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Episode 14 – You Are Loved

Yooku took the suitcase and opened the door for her. He took her to her room and waited at the balcony for her to freshen up. He admired the view while enjoying the cold breeze.

Esaba changed into an ivory floral dress and let her hair down. She walked to the balcony and admired Yooku. He was leaning on the balcony wall watching the sea with his dark sunglasses on. She loved how he looked in his Navy blue polo shirt and white shorts. She smiled to herself and went to stand by him.

“I am done,” she said calmly to him.

Yooku turned to her to look at her, he adjusted his sunglasses and admired her from top to bottom.

You look nice,” he said

“Thanks. Shall we go?

Yooku nodded and they left to find Ekow and Mandy.They were still seated by the beach enjoying the breeze. Ekow’s heart skipped a beat when he saw Esaba. He was seeing her in a different light now.

Hey, guys. Are we having lunch or what?” Yooku said

That sounds like a good idea,” Mandy said

Mandy and Ekow went to meet them and they walked to the restaurant. Mandy walked with Esaba and asked her if she was okay. She nodded and smiled

“I am glad you decided to stay” Mandy said and held her hand

At the table, Esaba sat next to Yooku and avoided Ekow’s eyes. Ekow was very uncomfortable and very nervous. 

Yooku tried to ease the tension by cracking some jokes and talking about some funny things Ewurafua did at home. Esaba laughed a lot and Yooku noticed that she was relaxed.

After lunch, Ekow met up with Fred and asked him to stay away from Esaba. Fred was confused and angry, Ekow wanted to tell him about what he had just discovered but he wasn’t sure if it was right to tell other people just yet. 

“Ekow, you are dating a beautiful young woman and I ask you to hook me up with her friend and you are being difficult”

“I am not being difficult, I am only saying look elsewhere that’s all”

“Elsewhere how? You agreed in the morning. Why the sudden change?” 

Ekow sighed.

“Fred, you see different women almost every day here. Why are you being like this? Just find a new girl that’s all ” Ekow said.

“A new girl? But I want Esaba. She is a very beautiful girl with a very nice body and I certainly want to taste those lips of hers” Fred said in a whisper

Ekow shook his head

“Well, you aren’t going have her Fred and I am serious,” Ekow said and walked away

 Fred watched him leave he was very confused. 

Ekow mustered courage and asked to speak to Esaba in private, she was talking to Yooku. Yooku nodded and excused them. Esaba smiled at Ekow, he smiled back and sat next to her.

“ How are you feeling? ” he asked

“I am still very shocked. I don’t know how to talk to my mother about this, I am scared of what she might say. But a big part of me wants it to be true. I see how you treat Mandy and I know you a good man, very caring and kind. I would be honored if you are my father 

Ekow smiled and hugged her

“I would be the happiest man alive if you are my daughter Esaba. You have no idea how long I have been looking  for you”

“Are you not on social media? My mother loves Facebook so much I am sure you would have found her on Facebook”

Ekow chuckled

“I am not on Facebook. I am not on any social media platform actually. I am not a fan. Mandy used to have a big problem with it. She convinced me to install WhatsApp and that’s about it for me ”

“How are you not on social media though? Everything is on social media these days. How do you entertain yourself then?”

“I travel a lot, read an actual book, and focus on work. I am building an empire and I don’t have time for distractions”

“Did you ever get married?” 

“No. I kept looking for your mother in other women”

“Really? You two dated when you were pretty young. I don’t think you knew anything about love. I am wondering how my mother could have left such an impact on you.”

Ekow laughed.

Ewuradjoa was really something. I remember the first day I met her, it was at a disco party. I noticed her quickly because of her bright orange dress. It wasn’t a dress one wears to a disco, I could immediately tell that she was uncomfortable. She was with some friends, I kept my eyes on her all through. She looked so innocent, I wondered why she was there. I used to work there as a cleaner I wanted to make some money for University. My father could afford to take me to the university but I was at a rebellious stage of my life so I got a job. I hated that job so much by the way. As I was saying, I lost track of Ewuradjoa when my boss asked me to go and clean the washrooms because someone had vomited on the ground. 

