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Episode 11- Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes

Ann-Shirley’s mother called Mrs. Solomon to plead on her daughter’s behalf, the morning before Yooku arrived home.

“ You know how these kids are these days. It seems bad but I am sure they can fix it. They love each other very much. Yooku was with Ann-Shirley the whole time he was in London”

“ Gertrude, I appreciate your call, I really do but this problem is beyond us. I honestly think it’s high time we stop interfering in their affairs. Right now, I just want Yooku to arrive so I ask him, his side of the story. And since we are sharing, I honestly suggest you keep an eye on Ann-Shirley. She might be dealing with something bigger for her to sleep with Hugh. It’s not normal, or don’t you think so?” 

My daughter is normal. It’s your son that’s driving her crazy. Do you know he is seeing another woman in his office? He told Ann-Shirley that he kissed this said woman and that’s what’s making Ann-Shirley behave this way” 

“What? What are you talking about?” 

“ You see? You don’t even know your son well enough yet you say my Ann-Shirley isn’t normal” 

“ We are not arguing Gertrude. I only said that because I wanted to help but I am sorry if I offended you. Like I said, let my son arrive so I get to the root of all this” 

“ Okay sure” Gertrude said and ended the call

Mrs. Solomon was about to say bye to her before she realized Gertrude had ended the call.

Kukua stole glances at Yooku as she drove, he was texting with Ann-Shirley. 

Anytime she called he declined her call but replied to her text messages.

“What’s going on Yooku?” Kukua asked.

Yooku sighed and continued texting.

Kukua stopped asking any more questions.

They got home a couple of hours later, his parents were waiting for him.

Mrs. Solomon’s heart broke when she saw her son.

Oh Yooku ” she said and hugged him

Yooku wanted to cry in his mother’s arms but he didn’t, crying wasn’t going to change anything.

I am fine mum,” he said

What’s going on? ” Kukua asked

Yooku sighed and turned to look at her.

Ann-Shirley is sleeping with Hugh. She has been at it for three years and yes I am fine. I don’t want to talk about it, please. I would be upstairs in my room sleeping ” Yooku said and went upstairs.

Kukua couldn’t believe her ears.

What did Yooku just say? I don’t understand 

Mrs. Solomon sighed and sat on the couch

“I know it’s hard to believe Kukua”

“What?! This is crazy mum. No, I need to hear the full story” Kukua said and run up the stairs to Yooku’s room

Mrs. Solomon called her but Kukua ignored her mother.

I know you are not sleeping Yooku, open up,” she said while knocking

Yooku angrily opened his door

“Kukua, I clearly said I don’t want to talk about it 

Well, you would need to because I don’t understand it,” Kukua said and entered his room

Yooku sighed and sat quietly on his bed for a while before he decided to talk.

You know what gets me very angry? The fact that I went to Hugh for advice”

Why did you go to Hugh for advice?”

I was confused. You see, I have a thing for Esaba. I really like her but I didn’t want to hurt Ann-Shirley so I went to him for advice on what to do. This guy asked me to pray, and well I did and decided to stick to Ann-Shirley because I love her and we have been through so much together”

“ Hugh asked you to pray?” 

Yooku nodded 

And he has been sleeping with Ann- Shirley? How though? Ann-Shirley is in London, how have they been doing it? And for three years?” Kukua asked 

“ Whenever Ann-Shirley comes to Ghana she spends time with Hugh in Accra before she comes here”

“ What?! I don’t believe this. Ann-Shirley?! Is she crazy?! Let me tell her a piece of my mind” Kukua said and angrily picked her phone

Yooku chuckled and took the phone from his sister’s hand. 

don’t waste your time Kukua. She isn’t worth it”

Kukua sighed and sat on the bed, she smiled and looked at Yooku.

Did you say you like Esaba?”

Yooku smiled and got a little shy.

“ Yeah I did. I mean, she is very beautiful. And she is so amazing with everything she does. Look at Ewurafua, did you ever think she would be talking anytime soon or be back to her happy self again? I don’t know what Esaba did but she gave us back our baby sister” 

Kukua sighed

“ Esaba really is something but does she feel the same way you feel about her?”

“ I am not sure but I kissed her and she kissed me back. It felt like, she had wanted to kiss me for a long time”

Kukua’s eyes widened

You kissed Esaba? When? Were you not with Ann-Shirley then?”

“ Well if I knew Ann-Shirley has been cheating on me for years I wouldn’t have felt guilty when I kissed Esaba. I even told her and she cried making me feel worse about myself while she was sleeping with Hugh”

“My God Hugh. How could he do this, he has been such a good friend to you. I never expected him to be this cruel. This world never ceases to amaze me”

Yooku sighed

“Right now I just want to focus on what’s important and that’s finishing my law program”

“What about Esaba?”

“I don’t think I am in the right frame of mind to even think about pursuing her. She is amazing and she has been through so much. I have just left a relationship I gave six years of my life to. I would love to get back on the wagon because we both know I had plans of getting married after law school but everything has changed”

“I agree with you, you really have to deal with all the pain before you enter into another relationship. If the next girl is Esaba, it would be very great because you know we all love her. But, no pressure brother, relax and put yourself together. You know I love you right?”

