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Episode 7- Sweetheart

That weekend Reginald planned a game night at his home, he hasn’t had one in a long time. His father and Tessa were surprised when he suggested it but they were very happy to oblige. He invited Adesua and the twins and Olive invited Kwaku. 

Kwaku wasn’t very comfortable with the idea, he is very intimidated by Gerald. 

He only knew Gerald from a distance and all the times Kwaku encountered Gerald at the architectural firm, he was almost always in a bad mood. He didn’t know Gerald was the CEO of the company the first time that he saw him, because of how casually he was dressed. 

He thought Gerald was just a rude employee being hard on another employee, until his father explained everything to him. 

 He was contemplating whether or not to go with Olive because spending a weekend in Gerald’s home was a little much but once he had been invited, he didn’t want to let Olive or Reginald down. 

After class on Friday, Reginald went to get Adesua and the twins but the twins insisted on riding with Kwaku. 

Leah and Nana Yaw joined them later, Leah had a quiz so Nana Yaw had to wait for her. 

Adesua stared at Reginald as he drove and chuckled, Reginald turned to look at her. 

What’s up?” he asked and smiled.

I just remembered the first we met,” she said

Reginald laughed. 

“Yes. You were rapping all over the place” Reginald teased

Adesua laughed.

How’s your big brother doing anyway?” he asked

He is doing very fine. Thanks for asking”

Reginald smiled and looked at her. 

How are you doing too?” Adesua asked

Reginald had a confused look on his face.

I am okay” he said and chuckled

“ You can see that” he added

Adesua smiled. 

I mean after the Kelly thing. We haven’t really spoken about it and I know she was an important part of your life”  

Reginald sighed

I have decided not to think about it. I am really indifferent at this point. All I know now is that she committed a crime and got what she deserved. It’s sad but I have to move on. This is my last semester, I just want to focus on that and graduate 

Adesua sighed and nodded. 

Reginald reached out for her hand. 

I know we are good now, but I want to properly apologize for hurting you by keeping quiet about the whole thing . I am really sorry about that and I am very glad their silly plan didn’t cost your life” he said and kissed her hand.
Adesua smiled and nodded.

Olive’s phone kept chiming, it was Hugh. After their kiss, he has been texting Olive a lot. 

Kwaku was curious and asked who was texting her so much but she lied. Daisy rolled her eyes in the back seat when Olive lied, she wished Olive would find a way of telling Kwaku the truth.
Daisy already knew it was Hugh that was texting Olive, they have been at it for days and Olive has refused to listen to her sister. 

They arrived at Reginald’s home in the evening, Tessa was so happy. She didn’t know half of the people Reginald was with but she was happy to see them anyway. Leah and Nana Yaw arrived an hour later. 

Finally! The couple I have been waiting for” she said when she opened the door. 

Tessa! I have missed you” Leah said excitedly and hugged her. 

I have missed you too. Come on in” Tessa said

Nana Yaw tried to shake Tessa’s hand, it was their first time meeting even though they have spoken a lot over the phone.

Don’t be silly. Come here” Tessa said and hugged him.

Reginald was talking to Gerald upstairs, the rest were having supper in the dining room. Tessa led Nana Yaw to the dining room while Leah went upstairs to find Gerald. 

There she is!” Gerald said when he saw her.

“ Uncle Gerald!” 

Hello Sweetheart,” he said and hugged her. 

How are you feeling?” she asked in his arms

I am doing good. How about you?” 

I am alright. Daddy says to tell you to give him a call” 

Gerald smiled.

Sure. I have been meaning to call him. How’s Stacy doing?”

Mummy is fine,” Leah said.

“So.. I brought my boyfriend. He is downstairs” she added shyly. 

That made Reginald and Gerald laugh. 

I know Leah. Reginald has already told me. I would come downstairs and say hello to him soon” 

“ Awesome!” 

She said hello to Reginald too and went to drop her bags in her bedroom. 

That evening, they played UNO, Jenga, charades and had a karaoke night outside. 

The Karaoke was with a twist, since most of them were couples, they had to perform duets and they didn’t have the pleasure of choosing their own songs. 

Gerald promised to gift the best-performing couple with a fuel coupon, worth 500cedis, to keep it interesting. 

Leah wrote random duet songs on pieces of paper and folded them into a bowl and gave them to Daisy since she wasn’t going to be a part of it. 

Reginald had to pick first, he was so skeptical because he has always known Leah to have the worst taste in music and feared the song he might pick. He closed his eyes and picked one. He quickly opened it, Got your back by T.I and Keri Hilson. 

Ooh, God! Leah!” he said and turned to look at her. 

Adesua rushed to Reginald and checked the song. 

That’s such a difficult song. Oh my Goodness! ” she said and laughed.

We need to start rehearsing then,” Reginald said and they went to his bedroom.

Each couple had just an hour to rehearse the songs. Reginald and Adesua kissed awhile in his room before they started learning the lyrics to the song they had picked. They have been thinking about kissing each other, all day. 

