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Episode 6- Substance

After church the next day, Reginald paid Dennis a visit and they spoke in his car about how to get all four people arrested. Dennis was still very down about Audrey but he needed to understand. That evening Reginald called Leah and told her everything.

You should have reported the very moment you found out.  Audrey and Kelly are going to be arrested for abetment, they were the mastermind behind it and that’s a pretty serious offense!” Leah said.

Right now I just want a way to get all four of them together without them suspecting anything,” Reginald said

I don’t think that is a good idea, knowing what they have done, having them together in one space would definitely make them suspect something. I suggest we report to the police first, have Adesua make a statement then we take it from there

“Adesua has no idea Kelly is the one behind it. I couldn’t bring myself to telling her”

“Oh? Why not. She really needs to know, reporting them would be easier now that we have their names”

“I would need to tell her then”

“Sure. Tell her fast so we deal with it, a lot of time has already passed” Leah said.

Hugh invited Olive over to study after class on Monday. Kwaku missed class because he couldn’t make it back to school from the weekend.

Olive knew that she had to inform Kwaku about it but she didn’t want to start another fight because Kwaku wouldn’t understand.

She joined Hugh’s hostel bus when the class ended. Hugh prepared lunch for her before they started studying. Olive was expecting Nora and some other classmates to join them later but they didn’t so she started feeling a little uncomfortable but Hugh didn’t do anything to make her worry so she relaxed.

Olive was showing Hugh a design on her laptop when she got a notification that her battery was low, so she stood up to grab her charger from her laptop bag that she had placed on Hugh’s bed. 

Hugh has been thinking about kissing Olive, that wasn’t his intention that morning when he asked her to study with him after class but seeing her that afternoon and how welcoming her lips looked, kissing her was all he wanted to do. 

As Olive grabbed her charger, Hugh followed her and gently touched the back of her waist. Her blouse lifted a bit when she bent over to pick the charger, showing her fair and slightly hairy back. Olive was startled when Hugh touched her, she pushed his hand away. 

What are you doing? ” she asked

Hugh held her hand and forced a kiss on her lips, Olive struggled with him at first but it was a really good kiss and Olive found herself giving in and kissing Hugh back. They kissed for a while before Olive broke off the kiss. She touched her lips and looked at Hugh, she was very confused. 

I am sorry, I have to go,” she said. 

She turned to pick up her laptop bag from the bed and placed her laptop inside it. She picked her books and her bag and left Hugh’s room. Hugh lost his words, he didn’t think kissing Olive would feel that good and he wanted some more. 

Olive thought about the kiss as she walked back to her hostel, she couldn’t believe what she had just done. 

A call from Kwaku startled her, she felt more guilty about what she had just done when she saw Kwaku’s name on her phone. 

“ Hey baby,” Kwaku said


Her voice was a little low

“ Are you okay? ” he asked 

Yes, I am good. What’s up?”

“ I just got to campus, are you done with the class?”

“ Yeah we are done ”

Cool, so you are in your hostel?”

“ Yes I am”

“ Alright. I am coming over. Have you eaten? Do you want something?” 

“ No. I am good thanks” 

“ Okay, see you soon babe”

Olive ended the call and hurried back to her hostel, Daisy and Adesua weren’t back from class. 

She changed her clothes and brushed her teeth thinking it was going to help get rid of all the guilt she felt from kissing Hugh. 

Kwaku got there a few minutes later, he got Olive some snacks even though she said she didn’t want anything. Olive hugged him as soon as she opened the door for him.

I missed you, babe,” she said

I missed you too,” Kwaku said and smiled

Olive walked him into the room and started to kiss him a lot. She has never kissed Kwaku that much before, Kwaku enjoyed it but he was a little confused. 

Slow down babe. I didn’t go to war, I only went home for the weekend ” Kwaku said and chuckled. 

Olive smiled too

I know but I missed being around you, I am so happy you are back,” Olive said.

She hugged Kwaku again to hide the guilt on her face.

Reginald called and met up with Adesua on campus after their class.

Adesua was so upset when Reginald told her everything. 

You lied to me? How long have you known? ” she asked 

Just for a couple of weeks or less. I understand that you are upset, I just didn’t know how to tell you”

Adesua angrily walked away from his side but Reginald went after her.