Yooku chuckled.

“Yes I do and I love you too. Thanks. I think talking about it helped”

“you are welcome,” she said and hugged him

Now you can sleep. You better go get a haircut when you wake up” she teased.

Yooku laughed and nodded.

Ann-Shirley called Hugh, she was crying.

“I am going crazy Hugh. I didn’t want him to find out like this, I should have said something when I had a chance. He hates me now”

“Please calm down baby. He had to know someday and we couldn’t keep hiding it. I am very sad but relieved as well, now we can freely be together”

Ann-Shirley got quiet, Hugh called out her name twice

You know Hugh, you are very selfish. Yooku has been your friend for more than ten years and he finds out you have been sleeping with me and you are saying you are relieved? You don’t care how he feels. I can’t believe I did this to him and with someone as heartless as you. I don’t love you, Hugh, I was attracted to you physically but I don’t dream to start a life with you. If you are thinking the truth is out so we can be together you are wrong. I love Yooku, I am always going to love Yooku. We have been through a lot together and I know I can work this out with him. I am going to delete your number after this call, deal with your mess Hugh. Bye”

Hugh tried calling Ann-Shirley again but she didn’t answer and turned her phone off. She turned off her lights and sat alone in the dark sipping on wine. She was looking at some photos of Yooku on her laptop and started crying again, it took losing him to realize how much she really loves him. Her mother came to check up on her but she told her that she wanted to be alone. She didn’t know what to do but she knew she wanted to fight for Yooku. She checked her account balance to see if she could book a flight to Ghana but she was broke.

Esaba was a little mad at Yooku, he just shut her out for a month when he went to London. Yooku saw her at work and smiled but Esaba ignored him and went to her office. Yooku was confused so he followed her to her office.

Esaba was about to close the door in his face but he blocked it with his feet.

“Ouch Esaba! What have I done this time?”

“What do you want? When did you even get back?”

“I came back last week and I want to see you. I have missed you, why are you so mad at me?”

“Because Yooku, you were mean to me. When you get into a mood you just switch on me. You were away for a month and never replied to any of my messages. That was rude Yooku, so you don’t get to act as if you don’t know what you did”

Yooku smiled

Okay okay. I apologize. I know I can be a little much sometimes”

“A little much? You are a lot Yooku”

“Okay Esaba, I am a lot. I am sorry but a lot happened and I just needed to deal with everything. I didn’t mean to hurt you, not at all. Forgive me?”

Esaba smiled and opened her laptop pretending to work, Yooku smiled too.

“Pretty please” Yooku cried

Okay fine I forgive you”

Thanks” Yooku said and sat across from her

I remember the story about this laptop. You gave me a hard time”

Esaba chuckled

You were really mean to me and I didn’t want anything from you”

So how come you are using it now?”

Esaba didn’t answer, she focused on typing an email. Yooku smiled and leaned back into his seat.

You look beautiful. I like your blouse”

Esaba looked up at him and smiled

“Thanks Yooku. You look tired, why what happened in London? Was Ann-Shirley’s illness that bad?”

“Ann-Shirley was in an accident”

Esaba stopped typing and looked at him

“Oh no. Is she fine now? I am sorry to hear that”

“She is fine. It wasn’t serious”

“Oh, thank God”

Yooku sighed he didn’t want to open up to Esaba about Ann-Shirley but before he could hold his tongue the words came out

Ann-Shirley had sex with my best friend”

“What?” Esaba said and stopped typing

Yep, I found out when I was with her. She has been at it for years”

“Years? That’s bad. I am so sorry Yooku”

Esaba got out of her seat and leaned against her desk next to Yooku

“I am here if you need a friend. I know you are going through a lot” she said and held his hand

Yooku looked at her and smiled

“Thanks Esaba I appreciate it”

“Let’s have lunch, my treat” Esaba offered

Just us or Mandy is joining us?”

“Why? Don’t you want Mandy to join us?” 

“Oh I don’t mind, I am only asking”

Esaba laughed

“Don’t mind me. Mandy isn’t around today”

“Oh really? What’s wrong with her?”

“She wasn’t feeling very good yesterday, her tummy was hurting. I was with her all night, I plan on visiting her after work”

“Okay I would join you then”

Okay,” Esaba said and smiled

At lunch, Yooku took Esaba to his favorite restaurant. It was quite a trip but it was worth it.

“Very nice place,” Esaba said looking around

“Yes very nice place, because of the distance I hardly come here but since you said you wanted to treat me, I wanted the best”

Esaba laughed.

“Let’s order” Yooku said and signalled a waiter.

Mandy has been seeing an older man she was embarrassed about. She had gotten pregnant for him and wanted to get rid of it. She wanted to tell Esaba about it when she visited but she feared Esaba would be disappointed in her. She paid someone from the hospital to get her an abortion pill that morning, she took it and started bleeding profusely. She called Esaba, she was in so much pain.

Esaba and Yooku rushed to her aid, she was unconscious in her bathroom when they got to her. Yooku quickly removed his suit and covered her up then carried her to his car.

