Hey, Guys? welcome back. This is a story I have been working on for a couple of weeks now. I don’t know what life event in particular inspired this story but I am hoping you all enjoy it. Holy ground episode one…?


Episode 1- Silver Lining

Hey Jeremy, I am sorry to disturb you.
Senyo isn’t answering his phone and It’s getting late, can you come and get me? Please?”

Jeremy sighed.

Okay Esaba, I would be there soon”

She was sitting with the security man outside her office when Jeremy arrived. He smiled at her when he got closer.

Hey! ” she said and smiled.
Hey! ” Jeremy replied.

She had taken off her heels, she had a pretty hectic day at work.

Jeremy nodded a greeting to the security man, he was a familiar face now.

He has picked Esaba from work three evenings in a row that week.
The security man nodded back.

Esaba picked her laptop bag along with her heels and waved at the security man

See you on Monday Ahmed,” she said

Okay, madam have a nice weekend,” Ahmed said

Jeremy helped Esaba with her laptop bag.

He smiled when he saw her running to his car in her flat sandals; the weather was cold.

Have you eaten ? ” he asked.

Esaba shook her head.

You need to take care of yourself Esaba. What would you eat now? It almost 10 pm”

what do you have at home?” she asked

at home? Are you sleeping at mine again?” he asked worriedly

Esaba sighed.

Yes, Jeremy. If that’s okay. That’s why I called you to come and get me.
I could order an Uber to his place but I don’t want to see Senyo until he cools off.
Besides by this time, he has already locked the gate. Do you remember what I told you happened on tuesday? How I waited close to midnight for him to open the gate? I don’t want to go through that again. I am too tired and hungry for his drama Jeremy”

Jeremy looked at Esaba and sighed.

He didn’t want Esaba to spend another night away from her boyfriend but he was also very scared of what her boyfriend might do to her.

It’s not a good idea; you staying another night with me. It’s the weekend. I would love to take you back home Esaba, you need to work things out with Senyo.”

Please, Jeremy. I can’t go back there. He is angry. I know, I called him all day and he didn’t answer. Let me stay just for tonight Jeremy. I would leave in the morning”

“ First thing tomorrow morning Esaba. Please. ” Jeremy said
Esaba nodded

First thing tomorrow Jeremy, I promise,” she said.

When they got to his place, Jeremy waited in the living room to give Esaba some privacy to shower.

When she was done, she found him half-asleep on the couch.
She woke him up and asked him to go and sleep in his room so that she could sleep on the couch instead.

Jeremy noticed she was wearing a different T-shirt from the one she had worn the previous night.

He smiled to himself and went to his room, he came back and handed her a cover cloth.

Goodnight Esaba,” he said.
Goodnight Jeremy and Thank you for this”

Senyo stayed awake looking at his clock and looking outside the window hoping to see Esaba.

He had heard rumors that day from a mutual friend, that Esaba had been spending her nights with Jeremy; his best friend.

He didn’t want to believe it because he knew Jeremy wouldn’t keep something like that from him.

Senyo waited a while then angrily sent Jeremy a message confirming if Esaba was really with him, but Jeremy didn’t reply; he was asleep.

The next morning, Jeremy woke up to see Senyo’s message, his heart skipped a beat when he read it. He panicked and told Senyo the truth.

Yes Senyo, she is with me. I am sorry, I was looking for the best time to tell you” he replied.

Senyo read it immediately but didn’t reply.

At that moment, Jeremy knew he was in trouble.

Esaba was already awake and had made breakfast, she was starving from the previous night.

Jeremy rushed to the living room, he startled Esaba.

what’s the matter with you? ” she asked.

Esaba, you need to leave now! Senyo knows you are here, he asked and I told him”

Oh my God Jeremy! Why would you do that?! Why?!”

“ Esaba! Stop asking questions and start packing. Knowing him, he is already on his way here”

Esaba’s whole body started to shiver, she was scared out of her mind.

The moment they got out of the gate, they saw Senyo’s car approaching.

Oh shit! ” Jeremy said and hit his hand against the steering wheel.

He turned to look at Esaba who was close to tears.

Relax, Relax. I would handle it ” he said.

Senyo angrily got out of his car.

Esaba! Esaba! Get out of the car before I start counting to three! ” he said angrily hitting against her window.

Jeremy got down and tried to calm Senyo down.

No! Jeremy! I am not listening to anything you have to say. I want my girlfriend out of your car this minute!”

Calm down Senyo. She would. I need you to calm down. Please. You are scaring her”

I don’t care, Jeremy! Esaba! Get down! ” Senyo said still hitting the window.

Jeremy hurriedly unlocked his car and Esaba got down. Senyo then held her tightly but her wrist and forced her into his car.

Jeremy was so worried about her, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Senyo has gotten worst. ” he thought to himself.

What is wrong with you Esaba? Three days! Three freaking days you haven’t been home. You have been staying here with my best friend. My best friend! Are you crazy?!” Senyo said.

She didn’t talk, saying anything would provoke him further.

