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Episode 6 – Second Chance

Ann-Shirley made sure to apologize to Yooku and his family before going back to London but Fiifi still wasn’t happy at all about what Ann-Shirley did and he blamed Yooku for not keeping his girlfriend in check. 

For weeks, even after Ann-Shirley had left he had to apologize to his parents again on her behalf. He promised his parents that he would make sure Ann-Shirley never repeats it.

He apologized to Ewurafua especially with a heartfelt note and Ewurafua replied with a note too. 

Yooku started going on evening walks with Esaba on Saturdays around campus. Every evening felt amazing and they both started looking forward to it.

On one of the evenings, she saw Yooku walking towards her with an envelope in his hand.

“Ewurafua left this under my door last night, it has your name on it. She wants to tell you something I guess” 

Esaba smiled and collected the envelope.

“Well, aren’t you going to open it?” Yooku asked

If she wanted you to know, she would have written both our names on the envelope” Esaba said

Yooku laughed and walked away leaving Esaba behind, she chuckled and caught up with him.

So how did your exam go? I always forget to ask” she asked

That’s because you don’t care about me” Yooku teased

Oh come off it, you know I do. Tell me, how was it?”

“oh it was fine some papers were difficult but I would survive”

“Talking about exams, when did you say you would go back to school?”

“I would enroll in October. I want to know how it would go, if it’s going to be flexible or an intensive class” she said


“Because I want to learn how to drive on the side” 

Yooku raised his eyebrows.

“And you don’t know how to drive because?

Esaba laughed

Because I am scaredy cat and never gotten the confidence to learn but I think now is the best time because I am setting a lot of things right in my life and I think I have some confidence to get behind the wheel”

I would have loved to teach you but despite whatever people say about driving schools being a waste of time and money, I think Kelly would still be alive if the lady that knocked her down went to driving school rather than allowing her husband to teach her”

“So what happened to her; the lady that knocked Kelly down?”

“Kelly’s parents had her arrested but we found out some days later that she killed herself and her husband runaway. It was a very hard chapter in our life, sometimes I cringed when I remember it. So I totally understand how Ewurafua feels” 

Yooku sat on a leisure bench and Esaba sat by him.

“So do plan on staying in Capecoast forever?” he asked

I want to say No but I don’t have family anywhere else”

“What about your parents?”

“I don’t know my father and my mother is married to a man who doesn’t want anything to do with me”

Yooku held her hand

I am so sorry,” he said

Esaba let go of his hand again, Yooku didn’t want to address it at first but he wanted to know why.

Do you feel uncomfortable when I hold your hand?”

Esaba wanted to hide from the question by asking another question but Yooku insisted.

She sighed and shook her head.

I don’t feel uncomfortable when you hold my hand, as a matter of fact, I love it when you do but I don’t want to get used to it especially now that I know you have a girlfriend”

“Sorry, but I am a little lost. Friends hold hands too don’t they? I just do that to show that I care about you Esaba”

“Yeah just as a friend I get it.” 

“Wait Esaba, do you not want us to be friends?”

Esaba didn’t answer.

No, talk to me. What’s the matter?”

I thought you liked me more than a friend.  I mean we spend all this time together. All the gifts from the pancakes, to muffins to donuts. I thought you were trying to tell me something” 

Yooku cleared his throat and straightened up.

I get confused because I know you have a girlfriend but you do all these nice things for me. I don’t want to get used to them and eventually get hurt”  

I don’t know what to say. I didn’t mean to confuse you Esaba. I just felt sorry for you after what Mandy told me, you went through with Senyo so I wanted to be there for you”

“So all this is out of pity for me?”

“I wouldn’t say pity. It’s  just-“

“-just what Yooku? Are you serious?” 

“Why are you this upset Esaba? I haven’t proposed love or anything of that sort to you, so why? I am with Ann-Shirley, you know this. I was just trying to be nice to you”

“I don’t need you being nice to me, if it’s only out of pity. I am fine and I don’t need anybody’s pity” Esaba said and walked away.

Yooku watched her leave, she was crying and Yooku had no idea what was going on.

