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Episode 4 -Secrets

Reginald was very excited about his date with Adesua, he smiled to himself as he drove back to his hostel. Adesua on the other hand was very confused. When everyone had left her hostel after the party, she spoke to Daisy about it. 

Daisy’s stance about the whole situation hasn’t changed but she could see that Adesua really liked him and she didn’t want to keep being hard on her. 

She had been through a lot recently and she felt Adesua going to grab a burger with a boy she liked wasn’t the worst thing in the world. 

“ Just be careful that’s all. And have fun I guess” Daisy said and smiled.

Adesua giggled.

I need to figure out what to wear,” she said

it’s just a burger Adesua. Don’t go crazy” Daisy said and they both laughed. 

After lectures the next day, Kelly and a group of her classmates went to the food court to have lunch. They had a group assignment and decided to have lunch together after studying. 

Kelly has been trying to sell Adesua’s phone for a while but she hasn’t gotten a good buyer so she contacted Patrick to help her sell it and they planned to meet at the food court. 

 Early on, Kelly called Reginald to come to get her from the food court when he was done with lectures. Reginald was close to the food court when his Aunt Tessa called. So he parked in front of the food court and answered the call in the car.  

Hey Tessa” 

“ Reginald, how are you doing?”

“ Good. How are you?” 

“ I am alright”

Have you spoken to your father yet?” 

“ He called when I was in class, was planning on returning his call later” 

“ Alright. Talk to him then get back to me” 

“ Wait, why? Is something wrong?” 

Talk to your father, he would listen to you”

Tessa said and ended the call, Reginald was about to call his father when he saw Kelly coming out of the food court. 

She was walking in the direction of the car park, so he thought she was coming to him but Kelly hadn’t seen him.

She walked to Patrick’s car instead where they sat and discussed how to get rid of Adesua’s phone.

Reginald was parked a little further away from Patrick, there were a lot of things passing through his mind. He hoped they weren’t planning on doing more harm to Adesua. 

Reginald waited in his car watching Kelly and Patrick interact. When they were done talking and Patrick had driven off, as Kelly walked back to the food court Reginald texted her.

Almost done with lunch?” 

He saw Kelly looking down at her phone to reply.

Not yet but I would be done soon. Are you here?” 

Reginald sighed. 

Almost there” he replied.

He waited for a short while before walking inside to find Kelly. 

Heyy ,” he said

Kelly’s classmates smiled and responded.

Hey Reggie,” they said. 

it’s been a while I saw you, Reggie. How have you been?” a classmate asked

I have been around. Just busy. Hope you good?”

She nodded and Reginald nodded. 

Reginald looked down at Kelly

Done? ” he asked.

She nodded and picked her books and bag. Reginald helped her with her books.

Okay guys, I’ll see you tomorrow,” Kelly said and left with Reginald. 

Reginald was very quiet on the ride back, Kelly looked at him.

Are you okay?” she asked while caressing his arm. 

I am good. Just tired

Do you want a massage later?” she asked

Reginald shook his head without looking at her. He dropped her in front of her hostel. 

Do you want to come in?” Kelly asked.

I want to get back to my hostel and take a nap, I am very tired,” Reginald said.

“ Sure, but you can nap inside,” she said

“It’s fine, I am good”

“Are you sure?”

Reginald nodded.

“Okay, so should I come over to your side in the evening?”

“ Ummm… I would be a little busy in the evening” 

“ Really? Why what’s up? What would you be up to?” Kelly asked

Nothing much. Just school stuff”

“ Okay. I’ll see you when I see you then?” 

Reginald nodded and drove off. When he got to his hostel, he showered and took a nap. Tessa called twice but his ringer was off. She called Leah when Reginald wasn’t picking up.

Hi, Tessa!”

“Hey Pumpkin! How are you?” 

“I am good. How are you? ?”

“I’m alright”

“So to what do I owe the pleasure of this call?” Leah said

Tessa laughed

I have been trying to get a hold of Reggie but he isn’t picking up”

“He is probably in class now. I saw him yesterday and we texted this morning, he is okay”

“Could you have him call me as soon as possible? It is important”

“Sure I would do that”

Thanks. My love to the boyfriend” 

Leah giggled.

“I would let him know. And my love to Uncle Gerald” 

Kwaku and Olive stayed back to study together after class, so Adesua and Daisy rode together to the hostel.

Adesua was very excited, Daisy had never seen her that excited before, she sang and danced to Tiwa Savage’s song All over in the car. 

“You need to calm down Adesua, it’s just a date. Not a marriage proposal” Daisy said

Adesua laughed

I am happy about other things but you are right, me going out with Reginald tonight tops it. I don’t know how to be calm though. It’s pretty amazing!”Adesua said excitedly. 

Reginald woke up from his nap and checked the time, Nana Yaw was back from lectures.


“Hey, what’s up,” Reginald said and yawned.

I am okay. Leah called, she wanted you to return Tessa’s call. She said it’s important”

Reginald nodded and got out of bed to change. When he was done, he told Nana Yaw about his date with Adesua.

“Whoa! You and Adesua? Really?”

“Yeah. It’s a little birthday gift for her”

“Birthday gift? I thought you got her a gift yesterday”

“I did but this is a different gift,” Reginald said and chuckled almost blushing. 

Nana Yaw laughed

Wow. You like her huh? Well, she is very pretty” Nana Yaw said

Yep! Very pretty”

“Guy! Kelly is going to kill you when she finds out though” Nana Yaw said and laughed.

You better keep your mouth shut then”

Nana Yaw chuckled and zipped his lips. Reginald chuckled and picked his phone, then walked to the door. 

