I posted a photo about relationships on my status one evening, it was one of those random relationship quote photos we see on the internet. One of my friends commented on it.  The quote read “A psychology professor once said that “if you are in love with someone you won’t be interested in somebody else” and my friend commented “So God who loves 8 billion people, does this professor know more than God?”

I understood his comment but I still asked him to explain because I wanted to understand where he was coming from but he simply replied “God loves 8 billion people”. 

Then I replied “You can love more than one person. But to be in love with more than one person, Naah (No I don’t think so).  We are not God. We are only human. And besides God is not In love with us. He loves us. But we have to be In love with Him to forsake all other gods

Honestly, I didn’t understand the depth of what I had told my friend until tonight, that day I was just replying to my friend’s comment. Tonight, I was listening to music like every other night. I was listening to So will I by Cross Worship ft Osby Berry in particular. It is a very powerful song and I have had it in my playlist for a while but I hadn’t listened to the lyrics really well, it was a song I know I liked but tonight I decided to concentrate more on the lyrics, my lights were off and my room was quiet, I could only here the music playing from my Bluetooth speaker. I was listening to the song and the lyrics but I had my phone in my hand, I was scrolling through my phone, so my attention was divided even though I wanted to focus on the gospel music.

In that very moment, I realized what I really told my friend that day, when he said God loves 8 billion people and I replied we have to be in love with Him to forsake every other god. We have a lot of other gods, our phone is one of the gods. The attention we give it and the distractions it gives us.

The funny thing is when we are talking to our significant other in person we throw our phones (distraction) somewhere. We are focused on them and only them. Interesting isn’t it? Because we don’t see God physically, some or most of us do not know how to fall in love with God. I have a female friend who has told me more than twice how much she hates distant relationships. She wants or should I say needs attention and can’t go a day without seeing her significant other. Fine! Won’t argue with her on that. But do you know we are all in a distant relationship with GOD?! We don’t see HIM even though we call on HIM every morning,afternoon and night. We trust in our hearts that HE will answer when we call.

Back to the falling in love bit. I don’t know if you have all fallen in love with another human being, I know I have and he is very very amazing. I know how it feels to have him all in my brain, in my soul. Everything about me is him. I always think about what he would think of me if he finds out I have done something to disrespect him. Maybe I used a foul language on someone, cheated on an exam, gossiped about somebody etc. I don’t want to ever disappoint him, if it’s something I have control over I make sure I never disrespect him because since we are a couple, I am a representation of him everywhere I go. I mustn’t live loosely.

Hmmph! All this for a fellow human being I have fallen in love with. How much more GOD, THE ALPHA AND OMEGA. How much more HIM???! I always say I love you GOD but I realized being in love with HIM is a very different level! A completely different ball game. HE knew me when I was in my mother’s womb, HE created my significant other. This awesome GOD, and I had waited so long to actually fall for HIM. I used to wonder when people say, “ I had a conversation with GOD” I thought they were just showing off. I know GOD speaks to us but for a conversation it’s too much, with that still quiet voice of HIS, how could one possibly have a conversation with HIM? Until it happened to me. It was a form of heart to heart conversation. I always thought it would be all bright and thunder would be roaring, but it was quiet, nothing extra ordinary just me and the BIG MAN having a plain old conversation. And I was at peace, like at peace. You know like the kind of peace you get when you know everything is going to be fine so you can finally relax? Yeah that kind of peace. And I wanted more of HIM. I was in HIS PRESENCE for 4 hours, I had to go to work the following morning but I didn’t care. I wanted GOD.

Even then when I was enjoying my time with God, I didn’t know that feeling was how it felt to fall in love with GOD. I didn’t know until tonight when I was distracted by my phone instead of listening to the powerful message in the gospel song,I felt so much guilt. I began thinking about the text chat I had with my friend then it hit me. That was it, I am falling in love with GOD. All the twenty something years of my life saying “I am a Christian” I am a Christian” I didn’t even know what I was talking about. It took a text message to get that understanding. You need to get to a certain level of understanding to know the GOD we serve. When you truly love someone or something you fight to be with them. That is why GOD is LOVE. You can’t say you love GOD if you don’t have love in your heart. You certainly can’t serve two masters you can’t love two people; you can’t fall in love with two people. No way. It’s either you are with GOD or you are not with HIM. There is no middle ground. Fall in love with GOD for yourselves. Stay connected, very connected. Do not allow any distractions. Don’t let anything or anyone come between you and your GOD.