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Episode 4 – Astound

Mandy invited Esaba one Sunday to her church, it was a “bring a friend to church” kind of Sunday. Esaba noticed Doctor Solomon coming in with his family. 

You never told me, you went to the same church as Yooku” Esaba whispered to Mandy.

It never came up” she replied. 

After church Mandy went to say hello to a couple of her friends, Yooku who had noticed Esaba early on, saw her sitting alone and used it as an opportunity to talk to her.

Did you like your first day? ” he asked.

Well, I did like it better than my first day at work,” Esaba said jokingly.

Yooku chuckled and sat next to her.

Would you like to visit again?” he asked

I really enjoyed the sermon and the choir sang beautifully but I am not sure yet”

“You should think about it, we would be happy to have you”

Esaba smiled and nodded.

Okay sir I would think about it”

“ It’s Yooku to you now remember? ”

“Yes right. Yooku”

Mandy came back to get her and saw Yooku with her

Are you two friends now?” she teased

Yooku smiled and looked at Esaba.

Well, are we? ” he asked her.

Esaba smiled shyly and nodded.

I guess we are”

“Okay then, see you around friend,” he said and left them.

Was that so hard? I told you he is nice ” Mandy asked

He is alright. Are we leaving? I am starving ” Esaba said

Eii Esaba, you like food. It’s Sunday, fast for God ” Mandy teased

Esaba laughed and stood up.

She visited the church twice after her first time and decided to join. The pastor was very good and she loved how nice and friendly the members were. She rededicated her life to God. 

The following month, there was a video circulating the internet about the arrest of Senyo, he was smuggling drugs out of the country.

He made the news because of who his father is. A few friends from school, who knew Esaba was in a relationship with him sent her the video of his arrest. 

It made Esaba sad, she hadn’t seen him in a while, he looked a mess. Even though she hated him, seeing him that way hurt her because he used to be someone she really loved. 

Jeremy called her to tell her the news.

Hey, Esaba. How are you?”

“Hi. I am okay. How are you?”

Not too good. Senyo has been arrested ” he said and sighed

She sighed too.

Yeah. I heard. What’s happening now? Is he okay at least?” she asked

We haven’t been able to see him but it doesn’t look good at all”

Did you know he was into the smuggling of drugs?” she asked

I had no idea Esaba when the news broke, I couldn’t believe it was Senyo”  

May God help him because this is really serious”

“Yes very serious, his life could be over”

Esaba’s door was opened ajar, Yooku was passing to another office but decided to check if she was okay, she smiled when she saw him at her door.

He smiled back and waved a greeting when he saw her on the phone. Esaba waved back, he left and closed Esaba’s door. 

When he was returning to his office, he decided to check on her again, he just wanted to talk to her. 

Hi. How’s your day going?” he asked and sat across from her. 

Not so great”

“Why what happened?”

Esaba looked at him, she was surprised he was making conversation with her.

Don’t you have work to do? ” she asked

I do, but I have some time on my hands now so tell me, why are you having a bad day?”

Esaba sighed.

Just got some bad news about someone, he was arrested for smuggling drugs’’

Drugs? Do you mean Senyo Acolatse? Pastor Acolatse’s son? “

Yes him,” Esaba said surprisingly 

That boy, he had it coming. I am not surprised at all”  

You know Senyo? ” she asked

Not really, my parents are friends with his parents. My dad was on the phone with his father this morning. It looks bad and his father is very worried. I hear a lot of stories about him from time to time, from the drugs,  to, how he abuses his girlfriends. He is sick, he really needs help. I wonder what girl would ever want to be in a relationship with Senyo, she must really be a stupid person to think she has a future with someone like Senyo” 

Why would you even say that? It’s not like the girls know he is abusive before they date him, he becomes abusive in the relationship” 

You have no idea what you are saying. Almost everybody knows Senyo abuses his girlfriends, so badly one of them committed suicide. I mean it made the news, so people know, these girls know what they are getting themselves into. They just stay because of the money and power. They are all just gold diggers. I even heard the last girl he was with stole from him and left him”

Esaba was starting to get upset.

Where did you hear it? ” she asked.

 I don’t quite remember. I think a friend told me”

Esaba sighed and went back to working on her laptop. Yooku looked at her

Are you okay? ” he asked

She nodded without lifting up her head. She didn’t say another word to him, he stared at her for a while then asked to be excused. 

Yooku was confused about what had just happened, he tried to talk to her during the lunch break but Esaba was back to avoiding him. 

Well, that was a friendship short-lived,” he thought. 

Yooku tried to reach out to Esaba through Mandy after a week of Esaba ignoring him.

Could you find out from her what I did or said? I am very confused” Yooku said

Okay, I would try. Give me some time” Mandy said. 

That weekend, Mandy visited Esaba. They were watching a movie together when Mandy decided to bring Yooku up.  

Esaba groaned and paused the movie.

