Hello beautiful people?. I hope you are enjoying the holiday. Happy Easter in advance. And to the cry babies, this episode is also quite emotional so get some tissue ?. I enjoyed writing this episode very much, that’s why I am dedicating it to my mother ♥️. Words would never be able to describe how much I love you, Mama. Holy Ground episode fifteen…enjoy?


Episode 15 – It’s you; always been you.

A year went by and Esaba was finding herself, she learned to drive and her parents got her a car. She couldn’t believe the turn around in her life, her life was close to perfect and she couldn’t thank God enough. Ekow visited her any chance he got, she loved seeing her parents together.

 There is never an awkward moment, she was very anxious the first-day Ekow decided to visit. She anticipated a lot of awkward silence but she was surprised they got along as if they hadn’t spent decades apart. She also admired how Ekow loved Audrey and Jude like they were his. 

On his last visit, Ekow and Esaba spoke a lot about her career path since he hadn’t been around to guide her. Esaba mentioned how a time in her life she wanted to read medicine but couldn’t make the grades and she had fears pursuing that dream again because she felt she is old and it made her afraid to start over. 

Ekow laughed then encouraged her to pursue it, only if she could take the fear about her age from her head. She was worried and embarrassed that she would be the oldest person in her class. She didn’t want people laughing at her. She discussed it with her mother and she also encouraged her to follow her dream.

She followed it through after praying and thinking about it thoroughly, then enrolled to take pre-med courses to later take the MCAT examination.  

Alongside schooling, she got a job at the mall to support her mother and school. 

Yooku was very proud of Esaba, he spoke about her every chance he got. 

Ekow helped him get an internship in his brother’s law firm after he graduated. His colleagues at work have never met Esaba but they knew everything about her. 

Kukua was getting married later in the year and wanted Esaba to be part of her bridal team. Kukua knew how very busy she was and had been contemplating whether or not to ask her. 

Yooku asked Esaba about it behind Kukua’s back. He wanted to know her thoughts before Kukua got to her so that she doesn’t end up disappointing Kukua. 

I had no idea Kukua was dating someone,” Esaba said. 

Yooku smiled over the phone 

“ I didn’t know either. She brought him home late last year and I must commend her, she picked well. He is quite a catch” 

“ Really? I would love to attend but I don’t want to disappoint her either”

Don’t stress your self baby. It’s just a wedding at the end of the day” Yooku said and yawned. 

“ Honey, It’s not just a wedding. It’s your big sister’s wedding. I can’t miss it. I would try and adjust my time. I can’t be in her bridal team though but I can be a guest. I hope I can explain it to her when she finally asks me 

I am sure you can and I think she would understand because she knows how busy you are. Talking about you being busy, how’s school going love?” 

“ Oh my God! Don’t remind me. It’s really tough babe. I have two tests tomorrow”

“ Really? Then I should leave you to study ” Yooku said worriedly

Esaba groaned.

But I want to speak to you baby. I miss you” she cried 

“ We can talk later after the test. Okay?”

“ Okay,” Esaba said sadly. 

Yooku chuckled

“ I love you” he said

I love you more”

Esaba please study after the call. Don’t go to bed” Yooku teased

Esaba laughed 

“ Okay, babe. I would try” 

“Goodnight love,” he said

Good morning baby” she replied. 

Because of the time difference, Yooku tries to speak to her every day at dawn. He loved it, he slept better every time they talk. 

Esaba made a friend at work who coincidently was studying to enter medical school too, so they became fast friends.  She was half Hispanic and half Canadian. She was a little younger than Esaba but was very mature enough. She helped Esaba adjust quickly when she started work and school. Her name is Camila.

Esaba laughed when Mandy expressed how Camila was stealing Esaba away from her and how very jealous she was.

