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Episode 5-Shady

Kelly had noticed the attitude Audrey has been putting up towards her ever since the robbery and she knew she had to make things right with her but Audrey never gave her the opportunity, she tries talking to her anytime she meets her on campus but Audrey always walked the other way, whenever she sees Kelly.

The next day, Kelly went to her hostel early in the morning. Audrey was startled when she heard a knock on her door that early.

“Who is there?” she asked

It’s Kelly”

She was the last person she wanted to see but she opened the door anyway. She closed the door gently behind her. She didn’t want to disturb her roommate. Audrey held her by the hand and took her to the visitor’s lounge. 

What do you want?!” Audrey asked in a whisper.

What do you mean? You have been avoiding me and I don’t want to lose our friendship”

Audrey chuckled.

Why you think I would still like to be friends with you after all that still baffles me, Kelly”

“ Come on! When would you let this go? The girl seems fine. I have seen her once or twice on campus”

She being fine now, doesn’t justify what we did in any way. It was very terrible Kelly! What if she died, would you have been able to live with yourself?” 

Kelly sighed

“I know what I did was bad but what other option did I have?”

“The option of trusting your boyfriend Kelly! What did you see on her phone anyway? Is something going on between them?” 

“I didn’t see much, but it was Reggie that invited her to hang out that day. It seems like Reggie likes her”

“Reginald loves you, Kelly, he has done enough in the past years to prove that to you but he is allowed to have friends. You have seen Reggie hang out with other girls before but you have never been this jealous about any of them, what’s so special about this particular girl?

Kelly sighed and sat down on the couch.

“I don’t really know, but she is very pretty Audrey, I mean you saw her. She is just so different. It’s crazy how I have allowed a first-year girl to make me feel this insecure”

Very insecure Kelly and crazy. If you feel this way, you just need to talk to Reginald about it. I am sure he would understand and stay away from her. We are graduating soon, I am not sure Reginald would see her again when we do. Just talk to him”

Adesua overslept that morning, she normally finds it hard sleeping in new places but Reginald’s home was an exception. The noise from a mower woke her up, she opened her eyes and yawned. She sat up on the bed and stretched. 

A call from Daisy came through, she smiled and answered.

Hi Daisy,” Adesua said

Oh, did I wake you?”

“No, you didn’t. How are you?”

“ I am alright. How are you?”

“I am very good,” Adesua said and chuckled

“I know you are. Anyway, you should call your mother, she has been blowing up my phone because you haven’t been answering your phone”

Oh my God! I am so sorry. I would do that now’

“Sure. I would talk to you later”

Adesua ended the call and called her mother.

Adesua! Why would you scare me like this? Where were you?

I was asleep Mummy. Pele, pele, ma binu. You know it’s Saturday naw” 

“ Saturday and so what, you shouldn’t be sleeping so much. Anytime, I call you should answer, so ti gbó? “

“ Mo ti gbó Mummy ”

Better. What are your plans for today? ”

“ I don’t have any plans yet, I am just waking up, I would let the day decide”

“Okay. Take care of yourself”

“I will mummy”

Okay bye” 

She got out of bed and went to freshen up. Reginald after mowing the lawn jumped into the shower. 

Tessa went to check up on Adesua, she was fixing her hair when Tessa entered. 

“Good morning Adesua. How are you?” 

“I am very fine Tessa. How are you?”

“Still alive,” Tessa said and smiled. 

Adesua smiled too.

Need help with that?’ Tessa asked

Yes please if it’s isn’t any trouble”

No trouble at all” Tessa said and helped Adesua tie her natural hair in a ponytail.

Reginald went to find Adesua when he was done dressing up. 

Hi Good morning” he said

Goodmorning Reginald,” Tessa said.

Tessa left them alone when Reginald got there.

“Did you sleep well?” he asked

Yes. I did you?”

“It was okay. So I have checked up on my father and he is doing very fine now”

“Oh we thank God” 

“Yeah. I want to introduce you to him before we leave for school” 


“That’s cool?”

“Yes that’s cool 

They left the room and Reginald asked Adesua to wait in the living room. Adesua heard them talking and laughing upstairs for a bit before heading in the direction of the living room. Gerald smiled when he got closer.

Hello” Gerald said and extended his hand to shake her.

I am Gerald Boateng. And you are?” he added

Adesua Okunola, sir,” she said and took his hand

Reginald smiled.

“Yeah, she is a friend from school,” Reginald said.

Ooh okay. Nice to meet you”

“Likewise Sir”

“Okay then Dad, we would be leaving soon”

“Alright. Be careful and thanks” Gerald said and hugged Reginald. 