Jeremy called her but she didn’t answer. He was so worried about Esaba because he knew what Senyo was capable of.

Esaba rushed to the bathroom to avoid talking to Senyo. She was so scared, she cried as she showered.

Senyo was seated on the bed when she got out.

He had that look in his eyes, he was in a mood to argue. Esaba was very tired to argue with him, she avoided his eyes as she spoke.

I am very sorry Senyo. I just needed some time to think. You locked me out twice because we had that big fight in the morning. I didn’t want to keep waiting outside every time I came home from work. I get tired at work and coming home to sit outside isn’t what I need”

so you called my best friend to come to your rescue right?!

Esaba avoided the question, she sat in front of her dressing mirror and gently moisturized her arms and her thighs. Her hands shivered as she moisturized.

She looked at Senyo from her mirror, she was afraid he would hit her, but Senyo angrily stormed out of the room.

She sighed when she saw him leaving the room and walked to her wardrobe to get dressed. She dressed up quickly and packed a secret bag, she planned to run away that night.

When she got out of the room she found Senyo in the kitchen with a glass of whiskey in his hand.

She didn’t say anything, she just picked some vegetables from the refrigerator.

Are you two having sex?” Senyo asked

No Senyo” Esaba answered quickly and washed the vegetables.

Stop lying Esaba”

Esaba quietly diced the onions, she wasn’t going to argue with Senyo. She knew that was what he wanted.

Senyo angrily smashed the glass against the wall.

This is just bullshit Esaba! How would you stay that many days with him and not have sex? I know Jeremy, he doesn’t waste any time”

I said nothing happened Senyo. I slept on his couch

Esaba was very scared but acted tough on the outside.

you could call and ask him if you don’t believe me”

I am asking you. Are you cheating on me?” Senyo said and took the knife out of her hand.

He threatened her with it against the kitchen sink.

I am not cheating on you Senyo. Nothing happened. Please put the knife down” Esaba said worriedly.

She was so scared she started to cry.

Senyo held her neck and played around her face with the edge of the knife.

if you ever cheat on me, I would kill you,” he said and let go of her.

He dropped the knife and stormed out of the kitchen.

Esaba sat on the floor and cried, she later picked up the broken glass and continued cooking.

Jeremy called Senyo but he was avoiding his calls, he was very disappointed in him.

He texted but Senyo left him on read.

Esaba served his food and went back to the bedroom.

She was suffocating, she knew if she didn’t leave that night, she wouldn’t be able to leave ever again.

Senyo normally sleeps after eating heavy foods, Esaba knew that and took the trouble to prepare his favorite; Banku with okro soup.

She picked out her secret bag from under the bed and added a few things she would need and placed it back under the bed.

After washing the dishes, she went to sit by him on the couch while he watched a football match.

She panicked, Senyo liked watching football so much she wasn’t sure he would fall asleep.

He pulled her closer to him and forced a kiss on her lips. Esaba smiled and looked at him.

Senyo smiled back and placed his hand around her.

He started playing with the beads around her waist then carried her on to his lap.

I missed you ” he whispered.

Esaba smiled but didn’t reply. Senyo kissed her and started undoing the buttons on her blouse.

Esaba started to resist, she wasn’t going to have sex with him. She hated him and he disgusted her.

No Senyo. I don’t want to 

But I want you, babe. I missed you. Come on ” Senyo said and kissed her again.

Esaba stopped kissing him and tried getting up but Senyo angrily pushed her onto the couch and forcefully removed her shorts.

Stop Senyo. Stop ” Esaba cried.

Senyo kept going.

Shush.. you are going to like it. Relax ” he said

Esaba struggled to get up but Senyo pinned her down with one hand and removed her panties with his other hand.

Calm down, Relax baby 

Senyo forcefully kissed her lips and her neck. Esaba was struggling to push him off.

No Senyo. Please stop

He removed her blouse and kissed her breasts, he thrust into her and continued kissing her.

you are hurting me Senyo,” she said faintly.

Senyo continued having his way with her, Esaba was in so much pain but she stopped fighting and just laid there.

Tears run down her face as she got raped by her boyfriend.

When he was done Esaba run to the bedroom, she wanted to leave that very minute.

She angrily took the secret bag from under the bed but suddenly she realized Senyo wasn’t going to let her go without a fight and she didn’t have to blow her cover. It was her only chance of escaping.

She calmed herself down and went to shower again.

She stared at herself in the bathroom mirror, she was disgusted with herself and started to cry.

Senyo went back to watching the football match but he couldn’t concentrate.

He noticed that Esaba’s waist beads got torn in the process and were scattered on the floor, he sighed and went in to check on her.
He saw her crying in the bathroom

I am very sorry Esaba” he apologized and held her.

Jeremy rang the bell.

Senyo was startled he wasn’t expecting anyone.

Who could it be?” he asked but Esaba ignored him.

He went to check through the window and saw Jeremy at the door.

What do you want, Jeremy?” Senyo angrily said and opened the door.

