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Episode 12 – Love isn’t Enough

Yooku got to the house and heard his father speaking at the top of his lungs, he got very worried and rushed to the study.

Okay he is here now” Mr.Boateng said

“What’s going on dad?

Did you kiss Esaba?! What’s going on with you and Esaba? According to Ann-Shirley’s parents, Ann-Shirley is going through something because of that. Tell me, did you kiss her?!”

Yooku was surprised Ann-Shirley would bring Esaba into their issue, he glared at her.

Yes dad I kissed her”

“Yooku Solomon!” Fiifi said

“No Dad wait, what’s happening now has nothing to do with Esaba”

Yooku turned and looked at Ann-Shirley

“I can’t believe you would make this about Esaba, when you know you have been cheating on me long before I ever kissed Esaba”

But Yooku, you also cheated on Ann-Shirley so how is she suddenly the only one to blame?” Gertrude said

“What’s happening? Because I am confused. Do your parents know you have been sleeping with my best friend for three years? Why are they trying to turn the table? And why are you just sitting there, not saying anything?!” Yooku said angrily to Ann-Shirley

“You wouldn’t raise your voice at my daughter young man, especially not in my presence!” Mr. Boateng said angrily at Yooku

Yooku apologized to Mr. Boateng and sat on the couch, he was very angry and disappointed. He didn’t appreciate how Ann-Shirley was handling the situation. He picked out his phone and saw a message from Esaba.

Are you okay?”

He read it and smiled.

“I am okay. How are you?” he replied

“I am fine thanks. How is it going with Ann-Shirley?”

“Not good. I would tell you all about it, this evening”

Esaba smiled, she was excited she was going to see him that evening.

“Okay sure. See you soon”

She smiled and continued her work. She made sure to finish all the important work she had that morning to buy her time to visit Mandy.

She sent an email to her boss for a review. Her boss had gone on leave and that gave Esaba a lot of work to do but she was managing it well. She decided to wait for her boss’s response to her email before leaving to see Mandy, it was positive feedback and she smiled. She quickly closed her laptop and went to see Mandy.

Mandy was moved into a private ward that morning, Esaba smiled and walked to her bed.

“Hey beautiful” Esaba said and sat by her

Hey” Mandy said and looked at Esaba suspiciously.

“Someone looks nice. What’s the occasion?” Mandy asked

Esaba laughed

I think something is happening between Yooku and I”

“Really?” Mandy asked excitedly.

She tried to sit up but she was still sore, Esaba helped her sit up.

Mandy smiled and asked Esaba why she thought so.

Esaba blushed and told her about the kiss in the car and the white roses he ordered for her.

“White roses. I see. I just hope you know how to fight because Ann-Shirley would come after you when she finds out”

About Ann-Shirley, she and Yooku are over. She was cheating on Yooku with his best friend”

Mandy was so surprised and started to laugh

“What?! I don’t understand why people cheat. If you don’t love your partner anymore. Just leave rather than sneaking around”

Esaba sighed

“Ann-Shirley is in his house now, so Yooku has gone to see her. I hope they can fix it”

Fix what? Liar! I know you are secretly hoping they stay broken up”

Esaba laughed and blushed.

“Anyway, are we going to talk about the elephant in the room?” Esaba asked

Mandy sighed.

“I know I have kept a secret from you and I appreciate you being mature about it and not ripping my head off”

“Oh come on Mandy. I totally respect your privacy but after finding out about your abortion it made me realize how little I know about you and I don’t want to anymore. I want to know everything about you Mandy”

Mandy smiled

“That’s sweet. Alright so..his name is Ekow. He is older, in his mid-fifties but I love him Esaba. My family hates him just because they think he is taking advantage of me but he really isn’t. We have broken up a couple of times and I have tried dating men my age but those relationships never last and we always find our way back to each other. He is the first older man I have been with and he has made me the happiest”

Did he know you were pregnant?”