“Don’t thank me, Dad. I would call you when I get to school” Reginald said.

Gerald said bye to Adesua and went back upstairs. Reginald went to find Tessa, she was making breakfast plans with the cook in the kitchen. 

“Hey, Tessa. Adesua and I are leaving now”

“Really? You aren’t staying for breakfast?”


“It’s the weekend why are you rushing back to school for?”

“Adesua didn’t bring any change of clothes, she would feel uncomfortable” 

I think some of Leah’s clothes are in her room, I think Adesua can manage that. I really don’t want you to leave your Dad just yet. He needs you, even though he doesn’t admit it. You can leave tomorrow afternoon” 

Reginald sighed and left the kitchen to find Adesua.

“Do you have rehearsal with Fire and Ice today at school?” Reginald asked

Adesua shook her head

“Why has Leah said anything?” she asked

No she hasn’t said anything but last semester you guys rehearsed every Saturday so I assumed you would continue this semester”

“Oh no. Last semester it was because of the show, so we had to prepare for it. Leah is yet to post the program for this semester on our group page”

“Oh I see” 

“Why, what’s up?” 

“Tessa wants us to stay the weekend so I can spend more time with my father. I thought staying, would mean you missing your rehearsal”

Oh, I see. I really don’t want to intrude, Reginald, besides I didn’t prepare to stay this long. I don’t have any clothes” 

About that, Leah has some few clothes here, she spends some of her vacations with us. I was thinking you could manage a couple of them or I could lend you a couple of shirts? ”

“I do want you to spend some time with your father”

“So you would stay? Please? ” Reginald asked
Adesua sighed.

Yes I would but you owe me a lot of burgers”

Reginald laughed

“Sure, Ma’am. Thanks. I would tell Tessa” 

Kelly left Audrey’s hostel and went to Reginald’s hostel, he found Nana Yaw and asked him where Reginald was.

“He has gone home for the weekend”

“Really, he didn’t tell me anything yesterday. He only said he would be busy with school work but I didn’t hear from him again” 

Nana Yaw shrugged.

“Maybe it slipped his mind,” Nana Yaw said. 

Alright. I would call him. Hope you good though?”

“I am okay you?”

“ I am fine. I would see you later”


Kelly left the room and called Reginald. He was having breakfast so he ignored it but Kelly kept calling. Reginald excused himself from the table and answered.


“Reggie. Good morning”

“Good morning Kaycee. What’s up?”

“I am just leaving your hostel. Nana Yaw told me you are home”

Yes. Dad had an episode so had to come and take care of him”

“Oh? Is he better now?”

“Yes, he is. I have to go now Kaycee we are having breakfast”

Reginald said and ended the call.

Kelly was starting to notice Reginald’s distance. He used to tell her everything but he didn’t seem to care about her anymore. When the call ended she sent him a message.

“Reggie are we good? You seem a little distant” 

Reginald read the message but didn’t reply. 

After breakfast, Reginald spent some time with his father before his father went inside to take a nap. Reginald went to find Adesua, she was talking with Tessa. 

Reginald offered they went for a walk in his neighborhood. 

Adesua chuckled.

the last time I agreed to go for a stroll, my phone got snatched and I almost died” 

Adesua was only joking but Reginald took it seriously and he felt terrible for asking.

“ oh no. I am so sorry. I thought you might be bored being in here all day” he said.

I am only kidding, we can go for a walk” 

Reginald chuckled and nodded

As they walked they talked about everything, Reginald showed her the places he used to play with his friends as a kid. 

“ So, I have a question for you,” Reginald said

“Okay ask me”

“So let’s say you have this friend who just committed a crime but reporting it would mean destroying her life because she might end up in jail for a long time. Would you go ahead and report it?”

Adesua sighed

“Now that’s a tough question. Well, first of all, I think you need to stop considering this person as your friend because by considering her as a friend, you are blinded against the fact that she is a criminal. I don’t know what she did, but if she was capable of committing a crime that means she is capable of a lot of things. You need to report her because by doing that you might be protecting a lot of people from falling victim to her”

Reginald sighed and nodded

What crime did she commit if you don’t mind me asking

She planned with another friend of hers to badly hurt someone” 

“ Oh, that sounds terrible. You really shouldn’t be keeping such friends around they might corrupt you. If I were you, I would have reported it a long time ago” Adesua said

Talking about crimes, have you reported your robbers to the police?” Reginald asked.

