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Episode 8- Warmth

Esaba called Mandy when she got to her room and started crying.

It was late but Mandy drove to Esaba’s home to be with her. 

I feel like the worst person right now. I came here to figure my life out and I fall for the first guy I meet. I really thought I was making progress with my life but clearly, I am not”

Esaba said sadly to Mandy.

Don’t beat yourself up. Yooku is a very good looking  guy and he has been nothing but nice to you so it’s only normal to have some feelings for him”

Esaba sighed and got off her bed. She stood by her window and turned to look at Mandy. 

He said something about Jeremy that I hadn’t really thought about. As much as Jeremy is a great person to me, I don’t think he is really a good person. He has known Senyo for so many years, so he knew about the way he treats women but did nothing about it.  I just got lucky but what about the other girls who weren’t? I know one of Senyo’s ex-girlfriends committed suicide. If Jeremy was a good friend he could have prevented all that”

ooh, I now get why Yooku was very upset when he found out who Jeremy is. I didn’t understand it at first but I do now. So what are you going to do about Jeremy? Cut ties with him? Just like that? ”

Esaba sighed

“ if I want to completely let go of my past and really heal, I think I have to let go of everything and everyone that reminds me of my past” 

Mandy nodded in agreement.

Yooku couldn’t sleep, he went to Ewurafua’s room. Luckily, Ewurafua was reading when Yooku opened her door. 

“Can’t sleep?” Ewurafua asked

Yooku shook his head and went to lie next to her. 

“ I have a lot on my mind”

“ what’s wrong?” she asked and closed her book. 

Yooku sat up and supported his back with one of her pillows.

“ Can you keep a secret?” he asked

Ewurafua’s eyes widened.

what did you do?” she asked in a whisper. 

I kissed Auntie Esaba

Ewurafua laughed and covered her mouth.

Very interesting but you seem sad”

“ of course, I am sad Ewurafua. I am in a relationship with Ann-Shirley, I shouldn’t be kissing anyone” 

Ewurafua sighed.

I know, I am too young and I know very little about love and relationships, but let me use my classmates at school as an example. There is this boy called Terry that we all know likes Baaba, since kindergarten. Now we are in form one and we still tease both of them. But last term we noticed Terry was getting closer to Fiona, we didn’t make it a big deal at first but these days every time we go to the computer lab, Terry wants to sit next to Fiona, lunch time, Terry goes out for lunch with Fiona instead. Now we the on lookers, don’t even know which girl to tease Terry with. Their love is just puppy love and we know it can easily fade away but we still don’t want to hurt Baaba by teasing Terry with Fiona’s name. 

Terry has made his choice clear, he is around Fiona more than he has ever been with Baaba. If he really had a crush on Baaba since kindergarten his actions would speak, he has no business liking a new girl if he only liked Baaba. So it brings me back to you and Auntie Esaba. If you really and completely like Ann- Shirley I don’t think you have any business kissing Auntie Esaba at all. At my party, I saw how you looked at her even though you were with Ann-Shirley. I know, I can’t compare a 13 year old’s crush or love to yours but Yooku your actions with Auntie Esaba shows that you like her more. You can’t like two people equally, and if you loved the first one more there wouldn’t be the need for a second one” 

Yooku sighed

“But I really love Ann-Shirley. I can’t hurt her like that.”

“ I know you love Ann-Shirley but are you willing to let Auntie Esaba go? Would you be okay if she likes another person?” 

Yooku didn’t answer. 

Your silence to me means you wouldn’t be happy to see Auntie Esaba with someone else. If I had to choose, you know I would choose Auntie Esaba but it’s not my place to choose for you at all. But luckily, I know these two women, Ann-Shirley is very beautiful and smart and I know she makes you happy but you have to admit she doesn’t respect our family. And she behaves like a really spoilt brat. I am sorry but it’s true, you know it and I know it. I am not saying because she is like that she doesn’t deserve to be loved. All I am saying is Auntie Esaba is amazing, I am speaking now because of her, I am a different person because of how incredible she is with us at Sunday school, how she teaches us the things of God and remind us how much God loves us, people like her are so hard to come by, she changes lives and makes a difference. I think you are in love with her because you see all these things and you know how amazing she really is. Need I say more?” 

