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Episode 13 – Doubts

Yooku caught up with Esaba and held her by the arm. 

“ What’s the matter? What did I do?”

“ Leave me alone Yooku” she said and walked away

“ Esaba?! Come on Esaba!” he said and watched her leave.

Yooku was confused, he went back upstairs. He knew Mandy would definitely know something.

Ekow was feeding Mandy some fruits when Yooku entered. 

“ I am sorry to interrupt ” Yooku said

“ it’s alright. What’s up?” Mandy said

“ What’s wrong with Esaba? Did she tell you what I did?” 

Mandy chuckled.

“ She saw you kissing Ann-Shirley in your office this morning” 

Ekow’s eyes widened and he cleared his throat.

I could excuse you if this is a private conversation” Ekow said.

“ Oh no baby. It’s fine, please stay”

Yooku stood there in silence, he knew he was in trouble. 

“ Why would you kiss Esaba, raise her hopes up then go back to your girlfriend who cheated on you with your best friend?” Mandy asked. 

Ekow laughed and apologized. He didn’t mean to laugh, he just couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“ Wow. We’ve got ourselves a little player” he said

Yooku chuckled.

“ I am not a player Sir just a little confused and making silly mistakes”

Ekow sighed

“ I know I just met you but you seem like a nice gentleman. Let me advice you, I have lived life long enough to know a few things about love and relationships”

Yooku looked at him a little surprised and confused. 

“ Let me ask you, do you love Esaba? ” Ekow asked

Yooku sighed and sat on a couch next to the bed.

“ I wouldn’t say love just yet but I really like her a lot and I would absolutely love to get to know her better” 

“ I see and what about the other girl. What was the name again? Ann..?

“ Ann- Shirley. We have broken up actually. The kiss Esaba saw, was she kissing me but I stopped it. Clearly, Esaba didn’t see that” 

“ So you have broken up with her. Did you just break up? Like this afternoon?”

“ Well, it was made official this morning. She came this morning to try and convince us to fix it but I really can’t. What she did, I just can’t forgive”

Ekow sighed.

“ I see. Pardon my many questions Yooku. I only wanted to understand. Well, I have seen Esaba, she is a very beautiful young lady and like you said you would love to get to know her and probably date her eventually. But, you just broke up with someone. You need to deal with the broken heart, you need to heal completely before you start getting to know any girl. It wouldn’t be right to get right back on the wagon just because the new girl is beautiful? What if you meet someone even more beautiful? Someone more amazing than Esaba?”

“ I don’t think anyone is more beautiful or more amazing than Esaba but go on” Yooku interrupted

Ekow chuckled and shook his head, he folded his arms and looked at Mandy.

This boy is already in love” he teased.

Mandy and Yooku laughed.

“ Anyway, as I was saying. Even though you think no one is as amazing and more beautiful as Esaba, I am only asking for you to take your time. Don’t lead her on, don’t start anything you aren’t sure about. You two are friends, maintain the friendship. Take it one day at a time and after a year or two, if you still feel this way about her, you can ask her to be your girlfriend” 

Yooku smiled.

“ I wouldn’t lie and say I didn’t know I had to do that. Of course, that’s the best thing to do. Wait a while after a break up to enter into a new relationship, I know that. But honestly, I don’t know what it is about Esaba that makes me always do crazy things. I really didn’t plan to kiss her or raise her hopes up I would never hurt her on purpose. I just love being around her and her cute innocent smile gets me every time” 

Ekow smiled, he had started liking Yooku. He looked like he got a good head on his shoulders. 

“Well, if she is the one you think you want just take some time to get over your ex-girlfriend completely. You would be alright. Do you also work here? Are you a doctor?”

Yooku chuckled

“I am a lawyer, well I am still finishing a professional law course but I handle the legal issues here” 

“Wow, impressive. Well done.”

