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Episode 9 – Beauty for Ashes

Yooku sat next to Ewuradjoa to catch his breath, he was very excited. 

Ewuradjoa turned to look at him

So what do you do now Yooku?”

Yooku smiled 

I am in law school, finishing my professional course”

“ Really? And Kukua?”

“ She followed daddy’s footsteps and became a Doctor. We all work together in Daddy’s hospital”

“ Doctor Solomon finally built his hospital? He put his blood and sweat into building that hospital. You were young so you didn’t see anything”

“ Hello? Is anyone going to tell me what’s going on here?” Esaba asked

They both smiled at Esaba.

“ Esaba please sit down” Ewuradjoa said

Esaba angrily sat down, Yooku was pissing her off with his smiles and laughter.

 Esaba, I used to teach them the English Language when they were younger at the University’s Primary School”

She is still my favorite teacher in the world ” Yooku interrupted.

Ewuradjoa smiled

I used to go to their home to teach them as well. You were very young when I started teaching them, I used to take you along with me whenever I had to go and teach at their house. His mother would take you in and look after you. When you turned three, I enrolled you in the nursery at the same school.

Every afternoon, when I am going to check up on you, Yooku always insisted on going with me. As time went by, anytime I get busy and can’t check up on you, I ask him to spend some time with you and he gladly did. 

He was about seven but very responsible, you grew fond of him. Anytime you saw him, you wanted to go to him. You two became very cute friends, you didn’t allow your age difference to get in the way of your play time. It really broke my heart when his mother helped me get a secretarial job in Accra and we had to move. You both cried so much when we had to leave for Accra but I am glad you two are still friends after so many years” 

“ What?! This doesn’t make sense. So all this while you knew? ” Esaba asked and looked at Yooku

“ Knew what?”

“That I was her daughter?”

“ of course not. I am just finding out. And it’s so amazing, this world is small”

“ No Yooku, you don’t understand! Your parents clearly knew me when I was a child and they are very close to Uncle Fynn and my mother. I am wondering if they deliberately hid everything from me”

Esaba angrily went inside to get her Uncle; he hasn’t been himself since Ewuradjoa arrived.

Uncle Fynn. What’s going on? Did you know the relationship Yooku had with my mom and said nothing?”

“ I wanted to say something when you started working at Ashton but there was never a right time. You and Yooku were already friends and I felt it’s best I keep quiet. I never thought Ewuradjoa would show up again”

“ So you decided to lie to me? You all decided to lie to me? Is that why Doctor Solomon gave me the job? Did you ask him to give me the job?”

“ No. Esaba. I had nothing to do with your job”

“ I can’t believe this” Esaba said and went back to the hall. 

Why are you even here mom?! You just ruin everything. Why are you here?!” Esaba said angrily

“Calm down Esaba, you don’t speak to your mother like that Yooku said

Ewuradjoa started to cry, Esaba’s step-siblings went to console her.

It broke Yooku’s heart seeing them sad, he took Esaba’s hand and took her outside.

“ Why are you so angry with your mother?” 

“ what was all that in there Yooku?” 

All what? I am excited to see her. Should I apologize to you for being happy to see your mother?” 

Esaba ignored him and walked away. 

“ Esaba. Where are you going?”

“ I can’t be here right now!” 

Yooku went back inside, he didn’t like being in the middle of Esaba’s family problems but in the moment he had no choice.

where is she? ” Ewuradjoa asked

“ She is gone for a walk to calm her nerves. What’s really the problem why is she so angry with you?” 

Uncle Fynn went to join them in the hall and they explained everything to Yooku

Yooku sighed when they were done.

Esaba has told me this story before but I think I had forgotten. How you left her and got married to some rich man, wasn’t a very good thing but I know you had your reasons. I really don’t want to get in the middle of all this because I am sure there is more to the story. But Auntie Ewuradjoa, I am so glad I have been able to see you after so many years.  Welcome back to Ghana and I hope and pray you work things out with Esaba” Yooku said

Thank you Yooku. My warmest greetings to your family. I will try and pass by” Ewuradjoa said .

Uncle Fynn saw him out and Yooku told him what his father had sent him to tell him.

We have some new puppies now, and daddy wanted to know if you were interested in some before he sells them”

ooh no, as you can see we have enough dogs but I would let a few of my colleagues know and get back to him” 

Okay Uncle Fynn”

“ And I am sorry about everything you saw here Yooku, Esaba and her mother really have a lot of issues to handle”

“ oh, it’s fine Uncle Fynn. No need to apologize”

Uncle Fynn nodded and opened the gate for him.

Yooku called Esaba when he got out of the house, he wanted to know if she was okay but she didn’t answer her phone. 

Yooku told his mother about seeing Auntie Ewuradjoa and she being Esaba’s mother, but Mrs. Solomon wasn’t very surprised.