She rushed to her room after greeting her uncle and auntie and cried some more. She really had fallen hard for Yooku and she had no idea why.

Yooku called her to apologize because from her actions he knew he had really offended her but she didn’t answer. He left a couple of messages for her which she deleted after reading them.

When she was all cried out she showered and got ready for bed, as she arranged the things on her bed, Ewurafua’s letter fell down. She had completely forgotten about it. She quickly picked it up and read it.

Dear Auntie Esaba,

I hope you are well. I haven’t gotten the opportunity to thank you again for my birthday gift. I love them very much especially the bracelet and my journal. The journal has taught me how to express my feelings and I think I am getting better.

I have thought a lot about going back to singing. I used to sing a lot with my best friend and now, I know she wouldn’t want me to let that go. I know, she wouldn’t want me to stop living my life. I know, she is in heaven smiling down at me hoping I live my life.

You are an amazing singer and I love all the songs you teach at Sunday school. I was thinking, if it wouldn’t be asking too much, I would love for you to be my vocal coach

PS: I want us to keep it a secret. I am still finding my confidence, I wouldn’t want to raise my family’s hopes up. 

Esaba gasped and drop the letter.

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus” she said.

Before she went to bed she replied to Ewurafua’s letter accepting her request.

On Sunday, she gave the letter to Ewurafua and they both smiled. She saw Ewurafua hurriedly reading it with her face lighting up, she looked up at Esaba and Esaba nodded at her.

Yooku was the first person Esaba saw at the entrance of the hospital when she got out of her taxi the next morning.

Esaba?” he said.

Yooku. Please stop. We have nothing else to say to each other. I totally took you being nice to me as something else but you have made it clear. I should have known better and I made a mistake. No one has been that nice to me before so it’s easy to misread the intention they have. I apologize for making you uncomfortable but I really don’t want pity friendship from you. Thanks for everything”

Yooku watched her leave, he couldn’t get a word out.

Months went by, Esaba and Yooku went back to being strangers. Mandy asked Esaba severally but she never told her because she didn’t want Mandy telling Yooku.
She was also a little embarrassed to tell Mandy that she had fallen in love with Yooku and found out Yooku was only in her life out of pity.

She always asked permission from the office at lunchtime and went to Euwrafua’s school to help her sing. Ewurafua had an amazing voice and her singing always brought Esaba to tears.

Mandy wasn’t seeing a lot of Esaba and it was slowly destroying their friendship.

One afternoon, Mandy followed Esaba out of the office and realized where she had always been going to.

Mandy confronted her in front of the school, Esaba was shocked to see her. She tried explaining to her but Mandy didn’t want to hear it.
She walked inside the school and saw Ewurafua sitting outside.
Esaba noticed Ewurafua had a worried look when she saw Mandy but Esaba explained to her and she understood.

Mandy this stays between us, she doesn’t want anyone knowing please” Esaba warned

Sure my lips are sealed

Mandy followed them to the music room and heard both Esaba and Ewurafua sing. She was amazed and really impressed.

On their way back to work Mandy asked Esaba where she learnt to sing.

Esaba chuckled.

Growing up, I had a lot of time to myself so I listened to music and I sang a lot. I think a lot of practice in my room eventually made me better”

Mandy smiled.

But Ewurafua’s voice though. Oh my goodness” Mandy said

I know right. I was blown away the first time I heard her singing”

Esaba visited Ewurafua a couple weeks more at school and when Ewurafua had gained enough confidence, she came up with a plan and told Esaba about it.

With Mandy’s relationship with the head pastor’s wife, Esaba got an opportunity to discuss Ewurafua’s plan with her but the pastor’s wife came up with a much better plan.

Even though it’s been months since Yooku last spoke to Esaba it still disturbed him like their fight had only happened the previous day.
He really missed spending time with her and wished he hadn’t hurt her that way.

He missed her more on Saturdays, he wanted to go on long walks with her and talk about everything.

He was watching a movie and a scene reminded him of her so he decided to send her a message and see if she would reply, she did.

