Thank you, God! ? Finishing this story means quite a lot to me. I started this story in 2018 and left it hanging because I didn’t know how to build it up, so seeing the end of it, is amazing. Thank you all for the encouragement and the love, I really appreciate you all. Thank you. ? Fire and Ice, the final episode…enjoy?


Episode 17- Safe Landing

Dean had just clocked out from a 36hours shift from the hospital when a call came through from Leah. 

“Hello Leah,” he said

“Hi, Dean. How are you?”

“So so. Just hanging in there. You?”

“I am okay. I can see you still haven’t RSVP to my wedding invite”

Dean sighed

“I will soon. I am sorry, I have been busy. Adesua going to be there?”

“Of course Adesua is going to be at my wedding Dean, but you aren’t coming for Adesua are you? You are coming for Nana Yaw and me. Please, Dean. I really want you there”

“You know how things are with us now Leah. I don’t think it’s a good idea being in the same space as her, especially now that she is with Reginald” Dean said

Leah sighed

“Dean. I keep telling you Adesua is not with Reginald. She just came to help because Reginald needed a friend at that time”

“A friend? Isn’t Nana Yaw his friend, couldn’t he have helped him? Or even you, couldn’t you have helped him? Did Adesua really need to leave Nigeria just to play nurse to him? Does it make any sense to you?”

“Wow! Dean, calm down. You know it’s been a year right? I can’t believe you are still this upset” 

“You know what Leah. I am very tired now. Let’s talk later. I would respond to your invite soon”

“Okay sure. Thank you, Dean”

“You are welcome,” he said and ended the call.

Reginald for months has been trying to ask Adesua to be his girlfriend again but she has been busy helping Leah plan the wedding that he hasn’t gotten a chance to ask her. 

He called Nana Yaw one evening and told him about it but Nana Yaw advised him to hold on just a little

“She isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon Reggie. You can see she really cares about you, so anytime you get the chance to ask her I am sure she would say yes. But don’t rush into it just yet” Nana Yaw said

“Whatever you say. Anyway, how is the wedding planning going?” Reginald asked

“So far so good”

They spoke for a while and ended the call. 

Adesua visited Reginald that evening and they watched some movies all night. She was living with the twins while she was in Ghana. After the movie, Reginald drove her home and parked in front of the gate, Olive went to open the gate then said hello to Reginald. 

When Adesua was about to step out of the car, Reginald asked her to wait a while. They spoke for a while, then Reginald tried to kiss her goodnight on the lips but Adesua stopped him.

“I don’t think we are there yet Reggie. Thanks for the ride and I would see you tomorrow” she said and got out of the car.

 Olive looked away and acted like she hadn’t just seen Adesua reject a kiss from Reginald. She closed the gate when Adesua entered and started to laugh.

“Now that was hard to watch. Why did you do the poor guy like that?” Olive teased

Adesua chuckled

“Where is Daisy?” Adesua asked ignoring the question

Reginald was confused as he drove back home, Adesua has never said no to his kisses before and it got him very worried. 

Adesua convinced Reginald to forgive his father and talk to him, Reginald reluctantly agreed because he wanted to be in Adesua’s good books.  

Dean and his family arrived in Ghana a couple of days earlier for the wedding. When Adesua found out that Dean was around, she couldn’t think of anything else, she thought she wasn’t ever going to see him in person again. 

Dean wanted to see her in person before the wedding but he changed his mind. On the day of the traditional wedding, Adesua was very nervous. She saw Desmond entering Leah’s house with his family but she didn’t see Dean. 

Dean decided to sit the traditional wedding out and just go for the white wedding the next day. 

Leah and Nana Yaw booked a hotel that is close to the church for the wedding party. Dean checked into the hotel early to avoid running into Adesua in the lobby. He didn’t come out until the morning of the wedding. 

The next morning, he woke up to bangs on his door. The other guys he was sharing the room with had arrived and wanted to dress up. 

Leah and the other girls also dressed up in their room.

Nana Yaw was stunned when he saw Leah in her white gown for the first time before they left the hotel. Dean also saw Adesua in her bridesmaid dress and he thought she looked very beautiful.

They rushed to the car because they were running late for the wedding.   The ceremony was very beautiful, they had a beautiful reception in a ballroom at the hotel. 

Dean sat with his family for the reception. Adesua stole glances at him from her table, he looked exactly like his father but had his mother’s smile. Dean played a lot with a little girl Adesua knew was his niece because he had once told her how much he adored his niece Adela. 