You know, I had the feeling but I always forgot to ask Fynn about it. And he never said anything either. You and Esaba were very close when you were little. I felt bad when I helped Ewuradjoa get a job in Accra because of how much you cried when she left. We suddenly lost contact when she moved, she stopped calling. How long is she staying for? Do you know? I have to meet her” 

“ I would ask Esaba to know if we can visit them tomorrow,” Yooku said

“ But I am really shocked mummy. I should have remembered Esaba if I really played a lot with her when we were young. Her name should have at least rang a bell” 

True, but it was a very long time. You were about seven and she was three I think. When she left for Accra, you were just ten and you have made a lot of friends along the way, it’s normal to forget about her. Daddy and I are the ones who should have realized something because we were older but we never ever read any meaning to it, since Fynn didn’t say anything.  I am glad you two are back to being friends again though, this shows you two are meant to be together”

Yooku chuckled

Don’t get any bright ideas mummy” Yooku said and went to his room. 

Esaba went back home when she had calmed down, she saw her step-siblings playing on the carpet. The older people were inside.

She smiled and went to sit by them. 

what are you up to?” she asked.

Esaba joined them to play, she wanted to get to know them. 

Her little sister Audrey hugged her out of nowhere. 

Please don’t be mad at mummy. She talks about you every day and she is really sorry. Please forgive her” 

Esaba hugged her back and smiled. Her little brother, Jude hugged Esaba too when he saw Audrey hugging her. 

Hey, there cuteness,” Esaba said to Jude and carried him onto her lap. 

Audrey is seven and Jude is four, she smiled at them and suddenly felt a sense of gratitude. She has siblings now, and they loved her. 

Ewuradjoa walked to the hall to check on the kids, she had no idea Esaba was back. She saw all her kids together and even though she wanted to hold back her tears the sight of seeing her family together broke her to tears. 

Esaba cried too when she saw her mother crying she placed Jude on the couch and went to hug her mother. 

She had missed her, she had needed her and she was angry that she wasn’t there for her but she was there now and Esaba was tired of being angry with her.

“ I am so sorry Esaba. I am so sorry” Ewuradjoa said sobbingly.

It’s fine mummy. It’s fine. I am sorry too. I am really sorry too. I didn’t mean to disrespect you” 

That evening Esaba and her mother spoke about their lives and all their experiences. They laughed and cried but Esaba was at ease and at peace now that she had forgiven her mother. Holding on to all that anger was really burdening her.

Ewuradjoa was happy when Esaba told her that Senyo was arrested. She would have gotten him arrested herself, she was also glad Yooku advised her to let go of Jeremy, they spoke deep into the night and slept in each other’s arms. 

The next day, Esaba left work early just to spend time with her mother. 

When she got home she saw Yooku’s mother with her mother, she greeted and sat with them.

She looks so much like you, Ewuradjoa” Mrs.Solomon said

Esaba smiled shyly.

Audrey and Jude went to Esaba when they saw that she had arrived. She took them to her room and Audrey told her about her day while she changed out of her work clothes. Audrey has a healthy imagination and described everything vividly. It made Esaba laugh.

That evening, Yooku went to get Esaba and her siblings and they went sightseeing. 

Yooku upon seeing Audrey up close made him remember Esaba’s childhood.

your little sister reminds me of your little self. And she is a talkative like you used to be” he whispered

Esaba laughed and turned to look at Audrey in the backseat. 

Really?! How come I don’t remember anything about you? Mummy says your face hasn’t changed but I think it has” 

Yooku chuckled. 

it’s my beard that’s deceiving you. Imagine my face without my beard”

Esaba laughed.

They couldn’t see a lot of places because it got dark so they went to get some ice cream and spent some time in the car. Yooku watched as Esaba carried Jude and fed him some ice cream on her lap.

Audrey spoke about her friends at school and her hobbies. Jude was tired and slept after finishing his ice cream, Esaba cuddled him in her arms and listened to Audrey talk. 

Yooku wanted to kiss Esaba so badly but her request for them to be just friends kept playing on his mind. 

After an hour they went back home, his mother was still with Ewuradjoa so they went back home together. 

That Saturday, both families went to have lunch at a nice resort and Ewuradjoa got the opportunity to meet Ewurafua and Kukua.

Kukua was so happy to see her again, Ewurafua had no memory of Ewuradjoa but loved her just because she is Esaba’s mother. 

Ewuradjoa told her she shares the same birthday as Esaba and Ewurafua was surprised Esaba didn’t say anything to her.

I would still get you a present regardless. I am so happy we share the same birthday Auntie Esaba” she said happily at the table

I am happy too Ewurafua and please don’t bother with a gift” 

That Sunday Esaba introduced her mother and step-siblings to her kids at Sunday school. Ewuradjoa sat at the back of the class and watched as Esaba taught  her kids. Her heart was at peace. She thanked God her daughter was on the right track even though she wasn’t around to guide her. 

After a couple of weeks, Ewuradjoa had to leave for Accra with the kids but she promised to return before she left the country.