“You are my best friend in the whole wide world” Mandy cried

Stop being dramatic. You know you are my best friend too and Camila isn’t stealing me away at all”

But you two are always together taking photos and posting on your Instagram page” 

Esaba laughed

I have photos with you too Mandy, a lot of them”

“Promise you wouldn’t leave me? I love you” Mandy said

Esaba laughed and shook her head

“I promise to never leave you. I miss you so much, you are crazy!”

“I miss you too darling. How’s school?”

“Very fine, just tiring but I am hanging in there”

“I am so proud of you”

“Thanks, Mandy”

Mandy had asked to speak to her about something early on, so Esaba called when she was less busy.

So what’s up? What did you want to talk to me about?”

Mandy sighed over the phone making Esaba a little worried.

“What’s wrong Mandy did something happen?”

“I am thinking about breaking up with Ekow”

“What? Why? You would break his heart. He loves you so much”

“I love him too, a lot but my father and my entire family would never accept him”

“No Mandy. You need to think about yourself and not what your family wants. Daddy makes you so happy and you make him happy too. Please don’t let the opinions of people make you do something you would regret please”

“I want to be with him, he is the love of my life you know this but I really feel it is really inappropriate dating your father. Now, you call him Daddy and it makes me feel worse”

“Come on Mandy, nothing has changed and I am not worried about it. What matters is your happiness” 

“I understand but there are a lot of factors against our relationship, to begin with, it is not only about the fact that he is your father”

You know what? I would be coming to Ghana for Kukua’s wedding, please hold the thought till I come”

“Really? When is her wedding?

Esaba suddenly remembered she was supposed to keep quiet about it.

“Oh my God! I wasn’t supposed to say anything just yet. Please Mandy, I know you are a gossip but please keep quiet about this. Yooku told me, and I forgot he asked me not to tell anybody yet”

Mandy laughed

“I feel attacked. Don’t worry Esaba, I know how to keep a secret too”

In a couple of months Esaba arrived in Ghana for Kukua’s wedding, Yooku was so excited he couldn’t wait to pick her up from the airport. He smiled when he saw her walking with her suitcase from the arrival hall

He walked to her and hugged her, he was elated on the inside but was very calm on the outside

I missed you,” he said calmly and hugged her.

Esaba smiled in his arms.

“I missed you more baby

Yooku took her suitcase and they walked to his car, he had changed his car. A gift from his father from finishing his professional law program. He had moved to Accra because of his internship and Ekow gave him one of his apartments to live in.

They spent a week together before planning a trip to Capecoast to prepare for Kukua’s wedding. Esaba got Ewurafua a lot of gifts. She was so happy to see her, Ewurafua ran out of the house to hug Esaba when she saw her walking to the house with Yooku.

They had lunch together then Esaba went to visit Uncle Fynn and Auntie Naana. Uncle Fynn was so glad to see her. She spent the rest of the evening with him telling him stories about her new life in Canada. 

Soon it was the day of Kukua’s wedding, Ewuradjoa and the kids arrived early enough to be a part of it. Esaba was sad she couldn’t join the bridal team. She wasn’t sure she could make it in time but she was glad she could make it as a guest either way. 

Yooku sat next to Esaba at the reception, at the church they arrived late and couldn’t sit in front to see the couple clearly. Esaba was impressed when she saw Keith; Kukua’s husband, when they arrived at the reception.

 It was her first time seeing him up-close. He is a Ghanaian Neurosurgeon based in New Zealand, he met Kukua when a mutual friend connected them and they have been doing a distant relationship for four years. Keith arrived in Ghana three days to his wedding and with the running around for the wedding, he didn’t get the time to meet Esaba.  

Wow! Oh wow. He is really nice. Wow! I am so happy for Kukua” Esaba said

Yooku looked at her surprisingly.

“Esaba, you can’t sit next to me and be saying wow, wow about some other guy. Are you an ambulance? Am I not also wow?” 

Esaba laughed hysterically and dropped her glass on the table. People around them on the table laughed too.

