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Episode 3- Shenanigans

“Hi Kelly.”

“Hi Audrey. Were you able to give it to him?”

“ Well, technically no, but he would get it” 

“What do you mean?” Kelly asked and chuckled. 

Look Kelly, I am not one to poke my nose into people’s relationships but when I got to Reginald’s room, some girl answered the door”


Yes. For a minute, I thought I was in the wrong room but she told me that Reginald is asleep so I gave your bag to her”

“What girl is that?!”

“I don’t know her. She is quite pretty and she sounded like a Nigerian. I am not very sure though” 

“Are you serious Audrey?!” 

Of course I am. It’s really none of my business but it looked weird and you are my friend, so I thought I should let you know. I have to go now, I am about to drive” 

Kelly ended the call and sat in silence for a second before angrily calling Reginald. She called him twice before he answered.

He sounded sleepy and that made Kelly believe what Audrey had just told him. 

“Hey Kaycee” he said

Reggie? What’s going on?”

“What do you mean?”

“What girl is in your room?!”

Reginald’s heart skipped a beat and his eyes widened. He looked at Adesua, he was confused

“Ummm…” he said

And don’t you dare lie Reggie!”

Ummmm…, she is just a friend, Kaycee. Please calm down” 

Reginald got out of the bed and saw Kelly’s bag in a corner, he then had a fair idea about what might have happened but he wanted to finish the call with Kelly before asking Adesua.  

Just a friend? Then tell me, who is she? What’s her name?!” Kelly said

It doesn’t matter Kaycee. You don’t know her” 

 “Seriously?! Reggie are you being serious right now?! ” Kelly said and angrily ended the call. 

Reginald sighed when the call ended and turned to face Adesua.

I am guessing you collected the bag when Kelly’s friend came?” he asked

Adesua nodded

I am so sorry. I didn’t want to disturb your sleep, I should have woken you up.  I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to get you into any trouble. I wasn’t thinking straight before I realized what I had done, it was just too late”

Reginald sighed.

“It’s alright. I would handle it but I am afraid you would have to leave now” 

“Sure. I am really sorry again Reginald” 

Reginald nodded.

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it” 

Reginald escorted her to her car and watch her drive off. He returned to his room and called Kelly. She had been crying, Reginald didn’t like hearing her cry. 

“Kaycee. I know how it looks, but she is just a friend. Nothing happened” 

“Why was she in your room in the first place? and why did you keep it from me? We don’t hide things from each other” 

I didn’t mean to hide it from you. It really meant nothing, we were just hanging out so I didn’t see the point in telling you something that isn’t of much importance. Could you please stop crying please?”

Kelly didn’t talk.

I love you, Kaycee, you know that right?” Reginald added 

“I do. I love you too. Please don’t do this again” she said

Okay. And I am sorry for making you cry”

“It’s alright” 

 “Which day are you coming next week? I miss you” Reginald asked

Maybe on Wednesday. I miss you too 

Adesua got back to her hostel and went to find the twins. She told them what happened but Daisy didn’t want to hear it. When Adesua was done talking, Daisy pressed play on her laptop and continued with a movie she was watching before Adesua walked to the room. 

Are you not going to say anything?” Olive asked Daisy.

Daisy paused the movie and looked at Adesua.

“What do you want me to say Adesua? No, seriously, what do you want me to say?” 

“Anything Daisy”

So let me ask you this, if you were in Kelly’s shoes what would you have done?” Daisy asked

I don’t know

Adesua, I told you not to go and see this guy because it can get messy. I had no idea you would go and make such a mess of things but this issue right here is just the tip of the iceberg of problems you would face if you don’t stop following this Reginald guy around. What’s wrong with you? You are acting like Reginald is the only guy in this entire school. This character of you following someone’s man is annoying and quite pathetic if you ask me” Daisy said.

She was quite harsh and she hurt Adesua’s feelings. Adesua sadly walked out of the twin’s room and went up to her room to cry. 

She called her big brother, he always knew what to say anytime she was sad. The call went through but her brother didn’t answer, she wished her brother could return the call immediately because she really needed him. 

Olive forced Daisy to go and apologize to Adesua and she obliged, a part of her was feeling very terrible. 