Adesua please,” Reginald said and held her arm.

Is that why you asked me that question when we went for the walk?” she asked

Reginald nodded.

Were you seriously going to protect her because you didn’t want to destroy her future Reginald? I could have died! ” Adesua said and broke into tears.

She quickly wiped her eyes and looked at Reginald

I would go with you to report the case but after that, I don’t want to be friends with you anymore,” she said and walked away.

Daisy was waiting in her car, she gave them some privacy to talk. 

She saw Adesua crying as she walked towards the car. She walked to the passenger side and asked Daisy to drive instead of her. Reginald tried speaking to Adesua but she avoided him, Daisy was so confused. 

We are going to the police station, to report the robbery,” Adesua said to Daisy.

Really? Why the sudden change of mind? I thought you wanted to let it go, and why are you crying Adesua? ” she asked.

Reginald moved his car and parked next to Adesua’s car and waited. 

Are we going with Reginald? ” Daisy asked.

Adesua  nodded

Let’s go now Daisy, I would tell you everything,” she said. 

Daisy started the car and Reginald followed them. Adesua told Daisy everything as she drove and she was more upset than Adesua.

Is Reginald crazy?! ” she asked

I am very surprised he could keep such information away from me for so long,” Adesua said.

Daisy sighed and looked at Reginald’s car through the rare view mirror.

But at least, he is doing the right thing now,” she said

Adesua sighed and didn’t say anything. They got to the police station and made the necessary arrangements.

Before they left the station, Reginald tried to speak to Adesua again but she was very upset and tired. 

He sent her a message when he got to his hostel but she ignored that too. 

He sadly called Leah and asked her to speak to Adesua on his behalf. 

“ I would try but I kind of understand her, you knew who tried to kill her and kept quiet. I don’t know if she can ever trust you again” 

“ I didn’t mean to hurt her, I really thought I was protecting her” Reginald said

Anyway, so how did everything go? When would they be arrested?”

I am not sure but they said they would take it from there. We gave them enough information to track all four of them down” 

Leah sighed

I am sort of sad though, we are so close to graduation. Why would Kelly even do this? She went too far, if she doubted you, she should have just spoken to you but to plan such an evil thing? She has officially lost her mind” she said

I never knew she was this jealous, I understood her clinginess at times but to attack a friend of mine is crazy, very crazy. ” Reginald said 

You need to stay away from her then”

“ Sure but please talk to Adesua for me. I can’t stand her being mad at me” 

Leah smiled over the phone

You like her don’t you? ” she asked. 

Reginald chuckled and blushed 

You are too nosey for my liking Leah,” he said and they both laughed.

 Well, you would have to tell me, otherwise I am not talking to her” 

“ Wow. That’s not fair Leah”

Leah chuckled

I know but life isn’t fair anyway so tell me. I sort of know you like her but I just want you to admit it yourself that’s all” 

Oh God! Okay fine, yes I like her. I think she is awesome and I have just started getting to know her so please help me make things good between us again”

And how much are you looking to pay me?” Leah asked.

Reginald laughed 

“Now, you are getting a little out of hand,” he said

Adesua thought about everything all evening, Daisy stayed with her in her room to calm her down. Olive had been acting strangely and kept to herself. Daisy noticed it but was occupied with Adesua to address it.

On Wednesday afternoon, the news about Kelly Coomson’s arrest spread like wildfire on campus. Everyone spoke about it. 

The police went to their respective faculties and made the arrests, causing a scene that Wednesday morning on campus. 

Adesua’s name was on everybody’s lips that day and she didn’t like the unnecessary attention, so she left early to her hostel without informing Daisy. 

Leah called her as she was leaving campus, she wanted to know if she was doing okay

Adesua where are you? “

“ Heading to my hostel now, today has been a little crazy. I don’t think I can concentrate in class” 

Same here, I saw the whole thing. It was very sad, Kelly cried like a baby when the police took her away” 

Adesua sighed

Let’s meet up this evening in my hostel I can cheer you up,” Leah said

Adesua smiled 

Sure. Let me know when you are around” 

After class, Daisy and Olive joined Kwaku to go back to the hostel. Olive touched Kwaku any chance she got, she was being very clingy and the Olive, Daisy knew wasn’t that sensitive. 

