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Episode 8 – So,Sorry

Daisy’s phone vibrated, it was a message from Olive.

“ I am not feeling very well, can you come to my room?” it read. 

Daisy quickly got out of bed, she knocked on the door then Olive asked her to enter. 

“ What’s wrong? Where is Kwaku?” Daisy asked looking around for him. 

Olive sat up in the bed and sighed.

“ Kwaku just left,” she said

“ Left? Why?” Daisy asked and sat on the bed.

“ He found out about Hugh” 

“ You told him?”

“ No. He read my messages”

“ My goodness! I told you to tell him about it. I told you. He must have really suspected something to read your messages. This is bad Olive. What are you going to do?” 

“ I don’t know. He is really upset”

“ Do you want me to talk to him for you?”

“ And say what Daisy? He knows everything and everything is my fault. Talking to Kwaku and pleading on my behalf, won’t change the fact that I kissed Hugh”

Daisy sighed.

“ Why did you do it?” she asked

“ Do what? Kiss Hugh?”

“Yes. Why did you do it, knowing how Kwaku feels about him” 

“ I have no idea. And for the record, Hugh kissed me. I just didn’t stop him” 

“ It doesn’t matter. Do you even love Kwaku? ” Daisy asked.

Just before Olive could answer her phone rang, she quickly checked it. She thought it was Kwaku but it was a friend from class. She ignored it but another classmate called her. It was odd because her mates from class don’t really call her. She answered when a third classmate called. 

Hello Philip”

“ Olive? Are you okay?”

“ Yes, I am. You?” 

“ I am okay. You sound really chill or what I am hearing is a lie?” 

“ What are you hearing Philip ?”

I hear Kwaku Agyeman Prempeh had an accident and it was very bad” 

“ What?! Kwaku Agyeman Prempeh? Oh no. It can’t be, I just saw him. Wait, what time did it happen?”

I don’t really know. I woke up and people were talking about it on our class page. Some have even sent photos of the accident, and the car looks like Kwaku’s car” 

“ My God! Let me check” Olive said and ended the call.

Hugh’s call came through the moment she ended the call. 

Hugh! Is it true?!”

“ Yes, Olive. I was very worried, I thought you were in the car too. It’s very bad, it was a head-on collision. I don’t know if he would make it” 

“ No! You are lying! No” 

She ended the call and called Kwaku but his phone was off. 

“ What’s the matter Olive?!” Daisy asked worriedly

Kwaku had an accident”

“ What?!” 

“ I need to go and see him,” Olive said trying to pack her things

“ What hospital has he been taken to?” Daisy asked 

“ I don’t know but I can’t sit down and do nothing,” she said. 

She quickly picked her phone to check the photos on their class page. 

“ Jesus Christ!” she said and dropped the phone. 

Daisy quickly picked it up and looked at the photos.

“ is that the state of his car?! My God ! ” she said 

Olive was crying, Hugh called again and Daisy answered. 

“ Hello? This is her sister. Do you know the hospital Kwaku was taken to?”

“ I am hearing Korle-Bu but I am not sure. Is Olive doing okay?” 

Daisy ended the call before Hugh could say anything else.

“ He is at Korle- Bu now. We need to go there and check” Daisy said.

She helped Olive up the floor and they packed. 

She went to get ready and told Reginald and Adesua about it. They were very disturbed. 

Reginald told his father and Gerald called Kwaku’s father. 

He confirmed that Kwaku was really at Korle- Bu. 

“He really sounded down. It doesn’t look good. We have to go now” Gerald said to Reginald 

They rushed out of the house, Olive couldn’t stop crying. 

Gerald was very worried, he didn’t understand what was happening. He just saw Kwaku that evening before bed and by morning he was out of his house and fighting for his life. 

“ What time did he leave the house?” Gerald asked Reginald. 

“ Around 6am, he said something came up and he had to leave. I didn’t ask any questions, I escorted him out and went back to bed” 

“ Did you boys drink any alcohol? Was he under the influence of something?”

“ No Dad. We didn’t drink alcohol. He seemed very fine last night. Everything was fine”. 

Gerald sighed and called Kwaku’s father again but he didn’t answer. They got to Korle Bu and went to the emergency ward. 

