Hello there ?. It’s been a while. It is very good to be back. How are you all doing? This story Incomparable is my new baby?. I have decided to dedicate it to my mother, my brothers, and all my very close friends??. You have been so amazing these past months. Thank you, thank you. Incomparable episode one, enjoy…? 


Beautiful Stranger

The birds chirped loudly, I removed the duvet from my head and looked outside my window, it was already morning. 

I have been feeling moody and grumpy all week but completely forgotten that it might be my time of the month. 

I checked the app that tracks my monthly flow and I had just a day more to go before my period started.

I stretched and then got out of bed to freshen up. 

I heard my brothers arguing in the hallway, they always found the littlest of things to argue about. 

I have always wondered how my mother calms them down because if those two were my sons, I wouldn’t have known what to do. 

I checked the drawer where I keep my sanitary towels and I had run out. 

I was feeling very lazy to drive to the mall to restock but I also knew asking my brothers to go get me sanitary towels, would be the death of me. 

I went downstairs for breakfast and sat with my mother for a while. She told me what the boys were arguing about early on in a whisper and we both laughed. 

My kid brother took one of my big brother’s favorite shirts without permission and he found out. 

 I told my mother about my plans for the day and how I was dreading my period. I was not ready for the cramps and unnecessary emotions I had to work through. 

She smiled and told me where she had placed her car key.  

I hugged and gave my father a peck on the cheek when I saw him descending the stairs with the day’s newspaper. He acts as if he hates my pecks and hugs but I know he absolutely loves them.

Nana! Leave me alone!” he said. 

I laughed and ignored him. 

I went up the stairs to my parent’s bedroom for my mother’s car key and went back to my room to change. 

I wore a white blouse and peach-colored trousers. I am not one to wear such bright colors but I think my mood that morning wanted me to look and feel happy. 

It’s been ten months, two weeks, and eight hours now since I broke up with my ex, we were in a relationship for three years and yes I have been counting. 

We were fighting a lot out of nowhere and he said a lot of pretty mean things to me but we officially broke up when I had to travel out of Ghana. I thought we could survive a distant relationship but he didn’t think so. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with me and felt fighting for the relationship was a waste of his time. 

My father got a new job that required that he move to the United Kingdom with his family. I contemplated whether or not to join my family but I also felt staying in Ghana and fighting alone for a relationship wasn’t the best decision. 

It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do but I had to be strong and be an adult about it. 

We kept in touch for a few months but it was torture for me so I let him go completely to help me move on. 

My parents, brothers, and a few of my friends have been a tower of support for me. I am not very fine but I have decided to take it a day at a time. 

I have stopped stalking his Instagram and Facebook pages and I try not to view his Snapchat stories.

 I am making progress I think, and I try to celebrate my little victories. 

I am yet to delete all of his photos and videos from my phone.

Anytime I decide to do it, I get sad all over again, then I stop. I really need strength from God to get that particular task done. 

I got out of the car when I got to the Mall and forgot my jacket. I wasn’t going to take so long in there anyway, so I ignored it. I was craving some sweets so I walked to the candy aisle at the mall and picked out my favorite candy; Maltesers and Cadbury milk chocolate bar. 

I placed enough in my shopping cart because I wasn’t making another trip back to the mall if I run out. 

I was walking to the feminine products aisle when someone covered my back with his jacket. 

“ I am afraid you have stained your trousers” he whispered. 

I was so confused, I thought I had a day more before my period started, and I normally didn’t stain myself on my first day. 

This man stood behind me, shielding me from the curious eyes of people, till I wrapped his jacket around my waist. 

He smiled and asked if I was okay. I nodded and smiled back at him. 

you can keep it,” he said referring to his jacket 

“ Oh no. I can’t. It looks expensive” I said

He laughed.

“ Don’t worry” he said and winked.

I watched him walk away and disappeared into the next aisle. He smelt very nice, I didn’t get to have a very good look at him but I knew he was easy on the eyes. 

“ whoa! Who was that?!” I thought to myself

I quickly got my sanitary towels and some toiletries and rushed out of the aisle. 

I wanted to talk to him again and maybe muster some courage to ask for his number or something but he was nowhere to be found. 

I was tempted to ask the lady by the cash register if she had seen the man but I didn’t know how to describe him to her. 

On my drive back, I thought about the whole incident, it was very weird. I told my mother about it and she thought the same. 

She suggested I checked in the pockets of the jacket to find his card or something but there was nothing in there. I sniffed the jacket a lot when no one was looking, it smelled like him. 

I placed it on a chair when I got to my room and before I knew it, I had forgotten about it. I was very excited about it one moment and the next moment it was as if nothing had happened. 

My father, Mr. Conrad Amankwa, is a software engineer and works with CodeFirst in Manchester, my mother Mrs. Deborah Amankwa was a caterer in Ghana. 

She was a household name and I know a big part of her misses her life in Ghana but she is gradually finding herself. 

My big brother Nana Yaw Amankwa, owns a successful videography and photography business in Ghana, he handles weddings, parties, and a lot of corporate events. 