When I got back, the party was almost ending and she was gone. I was sad because I wanted to get to know her. When everyone had left, I was sweeping the floor and arranging the place up then I hear a sweet little voice “ I am afraid I left my purse here. Have you seen one around?” I turned to look and there she was. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was right, I had placed a purse at the back so I rushed to get it for her. She looked so beautiful, I couldn’t look her in the face. She smiled and thanked me. When she was about to leave, I knew if I didn’t say something to her, I wouldn’t see her ever again and I really wanted to.

“My name is Ekow!” I shouted. She turned, she didn’t hear me so I mentioned my name again. She told me her name and we started talking. In about a few minutes we were lost in conversation, I couldn’t believe she was the same girl I had only just met. I loved how she spoke eloquently. She was eighteen and I twenty. She told me where she lived and I visited her every day. When I had to go to the University, we both cried but I promised to write to her. We fell head over heels in love, I had no idea I was capable of loving someone that much. We knew we loved each other but she wasn’t my girlfriend even though she gave me signs for me to know that she wanted me to ask her out. I wanted her to be a little older before I ask her to be my girlfriend. Her examination results came but her parents couldn’t afford to take her to the University. I was very sad but she told me she wanted to go to the teacher’s training college, so we worked towards that. When she turned twenty I was very excited, on her birthday, I asked her to be my girlfriend. We had a secret place where we always met and that was where I asked her to be my girlfriend. It was such an emotional moment and we ended up making love, that was what resulted in you. It was our first time and I fell in love with her more after that night. When she told me about you, I was very happy.  I was scared of course but very happy that’s why I went to her father immediately and proposed to marry her. Thinking about it now, I understand why her father hated me so much, we kept the relationship a secret then from nowhere, I come asking to marry his pregnant daughter”

Esaba laughed.

And what happened? ” she asked

“ He drove me out, he went to pick a cane. And run after me. I ran out and Ewuradjoa came after me but her father warned her off and she went back inside. I couldn’t think straight the whole night. I wanted to tell my parents so we go and see her father properly but I had already messed up and her father hated me so I decided to see her the next morning, so that we plan how we can be together properly. She had told me while we were dating about how she felt intimidated by my family and she had always feared that she wouldn’t fit in. When she gave birth to you, in her letter she explained that was the reason she left me. Because she felt like, I deserved better than her” Ekow said and sighed

“Did your mother marry anyone?” he added

“ Well, she was single for a very long time. It was just me and her for a while till I turn twenty-two and she married a certain guy. She is based in Canada now. She has two kids with him but unfortunately, the man passed away. I wasn’t speaking to her for years because she chose the man over me. The man told her that he wasn’t going to take care of me before they got married, so I expected her to choose me but she chose the man because of his money. She left me for years to fend for myself, I was struggling and ended up in an abusive relationship with some guy. He was good to me, he took care of my fees so I thought he loved me but he changed and started abusing me, sexually, physically, verbally, and emotionally. I had to run for my life to find Uncle Fynn” 

“What?! He abused you?”

“ Yep! He turned into this crazy person. My life was always in danger” 

“ And your mother left you?!”

“Please don’t be upset. She came to Ghana to apologize to me. I was so angry but I know how much she sacrificed for me before she married. She isn’t a bad person, she only made mistakes. I have made peace with her and I completely love my siblings now” Esaba said excitedly.

“ I can’t wait anymore Esaba, I want to know. I want to be sure you are my daughter”

Esaba laughed. 

We are on vacation. Can we please pretend just for now and enjoy our time? I don’t want to be stressed out thinking about this. I have lived my life without a father for years. If it turns out you aren’t my father, you are still my friend, I would be okay. I have you in my life and that’s fine by me. It’s really not the end of the world ” 

I appreciate how maturely you are handling this Esaba. Thank you” Ekow said and hugged her

Mandy and Yooku were at ease when they saw that they had made up. 

They went dancing that evening and Esaba decided to forget about everything and have some fun. 

The next day which was the last day Fred treated them to a nice relaxing spa day. Ekow wasn’t expecting it because he thought he had offended him by asking him to stay away from Esaba. They left the resort in the afternoon going back to their reality.