“Thank you, sir”

“Oh no. Call me Ekow. Ekow is just fine”

“Okay Ekow”

Ekow smiled and gave him his business card

“Call me sometime. My brother owns a private law firm maybe after school we could work something out” 

“Wow! Mandy, I like your boyfriend. He is a keeper” he said pretending to whisper

Ekow laughed.

“Okay, I would leave you two now. Thank you very much for the advice Ekow. I would keep it in mind and I would keep in touch” Yooku said and shook Ekow’s hand. 

Yooku rushed out to go and find Esaba, she was having her lunch in her office.

I don’t want to talk to you Yooku” she said when she saw him

It’s not what you are thinking Esaba, she kissed me. Mandy told me everything”

Esaba looked away, trying to ignore him. Yooku sighed and sat across from her.

“ Esaba, I understand how you feel. After what happened between us, then you see Ann- Shirley and I kissing. I know, it’s bad and I am really sorry. Looking at you now and seeing how worked up you are, I feel worse having to put you through this. We both know how we feel about each other and I would love to explore it further but I just got out of a relationship and I don’t think it’s right to go strong with you when I am hurting and trying to figure myself out. I also think even though you have been out of the relationship with Senyo for a while, I think a part of you still needs to figure things out as well. I wouldn’t want to be the one to distract and confuse you and also make you this sad” 

Esaba stopped eating and looked at him.

“ I agree. We should have taken our time but we got carried away. Wait, did you say you just got out of a relationship?”

Yooku nodded.

“We can never make it work. She is looking for something I can’t give her, she compared me to Hugh. Telling me how passionate he is about her”

“Why? Were you not passionate about her?”

“Ann-Shirley knows how passionate I was about her. I worshipped the ground she walked on, you wouldn’t believe the number of flight tickets I have booked just to go and be with her so that she wouldn’t feel my absence for too long. I am just a man Esaba, a very busy man but I made Ann-Shirley my priority, she knows it. She knows how much I loved her and I adored her, that’s why what she did hit me hard. It was unbelievable but that’s life. I would be fine.”

Esaba sighed.

“I think we both need time to heal then get back on the dating train. There is time for everything and God’s time is the best. I agree we just stay friends, there is no point rushing into anything at all” Esaba said and smiled

“Whew! Thanks so much for understanding Esaba, again I really apologize for hurting and confusing you”

“It’s fine Yooku. I am fine. Thanks for apologizing” 

“Anyway, what do you think about Mandy’s boyfriend? Very unexpected, I didn’t know she was into older men” Yooku said.

“Yes. I was surprised too but she told me he is the love of her life and love knows no boundaries. I am very happy, he seems like a really great guy”

“Yes he is really cool. He gave me his card to get in touch”

“Wow! That’s cool”

Yooku sighed, tapped her desk, and got up.

So we good? You not mad anymore?” he asked

Esaba smiled and nodded

We are good”

“Great! I have to finish some work quickly and go pick up Ewurafua from school”

“Nice, all my love to Ewurafua,” Esaba said

Mandy recovered and started work a week later, Esaba and Yooku got along really well, being just friends without any pressure of starting anything was just what they both needed and they didn’t even know it. 

Ekow after spending a month in Cape coast with Yooku and Esaba really got fond of them and dreaded going back to Accra.

He suggested they go on a trip, his friend owns a nice resort in the Volta region so he pulled some strings for them to spend the weekend there. 

Yooku was very excited about it, finally, he can go on a vacation. He had to miss a class but he spoke to a couple of his classmates he was close to and they promised to cover him up. 

Esaba was worried about missing church that Sunday and decided that she wouldn’t go but Mandy convinced her. She spoke to her fellow Sunday school teacher and he agreed to join Esaba’s class with his just for that Sunday. Esaba was very grateful.

Ekow asked Mandy to drive because she is a much better driver than he is, they got to the Volta region Friday night and went straight to bed. 