When they got to the hostel, Adesua wasn’t there she was at Leah’s hostel. 

Kwaku left after spending some time with Olive, so Daisy had the opportunity to ask Olive a couple of questions. 

Have you had sex with Kwaku?”

“ No why?”

“ You are overly touchy with him these days like you want to have sex with him”

“ Goodness! Am I that obvious?” Olive asked

Yes, it’s very obvious. And I think it makes him feel uncomfortable too. You need to slow down a bit, I know you love him but I don’t think you two are ready for sex” 

“ It’s not about sex Daisy. I did something and I feel terrible” 

Daisy’s eyes widened

“ What did you do?”

Olive sat in her bed and told Daisy about what happened with Hugh 

What?! Olive!” 

“ I know it’s bad. I want to tell Kwaku but he would never forgive me. But I have a little problem, I catch myself thinking about my kiss with Hugh, I don’t want to but it was a pretty good kiss” 

Better than Kwaku’s kisses? ” 

“ Kwaku’s kisses are nice too but there was this spark with Hugh

A spark?! Olive, do not do this. What are you talking about? Don’t ruin a good thing with Kwaku because of some kiss you shared with Hugh. Kwaku really loves you and you love him too. Stay away from Hugh, he is trouble”

Leah and Adesua talked and hang out in her room but Leah noticed she was still down. 

What’s really wrong Adesua? They have been arrested”

“ I know but just the thought of Kelly being capable of that and Reginald almost taking her side and protecting her is just a lot to process” 

I know, I understand you perfectly but Reginald is very sorry. Why don’t you hear him out? I am not trying to defend him because he is my cousin but would you have been able to easily say something so heavy to someone? He was probably worried about how you might react and he wanted to keep it on the down-low” 

Adesua sighed and got off Leah’s bed. 

When are we starting rehearsals, Leah? I wish I could dance to just take my mind of everything. I feel really stressed out” she said. 

I would have to meet up with Antonio, we haven’t gotten time to meet since we reopened” 

“ I see. You should meet up soon then

Talking about Antonio, I just remembered this place we usually dance at, when we have to come up with a dance routine. It’s supposed to be a gym but the owner hasn’t yet brought the gym equipment yet so it’s more of an empty room with a mirror. Antonio is friends with the owner and he gave us permission to dance there anytime. If you really want to dance, I can take you there.”

“ Really?”

“ Sure! It’s not a problem, I have the spare key” 

I can’t dance in this” Adesua said looking at her dress.

Leah chuckled

I think I have something more comfortable for dancing” Leah said and walked to her wardrobe. 

Leah gave Adesua her Bluetooth speaker and they drove to the place, she wanted to stay with her but she had to meet up with Nana Yaw. 

Don’t leave me here alone” Adesua cried

What are you afraid of?” Leah said and chuckled 

There are people in the hostel downstairs, they are nice people, trust me you are safe, just relax and dance,” Leah said

Adesua smiled and nodded 

You can keep the keys and bring them to me tomorrow on campus. Have fun” she added and left. 

Reginald called Leah as she rushed out.

Leah, have you spoken to Adesua today? She is still very mad at me” 

“ I have. She is good. I just left her at Kojo’s gym. She says she wants to dance”


“ Yes dance. She says it helps her release stress”

You left her there alone?

Yes, why? She is not alone. People are around”

“ But still, I just feel she isn’t very safe. I am going to see her”

“ Ooh, Reginald. She just needs some time away from you. Just allow her to think and dance. I am coming over to see Nana Yaw, we can talk some more”

I am not in my room now. I went for a ride to think. A lot happened today. Dennis is a mess now, it’s just been a crazy day”

“ I understand. Take it easy then and please drive safe. I would see you” 

“ Sure,” Reginald said and ended the call

He heard what Leah said about giving Adesua some space but he had missed her and just wanted to talk to her. 

He drove to Kojo’s gym to see Adesua. He climbed the stairs to the gym but stopped when he saw Adesua dancing. His very first time seeing her dance, she looked so beautiful and he didn’t want to distract her.

She was dancing to Sarz & Wurld’s song MAD and the way she moved her hips and body to the beat slowly intrigued Reginald. He knew she was a dancer but he had no idea she was that good. 