Adesua smiled to herself when she saw Dean and Desmond arguing about who gets to carry Adela next after their sister finished feeding her. 

But Adela stretched her little arms towards Desmond and he quickly picked her up from their sister’s lap. Desmond laughed in Dean’s face and went to sit back down with Adela half asleep on his chest. 

“Dean’s family seem nice,” Adesua said to Daisy

Daisy looked over at them and nodded

“Yes. They seem cool. Dean’s sister is very beautiful too” Daisy said

“Yes. I was thinking the same, the baby is hers. She is very adorable”

“Anyway, have you two gotten time to talk?” Daisy asked

“No. A lot was said the last time we spoke. We have nothing else to say to each other” Adesua said

Daisy looked at her and shook her head

“You can be very stubborn Adesua. But I hear you” Daisy said and turned to talk to Nathan

Adesua got up to get some local drink from the bar, she asked Daisy and Nathan if they wanted some but they shook their heads and continued talking.

Dean’s eyes followed Adesua everywhere in the hall, Adesua got the drink but she bumped into someone and stained her dress.

Dean saw her struggling to get the stain out with a tissue but it couldn’t come off so she left the hall to her hotel room to see if she could fix it. Dean saw her leaving the hall and saw it as an opportunity to speak to her. 

Adesua got on the elevator before Dean got closer, so he used the stairs. They were on the fifth floor, he hurried up the stairs to catch up with Adesua. When he got on the fifth floor he saw Adesua opening her door, he called out her name, and Adesua was startled to see him.


“Hey. Are you okay?”

“Yes. I just stained my dress”

Dean walked up to her, he was out of breath

“Are you okay?” Adesua asked and chuckled

Yes, I am fine. I used the stairs that’s why”

“Why didn’t you wait for the elevator? Is there something you have to tell me?”

“Well, do you have water inside?” Dean asked ignoring her question

Adesua laughed and opened the door, she grabbed a bottle of water and gave it to him.

Dean quickly drank it and Adesua laughed again

“Okay now? Are you going to live?” Adesua teased

Dean chuckled and sat on one of the beds, he looked around

“Wow. You girls kept the room in one piece, you should see how the guys have turned our room upside down”

“I am very sure Paa Kwesi played a major part in that” Adesua said and sat next to him

“How did you know? That guy smokes just too much weed” Dean said and they both laughed

They sat in awkward silence for a bit then Adesua shyly looked at him

“I missed you Dean and I am sorry” she said

“Don’t apologize. I shouldn’t have acted the way that I did and I missed you too”

Adesua nodded and smiled

“Thanks. So Friends again?” Adesua asked and stretched her hand out for a handshake. 

Dean smiled and nodded. He shook her hand. 

“Okay. Now I need to find a way to get this stain out” Adesua said.

She got up and smiled at Dean.

“Want to help?” Adesua asked

Dean smiled and stood up, he looked down at her. Adesua was confused

“Why are you staring at me like that?” she asked

“I can’t get past how beautiful you are,” Dean said

Adesua blushed and Dean slowly held her chin up and kissed her, Adesua closed her eyes and kissed him back. She had really missed his lips. Dean gently kissed her cheeks, her nose, her eyes, her forehead and went back to kiss her lips. He went down and kissed her neck and Adesua moaned. Hearing Adesua moan turned Dean on. He wanted badly to make love to her. He went back to her lips and kissed her some more. 

“Adesua? Are you in there?” Daisy asked and knocked

They were startled by the knock and let go of each other, Adesua rushed to the door and opened it

“Yes I am in here”

Daisy’s eyes widened when she saw Dean

“Hey Dean?” she said

“Hey Daisy”

“Dean was just leaving” Adesua said

“Right! Umm….Good luck with the stain Adesua” Dean said and rushed out

“What stain?” Daisy asked

Adesua sighed and pointed to her dress

“Oh no, that’s bad. Take it off. I think I can help” Daisy said

Dean got on the elevator and smiled to himself as he thought about Adesua.

“So are we going to talk about why Dean was in here with you alone?”Daisy asked

Adesua blushed and chuckled

I had no idea I had missed him this much. We kissed and my heart was racing!” Adesua said excitedly

Whoa! really?!” 

“Yes really. I think I love him Daisy”

“And what about Reginald?”