Kwaku’s father walked to them when he saw them.

Sir,” he said and shook Gerald’s hand

Kwesi? How is he? What are they saying?” Gerald asked

“ He is in surgery now. We don’t know anything yet 

Kwaku was in surgery for hours but Gerald waited with the rest. Olive was distorted, she didn’t eat when they went to get food. Leah was so down too, she sat with Adesua. Reginald sat with Nana Yaw, they were all very worried. 

The doctor came out of the theatre and walked with Kwaku’s family. 

He is in a coma now. The injury to his head is quite severe 

So you think we might lose him?” Kwesi asked

He is still alive now but I don’t know how much time he has”  

Kwesi sighed heavily.

So what do you advice?”

“ We would monitor him for now and hope for a miracle. He would be moved to the intensive care unit and you can get a chance to see him. But don’t lose hope. He is alive and that’s a miracle” 

The doctor said and walked back into the theatre. 

Kwaku was moved to the intensive care unit but just family was allowed to see him. 

They went back to Reginald’s home to pack for school. Janine asked Reginald about everything when she saw him.

Adesua went upstairs with Daisy and Olive and left them to talk. 

He is in a coma now. We are hoping for the best” 

“ Why did he leave the house so early though?” Janine asked

“ I have no idea. Are you okay?”

“ Yes, I am. Are you?” 

Reginald smiled and nodded. 

How long are you staying in Ghana ? ” 

“ For two months” 

“ What would you be doing with your time?” 

“ I don’t know yet but I have some friends who want to explore the country. They are planning a trip to the Northern Region. I am thinking about joining them” 

“ I see. When are you guys leaving?”

“ If things go as planned, next weekend”

“ Okay. That sounds awesome. You should have some fun. When I get some free time at school, we should do something”

“ What do you have in mind?” she asked

“ Do you still like the beach?” 

Janine nodded. 

“ Okay, we can spend a day by the beach. We need to catch up so I think we can talk by the beach” 

“ Okay. When I get back from the North, we can plan that” 

“ Okay. We are going back to school. Everyone is very sad now”

“ Yeah. I hope Kwaku pulls through” Janine said and sighed. 

“ Yeah I hope so too” Reginald said.

They hugged for a while, they had really missed each other. 

“ Take care of yourself when you go to the North Jay ” he whispered in her arms. 

I will Reggie  

They let go and Reginald went to his room to pack. He found Adesua crying when he got in, he rushed to her

“ What’s the matter?”

“ I am really scared. What if Kwaku doesn’t make it?” she said sobbingly. 

“Oh, come here. He is going to be fine. Let’s be optimistic” Reginald said and hugged her. 

Daisy helped Olive pack her stuff, she couldn’t stop crying. It was a quiet ride back to school, it had been a very hard day. 

Olive cried herself to sleep that night, Hugh called her all night.

 Kwaku was in a coma for three weeks, Olive and the rest visited him every weekend. The time Olive spent with Kwaku’s family made her love them very much. Kwaku’s big sister also grew very fond of her. 

He stayed in the hospital for a month when he got out of his coma. He didn’t speak much when his friends visited but he was very glad they always visited. 

Gerald and Kwesi went to the university to discuss how Kwaku would be able to write exams so that he can join his mates for the second year. He got the opportunity to take the semester’s exams, he didn’t do very well but it was okay and it helped him join his mates for the second year.
Janine and Reginald got closer in the months, Janine wanted them to start a secret relationship again but Reginald wasn’t very sure he wanted to go down that road again. 

He drove her to the airport and she tried to convince him to change his mind, she almost succeeded because Reginald really wanted to be with her too but he was very confused and he didn’t want to mess up a great friendship with Janine in case they went down the road of starting a romantic relationship and breaking up again. They hugged tightly before Janine left to board her plane. 

Reginald graduated that semester but before he left school he planned a weekend with Adesua, he wanted to officially ask her to be his girlfriend. He still had real feelings for Janine but compared to what he felt for Adesua, he didn’t mind losing a friendship with Adesua if they broke up but he minded losing Janine. 

