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Episode 9 – “Soulmate”

Hugh asked Olive to dance when everyone seem to be on the dance floor but she turned him down. Daisy and Kwaku continued to dance together.

After a while, Kwaku cut his cake and the party continued. Olive was very down and she wanted badly to leave the party but Adesua was her ride back to campus so she had to wait for her. Olive went out to the lounge to sit alone for awhile, she just needed the time out.

Kwaku excused himself to use the restroom and saw her at the lounge alone.

He wanted to talk to her but he didn’t know what to say, he hasn’t spoken to her in awhile and he didn’t want to start anything.

When he came out of the restroom he saw her still sitting alone. He was about walking in her direction, when a nice gentle man sat across from Olive.

Hello?” he said

Kwaku stopped and stared at them for a while. Olive shook the man’s hand and smiled. Kwaku got very jealous and walked out.

My name is Ekow” the man said

I am Olive”

“ Are you staying in this hotel?”

“ No. I am here for the party”

“ Ooh I see, that’s cool. I am staying here. I came for a business meeting”

Olive nodded and smiled, there was an awkward silence

Ekow looked at her and smiled

“So if you are here for the party, why are you seated here all alone?”

I am not in a mood to party

Ekow chuckled

What are you in a mood for?”

Olive smiled and shrugged

“I just want to sit here and wait for my friends”

“ Do you mind if I sit with you?”

“ I don’t mind at all. You said you came here for business?”

Ekow nodded

What business are you into? If you don’t mind my asking”

“ so my family sells coffee beans in bulk to some coffee shops in Ghana”

“ coffee beans?”

Yes. It’s a long story, one I would love to tell you over lunch tomorrow?”

Olive smiled

Ermm… I am going back to school from here”

Where is your school?” Ekow asked

“ it’s on the Akosombo road

I see, that’s quite a distance

Olive nodded.


Okay.  I would love to see you again” Ekow said

Why?” Olive asked

“ I want to get to know you. You seem nice and I already like talking to you”

Olive smiled, Ekow smiled too and gave her his business card.

Please call me,” he said

When Kwaku got back, he was quiet. Daisy looked everywhere for Olive but couldn’t find her. Kwaku heard her asking Adesua if she has seen Olive.

She is at the lounge,” Kwaku said.


She was talking to someone”

Who?” Daisy asked worriedly.

Kwaku shrugged.

Daisy called her but she didn’t answer, she got up to go look for her. Adesua followed her.

They found her talking with Ekow so they walked to them.

Ekow was startled to see Daisy walking towards them.

Are you a twin?” he asked

Yes. How did you know?”

Ekow smiled and pointed in Daisy and Adesua’s direction.

Olive quickly turned and saw Daisy and Adesua.

Hey,” she said

Hey,” Daisy said and looked at Ekow

“ Umm.. this is Ekow. Ekow meet my sister Daisy and our friend Adesua”

Hi. A pleasure to meet you”

“ A pleasure to meet you too,” Daisy said

“ Okay, I have to go upstairs now. It’s been lovely meeting you Olive”

Olive smiled

Same here. Goodnight”

“ Goodnight Olive. Goodnight girls” Ekow said and left their side.

Daisy watched as Ekow walked to the elevator. He smiled and waved at Olive quickly before the elevator door closed.

Who was that?” Adesua asked

“ Just some guy I met here”

He is very handsome” Adesua added

Why did you leave the party to come here?” Daisy asked

No reason. I wanted to be alone

Let’s go back. It’s almost over “ Daisy said and walked away.

Olive and Adesua walked and talked about Ekow behind her. Kwaku looked at Olive when he saw her at the entrance of the hall. She stood by the entrance and waited for Daisy and Adesua.

Is Olive okay?” Kwaku asked.

Daisy nodded

She is but I am afraid we have to leave now. I am very tired and we have an early class tomorrow. A happy birthday to you Kwaku” Daisy said and hugged him

Thanks, Daisy

I hope you like your present” she added

“ I certainly will

Great. Have fun and see you at school”

Kwaku nodded and smiled. He said bye to Adesua too and watched them walk out with Olive.
Ekow couldn’t stop thinking about Olive. He wished he had taken her number instead of giving her his card.

Olive looked at Ekow’s card while they drove back to campus.

He seems a little older,” she thought to herself and smiled.