The next morning, they went downstairs for breakfast. Yooku and Ekow were already by the table when Mandy and Esaba joined them. Esaba wore a bright yellow dress that revealed her fair legs and thighs. Yooku was sipping on some orange juice and almost choked when he saw Esaba. Ekow laughed and asked if he was okay, Yooku smiled and nodded. Ekow laughed again.

“What’s so funny? You two are at it again” Mandy said. 

Esaba smiled and sat down across from Ekow.

Good morning,” she said

“Good morning Esaba. How are you?”

“I am good. Thanks. You?”

“I am good too”

“Oh Ekow, I love my room very much, it has a nice view of the beach. Thank you” Esaba said and smiled shyly at Ekow

You are welcome Esaba,” Ekow said

“Hi,” Esaba said and smiled at Yooku

“Hi” he said back

Esaba poured some orange juice too and drank

Yooku expected her to say more to him but she ignored him and turned to talk to Mandy.

Ekow teased Yooku when he noticed Esaba was ignoring him, they have gotten very close in a short time. Yooku sometimes forgets Ekow is much older than him, they played and joked about everything. Meeting Ekow the time that he did helped him forget about Ann-Shirley faster. Ekow replaced Esaba’s phone with an iPhone, which was her first iPhone. Esaba really admired how Ekow treated Mandy, she was his queen and he had no problem showing the world. 

His friend who owned the resort came to check on them when they were having breakfast, he was newly divorced and was ready to mingle. He had his eyes on Esaba and was hoping Ekow would put in a good word for him.

“Hello. Good morning. I hope you are having a nice morning?” Fred said

“Yes, we are. How are you? ” Mandy said excitedly. 

“I am doing well Mandy. How are you?”

“I am good thanks.”

“How are you Esaba? It’s Esaba right?” Fred asked

Esaba nodded.

“I am good thanks. You have a very nice resort sir”

“Thanks and please call me Fred”

Yooku looked up at Fred, he didn’t like how he flirted with Esaba and Esaba seemed to like the attention for some reason. Fred asked to see Ekow in private and spoke more about Esaba.

“I don’t think she would be interested in you, she seems to like the young man we came with. That’s Yooku”  Ekow said

“How do you mean?”

“I mean they have a thing for each other and they are trying to figure it out”

“So they are not together? She is single right?”

“As far as I am concerned she is”

Good, then just try and talk to her. She is very beautiful, I would like to get to know her better”

Ekow sighed and nodded

“Sure let’s see”

“Thanks man”

Ekow went back to have breakfast, Yooku wanted to ask what he had discussed with Fred but he decided against it. 

After breakfast, they went to hang out by the beach. Esaba sat back and watched Yooku and Mandy go horseback riding. She isn’t a big fan of that. Ekow seeing her sitting alone took that as an opportunity to talk to her. He wanted to talk to her because he was very curious about her and the way she carried herself and not because Fred asked him to.

“Are you not going to join them?” Ekow asked

“No, please. I don’t really like horses”

I see. They are fun animals once you understand them”

Ekow smiled and sat next to her 

“But apart from that, are you having fun?” he asked

“Oh yeah. I am having a lot of fun. I really like it here”

Ekow looked at her and smiled, Esaba got shy.

Why are you staring so much? Is something on my face or my hair?”

Esaba said and touched her face and hair.

Oh no. You just remind me of someone”

Really I do? I hope it isn’t one of your ex-girlfriends”

Ekow laughed.

“Actually, she was an ex-girlfriend. She was my first girlfriend and the first woman I ever loved”

“Wow, I see. That’s interesting

“Yep! Ewuradjoa. Goodness! She was something else, she just disappeared on me

Esaba looked at him, her heart skipped a beat.

“Did you just say Ewuradjoa? ” she asked

Yes. That was her name” Ekow said and smiled

Esaba swallowed hard.

“That’s the name of my mother”

“ Ewuradjoa Hayford ” they said in unison

Ekow suddenly got uncomfortable, he noticed Esaba was uncomfortable too.