Adesua and Reginald made love and while they cuddled, Reginald asked her. She was really excited, she agreed and kissed him. 

Adesua was very happy, it felt surreal. She was in a relationship with her dream man. They talked all through the vacation. Reginald also talked to Janine too but he couldn’t bring himself to telling her that Adesua was now his girlfriend. 

Olive went to visit Kwaku one afternoon during the vacation. They haven’t really spoken at all after the accident and Olive assumed they were still together because he was always nice to her and the others when they visited the hospital. 

Kwaku’s big sister was driving out when she saw Olive at the gate. 

Hey Olive. How are you?”

“ I am good. Yourself?”

“ I am fine. Just stepping out for a bit. Kwaku is napping now but you can wait. Mummy and Daddy are at home” 

“ Okay thanks” 

“ You are welcome. I would be back soon” Nana Ama said and drove off. 

Olive walked inside and saw Kwaku’s parents watching television together. 

“ Hello. Good afternoon” she greeted

“ Oh Olive. How are you?” Juliet said

“ I am fine mummy

“ Kwaku is sleeping now but you can go and check on him. He was sleeping the last time I checked on him”

Okay,” Olive said and smiled 

She went upstairs and found Kwaku asleep. She walked to his bed and watched him sleep for a bit.

When she was turning to leave his room, Kwaku mentioned her name. She was startled, she looked at him and smiled

Hi ” she said

Hello   he replied 

How are you?” she asked

“ I am okay. Yourself?” 

“ I am okay too. I decided to come and check on you” 

Kwaku smiled 

That’s nice of you Olive. I really appreciate how you’ve stuck around. I am doing really fine now”

“That’s good to hear. I am happy” 

“ Yeah. Thanks a lot, so I wouldn’t be needing your assistance anymore moving forward” 


“ Yeah. I mean I would be fine from now on without your help. Say thank you to Daisy too for me”

“ I am sorry but I am not following

Kwaku chuckled and looked at Olive. 

“ Olive. Come on. You are smart enough. The last time we spoke, I told you my love for you has evaporated. I don’t know why you would play dumb and pretend what you did with Hugh didn’t happen? And think that I would forget?” 

Tears filled Olive’s eyes as Kwaku spoke.

“ I was going crazy that morning, I know driving in the state I was in, was a bad idea but I needed to be away from you. I honestly didn’t see the other car or maybe I did and I just drove right into it” 

Olive broke down and went closer to Kwaku and sat on his bed.

“ I am terribly sorry Kwaku,” she said and held his hand.

Kwaku took his hand out of hers and got out of the bed to be away from her. 

You don’t get to say sorry and expect everything to disappear. I don’t know what hurts more. The fact that you kissed someone else or the fact that this someone else is Hugh. Hugh! The same guy, I warned you about?! No, Olive. I don’t accept your apology” 

Olive cried and begged 

It was a mistake, he kissed me

Stop Olive! You are making it worse. He kissed you?! So how come, you missed his lips and missed being in his arms? What happened between you two because I couldn’t believe what I was reading” Kwaku said angrily. 

“You know what, at this point, I don’t care what you do with him. Maybe I didn’t make it clear the first time but you and I are so done. You cease to exist in my world. So when you are done crying, you can leave my room and out of my life” he added and walked to his bathroom. 

He peed and washed his hands, he came out of the bathroom and found Olive still on his bed. He looked at her and picked his TV remote.

“ I can see you are still here,” he said. 

Olive sat quietly on his bed, Kwaku chuckled and turned on his television. He sat back down on his bed and watched a soccer game, he adjusted his pillow and focused his attention on the game. 

When nothing was said, Olive got up and left. He watched her leave, his heart was breaking as he watched her go but he was too hurt to even feel anything. 

She wiped her eyes on the stairs before Kwaku’s parents saw her. She smiled and told them that she had to leave.

Okay, dear. Thanks for passing by. Was Kwaku awake? ” Juliet asked

Yes, please. He is awake now

Okay. Say hello to your parents and I hope the next time you visit you stay longer” Juliet said and smiled. 

Olive smiled and nodded. She walked out and ordered an Uber. She cried at the backseat of the car making the driver very uncomfortable. She cried some more as she told Daisy everything. 