Ekow asked to sit with Esaba in the back, as they went back to Cape coast Ekow realized how much it would hurt him if it turns out he isn’t Esaba’s father. As much as the coincidences were there, he didn’t want to be excited until he had concrete reasons to be. He had developed so much love and affection for Esaba, he smiled and looked at her. 

Whatever happens, know that you can always call on me if you need anything” Ekow said

Esaba nodded

You would be the first to know when I talk to my mother please” 

Ekow hugged her tightly and they sat in silence in each other’s arms while enjoying Mandy drive smoothly to Capecoast. They arrived in Capecoast by evening and Ekow stayed the night with Mandy before driving to Accra at dawn. 

Ekow texted Esaba when he got to Accra, she was happy and smiled then texted him back. Yooku was with her. 

Who is making you smile so much?” Yooku asked 

It’s Ekow. He has arrived safely to Accra and wanted me to know”

Oh great. Glory to God. I can see you really like him” Yooku said

Esaba looked up at him

“ Don’t you like him? He is a very nice person. I don’t know why my mother left him” 

“Well, you would only know when you talk to her. When do you plan on talking to Auntie Ewuradjoa?” 

“ This evening. She would be less busy by then”

How is your relationship with her now?” Yooku asked 

It’s better. It isn’t very awkward anymore” 

“ Okay. That’s great” 

He sighed and stood up 

I was checking up on you. Have a good day Esaba. I would see you at lunchtime”

The day ended and Esaba couldn’t wait to get home, she needed to speak to her mother about Ekow.

She freshened up, jumped into bed then FaceTimed her mother. Her mother quickly answered because Esaba had informed her early on in the day that she had something important to tell her. 

Hello Esaba?”

“ Mummy. Hi. How are you?”

“ Good. What’s it?”

“ Where are Jude and Audrey?”

“They are playing inside. Esaba what’s it? Tell me”

“Okay mummy. Are you sitting down?”

Ewuradjoa sighed and sat down

Esaba laughed when she saw how frustrated she was getting

I am sitting now. Tell me. What’s the matter?”

“Okay mummy. Do you know anybody called Clarence Ekow Barnes?” 

Ewuradjoa’s eyes widened

“Where on earth did you hear that name?” she asked

“Oh, so you do know him?”

“I asked you a question Esaba”

He is a friend of my friend”

“Oh okay, because the Clarence Ekow Barnes I know should be older by now”

“Yes, mummy. This one is also old

Why are you asking me about him Esaba? What’s going on?

Esaba sighed

“Mummy is there something you have to tell me? You are clearly startled by that name”

“What do you know. Did he say anything to you?”

“Yes, mummy. Is it true? Is he my father? Because that’s what he is saying and he knows Uncle Fynn. This can’t just be a coincidence. He told me about how you guys met at some disco party and you were wearing a bright orange dress” 

Ewuradjoa chuckled she was very shocked, she was lost for words. She has been looking for him. She joined Facebook for him but has never found him. She couldn’t believe her daughter after all these years would be the one to reconnect them.

“Mummy? Why are you quiet? Is he right? Is it true?”

Where is he now? Where did you meet him?”

“He came to Capecoast to visit our mutual friend she was sick and that was how we met. He said I reminded him of someone and that’s how come I found out you two dated”

“It’s true Esaba. He is your father. I never thought we would ever talk about him because I thought he was never going to be a part of your life”

“Did he really deny the pregnancy as you told me? Because he said he didn’t. Instead, he said you run away and wrote a letter to him when I was born”

Wow! he remembered about the letter?”

“Yes, mummy. He still has the letter. So he is telling the truth?”

“Yes. Everything he says is true”

“Then why did you lie to me? Why did you make me hate him so much?”

“Because I was stupid. I always wanted to tell you when you got older but I was afraid then I got married and we didn’t speak for years. I am so sorry Esaba”

“I can’t even be mad anymore. I am more excited Mummy. He is such an amazing man. I am happy he is my father”

“Where is he?”

“He is an Architect now. He lives in Accra. I think he is doing very well for himself”

“I want to talk to him. How can I talk to him?”

