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Episode 2- Family

Esaba got to Cape Coast pretty late in the night, she hadn’t been to Cape Coast in a long time, so she forgot her way around. 

While leaving Senyo’s house, she remembered that  her uncle used to lecture at the University of Cape Coast so she decided on to travel to cape coast when she was in the Uber.
When she got out of the bus, she asked people for direction to the University.

They showed her a taxi station where she could get a taxi to the University of Capecoast. 

When she got to the campus, she asked some students to direct her to her uncle’s bungalow.
A lot of the students she asked, didn’t know her uncle. 

She was about giving up till she run into an older man, she had a feeling that he might know her uncle.
She asked him and he directed her to his bungalow, he was very nice and kind to her.

She followed the old man’s directions and found herself in front of two bungalows, she looked at both bungalows and guessed which one she thought might belong to her Uncle.

She walked to the left bungalow and knocked.

She knocked twice more when nobody came out to open. She stretched and looked over the wall to check if someone was coming out. 

She knocked again then heard the dogs barking, she saw her cousin Jojo walking to the gate with a torch light.

Who is there? ” he asked  

Esaba! ” she said

Who? ” he asked again 

Jojo it’s me Esaba! Your cousin  

Jojo hurriedly opened the gate to be very sure it was her.

Esaba! My goodness Esaba! ” he said and hugged her. 

“ Come in,” he said and helped her with her bag.

Her uncle and auntie were at the hall, they were very curious to see who was knocking at such an odd hour. 

Esaba! ” her uncle said.

She was the last person, he was expecting to see. 

My God Esaba” he said again and hugged her. 

He had gotten much older than Esaba remembered. 

Jojo gave her a cold bottle of water, he was so happy to see her. 

Her uncle introduced her to his wife, he had gotten remarried after the death of his first wife and Esaba had no idea. 

It was late so they went to bed and decided to find out what Esaba was doing all the way in Cape Coast the next morning. 

Before bed, Esaba texted Jeremy and thanked him again. Jeremy called when he got the message. 

Are you okay? ” he asked

I am fine. I am in Cape Coast now with my uncle. I can’t believe I did it Jeremy, and it’s all because of you. How can I ever repay you for this kindness? ”

Don’t worry about it Esaba. What matters is you are safe now. Senyo is my friend, and I want the best for him but you are my friend too and I know you deserve better than Senyo

Thanks, Jeremy” 

“I wish you the best Esaba and don’t be a stranger” 

“ I wouldn’t. I would change my number soon, I would call you when I do” 

Jeremy smiled.

Okay sure. I would be expecting your call then. Goodnight” 

“Goodnight Jeremy” 

A year went by quickly and Esaba was gradually finding herself. She got a new job as a receptionist in a rural bank close to campus. 

Jojo gained admission to a University in Russia for his masters,  he left a couple of months after Esaba arrived.  

She got along pretty well with her new auntie, it felt different because she hadn’t had a mother figure in her life in a very long time.  

She told Jeremy everything about her new life, he was gradually becoming her best friend. 

She knew it was a risk still keeping him around because he was still friends with her dangerous ex-boyfriend but she chose to trust Jeremy because he hadn’t given her any reason not to. 

One Sunday afternoon after church, as she cooked with her auntie, the topic about her parents came up. Esaba hesitated but she felt her auntie had to know some more about her

She smiled and started telling her story.

I don’t know what Uncle Fynn has told you about me so I would just start from the top so you clearly understand. 

I never met my father because he denied me when my mother was pregnant. I didn’t meet my grandparents because my mother left home to be with her cousin; Uncle Fynn. 

Uncle Fynn was the only one that helped her even though some people warned him against it. He was just starting his life and was using all his money to cater for my mother but he didn’t give up on her. When I grew up, I took him as my Uncle and father.
Mummy took his first wife Auntie Esi as a sister, they were inseparable. 

I was happy, life was good. I had a father figure and two mothers but everything changed when Auntie Esi died in the accident.

 I was living with them when it happened, Uncle Fynn was a teacher at Aggrey Memorial by then. Jojo was four and I six. Our world came crumbling down, Uncle Fynn and my mother struggled to come to terms with the loss. 

After a year or two, I had just turned eight, my mother got a job in Accra so we moved. That was around the time Uncle Fynn had started lecturing here.

 I went to Primary school and Secondary School in Accra, and went to University in Kumasi. Schooling wasn’t easy because my mother didn’t have much but she tried for me.

When I turned twenty-two, my mother got married to this rich man who didn’t want anything to do with me. He just didn’t want the burden of looking after me, he had the money but he just didn’t want to.  

I expected my mother to take my side and not marry him but she wanted the security his money gave her so she chose him. 

She thought she could change his mind after the wedding but he still didn’t agree to help me through school so when that semester ended, I thought it was best to stop schooling and move back to Accra. 

I decided to work so that I can get some money to continue with school sometime later because I didn’t have anyone to help me. 

I wanted to reach out to Uncle Fynn but I didn’t know how to, I had lost contact with him and I wasn’t speaking to my mother so I couldn’t ask her for his contact either. 