I came to check up on you two and to apologize properly for not telling you she was with me. Where’s she ? “

She’s inside. You really messed up Jeremy. If it were to be anybody else you know I wouldn’t forgive this easily” Senyo said and asked him in.

I know, that’s why it’s never happening again,” Jeremy said

He noticed when Senyo hid Esaba’s beads under the couch. He ignored it and sat next to him.

They watched the match together but Jeremy’s attention was on the bedroom door, he wished Esaba would come out so he would be certain that she was really fine.

Esaba heard when Senyo mentioned Jeremy’s name so she knew he was with him in the living room. She sent him a message.

He raped me again. I am leaving him today 

Jeremy read it and sighed. He looked at Senyo who was focused on the match.

Are you okay? where would you go? How can you leave this house?” he replied

I would need your help. I hoped he would be sleeping by now but it doesn’t look like he is sleeping anytime soon” 

Would you like something to drink?” Senyo asked.

Jeremy smiled and shook his head

I have decided to stop drinking alcohol,” he said

Senyo laughed and went to pour two glasses of whiskey

You always do this. First, you wanted to stop smoking, you stopped for a month and went back to smoking and now you want to stop alcohol? Stop stressing yourself and enjoy life” Senyo said and gave him a glass of whiskey.

Jeremy took it and sipped just to please Senyo, he continued texting Esaba.

What help do you need?

I need Senyo out of the house. Can you come up with something to get him out for a couple of hours please?” 

Jeremy didn’t reply he was thinking, Esaba was anxious when he went quiet.

Jeremy was waiting for the match to end because he knew Senyo wouldn’t go anywhere if he was watching Manchester city play.

Esaba was startled when Senyo entered the bedroom after a couple of hours, he was smiling as if everything was fine.

Are you okay?” he asked

She nodded.

Jeremy is here, he wanted to say hello but I thought you were asleep”

Esaba smiled, she got up from the bed and went to the living room. Jeremy smiled when he saw her.

Hi Jeremy” 


Esaba looked to check if Senyo followed her out but he didn’t

What’s going on? ” she whispered

Today is my granddad’s 80th birthday and we are having a party for him. I didn’t want to go at first because of the drama in my family. I told Senyo about it and you know how he loves parties so we are going there now”

Thank you so much, Jeremy

He nodded

But where would you go Esaba?” he asked worriedly

I don’t know yet. But I know I can’t be here anymore, he would kill me” Esaba said with tears filling her eyes.

Don’t cry. Don’t cry” he whispered

They locked eyes in silence, both knowing it was probably the last day they were seeing each other.

Jeremy checked if the coast was clear before giving Esaba the warmest hug she had ever experienced.

I am going to miss you Esaba and I am so sorry about the rape,” Jeremy said

His apology made her almost break down but Jeremy held her

Don’t cry. Hold it in, please. Don’t cry” he said

He held her till she was fine. She smiled and let him go

I would keep in touch. I promise” Esaba said

Esaba went back to the room and found Senyo all dressed up, he smelt like a million bucks.

You look nice,” Esaba said and smiled

Thanks, babe. Jeremy just invited me to this party, would you like to join us?”

Esaba shook her head.

No, Senyo. You know I don’t feel really good after what happened’ Esaba and looked away.

Senyo sighed

I am sorry, but it is partly your fault. You are so stubborn”

Esaba looked at him, she couldn’t believe he was blaming her. She only smiled and sat on the bed. She was done fighting.

Have fun at the party Senyo ” she said and smiled.

Thanks, babe. I would see you soon. I would call if I am running late” Senyo said

Esaba nodded and watched Senyo leave the room.

She watched from the window as they both drove out of the house. She quickly picked her bag and packed some more things, she made sure not to leave anything.

She ordered an Uber to the bus station, she got a bus heading to Cape Coast. She had an uncle there but she wasn’t sure he was still alive.

Jeremy texted her any chance he got and found out that she was already on a bus to Cape Coast.

Senyo called Esaba to check on her but his calls never went through. He got worried and told Jeremy about it.

Jeremy wanted to tell Senyo the truth but he wanted Esaba to be safe, she had gone through so much.

He pretended to worry too and they both rushed back to the house, the door was unlocked.

Senyo went to the bedroom and noticed her things were gone. She left a note for him, he quickly opened it.

I can’t believe I am writing this letter. I can’t believe, I have gotten the courage to leave you Senyo. You are a monster, to think there was a time in my life I was in love with you. I hate you. I hate you for making me believe it was okay to hit me any chance you got, to rape me any chance you got, and then blame me for it. Burn in hell Senyo, you are never going to see me again. I should have gotten you arrested but I want absolutely nothing to do with you. I want peace, I need it. I would let your conscience kill you instead, if only you have a conscience. By the time you see this letter, I would be out of your miserable life. You need to get help Senyo, before you turn another innocent girl into a victim

Senyo screamed and dropped the letter, Jeremy went inside to console him.


Thanks so much for reading. If you made it this far, I am assuming you enjoyed it and want some more?.  See you tomorrow with the next episode…☺️ x.