Do..do..do you have a photo of your mother? ” he stammered.

Esaba stared at him and picked her phone, she didn’t have a lot of photos on the new phone but her mother had sent her a photo of her and her siblings the previous day. Esaba showed that photo to Ekow and his jaw dropped.

That’s her” he whispered.

He was shocked, he stood up.

“Esaba when were you born?” he asked

“12th May 1993”

Oh my God! I can’t believe this”

“What is going on?”

“I think you are my daughter Esaba”

Esaba laughed.

“No. My mother told me my father denied her pregnancy. I don’t think you are capable of that”

“What? She told you, your father denied the pregnancy?”

Esaba nodded and Ekow sighed. 

Esaba, my birthday is 10th May. When you were born your mother wrote a letter to me. She wanted us to share the same birthday and she expressed in the letter how sad she was when you were born on the 12th instead of the 10th. I didn’t deny you. She left me the night after she told me about the pregnancy and that letter is the last time I ever heard from her. I have looked for her for years”

Esaba was shocked.

“What are you saying Ekow? This is crazy”

“We were very young and she was scared, she thought my family would never accept her because she was from a poor background but I wasn’t going to leave her. I proposed marriage to her father the very day I found out we were pregnant and he was the one that drove me out and threatened to kill me for impregnating his daughter. He even had me arrested when Ewuradjoa runaway. I went through hell for months worried about her hoping and praying that she is alright. I still have her letter”

Esaba’s eyes teared up.

This can’t be. You are Mandy’s boyfriend. You are my friend. How are you suddenly my father? What’s happening? I can’t and won’t believe this. I have hated my dad for years for leaving. My mother and I have suffered a lot without him. If not for Uncle Fynn that helped us I don’t know what-“

“-Fynn?! I remember a Fynn. That was your mother’s cousin I met him a couple of times. I asked him about Ewuradjoa and he said he hadn’t heard from her”

“No! No! What’s going on?! This can’t be. I can’t be here. I have to go. I have to go” Esaba said and rushed to her room.

Ekow went after her, Yooku and Mandy saw what was happening and followed them.

Esaba was crying as she packed her stuff, Ekow held her and asked her to stop

Don’t touch me!” Esaba said and pushed his hand away.

Yooku and Mandy arrived in the room. They were so confused, Esaba was crying and packing and Ekow looked miserable. 

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Yooku asked

Ekow sat on the bed and looked at Esaba, he was very shocked. The way she cried and behaved reminded him of Ewuradjoa even more. He was certain without a doubt that he had finally met his long-lost daughter. He stood up and held her hand again pleading with her to stay.

“Esaba please wait. We can talk about this” 

 She ignored him and dragged her suitcase out.

How are you planning on leaving Esaba?” Mandy asked

Esaba hadn’t thought about all that, she stopped by the door and looked at Mandy.

 Mandy sighed and took her to her room to calm her down. 

Yooku and Ekow stayed back in her room to talk

What just happened Ekow? What did you do to her?”

Ekow sighed and sat back down on the bed. 

“ I can’t believe it myself but I think Esaba is my daughter. I dated her mother when we were in our early twenties and she got pregnant”

“ Her mother? Auntie Ewuradjoa?”

“ You know Ewuradjoa?”

“ Yes. She taught me English in school”

“Wow. She finally  become a teacher? She always wanted to teach. Yooku, this is crazy. She looks so much like her mother. Do you have Ewuradjoa’s number?”

“ Yes I do,” Yooku said and got his phone 

But wait, is it okay talking to Ewuradjoa behind Esaba’s back? She is clearly upset. I suggest you work things out with her before you talk to Ewuradjoa” Yooku added. 

Ekow nodded and agreed with Yooku.

Esaba cried for a full ten minutes before telling Mandy everything.

Mandy sat in silence. Esaba laid on the bed staring up at the ceiling with a lot running through her mind. 