She knocked and Adesua opened when she heard her voice, Daisy was expecting Adesua to be mad at her but she wasn’t. She apologized and they hugged.

Daisy then suggested they go for a walk so that Adesua would clear her head. 

They invited Olive but she wanted to relax in bed and talk to Kwaku on the phone.

School was still reopening so there weren’t a lot of people around, they walked down to the junction to buy some kelewele. 

Do you think I should call Reginald to ask if he patched things up with his girlfriend?”

“No. That’s absolutely not your business Adesua”

But I haven’t heard from him since I left his place. He usually calls or texts by this time” Adesua said looking at her phone. 

Please Adesua, don’t call him when you get back to the room. I am serious. You can watch a movie or something to take your mind off things” 

“ Okay, I wouldn’t. I even have to finish this series I started” Adesua said.

“ Great, do that!” Daisy said and smiled. 

We should hurry back, I think I forgot to lock my door,  Adesua said. 

They were rushing back to the hostel when two guys who looked harmful crossed them with a knife. Their faces were covered. 

Give us your phone” one said in a husky voice.

Daisy panicked and dropped the kelewele, Daisy’s phone was in her back pocket but Adesua’s phone was in her hand. 

The other guy forced the phone out of Adesua’s hand but she struggled with him. The guy with the knife slapped Adesua and slashed the side of her tummy with the knife. 

Adesua dropped the phone and she fell to the ground. The guys fled with the phone, Daisy was so scared she shouted for help and called Olive. 

People had gathered around them when Olive arrived in Adesua’s car. 

They helped Adesua into the car and rushed her to the hospital. 

Yemi returned Adesua’s call but the robbers rejected it and turned it off. He got confused and called again but the number was off. He called their mother and asked if she had heard from Adesua ever since she arrived at school.

She texted me when she landed but I haven’t heard from her again,” Mrs. Okunola said.

“I have called her but her phone is off,” Yemi said


“But that’s so unlike her. Let me try”

Mrs. Okunola tried her daughter’s number three times but it was off. She started to panic. 

She called Yemi and told her she wasn’t able to reach her, they didn’t have the number of any of her friends either. 

Adesua lost a lot of blood and was unconscious. She was rushed into emergency surgery. Daisy called Leah to inform her. Leah was so scared and worried but she was too far from campus to go and see her. She kept calling every thirty minutes for an update but there was none.

She then remembered Reginald was on campus, so she asked him to go and check on Adesua. Reginald couldn’t believe what Leah was telling him, he asked her which hospital Adesua was taken to and Reginald rushed to go and see her. 

Daisy was surprised to see Reginald, he looked so worried. He walked to the twins when he saw them.

What’s happening now? What are the doctors saying?” he asked

Nothing yet. We are waiting till she is out of surgery 

Reginald sat down next to the girls and they waited. 

The robbers met up with Audrey and handed her the phone. She noticed the blood on the phone and on one of the robber’s shirt. 

Whose blood is this? I told you not to harm her. What happened?” Audrey asked angrily. 

She was struggling with us, and that was drawing attention to us”

“So you stabbed her?”

No, just a cut on her tummy”

“Jesus Christ!” Audrey said

The robbers quickly went to the back seat of Audrey’s car to change their clothes. They were actually students and friends of Audrey and Kelly. 

After talking to Reginald, Kelly still wasn’t convinced so she hatched a plan with Audrey, to steal Adesua’s phone to read messages between Adesua and Reginald. 

When Adesua left Reginald’s hostel, Audrey followed her. She then went to get her friends to pose as robbers to collect her phone. 

“Were you able to ask for the password to her phone?” Audrey asked

“ Audrey, I don’t think robbers ask the password to people’s phones. They just hack into it when they get them. I know some guys that can do that easily”

Audrey sighed she felt terrible, she has gone a little too far. She hoped Adesua survived, she didn’t want her to get hurt. 

She dropped the guys off and sped off to her hostel, she was very scared and disturbed. She couldn’t stop thinking about what she has just done. 

Kelly called and Audrey told her everything but all Kelly wanted to know was whether the guys got Adesua’s phone.

Yes, they did. It’s with me now”

“Is it an iPhone?”