Of course you are babe! You are also wow!” Esaba said and took his hand

She was still laughing.

Better! Come here” Yooku said and wrapped his arm around her.

I love you” Esaba said in a whisper

I love you too,” he said and kissed her hand. 

Because of school, Esaba had to leave with her mother and siblings after spending a couple of weeks in Ghana.

At the airport, Yooku hugged her as they waited in the departure hall. Ewuradjoa was very happy Esaba was with Yooku, she never told her but seeing them together was an answered prayer.

Esaba, when in Ghana spoke with Mandy about her decision to break up with her father but Mandy’s mind was made. 

A month after Esaba arrived in Canada she got a message from Mandy telling her that she had broken up with Ekow.

“Please call him. He isn’t doing okay and please forgive me for breaking your father’s heart” Mandy texted. 

Esaba sighed and called her, she was crying too. 

Mandy, why would you do this when you clearly still love him very much?”

“For peace to prevail. I just couldn’t wait in hopes that my father would change his mind”

“I am very sorry Mandy. I wish I was there to console you”

“It’s fine. I would be fine. Don’t worry about me, please check up on Ekow and make sure he is doing okay”  

Esaba called her father after talking to Mandy but he didn’t answer, later he got in touch and they spoke. He was really sad, he really loved Mandy and wanted to marry her but he also understood the situation.

So what are you going to do now Daddy?” 

Ekow chuckled.

“I don’t know sweetheart. Right now, you and your siblings are my priority. Love would find it’s way to me”

“I hope so and I pray she loves you as much as Mandy loves you, Daddy. I love you” Esaba said.

That was the first time Esaba had ever said that to him. Ekow smiled and his eyes teared up.

“I love you too my Princess”

And thank you so much Daddy, for seeing Audrey and Jude as your own and helping mummy out even though she insisted that she is fine. You are the best”

 “You don’t have to thank me Esaba.”

“I have to go to work now. I would text you later. Have a nice day and don’t be too sad okay?”

“I wouldn’t be. Have a nice day dear”

That evening, Esaba spent time with her siblings. They watched a scary movie Audrey kept wanting to watch with Esaba. Jude just joined them for the fun of it. They were all cuddled up in a duvet on the couch, Audrey was scared, she covered her face with the duvet at certain scenes of the movie. Esaba laughed and shook her head.

We can watch something else Audrey. You are scared

No. Everyone at school has seen it and I want to see it too”

Esaba chuckled and took her into her arms.

“Stop covering your face then” she teased.

Esaba’s phone chimed it was a message from Yooku

“How are you doing baby?

Esaba smiled and replied.

“I am good. I am watching a scary movie with Audrey and Jude”

“Nice. I miss you so much” 

“I miss you too baby”

So, I have this new case that’s going to keep me very busy. I wanted to let you know so that you don’t worry when I go quiet sometimes”

“Really? At times like this, I really hate our distant relationship”

“Don’t worry baby. I would be checking up on you often, I promise”

“Okay baby. I would check up on you too”

“Great. I love you baby”

“I love you too and all the best with the case”

Some minutes after the call, Yooku randomly sends her a song; Chris Brown’s With You. Esaba was surprised because Yooku hardly sends her songs. She quickly got her AirPods and listened; her eyes teared up. The song made her want to see him and be with him even more.

After listening to the song, she texted him

“I love the song and I love you more. Thank you” 

Yooku smiled and replied, he was on a plane to Canada to surprise Esaba with a marriage proposal.  He had already spoken to Ekow, Ewuradjoa, and Uncle Fynn and they have given their blessings.

Knowing how inquisitive Esaba can get with her many questions, he had to lie to get her mind completely off it. That night Esaba listened to the song to sleep.

The following morning was a Saturday and her day off from work. Esaba was tired from staying up with Audrey, so she was excited she had a day off from work.  

She was still in bed when Camila visited, she went to her room to wake her up. She was in on the proposal. Everyone except Esaba knew.