Seriously Mandy, Yooku is arrogant. I don’t want to have anything to do with him”

Why, what did he do? 

Esaba got quiet.

Esaba, what did he do that was so bad? Please tell me.”

Esaba sighed and told Mandy everything she had gone through with Senyo and how Yooku in a few minutes with little information insulted her and other women who have been victims too. Mandy had tears in her eyes when Esaba finished telling her story.

Don’t cry Mandy, it would make me cry too. But yeah, that’s why I want to stay away from Yooku”

I totally understand, he really spoke loosely but I also think you should tell him the truth so that he apologizes to you at least” 

It’s fine. I don’t need his apology” Esaba said and continued watching the movie. 

The following week, Mandy told Yooku everything, he felt like the biggest fool, he should have known from the way Esaba got defensive.

I expected more from you Yooku. You said a lot of mean things, targeting women. Gender insult, that’s what’s killing people in society. A girl dates a rich guy and suddenly she is tagged as a stupid gold digger.  She has been through a lot Yooku, that Senyo person is evil. You need to apologize to her”

I feel so bad Mandy. I have been so stressed lately I don’t seem to do anything right. I had no right to say all that. I really have to apologize to her, that’s if she would even talk to me”

“Try harder, if you really want her to know you didn’t mean any of the things you said”

Esaba decided to start working at Sunday school in her new church, she has always wanted an opportunity to get closer to young people especially girls to guide and counsel them. 

The incident with Yooku started a fire in her so she decided to pursue her dream of empowering more young girls. She thought the best place would be at church so she spoke to Mandy and she got an interview with the pastor and his wife. 

She impressed them at the interview and got the opportunity to teach a class Ewurafua happened to be in. The pastor’s wife had already told Esaba the situation with Ewurafua so she remembered not to bother her in class. The kids warmed up to her quickly, she found out a couple of weeks later that Yooku was related to Ewurafua.

It broke her heart a bit because she could only imagine what he might be going through. 

Yooku still hadn’t gotten an opportunity to apologize to Esaba, he thought of every way possible. 

He mustered courage and visited her very early one Saturday morning; he had a class but sacrificed a few hours to make things right with Esaba. 

Esaba was doing her laundry at the back of the house while listening to music so didn’t hear when someone knocked on the gate.

He knew it was early, so he didn’t feel comfortable knocking so much on the gate. He waited outside for close to ten minutes hoping someone had heard his first knock but nobody came out. 

He checked his watch and turned to leave.

This was a bad idea after all,” he thought. 

 Uncle Fynn had heard him but getting to the gate took him a long time because he is old. He called out Yooku’s name when he saw him leaving. 

Yooku was startled when he heard his name.

Oh, Uncle Fynn ” he said and run back to the gate.

I am so sorry to bother you this early ” Yooku apologized. 

It’s fine Yooku but why are you here so early? Is something wrong? Is it Ewurafua?” Uncle Fynn asked worriedly and opened the gate. 

Oh no. Ewurafua is very fine please. I am actually here for Esaba”

Uncle Fynn raised his eyebrows.

I hope she hasn’t gotten herself into any trouble at work” 

Yooku chuckled. 

No sir. I have to speak to her about something, it’s pretty important

Uncle Fynn nodded.

Oh sure sure. She’s at the back. Come with me” Uncle Fynn said. 

Esaba was wearing a big black T-shirt with pink skimpy shorts, she was drying her clothes. 

Yooku found her outfit adorable, he smiled to himself.

Esaba saw Yooku with her Uncle. The look on her face made Yooku more nervous. 

Ooooh, this guy! What does he want” she thought. 

Hold on. I am going to get you a chair” Uncle Fynn said

Oh no Uncle Fynn, please I am fine. I am not going to stay long” Yooku said

Are you sure?”

“I am very sure. Thank you very much” 

Uncle Fynn nodded and left them alone.

Yooku looked down at Esaba, she was back to washing.

Hi Esaba”

“ What do you want Yooku? ”

“I am here to apologize, and please don’t be mad at Mandy but she told me everything”


“Please calm down. I forced it out of her. I was confused, you just stopped speaking to me so I needed answers”

“Well now you know”

I am very sorry, I just want you to know that I didn’t mean anything I said. I totally respect women and I respect you more for leaving Senyo. I am just dealing with a lot lately and I tend to do and say silly things. That’s not an excuse, I know. I am only trying to let you know that I am usually not like that, I had no right disrespecting you that way. Please forgive me”

Esaba sighed.

I don’t know where your friend got his or her news from, but just so you know, I didn’t steal from Senyo,” Esaba said

Sure. I am truly sorry again Esaba. Could we go back to being friends again? Please?” 

Esaba smiled and nodded

I guess,” she said

Awesome. Thanks. I have to go now. I have a class” 

“Okay. I would see you at church?” she asked

Definitely. and oh Esaba, nice shorts you got there”

Esaba laughed and watched him run back into the house. Uncle Fynn walked him out and extended his greeting to his family.