It was like looking at a completely different person, someone with more confidence who was in a world of her own. Reginald wanted to stop looking at her but he couldn’t take his eyes off her. 

He got a little closer to the window. Adesua continued to whine her hips and waist to the song. 

Adesua grabbed her towel to wipe her face, the song continued to play on repeat. She looked at the mirror as she wiped her face only to see Reginald standing outside the window.

Reginald,” she said in a whisper.

She walked to the door and opened it.

How are you here? Are you following me? ” she asked

Reginald stared at her lips while she spoke, he didn’t hear a word of what she had just said. Seeing her dance that way, did a lot of things to his body and all he wanted was to be with her.

He walked in and pinned her against the wall and kissed her. Adesua dropped her towel and kissed him too. The song she danced to kept playing while they kissed.

Reginald turned off the lights and carried her. Adesua wrapped her legs around his waist and they kissed some more against the wall. They slowly went down against the wall as they kissed and Reginald kissed her neck and ears. Adesua moaned with passion.

Reginald took her top off and kissed her breasts and tummy. He saw the scar on her tummy, he gently touched it and looked up at Adesua then kissed her lips passionately. He went back down to her tummy and gently kissed the scar, he kissed her navel too making Adesua moaned with excitement. She held the bottom of his T-shirt attempting to take it off.

Reginald quickly took his T-shirt off and threw it away. Adesua touched his bare chest, and Reginald moaned. He pulled down her trousers and gently placed his fingers inside her panties, she was very wet. Adesua moaned deeper when she felt his fingers, she pulled him down to her and kissed him passionately. 

Reginald touched and kissed her all over her body. She smiled and moaned. Reginald smiled too. 

She held on to him tightly and quivered when she felt Reginald thrusting into her. She moaned and kissed him passionately, as their body moved warmly against each other.

Audrey cried as she sat in the cell, she wished she would have minded her business the day she saw Adesua in Reginald’s room. By only minding her business, she would have prevented everything from happening.

She has never been one to talk about issues that didn’t concern her but the one time she thought she was looking out for a friend, she makes the biggest mistake of her life.

Kelly has been crying too since she got there. Her parents were so disappointed in her, her mother cried with her when she visited. She felt like a big disappointment and she didn’t know what the rest of her life was going to look like. 

Reginald and Adesua cuddled in each other’s arms while Reginald played with her hair. 

I could stay here with you forever,” he said

Adesua chuckled. 

Daisy called to check up on her, it was getting late. After the call, she told Reginald that they had to leave.

Nooo” Reginald cried

Adesua laughed 

But we can’t stay here,” she said. 

Reginald groaned and got up, they dressed up and left. Adesua couldn’t believe what had just happened, she smiled and blushed as she drove behind Reginald to her hostel. 

When they got in front of the hostel, Reginald parked causing Adesua to park behind him.

 He got down and walked to her car, he stood by her door and she rolled down her window. Adesua had a smile on her face. 

Why are you smiling like that?” Reginald asked chuckled. 

Adesua chuckled. 

What just happened? I was so mad at you” she said 

Reginald laughed and opened her door.

“ Well, I am glad you have forgiven me,” he said and they both laughed.

He helped her out of the car and she leaned against the door. 

I haven’t forgiven you,” Adesua said and blushed. 

Reginald looked down at her and smiled, she looked so beautiful. He lowered his head and kissed her, she kissed him back. They hugged tightly and Reginald kissed her forehead. 

Get some rest beautiful ” he whispered

Adesua hugged him again and watched him walk back into his car. He drove off and Adesua drove into her hostel. 

While she showered she thought about Reginald and everything he did to her. When she got into bed, Reginald texted.

Are you okay? ” he texted

Yep, just got out of the shower”

“ Cool. I am about to shower too”

“ Okay”

Reginald sent her a song before he went to shower. Adekunle Gold’s Song Sinner. Adesua quickly picked her Airpods and listened. She smiled and blushed as she listened. 

Her phone chimed again, it was Reginald. 

Just got out. About to sleep now, I am very tired” he texted.

I am tired too, would sleep soon. The song is beautiful Reggie. Thank you. Goodnight” 

“ Goodnight Beautiful. You are incredible” 



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