“No. I couldn’t bring myself to telling him”

“Why? From the way, you are talking about him, I am sure he would have loved to have a baby with you”

“Yes, that’s why I didn’t tell him. He would have wanted us to get married but I already know my father would object to it and I didn’t want to be pregnant and unmarried”

It was his child too Mandy. You should have let him decide”

Mandy started crying

“I know I should have, I was stupid. I don’t know what to do Esaba. I really want to be with Ekow. If only my family would understand” she said sobbingly.

Esaba consoled her.

“It’s fine don’t cry. Right now I just want you to recover then we talk about it well”

A nurse knocked on the door and opened it, she had a box of cupcakes in her hand.

These are from Yooku, they are for you Mandy. He says he is caught up in a meeting and would come to see you later”

Wow” Mandy said and took them.

She offered the nurse one but she declined and left the room

This Yooku guy is really sweet. I really hope things work out between you and him. I have a feeling he is yours Esaba”

“I don’t want to start building my castles just yet but these butterflies in my tummy won’t let me be”

“Butterflies in your tummy already?”

Esaba blushed and nodded.

They ate the cupcakes and talked more.

Yooku checked his time it was almost noon, he couldn’t believe he had spent his morning in his father’s study solving relationship problems with a woman who is only lying. The way she just sat back and made her parents fight for her really annoyed Yooku.

“You know what? We have been here for hours. I believe Ann-Shirley and I are old enough to handle problems in our relationship. At the end of the day, it would be our decision to stay or leave. I suggest I speak to Ann-Shirley in private”

Yooku said and held Ann-Shirley by the hand, he excused himself and walked out with Ann-Shirley. They went to his room for some privacy

“What was that in there Ann-Shirley? I have always known you are spoilt but I didn’t know it was this bad. You mess up and you expect your parents to fix it? You were the one that cheated first but you make it seem as if I drove you to cheat after I told you about Esaba. That’s a lie. I don’t know what you are playing at but stop blaming other people for what you did”

Ann-Shirley had tears in her eyes, she wanted to fix the relationship but she didn’t know how and it was getting frustrating.

“I am so in love with you Yooku. I don’t see myself with anyone else”

Yooku laughed

You are very funny Ann-Shirley. You have already been with somebody else. You have already seen yourself with somebody else and you liked it so much you kept seeing him for three years. Stoping lying to me and stop lying to yourself. Something made you cheat and that same thing made you continue. I would have never found out if I hadn’t seen all those messages on your phone. You took photos of your naked self on purpose and sent them to my best friend on purpose. It isn’t a mistake anymore. You had intent, so stop saying you love me. You don’t do this to the people you love”

“I can’t lose you Yooku. I would just die”

“You should have thought of that before you cheated on me with my best friend. I can’t believe you expect me to forgive you for this. Do you know how insulting it is? I am just thinking about the times I have taken you to Hugh’s house for a visit without knowing you have already spent days with him in his bed and I foolishly take you there. I can only imagine how much you two laughed at me behind my back”

Ann-Shirley started crying and went down on her knees, she begged and cried. She held on to his ankles but Yooku asked her to get up. He didn’t like seeing her like that. He sat her back down on his bed

“Of course I love you Ann-Shirley. I can’t stop loving you but I can’t be with you because you cheating on me means you don’t respect me or this relationship. You said Hugh is passionate about you and all sorts of things. You compared me to my best friend and I am afraid you are going to compare me forever. And I don’t want to live my life trying to measure up to whoever you are going to keep comparing me to. I think we should end our relationship. I thought I made it clear in London but seeing how you have brought your parents here to plead your case, I am sure you didn’t understand me. Ann-Shirley we are done, I would never see you the same again. And please could you keep Esaba’s name out of your mouth? We both know she has absolutely nothing to do with this” 

Oh, I now understand. You want to break up with me so you can be with her right?”

“You can think whatever you want Ann-Shirley. If you also think about it, I am setting you free to be with Hugh”

Yooku said and shrugged, he walked to the door and opened it.

Are you asking me out of your room?”