“I would see you later,” he said

Sure. Have fun and say hello to her for me” 

Kwaku dropped Olive off at her hostel, but they sat and talked in the car for a bit in front of the gate. Olive was still entertaining Hugh and Kwaku had a problem with it. He knew bringing it up would make Olive upset but he needed to let her know. 

They were talking when Reginald arrived, he parked behind them and walked to the hostel. His perfume made a statement when he passed by Kwaku’s car causing them to turn and look at him enter into the hostel.

What’s Reginald Boateng doing here?” Kwaku asked.

You know Reginald?” Olive asked 

Yes. My dad works in his father’s Architectural Firm. We are not really close but we are okay, I see him sometimes around campus but what is he doing here though I have never seen him around this side”

Oh, Reginald is friends with Adesua. He was here yesterday for her birthday. He came late though, you probably didn’t see him. I think he is here now to pick Adesua up for a date. Adesua has been excited about it all day. She’s crazy.” 

“Adesua is dating Reginald Boateng? Since when?”

They are not really dating, they are friends even though Adesua has a massive crush on him”

Kwaku chuckled.

ooh okay, because I know Reginald has a girlfriend, he has brought her a couple of times to the Christmas parties they have at the firm”

Adesua got nervous when she saw Reginald at the door, he looked very good and she absolutely loved his perfume.

Hey, are you ready?” he asked

Adesua smiled and nodded.

Reginald smiled back, she locked her door and they went down the stairs. Adesua passed by the twin’s room to say bye to Daisy.

Kwaku and Olive watched as Reginald opened the car door for Adesua to sit. 

Are you ready for a juicy burger?” Reginald asked when he sat in the car.

Adesua laughed.

Of course!”

Reginald smiled and started the car, he turned to look at her.

How are you doing?” he asked

“I am doing fine”

“Are you still in pain?” he asked

No, not anymore. I just want the scar to disappear”

“I am really sorry you went through that Adesua”

“Thanks, Reggie. I am glad, I survived it” Adesua said and smiled

Tessa’s call came through then Reginald remembered that he planned on calling her.

excuse me,” Reginald said to Adesua and answered.

Hey Tessa, I know you are mad at me but please be nice you are on speakerphone,” Reginald said and chuckled.

That statement would have made Tessa laugh out loud but she didn’t.

Reginald? You need to come home. Your dad is at it again and I don’t seem to know how to control him. If only you would have called him the time I asked you to, you would have been able to speak some sense into him”

“Oh, God! No! Where is he now?” 

“He has locked himself up in his study. He has been drinking and has refused to eat” 

“Okay. I am on my way now”

“Alright,” Tessa said and ended the call.

I am so sorry Adesua, I have to briefly pass by my house before we go”

That’s okay,” she said.

Reginald rushed home to see his father, after the loss of his wife, Reginald’s mother five years ago he hasn’t been himself. Whenever he is overwhelmed with thoughts of her, he locks himself away from the world he knows and drinks. He feels responsible for her death and he hasn’t been able to get over it.

Reginald honked repeatedly at the gate, showing his sense of urgency, Tessa stood outside the door waiting, when she heard him drive into the house. Reginald hurried out of the car and walked to Tessa.

Hey Tessa” Reginald said and hugged her

Is he still in there?” he asked

She nodded.

Okay, so I came with someone, she is in the car. Please make her feel comfortable as I attend to dad” he said and walked inside the house.

Tessa walked to Reginald’s car and spoke to Adesua.

Hi there. I am Tessa. You are?”

“I am Adesua”

Okay, Reginald is a little busy now and he has asked me to take care of you while he attends to a pressing issue. Do you mind coming inside with me?”

Okay sure. Thanks, ma’am”

“It’s Tessa. You can call me Tessa, I know I look old and you might think it’s disrespectful addressing me by my first name but don’t worry about it, you have my permission” 

Adesua giggled.

Okay, Tessa. Thank you” 

“Your name is Adesua, meaning you are Nigerian?”

“Yes please”

oh cool. I have been to Nigeria only once. I would love to go again someday” Tessa said.

She led Adesua into the house and offered her a drink.

The way the house looked made sense that it belonged to an Architect.

Reginald knocked on the study room door and begged his father to open it. He did when he heard his son’s voice.

“Dad!” Reginald said when he entered

Lock the door!” Gerald said

Reginald locked the door and went to sit with his father, anytime he got like that, Reginald knew all he wanted was to talk. So Reginald availed himself every time to listen to the same things he has been saying for the past five years.

Tessa led Adesua to the dining room, she knew Reginald and Gerald were going to stay in there for hours so she decided to give her some food. After four hours of talking, his father fell asleep and Reginald helped him to his bedroom.

He then went to find Adesua, Tessa had prepared the guest room for her she noticed that Adesua was very tired.

Reginald knocked on the door and she asked him to enter.

Hi. I am so sorry about today. I know it’s been crazy but I promise to make it up to you”

It’s totally fine Reginald

“I need to be by my father’s side now till morning. I hope you don’t mind staying the night?”

I am already in the guest room, so I don’t think I have a choice now”

Reginald smiled.

Thanks so much for understanding.”

Adesua nodded and smiled. Reginald left the room and came back with one of his T-shirts for Adesua to sleep in.

Have a goodnight Adesua and thank you” Reginald said and hugged her.

There are new towels in the wardrobe, I would ask someone to bring you a toothbrush and other toiletries” he added.

Oh don’t worry about that. Tessa has already handled that” Adesua said

“Awesome, then you are sorted. Have some rest now, I would see you tomorrow” Reginald said.

“You too. Good night”

Before she slept, Adesua called Daisy and told her about her weird night.

“I am sleeping in his freaking T-shirt Daisy! I am never going to return it” Adesua said and they both laughed


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