He quickly called the gynecologist on duty to be on stand-by, he kept checking on Mandy from the rare view mirror. She was on Esaba’s lap, Esaba was crying. Yooku rushed her to the ward when they got to the hospital. The gynecologist rushed to her and treated her.

Yooku and Esaba waited outside, Esaba couldn’t stop crying. Yooku took her into his arms and consoled her.

She is going to be fine. Please stop crying” he said

Doctor Solomon rushed to the ward when he got word about Mandy. He saw Esaba and Yooku sitting outside and went straight to Mandy’s bed. The doctor stopped when he saw Doctor Solomon and allowed him to take over. He instructed them to prepare an operating room, he had to take the rest of the fetus out.

By evening when everything was done and Mandy had gained consciousness, Esaba and Yooku sat by her. Yooku tried to make her smile. They knew they had to ask her so many questions but they wanted to respect their friend. They knew she would open up, when she was ready. They were grateful she was fine and out of the woods.

When visiting hours was over Yooku dropped Esaba home, they talked a little bit in his car.

You were amazing today, you saved Mandy’s life,” Esaba said

You did amazing too even though you kept crying, you cry baby” 

Esaba laughed

“I am really glad she is fine. Mandy is always there for everybody. I am so glad we were there for her” 

Yooku sighed

“I want to ask you something but you can choose not to answer okay?” Yooku said

Okay” Esaba said and nodded

Did you ever get pregnant for Senyo?”

Thankfully no”

“Was he your first boyfriend?”

“Yes he was”

“First ever? So you were like a virgin?”

Esaba chuckled

Yep. My first time with him was beautiful, that’s one of the reasons I fell in love with him because he took his time but I didn’t know he was a monster”

Sometimes I wish you never left when we were little. I would have protected you from people like Senyo. I am really sorry you had to go through all that. I asked about the pregnancy because seeing Mandy today how she fought for life, made me wonder if you went through that too and if you had a friend to help you through it”

“My life with Senyo was so hard but God saw me through it all because He knew I had nobody”

Yooku held her hand

Can I?” he asked to be sure it was okay.

Esaba smiled and nodded

“You wouldn’t have to go through anything alone Esaba, I would make sure nobody hurts you the way that Senyo did. I would always protect you” he said

Esaba had tears in her eyes, nobody has spoken to her like that before and for the first time she actually felt really safe with someone. The tears rolled down her cheek and Yooku wiped it away with his finger and kissed her hand. Esaba smiled at him, he smiled back too.

She locked eyes with him and leaned forward towards him, Yooku was confused because he knew Esaba said she wanted to be just friends. Esaba searched through his eyes as she moved closer towards his lips, Yooku moved closer too he wanted to kiss her. Esaba’s lips gently touched his, it was so light as a feather. She wanted to change her mind but Yooku held her and caressed her face. He moved the strands of hair from her face, Esaba smiled and blushed.

“I like you Esaba. I really do”

“I like you too”

“Can I kiss you? Please?”

Esaba chuckled and nodded

Yooku licked his lips and smiled. He leaned in and kissed Esaba slowly and passionately. They had kissed for close to ten minutes when a call from Ann-Shirley came through. Esaba broke off the kiss when she saw her name on the car screen

“I have to go. It’s getting late” Esaba said and rushed out of the car.

Yooku picked up the call and watched as Esaba walked to her house.

Yes Ann-Shirley,” he said

“I can’t stop thinking about you baby. I am going crazy, I am sorry”

Yooku sighed and started his car.

I am driving now. I would call you when I get home” he said and ended the call

When Yooku got home, he called Esaba instead.

Hey,” she said

Hi. Are you okay?”

“Yes, I am fine. How did it go with Ann-Shirley?”

She wants us to fix it

Esaba sighed

“I think you should fix it Yooku”

“It can’t be fixed, I would never see her the same again and besides there is a certain someone I want to get to know”

Esaba smiled over the phone.

The next day, Yooku ordered a bouquet of white roses for her. She was admiring them when he walked into her office to check up on her. She got shy when she saw him.

Yooku walked to her and kissed her

Good morning beautiful,” he said

“Goodmorning. How was your sleep?” 

“Short but sweet”

I see.” she said and smiled.

She picked one rose from the bouquet and smelt it. Yooku smiled and looked at her, she looked extra beautiful that morning like she purposely dressed up for him.

“How was yours?” he asked

“It was perfect”

Perfect you say? Did you have a nice dream about me maybe?

Esaba laughed.

“Nope” she said

Kukua called Yooku, she sounded angry so he couldn’t hear her.

What happened? Calm down and talk”

“I am saying, Ann-Shirley is here with her parents. I was leaving home to come to the office when I saw a car pulling up, only to see Ann-Shirley and her parents. They are in the study room with mum and dad and tempers are rising”

“Oh my God!” Yooku said and ended the call

“What happened?” she asked

Ann-Shirley is here”


“Yes. I have to go and see her”

Esaba was jealous but she understood.


I promise to come back to see you when I return,” Yooku said and rushed out.

Esaba groaned and sat on her chair but smiled when she thought about what was starting to happen between she and Yooku.


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