The next day at church Esaba spoke to her kids about forgiveness, she tries to make her class as interactive as possible, it helps her get to know the kids better. The kids are always willing to share their opinions especially Valerie who was gradually becoming Esaba’s pet.

So Colossians 3:13 is telling us to understand one another and forgive each other. Normally as humans, we would definitely offend someone. When you realize you have offended someone, you go to the person for forgiveness and the person that has been offended must also find a place to forgive you. Who would like to read Proverbs 28:13 ? ” 

Valerie quickly raised her hand, Esaba smiled but asked another person to read.

Okay, Daniel would read Proverbs 28: 13 for us. I also want someone else to open James 5:16. After Daniel is done, I would choose someone else to read that for us. Valerie isn’t the only one in this class”

Valerie and some other kids giggled.

Proverbs 28:13Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy. Amen” Daniel read

Amen! Thank you Dan-“

“-Therefore, confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16. Amen.” 

The class went quiet. Ewurafua read, she spoke. Esaba was shocked but in order not to make her feel uncomfortable she played it cool and continued with the class.

Amen! Thank you Ewurafua and Daniel. So as they both read, it’s good to admit to our wrongs, it is good to ask for forgiveness from God and also from our friends and family. That way, we can get healing from whatever hurt and pain holding certain grudges gave us. Ewurafua also read that the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” 

Can anyone tell us who a righteous person is? Esaba asked.

She asked on purpose hoping that Ewurafua would raise her hand but she didn’t, Esaba understood and called another kid to answer.

After class, Ewurafua left. She is normally the first to leave. The kids spoke about Ewurafua when she left the class, they were happy she had spoken. Valerie asked Esaba how she felt too when she was helping her arrange the chairs.

Of course I am excited. I would say a prayer for her, I hope she gains more confidence. She has such a nice voice” Esaba said

I agree. She used to sing a lot.”  Valerie said


“Yes, with Kelly. They were inseparable” 

The next day at work, Esaba couldn’t wait to tell Yooku the good news. She went to his office as soon as she arrived at work. Yooku couldn’t believe it.

My sister? Are you sure?”

” Yes. She hasn’t said anything at home? “

Yooku shook his head in shock.

“No, she hasn’t. She is always in her room. Esaba are you very sure?”

“I am sure Yooku, she read a verse in the bible. She speaks so well, and her voice is so lovely”

Yooku sat in silence. He was so happy, he teared up.

Oh Yooku” Esaba said.

She stretched her arm across his desk and held his hand.

It’s fine. She is going to be fine. We just have to keep praying” Esaba said.

I miss her. She used to be so lively and very funny. I used to look forward to going home because of her. We spent so much time together, she used to refuse to do her homework when her studies teachers came around because she wanted to play with me. I stopped her from coming to my room if she hadn’t finished her homework. So she came up with the knock, any time she knocked that way, it was to tell me she is done with her homework. So she would knock my name “Yooku” and add “I am done”. Whenever I hear that knock I went to open the door for her” Yooku said and smiled.

Ohh I see. She is the reason for your weird knock” Esaba teased.

Yeah. When she got ill she stopped, I am still waiting for her to knock on my door and ask to play with me. That’s why you telling me she spoke yesterday makes me happy, that means she is getting better”

Esaba nodded excitedly.

Someone knocked on Yooku’s door and opened it without waiting for him to shout “Enter! 

Yooku’s eyes widened and he stood up.

Babe?! What?! How?!” he said

Babe? As in girlfriend?!” Esaba thought.

I wanted to surprise you at home but I just couldn’t wait honey, so here I am. Tadaa!” 

Yooku smiled and went to hug her.

I missed you!” he said and lifted her up.

Esaba was uncomfortable and asked to be excused but Yooku didn’t hear her, he was focused on the beautiful woman in his arms.

When Esaba got to her office she quickly sent Mandy a text.

Does Yooku have a girlfriend? “

“Yes. Ann-Shirley, but she is based in London” 

“Well she is in Yooku’s office now” 

“What? Ann-Shirley is in Ghana?”

Mandy rushed to Esaba’s office.

Are you sure it’s Ann-Shirley that you saw?”

“I don’t know but he called her babe and she called him honey and Yooku hugged her tightly and told her how much he had missed her”

Mandy smiled

Does she have a British accent? Is she fair and slim?

Esaba nodded.

Wow. That’s really her, but I can’t help but notice you are a little jealous madam” Mandy teased

Esaba chuckled.

I am not jealous. I am only describing what I saw Mandy

If you say so. I have a lot of work to do today, catch you at lunch?” Mandy asked

Esaba nodded and opened her laptop. When Mandy left her office, she closed her laptop and leaned back into her chair. She was jealous, she didn’t know when she started liking Yooku because they have done nothing but fight with each other ever since she met him.



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