Kwaku and Olive picked Work by Rihanna and Drake. 

Leah and Nana Yaw picked Crazy In love by Beyoncé and Jay Z. 

As they all rehearsed in their respective rooms, the doorbell rang. Tessa knew who it was, but she thought the person would be a little late. She went out to get her. 

Gerald had no idea about the surprise guest, he was watching television in the living room when he heard Tessa walking back into the house. 

Who was it? ” he asked without turning.

Uncle Gerald,” a familiar voice said.

Gerald quickly turned to look at her.


Hi, Uncle Gerald,” she said and walked closer to him

What are you doing here? How long have you been in Ghana?”

I am just getting in

What? Why didn’t you say anything, I would have asked a driver to come to get you from the airport” 

It’s fine. I wanted to surprise you and I am guessing, I did. This look on your face this priceless” she said and hugged him. 

it’s so good to see you, darling,” Gerald said still hugging her.

How are you? ” she asked 

I am doing very fine,” Gerald said

Mom told me, you weren’t doing too good”

Gerald turned to look at Tessa

She did? ” he asked 

Tessa smiled and walked to the kitchen. 

Yes, she did. How is she treating you though? I hope you two have stopped your little fights” Janine said and sat next to Gerald. 

You know your mother, she is very stubborn,” Gerald said

That’s interesting because she says the same about you too” Janine teased. 

Gerald laughed.

“ What’s going on by the way? I saw the Karaoke machine outside” 

Gerald smiled. 

Game Night. Reginald brought some friends over from school. They are all rehearsing to sing for a prize I promised” 

Janine laughed. 

oh, that sounds fun. I didn’t know Reginald was home. I should probably go and say hello” she said. 

Sure. Do you remember his room? 

“ Of course! ” Janine said and smiled at Gerald. 

She calmly climbed the stairs and knocked twice on Reginald’s door.

Give us ten more minutes we would be out soon! ” Reginald said.

Reginald, it’s me. Janine” she said. 

Reginald was startled and confused. He quickly got off the bed and opened his door.

Hi,” she said and smiled.

Janine? Oh my God ” Reginald said and hugged her.

When did you arrive?  

Just this evening. I am on vacation and decided to visit mummy and you guys” 

This is amazing. I am so happy you are here” 

Reginald said and smiled at her. 

There was an awkward silence, they just stared at each other.

Ummm… I have to finish something but we would catch up soon” Reginald said. 

Yeah, your dad told me. I hope you win” Janine said 

Thanks,” Reginald said and chuckled. 

Okay I would see you,” she said

Reginald nodded and closed his door.

Who was that? ” Adesua asked

A childhood friend. Haven’t seen her in years” Reginald said with a grin. 

Janine went back downstairs to hang with Gerald, a few minutes later the others joined them. They were done rehearsing. Janine was a little confused to see Reginald with Adesua. 

We are ready! ” Reginald said excitedly to his father. 

They all went out to start the show. Janine sat by Daisy and introduced herself to her. 

Why aren’t you participating?” she asked

Daisy chuckled.

it’s for couples only apparently,” she said.

oh, I see. Is that Reginald’s girlfriend now? ” she asked referring to Adesua. 

Ummm.. something like that. It isn’t really official yet but we all know something is going on between them  Daisy said. 

Janine smiled 

“ Oh, that’s nice. I didn’t know he broke things off with Kelly”

Daisy only smiled back, she wasn’t in the mood to talk about Kelly and Reginald. 

Leah and Nana Yaw were the first to perform, when Reginald heard the song, he was pissed. He knew that song so well and knew he would have performed it way better than Nana Yaw. 

He started booing them, Adesua laughed and held his hand asking him to stop. Reginald wrapped his hand around her neck from behind and they danced.

Olive and Kwaku were the second to go and Olive really put up a show, all her dance moves came to play. Kwaku too surprised everyone with the way he rapped. They both understood the assignment and delivered it, which placed a lot of pressure on Reginald and Adesua. 

I don’t think I am ready Reggie” Adesua whispered.

Reginald smiled and held her hand

We can do this. Relax” he said.

She smiled and nodded. 

 “Okay,” she said

He smiled and hugged her. Janine looked at them all through the show. They looked really good together but couldn’t help but wonder what happened with Kelly. 

The chemistry Adesua and Reginald had while they performed stunned everyone. They sang and danced together, even though they hated their song at first, it turned out to be the perfect song for them. It was very clear after their performance who the winner was. 

After the karaoke, they played Jenga again because it is Janine’s favorite and they wanted to include her in the game night. Olive’s phone rang and she quickly excused herself to answer. Adesua was tired, she had a headache. Reginald took her upstairs to freshen up.

“When you are done showering, you can sleep,” he said

“In here?” she asked

Reginald nodded and smiled

“Yes. Don’t overthink it. It’s okay”


“I would come and check on you later okay?” Reginald said.

Adesua nodded and Reginald kissed her.