The next day, she contemplated whether or not to call Ekow but decided to that evening.

Ekow answered on the third ring.

Hello?” he said

“ Hi. This is Olive”

Ekow smiled over the phone.

Finally. The call I have been waiting for”

Olive giggled.

How are you?” he asked

I am doing well you?”

They spoke for hours before Olive noticed the time.

I have a class in a couple of hours. I can’t believe we spoke this long. It feels like I have known you for a long time” she said

Ekow chuckled

“ Same. You are very smart for your age. Talking to you is pretty amazing”

Thanks, Ekow. Talking to you is amazing too but I need to sleep now” she said and chuckled.

Sure Olive. Goodnight and sweet dreams“

Thanks, Goodnight

That weekend, Ekow visited Olive on campus and they went out for lunch. They enjoyed being in each other’s company so much Olive didn’t want to go back to campus. Ekow decided to take her to his favourite place so they could talk some more.

Olive kept asking him where he was driving her to.

You are going to like it. I promise” Ekow said and smiled at her.

Olive frowned at him and folded her arms.

“ You look so adorable right now” Ekow teased.

Olive couldn’t help but smile.

Ekow parked in front of a very beautiful gate and honked three times. An older looking man came out to check before opening the gate.

Hello Francis” Ekow said to the older man

Hello Sir. Welcome “

Thanks” Ekow said and smiled.

Olive was already out of the car, she was admiring the house and the compound.

Come with me” Ekow said excitedly and held her hand.

He unlocked the front door of the house and they went upstairs. They went to a balcony, that had the nicest view of the city lights she had ever seen.

Woow! This is so beautiful Ekow. Oh my days!” Olive said.

I told you, you were going to like it” Ekow said and smiled.

“ I really do. I have never seen anything quite like this”

This is where I come most of the time when life and work gets crazy” Ekow said

“ I see. A view like this would definitely calm anyone down” she said.

She walked closer and held the balcony rail, Ekow followed her and held her from behind while they admired the view.

Whose house is this by the way? Yours? ” Olive asked

Ekow smiled

“ It’s for my family. We hardly come here but we have had a couple of Christmases here”

“ I see” Olive said and turned to look at him

“ Thanks for bringing me here Ekow” she added

It’s my pleasure Olive” he said and smiled.

They locked eyes and it got awkward for a short while. Ekow looked down at Olive’s lips and leaned in to kiss her. Olive kissed him back, a call from Daisy interrupted the kiss.

Daisy was furious over the phone, Olive left campus since morning and still wasn’t back. Olive asked Ekow to drive her back to school, they kissed again when Ekow dropped her in front of her hostel.

I am really sorry for today. You must be exhausted” Olive said

I really am but it was worth it” he said

Olive smiled

I have to go now. But do let me know when you get home” she said

I will do just that

Olive smiled and leaned in to kiss him again before she got out of his car.

Adesua was in Daisy’s room when Olive walked in. Daisy was very upset.

Where have you been Olive? ” Adesua asked

Olive was surprised Adesua was questioning her but she answered anyway.

I have been out” Olive said

She dropped her bag and started undressing.

Out where? It’s so late. You should have at least called ” Adesua said.

“ Wait. Do I answer to you now Adesua? My sister isn’t even talking. What’s your problem?”

Olive all I am saying is, you just don’t do things anyhow. We don’t even know this guy you went out with well enough. You just met him and you disappeared with him. You got us worried”

Olive ignored Adesua and wore her night wear.

Olive. I am speaking to you” Adesua said

Adesua. Could you please give me a break! I am back now aren’t I? So you can stop worrying about me!” Olive said rudely.

Adesua and Daisy were shocked by Olive’s behavior.

“ And who are you to talk Adesua? Don’t you dare act like you are perfect. We all know how you stole Reginald from Kelly. He might be your boy friend now but he was in a relationship when you met him. Did you take any of our advice to stay away from him? No!  So you have no right to advice me about who I decide to hang out with! ” Olive added

Olive! What has gotten into you?! Are you insane?!” Daisy said

“ Adesua needs to mind her business” Olive said and glared at Adesua. 

Apologize to Adesua now!” Daisy said

Don’t bother Daisy. You know she wouldn’t. It’s fine, I would leave you two to talk” Adesua said and walked out.