Yooku chuckled. 

“ For someone who just found her voice, you have a lot to say ” Yooku teased

Ewurafua laughed

You know I am saying the truth. If you and Esaba should get married, you know that would be great because mummy and daddy absolutely love her” she added. 

This has nothing to do with how much mummy and daddy like Esaba, it has everything to do with me and I don’t want to rush it Ewurafua. I agree Ann-Shirley can be a little spoilt but she has a good heart and I know she means well. It’s just that Esaba is so different I didn’t see myself falling for her at all, not at all. I have no idea how I found myself here”

“I think that’s what Auntie Esaba does, she just warms her way into your heart without you even knowing it. Before you realize, you care so much about her and she turns into this awesome person in your life”

“ Been meaning to ask you this, how did you know she was the one to help build your confidence and to find your voice ?”

“ I just knew it, I can’t explain. She is just very passionate about us at Sunday school and she really treats us so well. I was just drawn to her kindness and her love for the things of God. And she has a nice voice, I just knew she would be patient enough to help me through” 

Yooku sighed and looked up at the clock.

you have to get some sleep now, you have school in the morning. I appreciate your advice, I can’t promise I am going to take it though because you are still a baby and you have no idea what you are talking about” Yooku teased.

Ewurafua laughed and shrugged

But just so we are clear, I am hashtag Team Esaba”

Yooku laughed and hugged his little sister

“ I missed you and I missed talking to you” he said

“ I missed you too,” she said

He placed her pillow back and got off her bed 

Goodnight Baby girl 

Goodnight Yooku. And whoever you choose, I promise to totally respect your decision”

Yooku smiled and nodded

“ Thanks, kiddo”

He switched off her light and left her room. 

Mandy woke Esaba up the next morning, they spent the night together and they both overslept. 

“ Wake up Esaba! We are late it’s 8 am. I have to rush back home to change” Mandy said hitting Esaba’s bum.

Esaba stretched and yawned on the bed.

You have to get ready too. I would see you at work” Mandy said and rushed out of her room.

Esaba walked to the bathroom, as she brushed her teeth she looked at herself in the mirror and remembered the kiss she shared with Yooku. She blushed and chuckled, she spat out and washed her face. While she showered she had flashes of the kiss.

“Get a hold of yourself Esaba! ” she thought.

Yooku went to see Esaba when he arrived at work but she hadn’t arrived yet. He kept checking his window from time to time to catch her entering the hospital. He saw Mandy rushing in and went to meet her.

Where is your friend?’ he asked

Mandy smiled

“There he is. Mr. loverman. Esaba told me about your kiss” Mandy said and winked at him.

Yooku smiled sheepishly and pulled Mandy aside

What?! I can’t believe she told you. Did she say anything else?”

“Yooku, let’s talk later. I am so late, do you want Mrs. Mensah to have my head?” she said and rushed into her office.

Yooku turned to go back to his office when Esaba called him, she was just getting in. His heart skipped a beat and he quickly turned.

Hi,” he said

They were both suddenly shy of each other.

“Hi,” she said

“Why are you late?”

“I slept late last night so I overslept this morning,” Esaba said and chuckled.

“I run into Mandy just now and she told me, you told her about our kiss

Oh my God, Mandy! Sometimes I forget she is such a gossip. I am sorry Yooku. I just wanted to talk to someone and she was the only person, I could think of”

“Are you okay?” Yooku asked

Yes, I am. Are you? How’s the migraine?

“It’s better now thanks”

They didn’t have anything else to say, there was a brief silence.

Okay then, I would see you around. Maybe at lunch” Yooku said

Esaba nodded

“Okay have a good day”

They both walked into their office, Yooku smiled and leaned against his door when he entered.

My goodness, she is so beautiful,” he thought.

Esaba had a lot of work to do, her boss was preparing to go on leave so he was teaching her some of the things he does but her phone kept ringing. It was Uncle Fynn. She ignored it the first couple of times but she excused herself from her boss’s office when he wouldn’t stop calling.