Some of my friends heard about my problem and they contributed to pay my fees for a semester, which was the first semester of my third year. It was during that semester, I met Senyo.

He is the son of a famous pastor, his family is based in the UK. As an only child, he didn’t lack anything. 

At first, I wanted him for the money because God knows I was struggling but gradually I started falling for him, he became so important to me. 

He helped me through school, he was like a God sent. Before I knew it, he had gotten an apartment and we were living together. Everything I had was him, and he knew it. He changed suddenly and became an abusive person. You know the rest auntie, I don’t want to get into all that 

Her auntie sighed.

I am so sorry Esaba but thank God you are here with us. So tell me, how are things with your mother now? Do you know she has moved to Canada?” 

Esaba smiled and nodded

Yes. I saw it on her Facebook page, she sent me a message telling me as well”

“ What about your step-siblings, do you know them?” 

Esaba laughed.

I see photos of them on her Facebook page, they are cute. Can we stop talking about my mother please? ”

“Oh sure Esaba. I am so sorry for reminding you”

“It’s fine Auntie”

There was an awkward silence and Esaba continued washing the dishes. 

That evening she called Jeremy, she was a little sad. Jeremy could tell from her voice, he asked and Esaba told her about her afternoon.

Jeremy and Senyo have been friends since primary school, they managed to attend the same secondary school and University. 

He has always known Senyo has a temper and didn’t treat his girlfriends well.

 He had never bothered to make it his business until he saw Senyo with Esaba, she was different from all the girls Senyo had dated.  

Jeremy liked her for no particular reason and her innocence made him want to protect her. 

He noticed when the abuse started, she wasn’t her usual happy self and always preferred to be alone. The first time Senyo raped her, they had gone to a friend’s house for a party and Senyo was under the influence of drugs. 

Jeremy was scared for Esaba, Senyo kept shoving her around in front of people, he asked him to stop but Senyo blew him off. 

Jeremy got distracted for a short while and before he knew it, he saw Senyo forcing Esaba into one of the rooms in the house. He wanted to stop them but he also didn’t want to cause a scene. 

He looked at the door for close to an hour but they weren’t coming out, just when he decided to go and check, he saw Senyo coming out. 

He waited to see Esaba too but she wasn’t coming out, when Senyo had gone back to partying, Jeremy went to check on her. 

She was lying on floor with her blouse and panty torn, he rushed to her and held her up. She was shivering, she was traumatized.
Jeremy gave her his suit and sneaked her out of the party, he drove her back to the apartment and begged a doctor friend of his to treat her of any infection. 

He went back to the party and dragged Senyo out, he was so angry he wanted to beat Senyo up. 

Senyo couldn’t remember what he had done to Esaba, Jeremy confronted him about it but Senyo couldn’t understand what Jeremy was saying. 

He passed out minutes later and Jeremy drove him to the apartment, he spent the night with them to protect Esaba. 

The next morning when Senyo was sober, he saw the bruises on Esaba’s body. He was confused. Jeremy told him what he had done to her the previous night.

Senyo was very remorseful making them both believe he wasn’t going to do it again. Esaba loved him so he forgave him quickly. 

Jeremy advised her to leave him when he raped her a third time but Esaba was scared and he couldn’t force her either.

At a point, Jeremy decided to have him arrested but Esaba didn’t agree because he loved him. 

Esaba started trusting Jeremy and felt safe anytime he was around and they eventually built a friendship. So when Esaba decided to runaway Jeremy didn’t hesitate to help her.

“I am sorry your auntie made you remember all that, but it’s a good thing you can live to tell the story. I am also very glad you are with your family now Esaba”  Jeremy said

Esaba smiled over the phone.

I am glad too. Thanks Jeremy. Anyway, how’s life? what’s new?”  she asked

Same old same old. Work and more work”

” How about you? How’s the new job?”

“Well it’s not very new, I have been there for like six months now”

Jeremy laughed

Okay madam, how’s your not-so-new job?” he rephrased

Esaba laughed

“It’s okay. I can’t complain. I have spoken to my uncle, so next year maybe, he would help me apply to do my masters here. When I am through, I would apply for a better job”

That’s great news Esaba, I am very proud of you”

“Thanks Jeremy”

There was a brief silence

Senyo misses you. He hasn’t been himself since you left” Jeremy said

Esaba sighed.

I would appreciate it, if we do not talk about him please. Not now not ever Jeremy”

“Certainly Esaba. I am sorry” 

It’s fine Jeremy. I have to go now. Let’s talk again later”

Oh Esaba I am sorry. I would never mention him again

Esaba laughed

I am not upset Jeremy, I am just tired and I want to go to bed” she said and yawned.

Alright then. Sweet dreams”

“You too Jeremy”  

The next day on her way to work, she ran into the old man who had helped her the night she was looking for her Uncle.
She was surprised she recognized him after a year, she walked in his direction and called out to him.