“I could give you his number”

“Okay sure”

Ewuradjoa smiled at Esaba she looked very happy. She couldn’t believe that the one conversation she had dreaded to have with her daughter went really well. After the call, Esaba sent her Ekow’s number and she called.

When a foreign number was calling his phone, Ekow knew it was Ewuradjoa, so he quickly answered

Ewuradjoa?‘ he said

Ewuradjoa chuckled

“Ekow Barnes”

“Where have been? I have looking for you for years”

“Me too. I can’t believe our daughter is the one that has reconnected us after all these years”

Ekow smiled

“So she is our daughter? I was right. She looks just like you”

“Yes but she has your eyes, your smile, and your legs to an extent”

Ekow laughed.

“I need to see you. I have to see you Ewuradjoa”

“I was in Ghana early this year. I plan on coming to Ghana in December”

“December is just too far. I can’t wait. There is so much we have to talk about. I would have to come to Canada myself then”  Ekow said

She told me you are widowed now. I am very sorry” he added

“It’s fine Ekow. I am better now. What about you? Are you married?”

I never married Ewuaradjoa. I was waiting for you, but I have a girlfriend now. She is Esaba’s friend. She definitely isn’t you but she is very awesome. She makes me happy”

Oh, I see. Esaba’s friend? Meaning she is very young”

Young but very mature,” Ekow said and chuckled

Good for you. As long as you are happy Ekow”

“Do you plan on getting married again?”

“No. As much as I need help with the kids, I am at peace. I have been a single mother when I had nothing, I am sure I can do better now that I have some financial stability”

You have me now Euwradjoa. Anything you need, ask me”

“Thanks, Ekow, I must admit I am very happy we have reconnected. And let me apologize now that I have the opportunity. I was very naive and I shouldn’t have run away when I got pregnant.  I have regretted it every day. I am sorry. I am glad Esaba has you now, she is very excited. She just met you and she already loves you. I am grateful to God you are now in her life and you are in Ghana. You can keep an eye on her for me. She is so amazing, I can’t wait for you to get to know each other better”

“Thanks, Ewuradjoa. I have prayed for this day. I am happy too, very happy. I am also happy you have made a life for yourself. I can’t wait to get to know Esaba, I have missed out on a lot of years but now that she is in my life. I am going to make the rest of her life, the best years of her life”

“Amen! She deserves it. God knows she does. I have to go and check on the little ones now. Let’s talk again. Have a good night Mr. Clarence Ekow Barnes”

Ekow smiled

“How old are they if I may ask?”

“The girl is seven and the boy is four”

“Oh, they are very young”

“Yes. Hopefully, when you come to Canada you could meet them”

“Yes sure. I would start preparing for that trip”

“Okay. Let’s talk again. Goodnight Ekow”

“Goodnight Ewuradjoa”

When Ekow told Esaba that he is her father, she cried tears of joy. Ekow wished he was there to console her.

A week later, he invited her, Mandy, and Yooku to his Accra home for a weekend to celebrate the good news.

Mandy was used to his home but Yooku and Esaba were shocked and very impressed. Esaba didn’t know he was that well to do. Ekow took her to meet his mother; Esaba’s grandmother later that evening.

Esaba was so happy to see her, she looked very healthy and she too was very happy to see Esaba. She knew how long Ekow had been looking for her

Now I can die peacefully. You are very beautiful Esaba” she said

Thank you but you aren’t dying now, grandma. I just met you I need more time with you” Esaba said and hugged her

Unfortunately, her grandfather had passed but she was happy to meet her grandmother.

Yooku was very happy for Esaba, the way Ekow treated her was just what he wanted for Esaba. When everything was settled down, Esaba told her father about her mother’s plans to take her to Canada, she wanted to know his thoughts.

I don’t have a problem with it as long as it’s what you want. I come to Canada sometimes so I can see you. It is an opportunity, so grab it and also after talking to your mother I think she could use a little help with your siblings”

“Thanks very much, Daddy. I think it’s a very good thing too”

Ekow smiled, he absolutely loved how Esaba calls him daddy.

