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Episode 10- Love or something like it.

Esaba listened as Ewurafua and Jeffrey rehearsed a song one Saturday afternoon. Jeffrey is the last son of the head pastor and also the choir leader of the teen choir at church. He is a year older than Ewurafua and has always had a cute little crush on her.

Esaba knew it and decided he and Ewurafua sing together. Her kids at church have gotten obsessed with the High School Musical series especially Valerie.

It was Valerie’s 13th birthday and Esaba suggested to Ewurafua that it would make Valerie happy, if she could sing one of the songs from the series at her birthday party.

Ewurafua didn’t think it was a good idea because she isn’t very close to Valerie but after giving it some thought she agreed to make Valerie’s day. Ewurafua didn’t know which song to pick because the series had a lot of songs to choose from so she asked Esaba.

Esaba knowing Valerie very well chose a song for Ewurafua that Valerie would love, but since Esaba also wanted Jeffrey to get a little closer to Ewurafua she chose a duet; Can I have this dance by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.

Esaba could tell that Jeffrey was very nervous but excited when she told him that he had to do a song with Ewurafua.

No one can sing nearly as better as you Jeffrey. We are doing it for a very special person, please” she said

Are you sure Ewurafua is fine with me singing with her? he asked nervously

Esaba smiled and assured him that it was okay, Esaba has been helping them rehearse the song for two weeks and she could already tell they have great singing chemistry,she hasn’t regretted her match-making decision at all.  Jeffrey has a great voice too and it complimented Ewurafua’s voice perfectly.

Oh don’t cry,” Ewurafua said and hugged Esaba

Esaba giggled as she hugged Ewurafua with tears in her eyes.

You sing beautifully, you are so incredible, you are so special” Esaba whispered in Ewurafua’s arms.

“Thank you Auntie Esaba. You are amazing too” 

Ewurafua let her go and finished the song with Jeffrey. 

After the song, Esaba suggested that they dance with each other while singing.

I can’t sing and dance” Ewuarfua cried.

“What about you Jeffrey, can you sing and dance?” Esaba asked

“I have done a little choreography with the choir a couple of times but I don’t really know because the song we are rehearsing is a slow song. I am wondering how we can dance to the tune” Jeffrey said shyly

You two have great chemistry when singing, I am sure you can figure out dancing together as well. Remember we have to make Valerie happy” 

“Auntie Esaba…” Ewurafua said and groaned.

“You need to get out of your shell Ewurafua. You both can figure out a dance routine that works for you. The song is about dancing anyway, so you have to dance” 

Jeffrey chuckled and drank some water.

“I can dance only if Ewurafua is up for it?” he asked and looked at Ewurafua.

Ewurafua frowned and folded her arms.

“Come on Ewurafua. You would have fun, trust me” Esaba said.

She sighed and shrugged

“I am only doing this because of you Auntie Esaba”

“Great,perfect! Thank you, sweetheart. So you two figure out a dance routine that works for you”

The following week at work, while they had lunch , Yooku and Mandy laughed when Esaba told them what she is up to.

“Why are you disturbing my little sister Esaba? Does she know this boy has a crush on her?”

“I don’t know but they are really cute together, maybe it would be the start of something beautiful”

And Euwrafua agreed to dance? ” Yooku asked

Esaba laughed and nodded

“She didn’t want to dance at first but later she agreed because of me.  I think it would be nice seeing her dance and sing. You guys are coming for Valerie’s birthday right?”

“I have a class on that day but I would see,” Yooku said

What about you Mandy?” Esaba asked

“For sure! I want to see Ewurafua and her cute boyfriend sing and dance”

“Esaba, I would tell pastor that you are setting his son up for heartbreak because I would to see to it that Ewurafua doesn’t fall for Jeffrey’s charm” Yooku teased.

They all laughed

“Yooku, please stay out of this” Esaba said playfully.

Yooku after his trip to Accra and talking at length with his bestfreind Hugh decided to stay with Ann-Shirley not because he didn’t love Esaba, he completely loved Esaba but Ann-Shirley felt safe and familiar. She was the devil he knew and could handle. Esaba to him, was all new and shiny and the angel he didn’t really know and he didn’t want to risk breaking Ann-Shirley’s heart because of something new. He absolutely loves Ann-Shirley too.