He left his right-hand man and business partner in charge of the business before we left Ghana and since we got to the UK, he is gradually getting some new gigs. His work speaks for itself on his Instagram page. 

I am absolutely proud of him because it’s not easy chasing a dream but my father hates the idea so much, he would have preferred Nana Yaw to become an engineer like him but my big brother wants what he wants and I am glad he always stands up for himself whenever my father brings it up at home. 

They don’t argue as much anymore at home, I am guessing my father is starting to cut him some slack because my kid brother Nana Kwadwo Amankwa has decided to follow in daddy’s footsteps. 

At first, I thought Kwadwo was only doing it just to make daddy happy but I can see that he really loves what he is studying. 

Then you have me, Nana Afia Amankwah. I am in film school. 

Growing up, everyone told me I would make a good scriptwriter, judging from the many fictional stories I have written. I never gave it a chance in Ghana but after giving it some thought I decided to try my hands on it in the UK. It’s an exciting process for me, getting to learn and meet amazing people. It’s very difficult, it’s not as easy as I had anticipated but I want to see where the journey takes me. 

When film school isn’t kicking my butt, on my vacations, like now, I write fictional stories and spend all my time with my family. I got a job waiting tables but I had to quit because my boss was very unbearable, so I am in between jobs now. 

On Saturdays, the family stays indoors and we try to have some fun playing board games. My father and my big brother are the scrabble champions at home. Nana Yaw, I know doesn’t like to read and it still baffles me how he knows that many words. 

We decided to see a movie my father recommended before we played a game of scrabble. My father doesn’t recommend movies a lot so we were all curious about the movie. I microwaved some popcorn for the family and then joined them in the living room. 

The movie my daddy chose was so boring, my big brother had to fake a phone call to enable him to walk out of the living room. 

My mother fell asleep in my dad’s arms but my kid brother and I endured the movie in order not to hurt my dad’s feelings. 

By evening, I was down with menstrual cramps and couldn’t join my family to play scrabble. 

I could hear them laughing and screaming, and I knew either Nana Yaw or my father was winning. 

I hate being alone these days because I easily start thinking about my ex- fiancé; yes we almost got married. 

I always try to distract myself with a novel, I have decided to stay away from romantic novels or any romantic movie to spare my heart and tears. 

I was reading a John Grisham novel when I got a call from Stacy, I have known her since high school and she is gradually becoming one of my best friends. We got closer when I moved to the UK.

I told her about the incident at the mall then she FaceTimed me. 

What are you saying?!” she asked excitedly.

And you know absolutely nothing about him?” she added.

I shook my head

“ Did he have a Ghanaian accent or Nigerian accent?” Stacy asked. 

I laughed, I hadn’t really noticed a different accent he sounded British, nothing really special. 

He is British. I think. He didn’t have an African accent” 

“ Let me see the jacket. Please. Please” Stacy said

I was so comfortable in my bed and didn’t want to get out of bed. I turned the camera and showed Stacy the jacket on the chair.

I can’t see it. Come on Nana!” she cried

I grunted and got out of my bed to give Stacy a closer look.

Wow! Nice jacket. Looks like he has a fashion sense”

Yes. He looked like a model and he smelt so good. The jacket smells like him” I said. 

“ God, why don’t you let me meet these sort of people? I would have gotten his name and number if I were in your shoes Nana” Stacy said

It happened so fast Stacy, before I could even think straight, he had left my side,” I said 

Stacy sighed 

I hope and pray that you see him again, you have to return his jacket, you know? I pray that you bump into him at the mall again or even at church” 

I laughed

I can see you still have a fairytale mind. This is real life missy, need I remind you” I said. 

“ God knows you need the distraction, Nana. Anyway, how are you doing? How’s the broken heart?” Stacy asked and chuckled. 

I chuckled too. 

“ Healing. I am taking my time. It is not easy but I think I am getting better gradually” 

She smiled and nodded.

“ You would be fine. I was checking up on you and I also wanted to let you know I would be coming to Manchester next week”

“ Really? Why, what brings you here?” I asked

“ I have a wedding. My boss’s son is getting married and it’s mandatory for us to attend. Did you hear me? I said Mandatory” Stacy said 

I laughed

“ Why??! Your boss’s son? Oh my goodness. That lady is something else. Why won’t you just quit that job, Stacy?”

“ Because I need the money, Nana. Why don’t you come with me? Be my plus one?” Stacey asked

I shrugged.

“ Okay. Let’s see. Get here first then we would take it from there. I miss you anyway” I said. 

“ Awesome. I miss you too. My love to Nana Yaw. When are you going to put in a good word for me? You know I have a crush on him”

I laughed and shook my head

“ Stacy, for the umpteenth time, Nana Yaw has a girlfriend okay?

“ Whatever!! Bye! ”

“ Bye, see you soon,” I said and ended the call. 

I got a call during the week concerning a job I applied for at Ted Baker. I got it and started as soon as possible. I didn’t know anything about sales but I learned every day on the job. It was very stressful when I started but gradually I got the hang of it. 

Stacy arrived and we went to the wedding, I met some of her work colleagues and made a few new friends. I exchanged numbers with a couple of guys and started talking with them but I wasn’t feeling any connection with them. We naturally stopped talking when I stopped reaching out.  