Before she left Capecoast, she told Esaba that she was working on her documents so that she could move to Canada someday.

She only asked Esaba to think about it and if it was something she wanted, because she had seen the life Esaba had made for herself in Cape coast and she didn’t want to ruin it. Esaba promised to think about it and let her know. 

Esaba after thinking long and hard about how to let Jeremy go, she called Jeremy. It was the hardest call she had ever had to make.

They both cried, Jeremy more because he knew Esaba was right.

I am always going to remember you as my hero Jeremy but I need to heal, I need to forget the nightmare I lived through with your best friend.  Unfortunately, you are a part of my dark past and I can’t forget and move past it if I keep you around. I think you also have to forgive yourself, you probably didn’t know by sitting back and keeping quiet about his abuse, you were destroying lives and your life as well”

“ I know I should have done something but I was caught up between him and his girlfriends. I know, I should have done better” 

“ It’s fine Jeremy. I forgive you and you have been an amazing person to me. Do take care okay?” 

“ You too Esaba”

She was sad for a while but she knew it was the best thing to do. 

After some days when she was feeling better, she told Yooku and Mandy about her mother’s suggestion to take her to Canada. Yooku was sad but he didn’t want her to miss that opportunity either. 

A part of him knew it would get to that because her mother is based in Canada. 

What’s there to think about? Girl, go for it! Definitely! Call your mother now and tell her to continue the process. What are you doing here in Ghana anyway?” Mandy said

“ She is spending time with us, we are going to miss her. Or aren’t you?” Yooku interrupted. 

“ She is not dying lover man and you know Canada has better opportunities for her” Mandy teased 

Esaba chuckled and sent her mother a message. Ewuradjoa was happy that her daughter had decided to join her. 

Yooku really tried to forget about Esaba and their kiss but he was in love with her and he just couldn’t stop his heart. Seeing her do anything was torture to him, he needed to get away from her for a while to gather his thoughts.

He had a big decision to make and he didn’t want to be distracted by Esaba at all. He asked his father for just a week off, he wanted to go to Accra and be with his best friend. He used school as an excuse and his father agreed to let him off work for a week. He sent Esaba a message making her aware about his trip.

His best friend Hugh had to meet him halfway when he got to Accra because Yooku had forgotten how to get to Hugh’s house. Yooku called him when he got to the junction he had asked him to wait at.

When you live all your years in a village, you come to the big city and get lost” Hugh teased

Yooku laughed over the phone.

” Would you bring your big head here. Idiot ” Yooku said and ended the call

Hugh went to get him half an hour later, he was caught up in a little traffic, Yooku drove behind him. When they arrived Hugh welcomed his friend and hugged him.

They planned to go out but they were both very tired so they ordered food instead and stayed in. While they ate, Yooku told Hugh about his dilemma. Hugh was surprised because he never thought Yooku would talk about another woman, he could have sworn Yooku had eyes only for Ann-Shirley. He watched as Yooku spoke passionately about Esaba, he was so shocked he started to laugh.

Dude..! You are so gone! Ann-Shirley needs to pack her bags because it’s so over for her” Hugh teased.

“I am in deep trouble. Is it possible to love two people?”

“You know it’s not possible. Don’t be silly! From how you have described this Esaba woman, I know for sure that you love her more than Ann-Shirley”

Yooku groaned.

I really don’t want to make a mistake. What if Ann-Shirley is my wife and I choose Esaba instead?”

Yooku, if Ann-Shirley was your wife you wouldn’t be here talking about another woman”

“I really can’t hurt Ann-Shirley. I really can’t”

Do you have a photo of Esaba? Let me see” Hugh said

Yooku took out his phone and showed Hugh a few photos of Esaba

Wow! Jesus! Mary and Joseph! You are in big trouble my friend, this girl is beautiful! “

You see? I need help”

“Have you guys done it? You know?” 

“Oh noo, we haven’t. We have only kissed once”

“I see and how was it?”

“It was so good. Her lips are so soft but she wants to be just friends because she knows about Ann-Shirley and she doesn’t want to come between us”

“If she wants to be just friends with you, I don’t think you stand a chance dude”

“But I don’t want to be just friends. I want her, I want her for real

I think you are just infatuated and not really in love. Give it some time, if by a month or two you still feel this way, I suggest you go for her. We both know even though you love Ann-Shirley, you had many doubts about her a while back. What if God has brought Esaba your way for a reason. Have you even prayed about this?”

Do you think God is interested in my silly love triangle?”

Hugh laughed

You see why I call you a fool? I don’t know how you are in law school, you are very stupid. I am going to bed, I don’t have time for your foolishness” he said and went to his bed room

Yooku has never actually prayed about any girl before but he needed God’s help in making the right decision. Right after his prayer Esaba called him, she wanted to know if he had gotten to Accra safely.
The short call she made only to check up on him, lasted for two hours, they both fell asleep with thier phones in hand.


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