He told Ann-Shirley about kissing Esaba, she was furious and didn’t speak to Yooku for a week but later forgave him and Yooku assured her that it wasn’t going to happen again.  He tried his hardest to see Esaba as a friend and it wasn’t easy because everything she did was cute and adorable.

The day before Valerie’s birthday Mandy and Esaba went to get Ewurafua from the house to go get her a nice dress. Yooku couldn’t believe the time and energy Esaba put in just to get Ewurafua to like Jeffrey. He silently teased them when they came over to get his little sister and Esaba always laughed whenever he teased her.  Yooku loved teasing Esaba, he loved seeing her smile or laugh.

When Doctor and Mrs. Solomon found out Ewurafua and Jeffrey were performing at Valerie’s birthday party, they were very curious to see it, Esaba told them about it. They decided to make time the next day to go to the party.

The next day, Yooku missed his last class in order to go to the party, Esaba kept looking at the gate hoping Yooku would show up. She was elated when she saw him standing at the entrance of the hall, he smiled when he saw Esaba signaling him to sit next to her and Mandy.

“I am so glad you could make it ” she said

I couldn’t miss my little sister’s first dance or whatever

Esaba laughed

How are you?” he asked

I am good, just nervous. I want everything to be perfect” 

“Relax, everything would.” he said and poured himself a drink

How are you too?” she asked

“I am great. Very tired, though,” he said and drank his drink

After they were done eating, the MC called Valerie to the front to cut her cake. Everyone sang for her, she was very happy. When she went back to her seat the MC told her about the surprise they had for her. Valerie was very excited and started looking around. She saw the instrumentalists from her church setting up. She was a little confused but very excited.

Esaba kept stretching her neck to see if Valerie was happy, she was nervous when the instrumentalists were taking a longer time to set up. She started fidgeting with her hand but Yooku held her hand and asked her to calm down.

“Everything would be okay. Calm down, calm down” he said

The kids started screaming when Jeffrey and Ewurafua walked up on the stage all dressed up. Ewurafua had on a nice rose gold dress, she looked very beautiful, Mandy fixed her hair and made her up a little. Jeffrey had on a nice black suit and tie he looked dapper with his hair neatly trimmed. They had wireless microphone headsets on to enable them to dance.

They both smiled and waved at their friends when they screamed and called out for them. The guitarist started to play the tune, immediately the kids figured the song out, most of them jumped out of their seats in excitement.

Ewurafua started singing and Jeffrey held her hand and pulled her closer into his arms.

Valerie was so happy she went to the front of the stage with her friends to have a clearer view. Ewurafua and Jeffrey sang and danced in each other’s arms. It was so perfect, they coordinated with each move perfectly.

Ewurafua got out of her head and trusted Jeffrey with every move. Jeffrey spun her around twice and carried her up and slowly brought her down, both of them locking eyes with each other. They had so much chemistry and Esaba knew without a doubt that they could pull it off.

The kids at the front started dancing with each other mimicking what Ewurafua and Jeffrey were doing. Esaba smiled when she saw Valerie dancing and singing too, she was very happy and that was just what Esaba wanted. Yooku couldn’t believe his eyes, his little sister wasn’t so little anymore.

It was a perfect performance; the guest gave them a standing ovation when they were done. They bowed in appreciation. Valerie went up the stage and hugged them both

You two were amazing!” she said

Ewurafua giggled, she was out of breath

Happy birthday Valerie, we are glad you liked it,” she said.

“I liked it very much. It was beautiful” Valerie said

Ewurafua went to look for Esaba when she was done, she was very excited.

“I did it. I did it” she said when she saw Esaba.

“Yes, you did! And you look beautiful” Esaba said

Ewurafua giggled and sat on Yooku’s lap

“Who taught you how to dance like that?” Yooku asked

“Jeffrey did. He is such a good dancer and he is very strong too. Did you see him carrying me?” she asked

Yes, we did! He is very strong huh?” Yooku asked

Esaba laughed because he knew what Yooku was up to.

Yes, he is. He taught me how to do certain moves. I was scared but he assured me that he wouldn’t let me fall”

“I see, so do you like him? ” Yooku asked

“Yooku! Leave Ewurafua alone!” Mandy said

Yooku and Esaba laughed. Ewurafua was a little confused.