“Reginald doesn’t make my heart race Daisy. It’s different with Dean, it’s always been different with Dean. I am myself with him. I don’t know why it took me this long to realize. Dean makes me feel so alive, I don’t know how to explain it”

“You don’t need to explain.  I feel the same when I am with Nathan. I think you need to let Dean know how you feel as soon as possible, you have wasted enough time already”

Dean went back to sit with his family, he was smiling widely and his father asked if he was okay. He nodded and chuckled. 

Daisy and Adesua cleared the stain on the dress and they went back to the reception. Reginald walked to them.

“Where have you been?” he asked Adesua

Adesua explained everything to him and he walked her back to her seat. Reginald didn’t go back to his previous seat with the other groomsmen, he pulled a chair and sat next to Adesua instead.

Adesua turned to look at Dean’s table when she sat down. Reginald noticed and got a little jealous. He engaged Adesua in a conversation but she wasn’t paying much attention. 

Leah called the single ladies around and threw her bouquet. Olive caught it and most of the guys teased Kwaku.

The reception ended and Reginald offered to drop Adesua but she insisted she would join the twins. She only said that to let Reginald leave so that she could get time to speak to Dean. Reginald agreed and left with some of the guys. 

After they had freshened up, Daisy and Olive dragged Adesua to Dean’s door and knocked. They left her in front of the door when they heard him opening it. 

“Hey,” Adesua said

“Hey” Dean said

Adesua pulled him close and kissed him.

“Wow! Okay. This is my cue to leave”  Daphne said

Adesua was startled by the voice and broke off the kiss. Dean chuckled

“Adesua, this is my big sister Daphne. Daphne, this is Adesua”

“Hi, Adesua. Wow, you are gorgeous. A pleasure to finally meet you” Daphne said 

Thank you. You are gorgeous too”

“Thanks. Okay, I would leave you two to it then” Daphne said and chuckled

“Oh no. I can come back. I didn’t know you two were talking” Adesua said

“We were not talking. She just came to check out my room because she was quite inquisitive” Dean teased.

“Ooh okay,” Adesua said

Daphne chuckled 

“Okay then. See you around Adesua” she said and left the room

Adesua covered her lips and laughed

“She is definitely going to gossip about us. I am so embarrassed” she said

“She definitely is going to but it’s fine. Don’t worry about it. Now, where were we?” Dean said and kissed her again

Adesua broke off the kiss and told Dean how she feels. Dean was so happy, she had just made his evening. Dean also told her how he feels about her too and asked her if she wanted to be his girlfriend. 

“Yes of course Dean, Absolutely!” Adesua said excitedly

Dean left Ghana a couple of days after the wedding because of work. 

After a week, Adesua got the courage to tell Reginald about Dean and about their relationship. Reginald was so heartbroken, he really was in love with Adesua. He tried to convince Adesua but she shook her head

I would always care about you Reginald but as much as I fight it, I am utterly in love with Dean. He is my person. I didn’t want you to find out from someone else so I decided to tell you myself”

“Please Adesua. Don’t do this, I can make you happy. I really can. I love you so much” he said

“ Wow. It feels so weird hearing you say you love me and actually meaning it” Adesua said and smiled

“I love you too Reginald but as you rightly said, there is a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone. I am in love with Dean, with every bit of my heart. I am so sorry”

Tears filled Reginald’s eyes, he couldn’t believe he was losing Adesua. Adesua wiped his eyes with her finger and smiled at him

“I know I have hurt you but I hope someday you can forgive me. I am glad you feel better now, I would be leaving Ghana tomorrow. I left a lot of things hanging when I rushed to be with you when you got shot. Take care Reginald” Adesua said and kissed him on the cheek.

Reginald watched her leave, he cried like a baby when she walked out of the room. 

A month later Leah called Adesua and told her that Reginald had relocated to Canada for a fresh start. He also reached out to Janine and they have been working on their sibling relationship. 

After a year and a half of being in a relationship, Adesua introduced Dean to her parents on FaceTime and her father recognized him immediately.

You look familiar. Where have I seen you before?” Dr. Okunola asked

“Leicester Medical School Sir”

“Yes. Yes. You are right! How are you?” 

“I am very well Sir. You?”

“I am doing well too”

After her service to the state in Nigeria, Adesua decided to move to the UK for her master’s program. It was the perfect opportunity to be close to Dean.  

Yemi, Kayode, and Dean became fast friends because they had a lot in common. They plan some vacations together where Dean flies to the states to spend time with Yemi and his family. Yemi loved how his kids have grown fond of Dean, he doesn’t allow a lot of people into his house to protect his wife and kids but he absolutely loved it whenever Dean came over. 

