent the vacation together. He also introduced her to his family. They were very surprised he actually brought a girl home. They knew Kwaku has a lot of female friends but never has he spoken to them about any of the girls much less bring one home. 

His big sister knew immediately Olive is the one when she saw her playing video games with Kwaku, and actually scoring him. She spied on them every time Olive visited.  

One time when Olive had visited and left, she asked Kwaku about his real intentions for Olive if he saw a bigger picture or he was just having fun. 

His answer was very sincere and she knew right there that his baby brother isn’t so little anymore. 

During vacations, Reginald always worked with his father in his Architectural firm. His father insists he knows the ins and outs of the firm before he graduates. It’s a great opportunity he doesn’t take for granted, he loves working with his father. The staff at the firm love him and he tries to always learn from them. 

He usually has lunch with his father, they use the hour break each day to talk. They had a great relationship. 

how is Kelly doing?” Gerald asked

she is fine dad. I invited her for dinner tomorrow…Tessa said it’s been a while she saw her” 

I see, that’s good and how is the relationship going?” 

“ it’s okay dad”

Reginald didn’t like talking about his relationship. His father noticed that he always had very little to say about his girlfriend but Gerald always ask his son anyway. 

Adesua spent her vacation at home, she learned to play the piano because her big brother wanted her to learn. When she started learning to play the previous year, she really hated it but she had suddenly found a new love for playing so she spent most of her free time practicing. 

She didn’t have a lot of friends at home, because growing up she was shielded by her parents especially her mother. 

Her mother came to her room to check in on her when she heard the sound of the piano.

you are getting better Adesua 

She was startled when she heard her mother’s voice, she didn’t hear her walk in. 

thank you, mom. I think Yemi would be proud. I plan on playing for him when he calls tonight” 

that’s awesome. Come downstairs for lunch when you are done

She got a notification on her phone while eating lunch with her parents. 

She checked it and saw that Reginald had requested to follow her on Instagram. She quickly confirmed it.

She smiled as she ate. 

what’s going on? Why are you smiling so much?” Dr. Okunola asked. 

“ oh it’s just a meme Daisy sent to me Dad” 

“ A what ?” 

“ A meme Daddy. It’s meant to make one laugh 

Her father had no idea what she was saying.

Adesua saw that Reginald has sent her a direct message 

How are you doing ? ” he asked 

Adesua heart fluttered when she saw his message. She hurriedly ate her lunch so she could go back to her room for some privacy to reply. 

Reginald got a little anxious when she hadn’t replied. He kept checking his phone whenever it vibrated.

Adesua rushed to her room after washing the dishes. She always spent time with her father whenever he has days off. Her father was in the living room watching a repeat of a football match when he saw Adesua run to her bedroom. She jumped into her bed and covered herself with her duvet then replied Reginald.

I am good. What’s up with you?” she texted

He replied quickly.

just work at the moment. Nothing much 

Where are you working? Our vacation is pretty short you should be resting” 

“I know. But I don’t have the luxury of rest”

“ Can I get your number? So I call you?” he added

Adesua gasped when she read that message.

I am using my Nigerian number now? The charges would be more if you call”

“ Don’t worry” he replied.

He called her and they talked the whole of the afternoon. The conversation came easy to them and there wasn’t an awkward silence. 

School re-opened after a month and a half, Adesua couldn’t wait to go back to school. She had started a friendship with Reginald and she couldn’t wait to see how it all played out. Daisy and Olive picked her up from the airport and they drove to campus. Adesua told the girls about her friendship with Reginald and everything in between.

Really? Instagram?” Daisy asked

yes, Instagram. I was so shocked when he texted. So far he seems cool. We are just friends”

Adesua, we all know how much you like this guy, you keep behaving as if you don’t and I don’t think it’s right. He has a girlfriend and you clearly want more than friendship with him. There is no point being in such an unhealthy situation especially in the first year” Daisy advised.

Unhealthy situation?”

“ Yes, it’s an unhealthy situation Adesua. It’s going to get messy”

“ So what do you want me to do now? Block him and delete his number?

Calm down Adesua. You don’t have to be upset. I am only preventing you from getting your heartbroken” 

“ I know what I am doing Daisy and thanks for the advice but seriously Reginald and I are just friends”

Daisy knew Adesua was still lying to herself and she feared she would get her heart broken but she gave Adesua the benefit of the doubt. Reginald arrived on campus a week earlier, it was his last semester and he wanted to get started on some school work. He was working on his laptop when his phone vibrated, it was a text message from Adesua. 