“ This world is so small. What if it is true? What if Ekow really is your father? What would you do?” 

“ What can I do Mandy? Right now I need to speak to my mother. I have so many questions”

Mandy sighed

“You know, he once told me about his long lost daughter and how for years he has moved heaven and earth to find her”

“Really? When did he tell you this?

“A couple of years ago when we started dating. He mentioned it just once. I really don’t know how to feel about this Esaba. It would be very weird if he is your father”

“I know. I am going crazy but he said a lot of things that made sense. He knows Uncle Fynn and that’s something. I am wondering what other secrets Uncle Fynn is keeping from me” 

Mandy smiled and hugged Esaba.

Why are you hugging me?” she asked

Mandy rubbed her back gently and that made Esaba tear up. Mandy spoke softly as she hugged Esaba. 

Even though it would be weird if it is true, I think it would be such a blessing if he is your father Esaba. Ekow is the best man I know, he is so caring and he has the biggest heart. I have gotten to know you now and if you ask me, I think it might be true. Ekow has a big heart and so do you. Don’t fight it anymore. Call your mother or Uncle Fynn and ask all your questions, investigate all you want but just know that I believe God has done it. I don’t think Ekow would see you any other way even if it turns out that he isn’t your father. We both know how long you have wanted a father figure in your life, how much you have suffered. If you get your answers and it turns out to be true, please give Ekow a chance” 

Esaba broke into tears and her friend was there to comfort her. 

When Esaba had cried herself to sleep in Mandy’s room, Mandy crept out to find Ekow and Yooku. She found Ekow sitting alone on the rocks by the beach.

Hey baby” she said when she got closer

Ekow turned and smiled at her. 

Hey honey,” he said

Ekow held her hand and helped her walk to him.

Are you okay?” he asked when she was seated next to him on a rock. 

I am okay. Thanks” she said and kissed him

“How’s Esaba?”

Mandy sighed

She cried a lot but she is sleeping now”

“I don’t think I would be able to sleep until I get to the bottom of this” Ekow said.

But are you sure she is your daughter?” Mandy asked

“She looks and behaves just like her mother, when she was born her mother wrote a letter to me. I asked Esaba the day she was born and her birthday is exactly the date her mother wrote in the letter. When she mentioned Fynn, to be her Uncle it just made everything clearer” 

“Wow! My God. The way everything is coming together is amazing. I really want it to be true, Esaba has been through so much and she would need a father like you”

“Been through so much? How?”

I really can’t tell you babe even though I want to but it’s not my place”

Ekow nodded.

“I understand. She is very stubborn just like her mother but I hope I get to speak to her when she wakes up” 

Mandy smiled

“You would

Ekow nodded and wrapped his arm around Mandy as they watched the sea and enjoyed the breeze.

Yooku had to take a call from a classmate, after the call he went to check up on Esaba. His knock woke her up. She looked very sad, it broke his heart.

He entered the room and hugged her, they stood in each other’s arms in silence. Esaba smiled, it was just what she needed.

Yooku walked her to the bed and held her hand

Are you okay?” he asked while searching through her eyes.

Esaba sighed heavily and nodded

“I can’t believe the drastic turn of events but I am okay, the nap helped”   

“I can see a little resemblance you know, you have his smile and his kind eyes” Yooku said

Esaba chuckled.

“I don’t think it would be such a bad thing if he is your father Esaba. He is awesome. You have known him for some months. You agreed to come all the way here with him and you were really excited. A part of you loves him already” 

Esaba smiled. 

“I guess so. I would talk to my mother and see what would come out of it”

Sure do that. If it turns out he isn’t, at least he is your friend” 

“Yes. Thanks Yooku for being here, and thanks for your friendship” 

“You are welcome” 

You must be hungry. Can we take your suitcase back to your room now drama queen, and go have lunch?” Yooku teased.

Esaba laughed hysterically and shyly nodded.


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