Adesua doesn’t travel out of UK with Dean to visit her big brother because of school work and also because of her student visa but Yemi always makes sure the family talks to her on the phone. 

Anytime Dean is away, Daphne spends time with Adesua in her free time. Her husband Gabby and Adela have warmed up to her nicely. Sometimes she babysits with Dean whenever Gabby and Daphne go out on a date. 

Adesua was studying when Daphne called to check up on her.

“Hey Daphne”

“Adesua you good?”

“Yes, I am okay. You?”

“I am alright. Would you like to come over? I don’t want you to be in the apartment alone”

“I am fine. I am actually studying”

“You can come and study here you know? Adela really misses you”

“I miss her a lot too. I would have loved to come over but I really need to concentrate on what I am studying at the moment and I am afraid Adela would be all over me when I come” 

Yeah, Yeah. You are right. Okay sure but don’t hesitate to call me if you need anything”

“Sure I will. My Love to Adela and Gabby”

 Dean called moments later to check up on her, Adesua chuckled when she saw his call coming through

“Let me guess. Daphne has reported me to you?” Adesua said

“No, she hasn’t. Why, what have you done babe?”

“Nothing. She just called to ask me to come over because she doesn’t want me to be in here alone. But I had to decline, I am studying now and I can’t go over there to study because Adela would want to play with me and I don’t like saying no to Adela” 

“Yeah true. If you are alright at home just stay. I called to check up on you and also to tell you that I just finished eating a very delicious bowl of Eba and Egusi soup, just to make you jealous” Dean said

Adesua laughed

“Why would that make me jealous? Do you know the Eba and Egusi soup I have eaten in my life?”

“Just say you are jealous babe”

“I am not jealous and I hate you” 

Dean laughed. 

“Leave me joor. Your big head” Adesua said and they both laughed

“Okay, okay tell me, babe, what did you have for dinner?”

“I am not telling you anything”

Dean chuckled

“But I hope it was healthy?” he said

“ Yes babe, it was,” Adesua said and chuckled

“Anyway, Yemi and I were talking about going to Ghana for Christmas this year since you would have been done with school by then? He hasn’t been there before and I think it is a good idea”

“Oh yeah. That sounds like a very great idea!”

“You sure?”

“Yes! Totally. I am even thinking we can go to Nigeria for New Year’s”

“Yes true. Awesome. It’s a plan then. I would tell Yemi now”

“Okay sure”

Days turned to months and Adesua presented her final school work, she planned with Dean and they booked their flights to Ghana for Christmas. 

Leah and Nana Yaw waited anxiously at the arrival hall for them. Yemi and his family arrived later that night with the last flight. They rented an Airbnb that could accommodate all of them. Leah was very happy to see Adesua and Dean, she was very glad they were a couple. 

On Christmas Eve the twins’ parents hosted all of them in their home, they have heard a lot about all of them and they wanted to see them.

Olive for a year has been singing with a band and they were having a Christmas eve concert. Olive told the others about the concert long before Dean and Adesua got to Ghana so missing it wasn’t an option. 

Olive left her house early to prepare for the concert, so Daisy distributed the tickets to everyone before they left the house. Adesua was very excited.

 When they presented their ticket at the gate, they were given a glow-in-the-dark wristband.  Adesua was stunned by the many people that had come for the concert when she entered the hall. Dean held Adesua’s hand tightly

“Stay with me,” he said

Adesua smiled and nodded. She looked behind her to make sure the others were following them. They maneuvered through the crowd to find a spot closer to the stage to have a better view of Olive. 

“Are you okay?” Dean asked

“Yep, I am. Are you?” she asked 

Dean nodded. 

The band started to play and the crowd cheered excitedly. Olive came out and it drove the crowd wild. Adesua had no idea Olive had turned into a superstar overnight. 

Is all that for Olive?” Adesua asked Dean excitedly

“I guess”

“Whoa! When did Olive become a star?” Adesua said and chuckled

Olive giggled as she adjusted her microphone.

“Good evening Beautiful people of Ghana! How are you all doing?” Olive said excitedly

The crowd cheered her on. She started singing some old highlife music that the crowd loved, Adesua didn’t know most of the songs but she danced because the band played the tunes so well.
Olive then switched to some current songs, the band added their own touch to give it a different feel. The crowd danced and cheered. 

