Hello lovely people ?I hope you are all fine? A few of you were looking forward to some office romance, but Yooku had a life before Esaba please?. So yes, he has a girlfriend ??. Holy Ground episode five…enjoy?


Episode 5- Love Nwantiti


Esaba fought with her emotions and prayed about the feelings she was starting to have for Yooku. She had no business liking him especially now that she knew he had a girlfriend. 

Each morning Esaba saw Ann-Shirley jogging with Yooku around campus. It made her laugh because she knew Yooku was only doing it because of her.

At the office she kept her distance, she knew getting closer to him would make her like him even more.

Yooku noticed her distance and asked her but she made something up.

One morning, she had just gotten out of a long meeting with her boss and was trying to relax when Yooku knocked on her door and opened it.  

Hey,” he said


“So I don’t see a lot of you lately and wanted to check if you were still alive”

Esaba chuckled.

Come on. You saw me at church yesterday,” Esaba said

“I know I did, but that was for like two seconds”

Esaba chuckled again.

How’s Ann-Shirley?” she asked. 

“She’s okay. Really enjoying her stay”

Esaba nodded

“I see” she said

“So..the other reason I am here,  is to invite you to a party. I have already told Uncle Fynn about it but I wanted to invite you in person. It’s a birthday party for Ewurafua, she’s turning thirteen this Saturday.  I have a feeling she would be happy to see you there”

“Okay, anything for Ewurafua. I would be there”

“Actually, it wouldn’t be in our home on campus we have another house, a much bigger one, to accommodate more people, Uncle Fynn knows there” 

“Oh okay…sounds like a plan”

“Right! So… I would see you this Saturday?” Yooku asked 

Esaba smiled and nodded.

“Great! And stop avoiding me” Yooku said and left her office

Esaba was so excited, she told Mandy about it.

Wow! You have to look your best and that’s why you got me. We are going shopping after work” 

On the day of the party Mandy made her up, she looked stunning in her beautiful white dress.

Yooku’s heart skipped a beat when he saw Esaba at the party with Mandy, he almost shouted wow but held his tongue.

Wow, Esaba! You look beautiful!” Kukua said and hugged her

Thanks, Kukua” 

“Hello? How about me?” Mandy said

You look good too Mandy” Kukua said

Come. I have the perfect spot for you two” she added

Yooku walked up to them when they were seated.

You girls look very beautiful,” he said and locked eyes with Esaba

Esaba blushed and picked up the present she had gotten for Ewurafua.

Where are you keeping all her presents, I want to add mine,” Esaba said

Would you like to give it to her yourself? ” Yooku asked

Okay sure

Yooku walked into the house with her to Ewurafua’s room, her door was opened, she was sitting on the bed looking out her window.

Hey baby girl,” Yooku said when he saw her.

Are you nervous?” he added.

She smiled and shook her head

Look who I have here…Auntie Esaba. She got you something for your birthday”

Ewurafua’s face lit up when she saw Esaba.  Yooku has never seen her react that way to anyone.

Esaba walked to her, Ewurafua hit the side of her bed signaling Esaba to sit by her. She did and gave her the gift bag.

She opened it and smiled.

It was a bracelet with her name written on it, a pack of hand cream with lip balm, and a beautiful pink journal.

You can write all your thoughts and feelings in your journal, it’s therapeutic. I used to have a journal too when I was around your age, and every time after writing, it felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders”

Ewurafua smiled and went to take a pen from her nightstand, she opened the journal and started writing. She showed what she has written to Esaba.

Thank you very much Auntie Esaba. And you look very beautiful ” Esaba read.

Aww..thank you Ewurafua. You look very beautiful too” Esaba said.

Ewurafua smiled and hugged her. Yooku was very surprised, he has never seen his little sister offer to hug anyone.

I would see you downstairs soon?” Esaba asked her when she let her go.

Ewurafua nodded.

Yooku hugged his little sister too

Happy Birthday princess,” he said.

What charm are you using on my little sister ? ” Yooku teased when they left the room.

Esaba laughed hysterically.

I am just good with kids I guess,” Esaba said.

They run into Ann-Shirley on the stairs.

Oh my God. There you are, honey. I have been looking everywhere for you. I called, where did you keep your phone?” Ann-Shirley said.

Yooku took his phone from his pocket.

Oh sorry, my ringer was on silent”

That’s okay,” Ann-Shirely said.

There was a brief, awkward silence before Yooku introduced Ann-Shirley to Esaba.

Esaba is a colleague from work. She replaced Jake when he resigned”

Oh I see. A pleasure to meet you E-sa-ba? ” Ann-Shirley said.

It’s Esaba” Yooku corrected and smiled.

Right! So can we get back to the party now?” Ann-Shirley said and held Yooku’s hand.

Esaba followed them out of the house.

Ewurafua came out minutes later too and the party started. She looked happy and that made everyone happy.