“Yes. it’s an 8plus”

“Perfect! I know a way to figure out her passcode”

“Kelly. The girl might die and all you are thinking about is some silly phone? I can’t believe I bought into this sick plan of yours” 

“Relax. She would be fine. I am sure it’s nothing serious” 

“What if it is serious?”

“Don’t worry your head about her Audrey. You just said the guys didn’t stab her, it was just a cut”

You know what Kelly, I can’t talk about all this right now, I am too scared” 

Adesua got out of surgery, she was responding to treatment but her friends couldn’t see her. The doctor assured them that she would be okay, the next day. The twins wanted to stay but the nurses didn’t allow it. 

Reginald walked them to the car and saw Adesua’s blood in the back seat, it made him so sad. He drove behind the twins to make sure they are safe before he drove back to his hostel to tell Leah everything. 

After talking to Leah he called Kelly, he sounded very down. 

Kelly asked him what the matter was.

Nothing really. My friend got attacked by armed robbers this evening, they made away with her phone” 

Kelly was surprised Reginald knew about it, she panicked 

“Oh no. What friend is that?” Kelly asked

Ummm. Actually, the girl that visited me this afternoon. I really hope she pulls through.”

My goodness! That’s so bad”

Yes very bad. I wouldn’t have known, it was Leah that called me and asked me to go check up on her” 

So you went to visit her?” 

“Yes. I did. She had surgery and the doctors say she would be fine”

“Which hospital is she in? Is it Trust Hospital?” Kelly asked. 

Yeah Trust Hospital. She was rushed there just in time. I hope by tomorrow she is fine”

“ I hope so too. But apart from that, how are you?” Kelly said.

They spoke all evening and Kelly spoke calmly to Reginald as if she wasn’t the reason Adesua was in the hospital fighting for her life. 

Adesua’s family knew something was terribly wrong when they called her for two days and her phone was still off. 

They booked a flight to Ghana and went to her hostel, they saw Adesua’s car parked on the premises.  

They went up to her room and found her door opened ajar. They entered and found Daisy packing a few clothes into a bag they knew belonged to Adesua. 

Hello? We are looking for Adesua. Where is she?” 

Daisy was startled, she smiled and greeted them.

Well done, my dear. Do you know where Adesua is? We haven’t heard from her in a while” Dr. Okunola said. 

Sir, that’s because she is in the hospital. She was attacked by armed robbers and they stole her phone”

“ Oh my God! Which hospital?!”

“ I am on my way there now sir. I can take you to her”

“ Okay let’s go now!”

Daisy quickly closed the bag and looked around to check if she hasn’t left anything. She locked the door and they rushed, downstairs. 

Adesua was so happy when she saw her parents, she was feeling a lot better. 

Are you okay?!” her mother asked and touched her face.

I am feeling much better mummy” 

“ Where did it happen?” Dr. Okunola 

“ Around my hostel, I was taking a stroll”

Dr. Okunola went to find the doctor that was handling her case and they discussed it. 

They informed Yemi about it, and he called to speak to Adesua. 

Hey princess,” he said

“ Hi”

“ How are you feeling?”

“ I am doing a lot better now, just in a little pain”

“ I am so sorry. I am thinking of coming to Nigeria this christmas”

“ You are?! ” she asked excitedly 

Yes. We are making plans”

“ That would be amazing. I really miss you”

“ I know, I miss you more”

“ I wish you a speedy recovery and please be careful out there” 

“ Thank you and I will”

“ Great. I love you”

“I love you too Yemi” 

Kelly arrived at school the next morning and before going to her hostel, she went to Audrey’s hostel for the phone. 

“ Where is it? ” she asked. 

Audrey gave it to her then she rushed back into the taxi. 

Audrey still felt very bad about everything, seeing the cynical side of Kelly threw her off, and she hated herself for playing a part in such a disgusting act. 

What if she searches through the phone and finds nothing?! She would have hurt the poor girl for nothing” Audrey thought to herself as she watched Kelly leave in the taxi. 

Adesua was discharged and her parents stayed with her for a week to take care of her some more. Before they left Ghana, they got her a new phone. 

Leah visited her when she got to school, she made her a cute gift basket and stayed with her all afternoon in her room.