Adesua had left her phone in her room, she rushed out to keep Daisy company when she was worried about Olive. She picked it up to check and saw that Reginald had called her twice. She quickly returned his call

Hey Reggie” she said

Her voice was very low.

“ Adesua, are you okay?”

“ Yes I am. Sorry I left my phone in my room, I was with the twins downstairs”

“ Are you sure you are okay?”

Reginald asking her if she was okay again, brought tears to her eyes. Olive’s harsh words towards her really hurt her feelings.

Not really Reggie.” she said tearfully

Oh, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing I want to get into now”

But you are sobbing. Can you come over to my house? I don’t want you to be alone. I could cuddle you to sleep? ” Reginald said

Adesua chuckled.

“ It’s so late now. Don’t worry about me I would be fine. I promise”

okay if you say so. I wanted to check up on you. Going to bed now”

Okay. Thanks. Good night” 

Adesua noticed that Reginald has never said the words “ I love you” to her. His actions shows that he does but he never said the words, so she decided to send it as a text to him.

She waited for him to read it, she then saw that he was typing. She got excited when he started typing but he stopped and went offline.

She waited for a while to see if he would come back online, but he didn’t. Adesua felt so bad all night for texting Reginald those words that she couldn’t fall asleep.

Janine had called Reginald when he was replying to Adesua’s message. She was having trouble studying and she was scared to take a particular test the next morning.

Trust me Jay. You are going to do fine”

“ it’s so hard Reggie”

“ Stop being afraid. You’ve got this, I remember how you studied so hard to get admission into that University. So I know you can study and pass this test tomorrow”

Janine sighed

Thanks, Reginald. I would try and study again maybe this time I would get it”

“ Yes. That’s my girl, I know you would get it. All the best”

“ Thanks. Goodnight Reggie”

“ Good night Jay”

“ Umm.. Sorry. How’s Adesua doing?”

“ She is alright.”

Are you dating her now?”

Reginald hesitated before replying

Yes. She is my girlfriend now Jay”

Janine sighed

“ I see. I hope she makes you happy ” she said sadly

Janine,” Reginald said

“ Yes, Reginald?”

“ I am really sorry. I didn’t  mean to hurt you by telling you this”

It’s fine Reggie. I would get used to the fact that you would never be mine”

You are always going to mean a lot to me Jay. You are really important to me. It doesn’t matter whoever I choose to date, you are always going to be my day one”

“ I am tired of being just friends when you know how I feel about you Reggie. What do you want me to do with all this love I have for you?” 


“ You know what? It’s okay. I have to go and study anyway. Let’s not open this can of worms” 

Janine said and ended the call, Reginald called her twice but she didn’t answer.

Kwaku started to miss Olive a lot. He has never loved anyone the way that he loves Olive. He was listening to a playlist he compiled just for her. Whenever they went on a long trip, they listened to the songs and sang some together.

When Rihanna and Neyo’s song “ Hate that I love you” started to play, he smiled to himself.

He thought about the time he listened to it with Olive and how she knew the each lyric to the song. He fought his feelings, it was okay to miss her but he knew he deserved better.

Ekow called Olive when he got home. Olive quickly answered when she saw his name

Hello?” she said excitedly.

Hi beautiful”

“ Are you home?”

Yes. I just got in”

“ Okay”

So I had such an amazing time with you today. Wow! You are awesome Olive”

Olive blushed

Thanks. You are amazing too” 

“ And the way you kiss. Who taught you to kiss that way?” 

Olive smiled but didn’t say anything.

“ I know we just met but I really like you a lot. You feel like my soulmate Olive. I haven’t felt like this about anyone, and I don’t know why our path crossed but I am really happy that it did. I would love to see where this goes. I know this might sound crazy Olive, but would you like to be my girlfriend?

Olive’s eyes widened, everything just became real. She liked Ekow too but she was still very much in love with Kwaku.

Hello Olive? Are you there?” 