“My parents wanted me to but they were more worried about me, I, on the other hand, have thought about it but I know nothing would be done, robbers stealing peoples phones is slowly becoming a normal thing besides I didn’t see their face, I can’t even describe them.” 

“I see. I am very glad you are fine. Should we head back inside?”

“Sure. You really have a nice neighborhood”

“Thanks Adesua”

When they went back inside, Reginald went to his bedroom to call Dennis they spoke at length about reporting the case and having them arrested. Dennis tried to convince Reginald to keep Audrey out but he couldn’t succeed. 

“Dennis, the thing was planned, Audrey knew the boys were going to steal, she even drove them, that’s wickedness. She may be feeling bad and remorseful about it and all but they need to pay for what they did. You need to stay away from Audrey too. When I come to school we would talk some more, don’t let your emotions get the best of you” 

“Okay. I would see you then” Dennis said and ended the call. 

The doorbell rang, Tessa went to check and there stood Kelly at the door. 

Hi. Miss Kelly Coomson” Tessa said and smiled. 

“Hi, Tessa. How are you?” 

“ I am good. Come on in. Reginald didn’t mention you were joining us”

“Yes, I wanted to surprise him. Where is he?” 

“He is upstairs in his room”

“Okay I would go and see him. And he told me daddy wasn’t feeling too good, I came also because of him, is he doing fine now?”

“Yes. Dad is very fine. He would be glad to see you

Kelly smiled and went up the stairs, when she knocked Reginald thought it was Adesua but his smile changed to shock when he saw Kelly

What are you doing here? ” he said and pulled her into his room

What do you mean? You said your dad wasn’t doing too good so I thought I should come to see him and also you have been acting weird so I wanted us to talk”

“Oh my God Kaycee! When you asked if he was okay, I told you that he was, there was really no need coming over honestly” 

“Reggie I missed you, I wanted to see you. Why are you acting like this?” Kelly said and touched his chest

Reginald took her hands from his chest and held them

“Okay Kaycee. I am not upset just a little surprised. Ummm…I have to go and speak Tessa. Are you are hungry? What would you like to eat?” 


“Okay. You can relax now, let me go and tell her” Reginald said and handed her the remote

You can Netflix I would be back” he added

Knowing Kelly she wasn’t moving an inch once she had Netflix.

Reginald rushed out of the room to the guest room, Adesua was reading.

Adesua, Kelly is here”


‘Yes, she is here. Could you do me a favor of not leaving this room?”

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” 

Don’t panic, please stay in here to avoid all the drama”

Adesua nodded and locked the door when Reginald left.

He went to Tessa and explained things to Tessa

“I thought you all are friends” Tessa said

“No Tessa. They aren’t. I have to take Kelly back to school before she sees Adesua. Could you please ask the cook to prepare some Jollof her?”


Reginald went to find his dad and told him too and begged him not to mention Adesua, his father agreed. He went back into the room to get Kelly, she spoke with Gerald while the cook prepared the lunch.

Reginald was so nervous, making Tessa nervous too. When the food was ready, they packed it up quickly into a bowl for Kelly.

Kelly was confused when Reginald offered to take her back to school because she planned on staying the night.

Can’t we go tomorrow? What’s the rush?”

“ I already planned on going to school this evening. You spoke to dad, he looks fine right?”

“Yes but we can still leave tomorrow”

“I have some work due for Monday I want to go and get started,” Reginald said.

Okay, if you say so,” Kelly said and shrugged.

They rushed out of the house, Reginald looked at the guest room window from his rare view mirror as he drove out of the gate. He felt really terrible for putting Adesua through that and he hoped that she was doing okay. 

Before he left, he asked his father to get one of the drivers to drop Adesua in school. Later in the evening, when Kelly was napping he called his father and ask about Adesua.

“They set off after a few minutes after you two left. She should be arriving soon. You need to be very careful next time son”

“This is not happening again Dad and thank you so much for helping. I would give Adesua a call now”

When the call ended, Adesua’s message came through

I just entered my room” 

He called her when he read the message

I am so sorry, I shouldn’t have put you through all that”

“It’s fine Reggie. I appreciate how you protected me, she wouldn’t have understood if she saw me there”

Yeah but I’m glad everything worked out”

Yes and I stole your T-shirt by the way”

Reginald laughed 

Sure you can keep it”

“Okay Goodnight Reginald and thanks for a nice weekend even though it got a little scary”

Reginald chuckled

You are welcome Adesua. Good night and I haven’t forgotten the burgers”

“You better not. Those burgers almost got me into a lot of trouble”

Reginald laughed.

“Bye Adesua”

“Bye Reggie”


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