I am so sorry Olive”

“ I feel so bad Daisy. I am so in love with Kwaku now” 

“ Were you not in love with him at first?” 

Not as much as now. I love him so much now and I have lost him” 

“ You haven’t lost him, he is just very angry now. When he cools off, you can work it out”

“ No Daisy. We are never going to work it out, what I did was terrible. I don’t know why I did it. I don’t even like Hugh. Oh God! I was so stupid” 

“ Relax Olive. Give it time. He would come around ” Daisy said. 

Kwaku didn’t come around, they didn’t say a word to each other the whole of the vacation. When school reopened they were practically strangers. Olive stole glances at him in class, Kwaku sometimes caught  her looking at him but when their eyes met, Olive quickly looks away.

He walks past her whenever they meet, it was like Olive was really dead to him. 

Gerald has grown very fond of Kwaku and whenever Reginald isn’t very busy at the office, Gerald sends him to visit Kwaku and get him some provisions and Reginald uses that time to spend time with Adesua too.
During the vacation, Adesua introduced him to Yemi, her big brother, and her parents on a video call.  

How’s Leah? I don’t hear from her as often” Adesua asked.

She is okay. I think she is busy with school. She going to the UK, there’s a master in law course she is interested in pursuing” 

“ I see. I should give her a call and congratulate her” 

“ Yeah, you should. Did you know Olive and Kwaku have broken up? Kwaku told me when I visited him” 

“ Yes I do”

“ I see. Interesting. They were very good together though”

Yes. They really were. Olive is very stubborn and has such a terrible attitude sometimes. He took Kwaku for granted. They are like strangers now. We met him one day at the food court and he said hello to just Daisy and me, and walked past Olive like she was invisible. I was shocked” 

Whoa?! That bad huh?”

“ Yes, it’s very bad. I wonder how they cope being in the same class” 

“ What happened? Because Olive was so helpful when he had the accident” Reginald said

“ Do you remember the morning before the accident when he left your house early?”

Reginald nodded

That morning he had just found out that Olive kissed a certain guy. This guy is in their class too and Olive had been entertaining him all the time. Kwaku warned Olive about it but Olive being Olive and very stubborn she continued and they ended up kissing. She hid it from Kwaku but he found out that morning when he read her messages. He was in a very bad state when he was driving that morning and had the accident” 

“ Oh goodness. That’s terrible”

“ Yep! Very terrible”

Kwaku’s birthday was in a week’s time, when Gerald found out, he decided to do something bigger for him.

An all-white party, a way to celebrate his life from surviving the tragic accident. They invited his classmates and some other friends, Olive didn’t want to go but Daisy and Adesua forced her. It was a surprise party, Nana Ama was the one that brought him in. 

He was very happy, he was told he was going for dinner with only his family so to see everyone gathered just for him moved him. He hugged some friends, he was a little upset when he saw Hugh. He moved in a different direction to avoid him.

Olive couldn’t go close to him, he just observed him from a distance. He was smiling and laughing a lot. Olive hasn’t seen him laugh in a long time, she was happy for him. 

Kwaku was sitting and talking with Adesua, Daisy, and Reginald when R2Bees ft King Promise’s song Fine Wine  started to play.
Kwaku and Daisy stood up in excitement, it was one of Daisy’s favorite songs, Olive knew that but she was surprised when Kwaku stood up too. 

Daisy smiled at him 

You know this song? ” Daisy asked 

Yep! It’s my jam ” Kwaku said excitedly

I know..! It’s dope. A lot of people don’t know it, I am surprised you do” Daisy said and laughed.

 Kwaku smiled and held Daisy’s hand. They danced together. Kwaku knew the lyrics to the song and sang it to her while they danced. Kwaku hyped Daisy up while she danced, he has never seen Daisy dance before. They were very happy together. 

Adesua and Reginald stood up to join them. The DJ played the song again when he saw that the birthday boy liked the song. Olive watched as Daisy danced happily with Kwaku, she was so jealous. 

Tears filled her eyes, her heart was breaking, she couldn’t believe she was in the same room as Kwaku but couldn’t even get close to him. He used to be her best friend. 



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