“ Yeah I am here”

“ If you need time to think things through I would understand but I hope your answer would be yes” 

“ I am just getting out of a relationship Ekow. I know should have said something earlier. I like you too but I just don’t know if I am ready for a relationship now”

“ Wow! I see. I had no idea. I am sorry” 

“ It’s fine Ekow, I suggest we take it slow. I know we got a little carried away today and we kissed but we were in the moment and I love living in the moment

I totally understand. We can take it slow”

“ Thanks Ekow”

“ You are welcome. Have a good night Olive”

“ Good night Ekow”

When the call ended, Daisy who has been eavesdropping on the conversation sat up in her bed

You kissed Ekow? The guy you just met? Olive what has gotten into you? Why are you like this? ” 

like what?!

“ First it was Hugh. Now Ekow or whatever his name is. Can’t you stay a moment without a guy?! Your break up with Kwaku is still fresh” 

I know that Daisy and I know what I am doing”

“ Do you? You are changing Olive, you need to slow down. I know your break up with Kwaku hurts but it doesn’t mean you have to get with the next guy that pops up in your life” 

Why did you dance with him Daisy?” Olive asked

With who?”

Kwaku. Why did you dance with him that way? I got jealous. You didn’t even think about how I felt, how doing that might make me feel” 

Ooh Olive. I am sorry. We were just having fun. I am so sorry. True, you are right.  I should have thought about how you felt. Is that why you left the party?”

Olive nodded.

Oh Olive. I am so sorry” Daisy said and walked to her bed.

“ I miss him so much. Not being able to talk to Kwaku is killing me Daisy” Olive said sobbingly and hugged her sister.

Daisy consolded Olive while she cried.

The next morning , Adesua woke up to find a couple of messages. She quickly checked to see if Reginald replied her message but there wasn’t any message from him. A message from a number she didn’t know caught her attention, she opened it.

“ Hey Adesua. It’s Kayode. Yemi gave me your number. He says you are studying in Ghana now? It’s been a while. Call me when you get this. I am in Ghana and would love to meet you” 

Adesua smiled when she read the message, she saved the number then called him but he didnt answer. It was still early. She was preparing for church when Kayode returned her call.

Adesua?” he said

Hi Kayode. I can’t believe it’s you

He chuckled

How are you?” he asked

I am fine. How have you been?”

“ Fine too”

How long are you in Ghana for? And what brings you to Ghana? ” 

For two weeks. I was invited to speak at a medical  conference at The University of Ghana”  

Ooh, nice”

“Yes. I would love to see you. Send me your location and I would pass by your school this evening”

Okay, Kayode. I am going to church now. I would send it when I return” 

Sure. Say a prayer for me

Adesua smiled

“ I would try” she said and chuckled

That evening Reginald decided to go and see Adesua because she was sad the previous night. He wanted to surprise her. He got her favorite cheeseburger to cheer her up.  He knocked on her door once and Adesua opened it.

“ Reginald. Hey. I wasn’t expecting you

Yeah wanted to surprise you. You were so sad yesterday so I decided to cheer you up. I got you a cheese burger” he said and smiled.

Kayode’s phone rang and while he spoke on the phone in his deep voice, Reginald realised that Adesua wasn’t alone.

Do you have a visitor? ” Reginald asked

oh yes I do. It’s an old friend. Come in and let me introduce you to him”

Reginald walked into the room and saw Kayode. Reginald suddenly felt a little intimidated. Kaylee was well put together and very handsome. Reginald got jealous and insecure out of nowhere. He hasn’t been jealous or felt insecure before, it was a very weird feeling.

Kayode stood up from Adesua’s bed and smiled at Reginald.

Is this the boyfriend?” Kayode asked

Adesua smiled

Yes. His name is Reginald. Reginald meet Kayode, my big brother’s best friend and my second big brother”

Kayode laughed

Get out of here with that Adesua” he said jokingly and shook Reginald’s hand.

He had a firm grip and Reginald was impressed.

“ A pleasure to finally meet you. I have heard a little about you from Yemi but they are all good things”

Ooh cool. It’s nice to meet you too” 

Kayode nodded and sat back down on her bed. Reginald dropped Adesua’s food on her study table and walked out, he was just a little thrown off by the sight of Kayode.

Adesua went after him. she was confused.

Are you okay Reggie?”

Yes I am. I would leave you to hang out with your friend. I only wanted to know if you are okay” 

“ I am very fine. Thanks for the food, that was thoughtful. I would call you later when he leaves”

Okay sure” he said and hugged her.

Adesua was going in for a kiss but Reginald ignored it. He called Nana Yaw when he walked out of Adesua’s hostel.


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