Why are you laughing so much?” she asked

Because we are happy for you sweetie. You did very well” Yooku said

Thank you!” she said excitedly.

Mummy and Daddy are over there,you can go to them” Yooku said pointing at a table in front of his table.

Okay, bye guys” she said and got off Yooku’s lap

Yooku, you are crazy,” Esaba said and laughed

Why? Didn’t you want to know whether or not she liked him? Isn’t that the reason for all this?” 

But not like this. She would tell us at the right time” Esaba said.

I need to be careful with Jeffrey. The way Ewurafua is saying he is strong is making me a little jealous . I am the only person Ewurafua should think is strong. You see your life Esaba? Madam Match-maker”

How are you feeling insecure about the strength of a fourteen year old? Stop that, they are cute together. Didn’t you have a crush when you were their age?” Esaba asked

“Me? Never! ” Yooku said jokingly.

Esaba and Mandy laughed.

Yooku’s phone rang, it was Ann-Shirley’s mother, he quickly answered.


“Hello Yooku”

The hall was noisy so Yooku excused himself and went outside.

“Hello mom”

“Yooku, how are you?

“I am fine. You?”

“I am okay. Yooku, it’s Ann-Shirley. She’s been in an accident”


“Yes. She went out clubbing with a few of her friends and the driver was driving drank” 

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” 

“Yes. She has been acting weird for weeks now, ever since you told her about what happened between you and the other woman in your office”

Yooku sighed

“Oh no! What’s going on now? Was she injured?”

“Yeah but not badly. She is fine, she is more traumatized, she didn’t want you to know but I thought you needed to know”

Thanks for telling me. I would have to come and see her” 

“Sure! My love to your parents”

Yooku ended the call and sighed. He stood outside for a while, he was very troubled. He didn’t mean to hurt Ann-Shirley by telling her the truth, he felt very guilty.

He went back to the party but was very quiet, Esaba asked if he was okay, he only nodded and didn’t say another word to her.

After the party, Esaba saw Yooku talking to his parents, he looked very troubled. She wanted to go and say hello to his parents but she changed her mind because they looked very serious.

A week later, Yooku sent an email that he would be out of the office for a month. Esaba quickly sent him a message.

“Why are you going to be out of the office for a month?”

“I have to go to London to see my girlfriend. She isn’t well”

“oh sorry to hear that. What’s wrong with her?”

“It’s nothing to worry your head over Esaba. I would see you around”

Esaba sensed a little attitude in the way Yooku texted her, she wanted to ask him about it but also didn’t want to get into that with him just yet

“Okay. Good luck on your trip

Yooku read and didn’t reply.

He left for London the next day, his uncle went to get him from the airport.

Ann-Shirley was out of the hospital when Yooku arrived, she was okay, only her arm was in a sling.

Yooku spent all his time with her. One evening after having a long heart-to-heart talk, he apologized to her again for kissing Esaba. Ann-Shirley cried a little and told him he had forgiven him then they kissed and hugged.

After a couple of weeks Ann-Shirley got better, she wasn’t in so much pain anymore and her hand wasn’t in the sling anymore.

Yooku avoided all Esaba’s messages when he was in London.

Come, let’s do a TikTok video” Ann-Shirley said

Not again babe”

“Come on. It would be fun” she said and forced him off the couch.

“Look, follow my lead okay? It’s a simple dance routine” Ann -Shirley said

Yooku nodded and danced with his girlfriend.

Yooku uploaded the video for Ann-Shirley while she  went to the kitchen to microwave some popcorn. They were about to watch a movie together so they needed something to munch on while they watched.
Yooku still had Ann-Shirley’s phone, so he watched some more Tiktok videos, he never understood the fuss about it but after watching a couple videos he was hooked.

He was watching a funny video when a message from Hugh popped up. Yooku was surprised, “Why is Hugh texting Ann-Shirley?” he thought and checked the message.

“I miss you babe. Please send the photos of your boobs like you promised. I am so horny for you, and I really miss my melons “ it read

Yooku’s heart skipped a beat, he scrolled up and read other conversations between them.

He saw a lot of naked photos of Ann-Shirley that she had sent to Hugh, his best friend.

Ann-Shirley got back to the room with the popcorn in a bowl.

“Babe, you are the one choosing the movie today. Please choose something I can watch. No horror movies babe” she said and dropped the popcorn bowl on the table.