With Ekow and Ewuradjoa on the same page about taking Esaba to Canada, the traveling process moved faster. In about two months Esaba got her Canadian visa. When she told her kids at Sunday School, they all cried. Esaba was very sad too, she didn’t intend to hurt them.

A week before Esaba was set to leave, Mandy asked Yooku in confidence how he felt about Esaba because she felt making her leave without saying anything might probably make him regret it. She spoke to him in his office

“I think about it a lot but I don’t know if I am ready for another distant relationship. See how things ended with Ann-Shirley. What if Esaba gets lonely and cheats on me too?”

“First of all, Esaba is not Ann-Shirley. Secondly, I think you have learned some lessons to not repeat whatever mistakes you made with Ann-Shirley to make her feel lonely. I am not forcing you or giving you pressure but I know and I have seen how you feel about her. I know you just broke up and you want some time but you have gotten some time and that time has only brought you closer to her, now she is leaving. If you love her, go for her. Let her know how you feel before it is too late”

Yooku thought about what Mandy said but he decided to let Esaba go,

“Probably he would meet someone better than me. There is no need to confuse her” he thought.

Ewurafua gave Esaba a lovely sweater she knitted herself in school. Esaba loved it so much. Days were moving faster and soon Esaba had a day left to leave. Doctor Solomon invited her alongside her family for dinner, he used that as an opportunity to meet Ekow. When everyone was busy talking in the living room, Esaba excused herself to use the ladies’ room. When she saw that nobody was looking she went upstairs to Yooku’s room and left a letter on his nightstand.

That night Yooku before bed, read the letter.

“Dear Yooku,

I have a lot to say but I don’t want this to be a long letter. I remember the first day we met, how much I disliked you, but now I don’t seem to go a day without thinking about you or praying for you. I have never felt this way about anyone. I know I should be saying this to you in person but when I see your face I just get nervous so I am hiding behind this letter to tell you how I feel. I love you, I know it and I feel it and at this moment in my life, where I am not sure I would see you again, I really want you to know.

If I have to choose, I would choose you a hundred times over to do life with. You are so amazing and I have never felt this way about anyone and I honestly don’t think I would ever love anyone as I love you, Yooku. It’s okay if you don’t feel the same this letter is not a ploy to get you to love me back. I only wanted to let you know how I felt before I leave tomorrow. Thank you for all your affection and help. I am very grateful. Take care of yourself until I see you again. I love you, I love you.

With all my love,


Yooku stared at the letter, he was in shock. He checked the time it was half-past ten. He knew Esaba was leaving for Accra that dawn. He absolutely felt the same way about her but he let his fear and doubt take the better half of him and he wasted so much time.

He showed the letter to his parents and explained to them why he had to drive to Accra that dawn to tell Esaba how he feels. He was expecting his mother to say no because he knew how overprotective she is, but she said yes and his father agreed.

Yooku packed a bag quickly and set off for Accra. He made sure to tell Ekow everything so that he could stall her.

Yooku got to Ekow’s house in the morning, Esaba was startled to see him

“Yooku!” she said surprisingly

Yooku dropped his bag on the couch, then took her hand. They went to her bedroom to talk

What did you expect me to do Esaba after leaving me such a letter?” Yooku asked

“I certainly didn’t expect you to drive all night? You look tired, you could have called”

“No, I needed to let you know how I feel in person. Of course, I feel the same Esaba. I love you, I have always loved you from the time you fell down flat on your bum on your first day at Ashton, through to the time you rejected the laptop I got you. I have loved you through your stubbornness and your cuteness, through your highs and lows. You are so beautiful and I feel so complete when I am with you. I am sorry, it took me this long to say this to you but it better late than never right?”

Esaba was already crying she had waiting to hear Yooku say this to her for a long time, she nodded through her tears.

I don’t know what this new chapter of your life holds but I want to be a part of it. I want to be a part of your life, I want to love you, protect you, and try my hardest to always give you a reason to smile. I love you so much”

Esaba kissed him and hugged him

“I would love that. I love you so much too”

Esaba, that evening left for Canada, after they have both confessed to loving each other that morning, it was very hard for Yooku to see her go. Esaba cried on the plane, she wished she didn’t have to be so far away from the man she loved and adored.


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