Yooku wanted Esaba out of the house without her suspecting anything. Camila insisted Esaba escorted her to the mall to get a dress for a date.
Esaba almost blew the cover by constantly declining because she just wanted to stay home, she was a little down because she missed Yooku a lot.

Camila followed her around the house trying to get her to change her mind. She was about to give up when Esaba finally agreed, she didn’t want to disappoint Camila. 

Okay, I would go get ready. I am doing this because of you Camila. You owe me” Esaba said.

“Sure I do. Thank you Esaba! ” Camila said to Esaba as she went up the stairs.

Ewuradjoa sighed heavily when Esaba finally agreed to leave the house.

“Okay, I would text Yooku now. Please go and make sure she wears something pretty” Ewuradjoa whispered to Camila.

Camila chuckled and went to Esaba’s room.

She has finally changed her mind, she is getting ready to leave with Camila now. I am getting ready too to come with the kids” Ewuradjoa texted

Great! Thanks. See you all soon” Yooku replied and rushed out of his hotel room.

Camila and Esaba had a manicure before they went to get the supposed dress.
Esaba was confused because she knew she only agreed to go out to help Camilla find a dress for a date but she was happy her manicure turned out perfect.
She did a little dance as she admired her hands, they went to get ice cream and strolled through the mall. 

“When are you getting your dress Camila? ” Esaba asked

Camila pretends to look at her time.

Oh the store isn’t opened yet”

“Oh come on and you forced me out this early? ” Esaba said.

But it’s fun though. You are having fun right?” 

Esaba rolled her eyes and kept walking, Camila smiled and caught up with her.

Music was playing loudly at the mall but Esaba hadn’t paid attention until Chris Brown’s song With you started playing; the song Yooku had sent her the previous night. 

Oh, this song! ” Esaba said

What about it? ” Camila asked

“Yooku sent it to me last night” Esaba said excitedly

Suddenly, she sees kids about Audrey’s age bringing her a red rose each, she was confused but took them.
Then someone started dancing to the song in the middle of the mall in front of Esaba and Camila.
A couple more people joined in the dance, it was a perfectly rehearsed choreography and they danced so well. She was shocked when Camila out of nowhere jumped on to join the people dancing. 

She teared up when she saw Audrey and Jude walking hand in hand to her, both holding the last set of roses. 

“Thank you, sweeties. What’s going on? ” she asked Audrey through her tears.

Audrey laughed.

“You would find out soon,” Audrey said excitedly.

When the first song ended, Bruno Mar’s song Marry You started to play. All the dancers circled around Esaba still dancing and that was when Esaba saw Yooku, Ewuradjoa and Ekow walking up to her from a corner. Her eyes widened and she started laughing.

Yooku looked good, he really dressed up for the proposal, when they got closer, the dancers made way for just Yooku to walk into the circle and kneel down in front of Esaba with a gorgeous ring.

Esaba gasped when she saw the ring, she laughed.
She was so excited, she nodded and Yooku placed the ring on her finger. 

She said yes! ” Yooku said and hugged her.

He carried her and spun her around. The dancers came around and hugged her and that was when she noticed most of them are in her class at school and the kids who brought her the roses are all Audrey’s classmates.

Esaba was in awe, she wondered how Yooku pulled everything off, but she wasn’t going to worry her head about that. She went to her parents and hugged them. 

You both were in on it too? ” Esaba asked

Her parents nodded and laughed. 

She went back to Yooku and kissed him

“I am so happy. It was a perfect proposal. I love you so much

She looked at her ring and looked up at Yooku

Mr. Solomon, you outdid yourself,” she said

Yooku laughed

You deserve this and so much more Esaba,” he said and they shared a passionate kiss.  


Hey there! Emotional right?? I know. I know. Hope you enjoyed reading it and no this isn’t the end ?. See you all soon with episode 16 ?..xx