When CKay’s song Love Nwantiti started to play, Esaba saw Yooku holding Ann-Shirley’s hand to the dance floor.

Ann-Shirley slow whined in front of Yooku to the beat while locking eyes with his. Yooku smiled and held her waist, they moved slowly in each other’s arms to the rhythm of the song.

Let’s get on the dance floor, I love this song,” Mandy said and held Esaba’s hand.

“I don’t feel like dancing. You go have fun

I can’t dance alone, you are my plus one,” Mandy said and looked at her.

Esaba’s eyes were fixed on Yooku and Ann-Shirley. Mandy saw her looking and laughed.

You really are jealous! You are very bad at hiding your emotions Esaba. My Goodness! So you like Yooku?!” 

I don’t like anyone. And lower your voice please”

Mandy laughed and sat back down by Esaba, they both looked at Yooku and Ann-Shirley dancing.

They really look good together though,” Mandy said

Esaba sighed and picked her phone, she stood up.

Where are you going?”

“To the ladies room”

“I’ll join you” 

When they got back Ewurafua was about to cut her cake. She was standing at the front with her family. Everyone started to sing for her. After the party, Esaba wanted to say bye to Yooku but he was busy talking to some other guests. Ann-Shirley was around Yooku the whole time. She sighed and joined Uncle Fynn back home.

A week after the party, Esaba started seeing less and less of Yooku. He was preparing for an examination so he took a couple of weeks off work. He wanted to study and at the same time, spend some quality time with Ann-Shirley.  She only saw him at church but they couldn’t talk because he was always with Ann-Shirley.

She wished she had his number so that she could call or text him, she almost asked Mandy for it but she didn’t want to look desperate.

One evening after work she was getting down from a taxi and saw Yooku walking alone. She smiled and called out to him.

Yooku smiled too and walked to her.

“Are you now getting off work?” he asked.

“Yes. I had to finish a monthly report”

“What are you also doing walking all alone?” 

“Why is something wrong with me walking alone?”

“No. There is nothing wrong, it just looks weird, for the past month I have always seen you with your girlfriend

Yooku chuckled.

“I just wanted to be alone to think”

“Think? About what?” 

Yooku sighed.

“I don’t like burdening people with my issues”

“You aren’t burdening me. I want to know

Yooku smiled and shrugged.

Okay then. Ann-Shirley and I got into a fight this evening at dinner. She keeps treating Ewurafua like a deaf person. I have told her constantly that Ewurafua isn’t deaf but she tends to speak to her at the top of her voice and uses ridiculous sign language whenever she is talking to Ewurafua. It gets me upset every time but today at dinner in the presence of my family she did it again. I found it very disrespectful and I completely lost it on her at the table and stormed out” 

I actually noticed that at the party. I wanted to ask you about it but I haven’t seen a lot of you lately”

You saw it at the party?” Yooku asked.

Esaba nodded.

“Then that means some guests also saw it. I don’t know why she does that. I don’t know if it’s on purpose or she is very forgetful” Yooku said and sighed.

But I suggest you sit her down and explain the situation to her. She probably doesn’t understand”

I have. She understands, trust me she does. There is nothing difficult about this. My kid sister witnessed the tragic death of her best friend and has never been able to get over it. She stopped speaking because she is very traumatized and has a lot of emotions to fight through. Esaba, is this hard to understand? You notice how I never once said she has gone deaf. How does one take deafness out of this clear description?” 

Esaba chuckled

Calm down Yooku. Would you want to come inside? It’s getting cold out here” Esaba said

Okay but I can’t stay long”

They went to her house and Yooku said hello to her uncle and auntie. Yooku sat with them and waited for Esaba to change into something comfy.

How are your parents? I haven’t seen much of them after the party” Uncle Fynn said.

“They are very fine. How are you too?” 

“I am doing well I just have  some body aches” 

“oh really? You should pass by the hospital to let daddy check it” Yooku said worriedly

oh, it’s fine. I get excellent massages from my wife”

Naana smiled.

I try my best but we would think about it and visit Doctor Solomon soon,” she said.

Yeah anytime you decide, let me know and I would book an appointment. How is Jojo? I hardly ask about him

“Jojo is very fine by God’s grace. He still hasn’t adjusted to the cold yet” Naana said

Esaba came out of her room wearing an orange tank top with grey shorts. She had fixed her hair in a ponytail.

Yooku, would you like something to drink?” she asked

“Oh no I am fine thanks”

Esaba smiled and walked to the kitchen to fix her supper, Yooku watched her as she walked to the kitchen, she looked very beautiful and very cute.
She got out with a plate of jollof rice and sat by the dining table, she signaled Yooku to come sit with her.

When Uncle Fynn and Naana saw Yooku going to sit next to Esaba by the table, they turned the Tv off and excused them.