Yes. Ann-Shirley. Yes, I am. We have nothing more to say to each other. I sincerely wish you and Hugh the very best”

Yooku said and looked away, Ann-Shirley sat looking at him to change his mind but he didn’t.

She sighed and walked out, Yooku closed his door the moment she left.

He wanted to go back to the office because he had a lot of work to do but he was too sad to concentrate on anything.

Esaba called to check up on him but he didn’t pick up and that made her worry a little. She left him a couple of messages but he only read them and didn’t reply.

Ann-Shirley and her family lodged in a hotel that evening, the next morning before she left, Ann-Shirley visited Yooku again. She wanted to try one last time to see if Yooku would change his mind.

Yooku wasn’t expecting her. Ann-Shirley cried and apologized, it broke his heart to see her like that. He went closer to hug her, he wasn’t going to see her again anyway so he felt hugging her for the last time was just right. They locked eyes after the hug and Ann-Shirley kissed him, Yooku didn’t resist her.

Esaba who was going to check up on Yooku because she hadn’t heard from him stumbled upon them kissing, they both didn’t hear walk in.  She gently closed the door and went to her office

Yooku broke off the kiss and apologized.

We can’t do this Ann-Shirley. I am sorry” he said and went back to his seat

Ann-Shirley looked at him helplessly. She couldn’t believe she was losing the love of her life. A man she had no idea she was so in love with until she was losing him.

I love you Yooku. I know what I did is unforgivable but I hope someday you would forgive me. I don’t know how I am going to live my life without you. You have been my everything for so long, I can’t imagine my life without you in it”

Yooku’s head was lowered, he was looking down at his desk but listening to every word. Ann- Shirley’s voice broke as she spoke, she started to cry again. Yooku’s eyes teared up, he has been trying to be strong but saying goodbye to Ann-Shirley was very hard for him. He looked up at her, he felt sorry for her.

“Can we be friends at least? Can I call you if I need help?” she asked

Yooku wanted to bluntly say “ No! Call Hugh!” but he was done fighting and reminding himself about what Ann-Shirley did with him.

Instead, he nodded and smiled. Ann-Shirley looked at him from across his desk, she knew it was probably the last time seeing him in person. She smiled through her tears at him before she walked out of his office still crying. Yooku broke down too when she left.

He didn’t do anything that morning, instead, he just sat in silence and prayed. His heart was breaking and he needed some peace.

Esaba texted Mandy when she got to her office.

” Yooku and Ann-Shirley have made up. I stumbled on them kissing in his office”

“ Oh no! I was really rooting for you two. But why did Yooku kiss you and say all those things to you if he was going to end up forgiving Ann-Shirley?”

“ I am confused too. Now sitting here, I am wondering why I even believed him and put myself in this situation. He was clearly using me to try and get over Ann-Shirley, he was probably thinking about her while he was kissing me”

Where are you? You seem sad, come to my ward” Mandy texted

“I have some work to do. I am fine Mandy, I would visit at lunch. Would you want me to get you something?” 

“I am craving some pineapples. I would be grateful if you can get me some please”

“Okay sure” 

Esaba even though upset with him expected Yooku to visit like he usually did every morning but he didn’t. She checked her door while she worked, hoping to hear him knock and open her door.

After two hours, she sighed and stopped working. She closed her laptop and leaned back into her chair, she massaged her eyes and got up to look out the window to think.

A luxurious car parked in front of the hospital and a very handsome middle aged man got out. He was old but he looked like he works out and took very good care of himself. He took a gift bag from the backseat of his car and walked into the hospital. Esaba was more smitten by his car, she smiled to herself as she admired the car. She sighed and went back to her seat.

She checked her phone and sadly placed it back down

He has not even texted or called me,” she thought

Yooku tried to get some work done because he missed work the previous day. He wanted to distract himself from all his problems, he was so busy and lost track of time.

“Hey Honey,” Ekow said.

Mandy was sleeping when he got in, so he sat by her and watched her sleep, she smiled and just stared at him.