Adesua was feeling a lot better, and started lectures. The little incident that happend in his room made Reginald decide to keep his distance from Adesua. He didn’t want to hurt Kelly that way again.

Adesua was sad when she noticed that Reginald was drifting away but she took Daisy’s advice and decided to let him be. A couple of months went by and the friendship between Audrey and Kelly started to deteroriate. Audrey couldn’t stand being in the same space as Kelly, and anytime she chanced on Adesua on campus she got very nervous. She opened up one evening to her boyfriend Dennis, they had been drinking and she was tipsy.

At first, Dennis thought Audrey was kidding because it was something completely out of character for the Kelly that he knows. When Audrey was sober the next morning, Dennis asked her again and she started to cry.

“Woow. Audrey, you know this is a crime. The girl could have died. We have to report to the police”

“No! I was an accomplice I could be arrested too” Audrey cried

Audrey, you know Kelly, Patrick and George need to be arrested right? What you people did was very sick and I can’t believe you had that in you. What did Kelly find on the girl’s phone? Was Reginald actually cheating on her?”

Kelly and I havent really had a friendship after that day but since she is still with Reginald, I am guessing she didn’t find anything on it”

Dennis sighed and sat up on the bed, I have to tell Reginald about this so that  we can decided what to do because i really don’t want those guys to get away with this.

I don’t want to be arrested babe. Please let’s keep this between us. The girl survived. Everyone is happy now“Audrey said

When Dennis dropped Audrey off, he passed by Derby hostel to find Reginald. They sat outside and talked.

Reginald was so shocked, he had goosepumps.

“What?! Patrick and George did what?! I could kill them!”

“Calm down Reginald. We need to handle this issue well, i don’t want Audrey to get arrested”

Reginald sighed and sat back down

“Kelly has been lying to me all along? How could she do this?! Adesua was in a very bad state at the hospital. Anything could have happened to her and all this because of some messages that Kelly wnated to read?. This is unbelievable”

“I know but we need to keep this between us but please be careful of your girlfriend. She clearly isn’t  the person we think that she is”

Thanks for telling me man. I am so confused now”

“I am too. I would think everything through and get back to you on how we should go about this” 

That evening, Reginald paid Kelly a visit and when they were relaxed in eachother’s arms. Reginald purposely spoke about the time Adesua got attacked and watched as Kelly pretended and lied like she wasn’t the one behind it.

“I am really glad, she was able to pull through”

Reginald smiled at her and nodded

” I am really glad too” he said

A week went by, and Dennis and Reginald decided to keep everything that has happened on the downlow in order to protect Audrey eventhough they knew they deserved to be arrested. Reginald couldn’t see Kelly the same way again, he had been thinking of a way to call off the relationship. He was very scared of how evil and conniving she is.

Kwaku and the twins planned a surprise party for Adesua, they got her so well.
Leah invited Reginald and Nana Yaw. Reginald got to the party when it was almost ending. He asked where Adesua was when he saw Daisy.

“I am not sure but you could check her room, I saw her going there earlier”

“Alright thanks”

Reginald went upstairs, her room door was open with a few of Adesua’s  friends and classmates there but he couldn’t find Adesua.

Daisy saw Adesua walking towards her from the gate.

Oh you stepped out? Reginald is here, he was looking for you. He is in your room”


Daisy nodded. Adesua went upstairs and found Reginald descending the stairs.

“Hey Reginald” she said and smiled.

“Adesua. Hi. Happy birthday

It’s been a while they saw eachother and Reginald had really missed her. He got her a gift for her birthday and handed her the gift bag. Reginald went in for a hug and Adesua hugged him back.

How have you been?” he asked

“I have been very fine. You?”

Good too. I just wanted to pass through and give you this gift and wish you a happy birthday and also ask if you are down for a date tomorrow? I know this very good burger place” Reginald said

Adesua laughed, she remembered telling him how much she likes a good burger.

Adesua nodded.

“Sure. I hope Kelly doesn’t mind?”

“I mean we are friends right? Friends can go out for a meal sometimes”

Adesua shrugged.

“I guess”

Great! I would see you tomorrow” 

“Okay tomorrow and thanks so much for passing by and for this gift. I appreciate it”

She walked him to his car and they hugged again, a little longer this time.



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