And they texted for ten minutes about the movie he was watching. When he felt like their conversation was ending Yooku hit her with an “I miss you” text.

Esaba read it but didn’t reply. Yooku kept checking his phone to see if she would reply. He turned his phone off and back on thinking probably his internet connection was bad. Esaba had put her phone on charge and gone to bed.

The next day at church, he saw Esaba in the main auditoruim with the kids in her class sitting at the back. He looked around to see Ewurafua but he couldn’t and he panicked.

He texted Esaba.

“Where is my little sister?” 

He saw Esaba look down to read his message and still didn’t reply.

The Deputy head pastor got on stage and welcomed the choir to minister.

The lead singer David, stood in front of the choir and they started singing Nathaniel Bassey and Chigozie Achugo’s song You are God.

David sang beautifully, Nathaniel Bassey’s part and as the choir sang the chorus to the song and got to the part Chigozie Achugo’s sang, David introduced Ewurafua.

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Ewurafua Solomon! ” he said excitedly pointing to the entrance of the auditoruim.

Ewurafua walked in singing passionately and confidently

You’ve got times and seasons in your hands. You called for light out of darkness.You don’t need a man to be the God you are, but in your mercy you have called us your own…..” 

Yooku’s heart skipped a beat, he was immediately moved to tears. The congregation rose up and watched as Ewurafua sang beautifully to the front of the church to join the choir.

Fiifi gasped and covered his mouth in amazement. Ewurafua made the song hers and sang it perfectly just like Chigozie Achugo did in the original. The head pastor had no idea, his wife hid the plan from him.

When Ewurafua finished singing, the head pastor went on stage and hugged Ewurafua bringing half of the congregation to tears.

Welcome back darling. Welcome back” he said.

The head pastor, along with the deputy pastor and some elders laid hands on Ewurafua and prayed for her.

When they were done, Ewurafua told the church how she gained her confidence back with the help of God and Esaba.

The church gave Esaba a standing ovation when the head pastor called her to the front and said a prayer for her too.

After church Mr. and Mrs Solomon invited Esaba home for lunch, they wanted to know more about how she pulled it off. Ewurafua sat next to her at the table and Yooku across from her.

I didn’t do much, she reached out to me and I only did my best. I give all the credit to God. He makes everything beautiful in his own time” Esaba excitedly to Mrs. Solomon.

After lunch, Fiifi insisted Yooku give Esaba a ride back home. It was a very awkward ride back because they hadn’t said anything to each other in person for months.

Thank you Esaba for what you have done for my family. I never thought I would ever hear my sister sing again” Yooku said when they got to her house.

Like I told your mum, I didn’t do anything God did everything. I would see you tomorrow at work and thanks for bringing me home” Esaba said and got out of the car.

The following morning, Esaba got a call from Jeremy. She had just arrived at the office.

“Hey Esaba”

“Jeremy. How are you?”

“I am good. Guess what?”


” I am in Capecoast. I just arrived, I had some leave days from work and decided to surprise you”

“What? You are joking”

I am in front of the University and decided to call you”

“Wait there, I am coming to get you”

Esaba quickly took a taxi and went back to campus. She saw Jeremy standing next to his car.

You drove here?” she asked surprisingly

Yep! Oh my goodness I have missed you so much” Jeremy said and hugged her.

They went back to her office because Jeremy insisted to see where she worked.

Wow. This isn’t how I pictured your office to look like. Wow impressive

Esaba smiled.

You look very beautiful Esaba. You have adjusted very well here” Jeremy said and held her cheek.

“Wow! Jeremy, I can’t believe you are in my office. I have really missed you. Thanks for driving all the way here just for me, thank you.” Esaba said and hugged him; tightly this time.

Her face was facing her door, Yooku knocked on Esaba’s door and opened it. He wanted to make things right with her, he just couldn’t stand not being able to talk to her anymore.

He opened the door only to find Esaba happily hugging Jeremy tightly. Esaba broke the hug off, the moment she saw Yooku.

Yooku apologized for interrupting and closed the door.

Was that your boss?” Jeremy asked worriedly.

Esaba stood staring at the door for a while before shaking her head.


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