“How are you feeling?” he asked

“I feel better now that you are here baby,” she said

Ekow smiled and kissed her

“I got you something,” he said and gave her a gift bag.

He helped Mandy up and she opened the bag.

It was a Bvlgari perfume and a diamond bracelet

Mandy suddenly got sad and started crying

What’s wrong honey?” Ekow asked

“You give the best gifts. You got me this even though I aborted our baby? It makes me feel worse

Oh, sweety. I told you it is fine. I am not mad at you. I was mad at first but I understand our situation”

“You would have made a fantastic father. I know it”

Ekow smiled and hugged her

We would make more babies in the future. I just wish we could convince your father” 

Ekow looked around trying to find the second gift he got for her but he had forgotten it. He excused himself and rushed outside to go take it.

Esaba was on her way to see Mandy and had gotten her the pineapples. Ekow was in a little hurry and bumped into Esaba on the stairs. Her phone and the pineapples fell.

“Oh no!” Ekow said

Esaba turned to look as her phone rolled down the stairs.

Could this day get any worse?” she thought

Ekow apologized but Esaba told him it was okay even though she was very upset. She smiled and went to get her phone, the pineapples had scattered on the floor. She checked her phone, the screen was broken. She sighed and picked it up. Ekow felt so bad, he wanted to replace it but Esaba declined it

It’s really fine sir. I would just get it fixed. I have to call someone to clean this mess up, please. Good afternoon” she said and went up the stairs.

“Oh, do you work here?” he asked

Yes sir,” she said and continued walking

Ekow rushed downstairs to his car, he had gotten Mandy a fruit basket but it was in the trunk of the car so he completely forgot about it. He got back a few minutes later and saw Esaba with Mandy.

Fruit basket! You read my mind!” Mandy said excitedly

You,” Ekow said looking at Esaba.

Mandy was confused

“You know each other?” she asked

“He is the guy that bumped into me and ruined my phone,” Esaba said

Ekow chuckled

I am so sorry again about that. I can get it replaced “Ekow said

Esaba didn’t say anything.

Mandy knew how stubborn Esaba could be, so she told Ekow to calm down.

I would talk to her honey. Calm down”

“Honey? Is this the man you told me about?” Esaba asked

Mandy chuckled and nodded

Honey meet Esaba. She along with another friend helped me here.”

“Oh my God. Thank you for being there Esaba. Now you have no choice but to allow me to replace the phone. My way of saying thank you” 

“Oh no, Sir. I can get it fixed”

“I insist, please”

“Come on Esaba, allow Ekow to replace it” 

Esaba smiled and nodded

Okay then,” she said

Yooku hasn’t seen Mandy since her surgery so decided to visit her, he was a little startled when he entered the room

Whoa! I wasn’t expecting a full house” he said

Hi Yooku” Mandy said

“Hey. How are you?”

“I am good. Meet Ekow. He is my boyfriend”

“Wow!” Yooku said and firmly shook Ekow’s hand.

Yooku smiled and looked at Esaba but she didn’t meet his eyes

“umm…I just remembered I have some work to finish. It was a pleasure to meet you, sir. Mandy, I would come and see you tomorrow”

“I am being discharged tomorrow Esaba” 

“Oh right. I would see you at home then”

Yooku didn’t understand why Esaba wanted to leave.

Can’t the work wait? It’s lunchtime” Yooku said

“No Yooku it can’t ” she said and walked out

Yooku turned to look at Mandy.

“Is she mad at me? Because it looks like she is. What did I do this time?

Mandy laughed

“Well, I suggest you go after her and find out,” she said

Yooku groaned and apologized to Ekow

I am very sorry Ekow but I have to leave too. It’s been a pleasure meeting you sir”

Ekow nodded and smiled

Yooku rushed out to catch up with Esaba

“Are they dating?” Ekow asked when he left.

“It’s complicated honey, it’s very complicated”

Mandy said and they both laughed.


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