Janine found Reginald when he got out of his room

“Hey? Is she your new girlfriend?” she asked

Reginald smiled

Yeah. She is”

Really? What happened with Kelly?”

“Ummm..we broke up”

“Since when? When we spoke two months ago, you two were together”

“Yeah things went downhill since then”

“And you already have a new girlfriend? Isn’t that too sudden?”

Adesua technically isn’t my girlfriend yet but we are getting there”

“Reginald, what’s going on? I am confused”

You don’t have to be Janine. I am good, everything is good. How’s Owen doing?”

Owen and I broke up,” she said and left.

Reginald caught up with her.

Why what happened?” he asked

It didn’t work out, the same way things didn’t work with you and Kelly. I couldn’t stay in the UK for vacation so I decided to come here “

Are you doing okay? I am sorry I didn’t know” Reginald said and hugged her

Well, now you know. Do you love her? ” Janine asked


“This new girl”

She is amazing but I am not very sure yet”

Why didn’t you reach out to me when you broke up with Kelly?”

“How do you mean?” 

“I mean, I thought we had something”

Reginald chuckled

“Jay, what are you doing? Don’t do this now. Please” Reginald said and went downstairs to join the others.

Janine followed him but Reginald went to sit somewhere else to avoid her. They stole glances at each other, Reginald sighed and looked down at his phone.

By midnight everyone was tired and they called it a day. Kwaku had such a good time and was glad he honored the invitation. Gerald wasn’t as bad as he had thought and he felt more at ease around him.

They all helped to tidy the place up before heading to bed. Janine caught up with Reginald before he went upstairs, she wanted to apologize.

Hey, Reggie. I am sorry about earlier. I didn’t mean to start anything”

Reginald sighed and sat on the couch

“Jay, I don’t know what you want me to say. Before you left, I was so down for a distant relationship but you were scared about what Tessa and my parents would think and you broke my heart. You have no idea how much I looked for you in other girls, I thought Kelly was the one for me but she turned out to be a completely different person. Just when I was trying to make peace with the fact that you are with Owen and you are happy, you tell me you have broken up. You can’t keep doing this to me Jay” 

Janine sighed and sat next to him. She held his hand.

“I am sorry I hurt you when I left. Things were hard for me too, I looked for you in other boys too. I also thought Owen was the one for me, but Owen isn’t you Reggie and I just couldn’t continue lying to myself” 

This is tough. You are still going to leave Janine. Tessa is still going to freak out if she finds out we were in a relationship. Nothing changes Jay, we are just going to hurt each other again and I am tired of trusting you with my heart only for you to break it over and over” Reginald said and went upstairs.

Adesua was watching a documentary, Reginald had recommended early on. She smiled when she saw him, he smiled back.

How are you feeling?” he asked.

A lot better. The shower helped

Reginald showered too and went to join her in bed.

Kwaku, waited till Olive was asleep to check her messages. It was completely out of his character but he couldn’t help but notice the way Olive smiled and texted and how she hides to answer her phone. Olive’s passcode to her phone, is her birthday.

He checked her call log first and saw incoming calls from Hugh to Olive and outgoing calls from Olive to Hugh. His heart sank when he read their messages. Tears filled his eyes, he felt like a complete fool.

He was so angry he wanted to break something, he went to shower again and cried some more in the shower.

Janine thought about Reginald all night, she tossed and turned in her bed. She became friends with Reginald when they were both six. Tessa had just moved in as their house manager.
They went to the same schools and they fell hard for each other after spending almost every day together.  They tried to hide it at first but Reginald confessed it first and they began a secret relationship but they had to break it off because Janine had to leave for school.
They got into the same University in the UK but Reginald couldn’t leave because his mother was sick by then and he felt bad leaving her alone.

Reginald watched Adesua as she slept, she looked so beautiful. He really liked her and before Janine told him about her break up with Owen, Reginald had plans of asking Adesua to be his girlfriend but now he was very confused.
He has very strong feelings for Janine and he didn’t want to force himself into another relationship with a girl who isn’t Janine.

The next morning, Kwaku confronted Olive. She tried to deny it but gave in when Kwaku told her that he  had read her messages.

I am terribly sorry Kwaku” she cried

“I warned you about him several times

It means nothing Kwaku

What I read on your phone, didn’t seem like nothing Olive. He said he misses your soft lips and you told him you miss his too” Kwaku said and chuckled.

“I have been so stupid. My love for you has evaporated Olive, I am leaving
” he added and picked up his backpack.

He walked out of the room and he went to find Reginald. He told him that something came up so he had to leave. Reginald understood and walked him to his car. On his return back to the house, Reginald saw Janine walking into the kitchen.

Why are you up so early?” he asked

You know I am an early riser? Don’t tell him you have already forgotten” she said and smiled.

Reginald chuckled

I probably have. Well, I have to go and continue my sleep. Good morning” Reginald said and yawned

Okay. Sleep tight.”




I missed you” 

Reginald smiled

I missed you too Jay”



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