She turned on the Television and opened Netflix, she gave Yooku the remote and sat by him.

Yooku got up and put the remote on bed.

“What’s wrong babe?” she asked and smiled

“Ann-Shirley, I am going to ask you this just once. Please be honest”

“What wrong? You are scaring me”

“Ann-Shirley. Are you having sex with Hugh?”

Ann-Shirley swallowed hard and noticed her phone in Yooku’s hand.

“You went through my phone?! How dare you?! she said

“What? Are you serious?” Yooku said

“Why did you go through my phone. You know we don’t touch eachother’s phones?”

“I asked a question and your problem is me going through your phone? How long has it been going on?” 

Ann-Shirley didn’t talk.

“Ann-Shirley how long have you been sleeping with my best friend behind my back?”

Yooku was very angry but he has mastered the skill of staying calm so well, Ann-Shirley wondered why he wasn’t shouting at the top of his lungs.

Yooku sat on the bed and looked at Ann-Shirley who was slowly breaking down.

“It was a mistake. It started when I came to Ghana three years ago”

“Three years ago? You have been cheating on me for three years? Were you with him when you were in Ghana this year?”

“I stayed a couple of weeks with him before going to Capecoast to see you”

“Wow! Ann-Shirley. Wow! My best friend? Seriously?” 

“I am sorry. I am going to end things with him”

“Are you in love with him?”

“No. It’s just for fun. I don’t love hi-“

“-fun?! Do you hear yourself? I can’t believe this. My goodness”

Yooku sighed and started packing the few things he had in Ann-Shirley’s room.

Ann-Shirley looked at him pack and snapped

Why are you making this a big deal. You have also cheated with that Esaba bitch!”

“I told you about it, I only kissed Esaba just once. And don’t ever call her bitch again” Yooku said calmly.

He continued packing, he looked around the room making sure he wasn’t forgetting  anything.

“Why are you so calm mate?! Throw something, show some freaking emotion. Let me know you are mad at me! You are so freaking boring. Hugh is passionate!” 

Yooku chuckled and picked his backpack, Ann-Shirley went to stand in front of her bedroom door preventing Yooku from leaving.

“Let’s talk about it. I love you, please don’t leave. Let’s fix it”

“Hugh wants you to send him the photos of your boobs that you promised him. I think you should get to that. Please move” 

Ann-Shirley still stood in front of the door.

Ann-Shirley move”

‘I am not moving, what do you want to do about it?” 

Yooku sighed and wore his back pack properly. He was so pissed but he wasn’t going to give Ann-Shirley the pleasure of seeing him angry. He smiled and held Ann-Shirley with both hands on her waist, Ann Shirley smiled too and jumped up to wrap her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

“Yes baby. I am so sorry. You are my man. Hugh means nothing” she whispered.

Yooku walked her to the bed and dropped her.

“We are done Ann-Shirley” he said and left her room.

Ann-Shirley rushed out after him, calling out for him.

Ann-Shirley’s parents were confused. Yooku didn’t say anything, he just walked out the front door.

Ann-Shirley’s mother asked what had happened but she went back to the room and banged her door.

She sat on her bed and cried, she read the messages Hugh had sent and angrily crushed her phone on the wall.

Yooku got to his Uncle’s house and went upstairs to his room, he cried like a baby. He was so angry he was shaking, he wanted to kill Hugh.

He called Hugh twice, he answered the third time.

“Hello big head” Hugh said

“I know you have been having sex with Ann-Shirley”

“Shit! No! Yooku. I can explain”

“oh you can? I would like to hear it” 

Hugh went quiet.

“Hello?” Yooku said

“I am sorry man”

“Right! I wasn’t expecting you to have an explanation anyway. She’s all yours man. Fuck you! ”

Yooku said and ended the call, he angrily blocked his number.

He stayed in London for another week, Ann-Shirley visited everyday that week but Yooku asked his uncle not to allow her close to him, seeing her disgusted him. He went back to Ghana when the week ended, he looked a mess, his hair was a mess and his beard was grown. Kukua couldn’t recognise him at the Airport.

“What happened to you?” Kukua asked

Yooku smiled

Just take me home. I am tired” 

Yooku didn’t say a word the whole trip home and it freaked Kukua out, she has never seen Yooku like that.


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