“I just got to my hostel,” it said.

He smiled to himself and replied

Welcome. How was the flight?”

Adesua was unpacking so she couldn’t reply, when she was done unpacking she went out with the twins to get a bite to eat. 

As they ate, she smiled down at her phone and replied Reginald.

It was a good flight. I enjoyed it. What are you up to?” 

Reginald was driving to campus to study, he was meeting up with a few of his coursemates who also came early to school.

He replied to her when he got to campus and got out of the car.

I am about to study with some coursemates on campus. You?”

Grabbing a bite to eat with the twins” 

“Oh, they are with you?” 

“Yes, they got me from the airport”

“Right. You said you left your car with them”

Daisy sighed when she saw Adesua texting, she knew she was chatting with Reginald. 

How’s your evening looking like?” Reginald asked.

I don’t have any plans. I might just hang out with the twins”

“Do you want to hang out with me instead?” he asked

Adesua giggled and saw the twins staring when she lifted her head to sip her drink.

“ What? ” Adesua asked

Nothing,” they said in unison. 

Reginald just asked if we could hang out,” Adesua said.

Hang out where? Is he on campus?” Olive asked

Adesua nodded excitedly.

What are you doing Adesua? Honestly” Daisy asked

Adesua was starting to piss her off.

You know this guy has a girlfriend. You clearly want more than friendship. Why are you putting yourself in such a position? This guy would graduate soon and leave you here. What would happen then? Don’t start something you can’t finish, there are enough guys on campus you haven’t even met yet. We are only in our first year, remember that and let Reginald go” 

Adesua sighed.

I understand you very well Daisy but nothing is going on between us. It is just friendship. Trust me, I am not going to do anything stupid” she said

After lunch, Adesua drove to campus to meet up with Reginald. He was just wrapping up.
She drove behind him to his hostel.

I remember the first time you came here, you looked so worried,” Reginald said.

Adesua laughed.

” I remember. Thanks so much for helping us that evening”

Oh it was nothing. Would you like something to drink?”

Water is fine”

Reginald brought her a bottle of water and turn his television on.
He joined her on the bed and they watched a documentary about Koalas that Adesua found really fascinating. Reginald looked at her, he hadn’t really gotten the chance to look at her the first time they met in person. He found her to be very beautiful, he liked how she smiled.
Adesua’s eyes were fixed on the television screen, a call from Kelly came through. Reginald reduced the volume on the television and answered.

Hey KayCee”

” Hi Reggie. What’s up?”

Nothing much. Just in my room. What’s up?”

Nothing really. Audrey is on her way to school, I have asked her to leave some of my stuff with you. I would come for them next week”

Sure thing. What time would she get here?” 

“ I can’t tell. I would ask her”

Sure KayCee. Are you okay?”

Yeah I am. You?”

Yeah. I am alright” 

“ Okay..”

” Alright then. I would ask Audrey and text you”

” Okay. Bye”

” Bye Reggie. Love you”

Love you too” 

He ended the call and apologized to Adesua.

Oh don’t apologize. It’s alright. Was it your girlfriend?”

Reginald nodded.

You call her KayCee?”

Reginald chuckled and nodded.

is that her middle name?”

No. Her name is Kelly Coomson, so I call KayCee instead”

ooh okay. Cute. Most guys call their girlfriends baby or boo so I assumed you would too”

Reginald laughed.

Naah…We don’t call each other that. Could we go back to watching the documentary please?” 

Adesua smiled and nodded.

Sure. It’s so informative” she said.

Yep, it is. Come here” Reginald said with his arms open asking to cuddle.

Adesua smiled and went into his arms. They cuddled as they watched the documentary. Reginald was a little tired so he napped.

Audrey arrived with Kelly’s stuff close to an hour later. She knocked twice on the door. Adesua was startled by the knock, Reginald was sound asleep, and she didn’t want to disturb him, so she answered the door instead. Audrey had a surprised look on her face when she saw Adesua.

” I am sorry but is this Reginald Boateng’s room? ”

Yes it is. He is asleep now”

Ooh? Okay. Kelly said to give this bag to him

Adesua collected the bag.

” I would give it to him

Alright thanks. Bye “

Audrey rushed down the stairs, Adesua was so confused. She knew she had made a mistake and hell was about to break loose.
Audrey didn’t waste any time in calling Kelly to tell her about the girl she had just seen in Reginald’s room.


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