Sir…excuse me Sir 

He was just about to enter his car, he turned and saw her. At first, he thought it was one of his patients, he smiled and waited for Esaba to catch up.

Good morning Sir ” she said still catching her breath.

Good morning dear. How are you? ”

I am fine sir. Thanks. How are you too sir?”

” I am alright, thanks. So how may I help you?”

“ Oh, I don’t need help, sir. I only wanted to say thank you again”

” Thank you? ”

” Yes thank you. I was the girl you helped last year when I was looking for Mr. Fynn’s bungalow”

He suddenly remembered her.

oh yes, yes.  I remember you now. How is everything?”

” Everything is fine sir. I work at the Rural bank now”

” Wow. That’s nice. Is that where you are headed now? I could drop you off?”

“ Yes sir, that’s where I am going now”

They spoke some more in the car

So what do you do at the Rural bank?” he asked.

” For now, I am the receptionist. I studied banking and finance at the University. I am hoping to do a masters in Finance and apply for something much better please”

The old man was surprised Esaba mentioned she had gone to University, he was impressed.

Finance, that’s impressive. Well, I know I just met you, but there is a job opening in my hospital. It’s a role as an Assistant Accounts Officer, it’s yours if you want it. ” 

Esaba’s eyes widened, she couldn’t believe it.

Sir,” she said.

He smiled and nodded

I am serious. The young man, who was assisting the Head of accounts resigned a month ago.”

Esaba was speechless.

“You could think about it. I work at Ashton Hospital and Fertility Center. Do you know there?”

Esaba nodded.

Okay. Take my number, when you decide to take the job, you could give me a call”

Esaba took out her phone and took his number, she called him so he would have her number too.

My name is Esaba Hayford,” she said when she found her voice.

The old man smiled and nodded.

A pleasure to meet you Esaba. I am Dr. Fiifi Solomon”

A pleasure to meet you too Doctor 

They didn’t say anything to each other, Fiifi wanted her to think about all that had just happened. She still looked stunned.

He dropped her at the bank and waved at her, Esaba waved back. She looked at his car till it disappeared through the gate.

That evening she told her uncle about it, he was surprised Esaba knew Doctor Solomon. He encouraged her and told her to give him a call as soon as possible to take the job.

She started working at the hospital, a week later. Fiifi showed her around on her first day. It was a very nice hospital, and she knew she was going to enjoy working there.

Come and see me at lunch,” Fiifi said after he showed her to her new office.

Yes sir

She looked at her new desk and chair in the corner, she rushed and sat on it. She spun around in excitement in her new swivel chair.

She was startled and fell to the ground when she saw someone looking at her from her door.

You are going to ruin the chair,” the person said.

Esaba got up quickly and fixed her skirt. She cleared her throat and sat back on the chair.

She didn’t know whether to apologize to the man, she didn’t owe him an apology she thought.

Doctor Solomon said to give you this,”  he said and gave her a contract.

She was to work as a contract staff for six months before she was made a permanent staff.  A policy the hospital had for their employees.

“You have to read it, sign it then bring it back to me in my office” the man said

“I can sign it now so you just take it back,” she said.

It is a contract miss. You have to read it, if you agree to the conditions, then you sign it. You do know how to read, don’t you?” 

He turned to walk out without waiting for Esaba to talk.

Oh, and when you are done signing, come find me. The name is Yooku”

Where is your office?” Esaba asked firmly. She was angry.

Just ask anyone you are looking for Yooku. The person would show you” he said with his back still facing her and walked out.

She glared at him as he walked out.

She angrily read the contract, she was so upset. She planned to tell Yooku a piece of her mind when she returned the contract.

She saw a nice nurse walking towards her when she got out of her new office, so she asked her if she could direct her to Yooku’s office. She smiled and walked with her to his office.

The nurse knocked in a specific way on his door and it made Esaba wonder why.

Enter!” he said.

Esaba opened the door and entered,  she had a frown on but she smiled immediately she saw Doctor Fiifi in the office.

Hi Esaba. Have a seat” Fiifi said.

Esaba sat down and dropped the contract on the desk.

I can see you have signed. Are you comfortable with everything? Including the Salary?”

Esaba nodded.

Yes sir. Everything is fine. I am very grateful sir. Thank you” 

Fiifi smiled.

“It’s my pleasure”

Yooku grabbed the contract and stood up to file it.

Esaba looked at him, she couldn’t understand how someone could be unbelievably rude.

Fiffi saw her looking at him, he chuckled.

I can see you have met my son,” he said.

Yooku cleared his throat and sat back down, he focused on his laptop pretending not to know his father was trying to introduce him to Esaba.

Son?! How is this rude person a son to such a nice man? ” Esaba thought.

Yooku meet Esaba” Fiifi said.

Yooku nodded at her and went back to work.

Yooku here is a lawyer, he handles all the legal stuff around here. So if you have any legal problem. He is your man” Fiifi said and smiled.

Esaba nodded.

Okay sir. Thanks once again.” Esaba said and asked to be excused.

She thought she was going to love her new job, but she had her doubts now that she had to work with the likes of Yooku.


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