Adesua had no idea Olive could move the crowd in the way that she was. She blended it with some Nigerian music so that Adesua, Yemi, and his family would have some fun too. For her last performance, Olive sang one of Adesua’s favorite songs, Kizz Daniel’s song Lie. 

“There is a very special someone here in the crowd and she would never forgive me if I don’t sing one of her favorite songs,” Olive said

Adesua had no idea Olive was talking about her but she laughed to herself when the band started playing the beat to the song. 

Daisy walked to her and grabbed her for a dance, Leah joined in and all three girls showed off their very good dance moves.  

The lights in the hall and on stage went off and the wristbands started to glow. A spotlight was placed on the three girls as they danced, their dance moves synchronized as if they had rehearsed it. Adesua was so happy. 

The crowd cheered them on as they danced, the cheers got a lot louder when Adesua’s name was projected on the screen. 

Will you marry me Adesua Okunola?” It read

Dean then walked out from the crowd and knelt down behind her. Adesua had no idea what was happening until Leah and Daisy stopped dancing and asked her to look behind her. She was so started she almost fell.

“Oh my God!” she said and covered her mouth

She looked around and that’s when she realized what was happening. She read what was written on the screen and looked down at Dean.

“I love you so much Adesua. More than my words would ever be able to describe. I want to spend the rest of my life with you baby. Please marry me” Dean said

“Say Yes! Say Yes! Say Yes!” The crowd said

Adesua’s eyes filled with tears and she nodded

Yes, baby. Yes” she said

The crowd cheered louder when Dean placed the ring on her finger and kissed her. The lights came back on. Some people from the crowd came around to hug and congratulate her. She recognized Reginald’s perfume when he hugged her. She took a better look to be sure

“Reginald ?!” she asked. 

“Congratulations Adesua,” he said and smiled

How did you get here?”

“Dean told us about it and we didn’t want to miss it,” he said

Janine then came out and hugged her too

“Congratulations Adesua,” she said

Thank you, Janine”

“So you guys were here the whole time?” Adesua asked

They laughed and nodded. 

The concert ended and Adesua couldn’t believe what had happened as she walked out of the hall, Dean looked at Adesua.

Do you like the ring?” he asked

“I love it, baby. It is so beautiful”

When they got outside, Olive met them and hugged her.

“Congratulations Adesua! I am so glad we were able to pull it off. I was so nervous” Olive said

“Me too. I was crazy nervous” Dean said

“How long have you guys been planning it?” Adesua asked

“About a month ago. Thank God it worked” Dean said

Yes! We did it! “ Olive said and gave Dean a high five. 

On New Year’s eve, they went to Nigeria as planned and Dr. Yemi Okunola saw Dean in person. He hugged him and welcomed him to his family. 

A couple of weeks later, Nathan and Kwaku proposed to the twins on the same day in their home when they were having a game night. They wouldn’t wait to inform Adesua on the phone. She was so excited for them.

A year later they all went to Nigeria for Adesua and Dean’s wedding. 

Reginald worked on himself and on his heart, he completely forgave his father, made peace with his mother’s death, and forgave himself for mistakenly having an affair with his half-sister.

He found love again in a sweet mixed-raced Canadian called Samantha and kept in touch with Janine. Janine also forgave herself and stayed away from relationships for a while.

Leah got pregnant and they had a gender reveal via zoom so that everyone would know the sex of the baby at the same time. 

“Are you guys ready to find out the sex of our baby?” Leah asked

Yes. Yes. Tell us already!” Janine said excitedly

“All this suspense is really unnecessary Leah” Olive said and they laughed

“Okay! Okay! Calm down, calm down guys ” Leah said

She grabbed the knife and cut through the cake, she pulled out the slice and it was a blue velvet cake.

“Yes! It’s a boy!” Nana Yaw said excitedly 

“Yes! Good job Nana Yaw. Good job. Our freshest Manchester United fan!” Reginald said and clapped in excitement

“There is no way he going to be a Manchester United fan mate! He is definitely  going to be a Chelsea fan” Dean argued

“Goodness boys! The poor baby isn’t even here yet” Adesua said

“Don’t pay them any mind Adesua, as if I am going to allow my baby boy watch football in this house” Leah teased and Nana Yaw looked at her surprisingly. 

The look on Nana Yaw’s face made all of them laugh, they congratulated Leah and Nana Yaw again and planned another reunion trip to Ghana so that they can all be together when the baby arrives. 


The End

Thank you, God, for this incredible talent that I do not take for granted.?? Until my next story, it’s goodbye from your favorite writer.? xx