Hello Uncle Fynn”

“Esaba I am sorry to disturb you at work but I have to tell you something important”

“Can’t it wait till I get home?”

“No actually it can’t”

“Okay. What’s it?”

“Esaba, your mother is in Ghana and she would be coming over to our house today. She would be around when you close from work today”

“What?! I don’t understand. How could you allow this Uncle Fynn?”

“I tried to stop her but there was no stopping her. I wanted to discuss this with you first but I was so scared and ashamed to face you. Esaba please forgive me”

“It’s fine Uncle. Nothing can be done now. Is she coming alone?”

“I don’t really know”

“Okay, thanks for telling me. I would see you at home”

She said and ended the call, she rushed back to her boss and apologized.

When she closed she prayed before she left her office. She knows the relationship she has with her mother and she only wanted peace to prevail.

She saw a flashy white Prado parked in their compound and she knew her mother was around. She suddenly got very nervous, she hadn’t seen her mother in years.

“Help me Holy Spirit. Help me Holy Spirit” she kept saying to herself.

She walked to her house and her eyes met her mother’s.

Goodevening” she greeted and walked to her room

She needed to gather herself properly before she faced her mother. Seeing her in person after so many years made her more nervous.

She went into her wardrobe and looked for a beautiful dress to wear, she didn’t want her mother to think she isn’t taking care of herself. She fixed a little make-up as well, she wanted to look her best.

She got out of her room and went to join them in the living room, she hadn’t noticed her step-siblings earlier.

Her stepsister looked so much like her when she was much younger, she smiled at Esaba and waved. They spent some time together as a family but after a while, Uncle Fynn and Auntie Naana went inside with the kids.

Ewuradjoa looked at her daughter and smiled.

“You have grown into a beautiful young lady”

“Thanks. You look beautiful too. Where is your husband? Why didn’t you come with him?’

Ewuradjoa sighed.

That’s because he passed away. August would be a year since he passed”

“Oh sorry for your loss. What happened to him?”

“He had a heart-attack. Anyway, how have you been?” Ewuradjoa asked

“I have been fine. How about you?”

“I have been fine too, just missing you”

Esaba smiled, she wanted to say she had missed her mother too but she didn’t. Instead she went straight to find out the reason her mother had appeared after so many years.

“So why now mummy? Why are you here? Clearly, it’s because your husband is dead. Now you remember me right?” 

“Esaba that’s unfair. I never forgot about you. I just made mistakes that I deeply regret”

Yooku knocked on the gate and interrupted their conversation.

“Excuse me,” Esaba said and rushed outside.

She opened the gate and saw Yooku.

Hey,” she said

Hey, Is Uncle Fynn around? Daddy wanted me to tell him something”

“Oh yes. Come with me”

Yooku smiled and looked at her

You look very nice. Are you on your way somewhere?” Yooku asked

No, not really. My mother is around and I wanted to look nice for her”

“Your mother? Your biological mother?

Esaba nodded.

Wow! I should have worn something better” Yooku said

Esaba chuckled

“Don’t worry, you look fine

Yooku entered the hall and saw Ewuradjoa, his jaw dropped

Auntie Ewuradjoa?!” Yooku said surprisingly.

Yooku Solomon! You are all grown up but your handsome face remains the same” Ewuradjoa said excitedly

They both laughed and hugged each other.

I can’t believe my eyes. Mum and Dad would be very happy” 

“Aww…Doctor and Mrs. Solomon. How are they? ”  

They are both fine, by the Grace of God “

“And your sisters. How is the last girl? The miracle baby”

Yooku laughed

“She is fine. She is all grown up now. She just turned 13”

“Aww. I remember the day she was born. You know she shares the same birthday as my daughter?” 

Yooku turned and looked at Esaba, she had a confused look.

I can’t believe, I never recognized her, she looks so much like you” Yooku said and turned to look at Ewuradjoa.

What is going on here?!” Esaba said angrily

Yooku, how do you know my mother?!” she added.



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