We would be inside” Uncle Fynn said

Okay Uncle” they both said in unison

Would you want to join me?” Esaba asked

Yooku shook his head and Esaba nodded.

So what have you decided to do about the Ann-Shirley situation ?” 

Yooku shrugged.

Nothing yet, at least now she knows how much I hate it when she does that so it might force her to change”

Esaba chuckled and it made Yooku laugh too.

Why what’s funny?” he asked.

I am just wondering how you have a British girlfriend”

She isn’t British. She just has the accent. She was born in Ghana but left for London when she was six. She has spent most of her life in London. She is Ashanti actually. Her full name is Ann-Shirley Maame Yaa Konadu Boateng” 

Wow she has a nice name, so how did you two meet?”

My grandmother lived her last years in London. My Uncle; my dad’s big brother came for her. She died two years ago. We visited her in London every December for six years. Ann-Shirley’s house was next to my Uncle’s house, my Uncle is friends with her parents so they introduced us. We  became fast friends and started spending lots of time together before we both knew it, we have fallen in love and I asked her to be my girlfriend after being friends for about three years”

Esaba smiled.

Cute story” she said and continued eating.

Well since we are sharing can you tell me how you met Senyo?”

Esaba chuckled.

I met him in third year of Uni. He was friends with my roommate so he came over a lot. He saw me and he liked me. I didn’t like him a lot at first but he started helping me out financially. The time I met him I was really struggling financially but I started liking him a lot after some time so I decided to give him a chance. I fell in love with him when I got to know him better and moved in with him. I later found out that he was showing me a part of him, he wanted me to see when we were dating.  I saw the real him when I moved in with him and started a relationship with him”

Yooku sighed.

“I can’t imagine what you went through with him” he said

“He is a monster” Esaba said

Yooku smiled and held her hand

“I am very glad you are out of there and here with us Esaba”

“I am glad too” Esaba said and pulled her hand out of his.

Yooku wondered if he had made her feel uncomfortable.

She took her plate to the kitchen and came out with a drink for him.

You walked out when you were having dinner so I am assuming you are still hungry,” Esaba said and gave him the drink.

Yooku laughed and opened it.

She escorted him to the gate and Yooku mustered the courage to ask her for her number. She mentioned it to him and he called her.

“I wish you luck with Ann-Shirley and extend my greeting to Ewurafua and Kukua”

“I will do that Esaba. Do let Uncle Fynn and Auntie Naana know I have left please” 

Esaba nodded and opened the gate for him. Yooku smiled to himself as he walked back home, he realised how much he had enjoyed talking to Esaba. He sent her a message when he got in front of his gate.

“Thanks for being a listening ear tonight. I feel better. Thank you. I had fun talking to you. I think that was the longest conversation we have ever had. We should do it again” 

Esaba was reading on her kindle when she felt her phone vibrate.

She smiled as she read Yooku’s message.

The next day at work, Esaba decided to use the MacBook, it made her feel closer to Yooku for some reason.

Mandy visited Esaba like she does every morning and saw her using the laptop.

Am I in the right office?” she asked pretending to look around.

Esaba chuckled and shook her head.

Wait. Hello? Who are you and what did you do to the person who swore never to touch this laptop?”

Esaba laughed hysterically and threw a book at her.

Mandy leave, I am busy”

“No. I have to take a photo because I need evidence. Wow ! Esaba doing wonders this morning”

She took a photo and sat across from her.

“Hello, Auntie? Excuse me, madam. Esaba, stop typing and let ask you a serious question” Mandy teased

Esaba ignored her.

Mandy laughed.

What changed your mind though? Did Mr. Essuman ask for his laptop back?” she asked

“No. I just decided to use it. It’s nothing”

As for me I think it’s because you are beginning to like Yooku, I know how much you hated this laptop and then suddenly you are here using it”

Esaba’s phone chimed and she quickly checked, it was a message from Yooku.

“Goodmoring Esaba. Did you sleep well?

Esaba smiled and quickly replied. Mandy snatched the phone from her hand and read the message.

“I said it! Didn’t I say it? I said it! Something should have happened for this laptop to see the light of day today” 

Esaba laughed and got up from her seat, she took her phone from Mandy’s hand and pushed her out of the office.

You are such a gossip. You need deliverance. Leave my office” Esaba said and they both laughed.

Esaba was working when the receptionist called.

Esaba, there is a package here for you”

“What package?”

“I can’t really tell but they smell delicious”

“Okay I am coming downstairs” 

She got to the front desk and saw her package, they were freshly baked chocolate donuts.

She offered the receptionist some and took the rest to her office. She had missed a call from Yooku.

She called him back.

Hey, have you received the donuts?”

“So they are from you?”

“Yep! My small way of saying thank you for yesterday”

Oh Yooku you shouldn’t have”

“I wanted to”

“Thank you that was very thoughtful”


I hope you enjoyed reading?. See you all soon with episode 6. Have a lovely evening ♥️