I went back to school in Bristol after two months, I had made some money from working at Ted Baker and that made me very happy. 

That semester I hoped things would go a little easy on me. Two months into the semester, I took on another job to help me pay my rent and other expenses. 

My parents didn’t want me to waste money on an apartment since Manchester isn’t very far from Bristol but I didn’t want to go back and forth every time I had a class. School was already hard and the stress of always traveling for a class isn’t what I wanted. 

I stayed up late working on an assignment and sleep eluded me, so I went downstairs to a bar below my apartment. 

The owner became a friend when I moved into my apartment. I used to be annoyed by the noise but now I like it; it doesn’t make me feel alone. 

“ The usual,” I said to the bartender.

He nodded and brought me a Diet Coke with a shot of vodka and some pieces of lemon in it. 

“ Thank you,” I said and smiled. 

I sipped on it and scrolled through Instagram. I hadn’t been on David’s page for a while, David is my ex-fiancé.   

I don’t know what I was thinking that dawn but I decided to go on his Instagram page. 

Then I saw a photo of him with a girl that looked familiar but had forgotten where I knew her from, they were engaged. He had proposed the previous night. 

I couldn’t believe my eyes, it’s only been a year, two months, a week, and five hours since our break up, how has he moved on so fast, how is he already getting married. 

I stared at the photo, till my eyes teared up. I thought I was doing fine. “What are you going to do with this information?” I thought to myself.

I gulped down the last of my drink and then paid. 

I called Stacy as I walked back to my apartment. I cried as I spoke, she couldn’t hear a word of what I was saying. 

I was feeling all emotions at once, sadness, anger, chest pains, everything. I am sure I laughed at some point. 

Stacy tried to calm me down, she advised me and prayed for me. 

I cried myself to sleep that morning, I don’t know what I was expecting. 

He was not going to wait for me and I was foolish to think that he was. 

I told my parents and they drove to Bristol to check up on me. Talking about it hurt, thinking about it hurt but I was grateful I had them to cheer me up. 

I gently took the days as they came and distracted myself with school work. I reminded myself never to check David’s page again and for months I never did. 

I got the strength to delete every photo and video I had of him on my phone, I cried as I did it but it needed to be done. 

The semester ended and I went back to Manchester. My mother sat with me anytime she found me sitting alone. She encouraged me and prayed with me and assured me that I would be fine. 

I was sad for a few more months, school reopened after a month’s vacation.

People in the class started to notice I was down but I didn’t want my personal struggles to get in the way of my school work, my dream. 

I had to force myself to stop thinking about him and everything that hurt and focus on me. 

Months went by, I didn’t plan on seeing David’s wedding photos but a few friends sent them my way.  Even though I forced myself not to look at them I did and it hurt all over again. 

“ He got married pretty fast. He really wanted to get married then” I thought as I looked at his wedding photos. 

I distracted myself with a lot of school work and outings with my friends just to get by. I was hurting but gradually the pain started to subside and I started to make peace with it.

During the Christmas vacation, I took a weekend trip to Lake District with Stacey, my brothers, and Nana Yaw’s girlfriend. 

The vacation was an idea of one of Nana Yaw’s friends; Kwaku Peprah-Danquah. So he was sort of our host on the trip. 

We stayed in a very nice, cozy cottage, it was very fun. I had never experienced anything quite like it. It was like a scene from a movie.

The boys made a little fire at the fireplace and we sat around it, just talking and laughing. 

Kwaku sat across from me and stole glances at me. I noticed it but I didn’t pay him any mind even though he kind of reminded me of the guy at the mall who rescued me when I stained my trousers, but looking at how rough and loud he was, I doubted he would ever be able to do something so nice and kind for someone. 

I excused myself and went to the kitchen to get some ice for my drink and also hide a little from Kwaku.  

I sat by the kitchen counter to catch my breath and to think, but not about David. I was consciously trying to get over him especially now that he was married. 

Are you okay?” Nana Yaw asked me.

I turned and saw that he was with Kwaku. I nodded and smiled.

“ I am okay” I said

Mummy says to call her. She says she hasn’t heard from you. I told her you are okay but you know how she is” 

I smiled again

“ Okay sure. I would call her” 

Kwaku cleared his throat and Nana Yaw rolled his eyes and shook his head

Nana, this is my friend. I know you have already seen him around but he wanted a formal introduction. His name is Kwaku Peprah- Danquah; he is the one hosting us”  

Hi” he said in a deep voice and stretched his hand

Hi” I said and shook his hand

I am Nana Afia Amankwa” I added. 

“ Okay, my work here is done,” Nana Yaw said and walked out of the kitchen.

I was surprised because growing up Nana Yaw never allowed me to be close to any of his friends. I don’t know what changed his mind to introduce me to Kwaku. 

He looks like a player,” I thought. 

“ Hi” he said again when Nana Yaw left. 

He chuckled and sat by me. 

“ Hi. Nice to meet you” I said.

I recognized his perfume when he sat next to me. 

“ Could it be him?” I thought. 

I wanted to ask him right away to clear the doubt but I also didn’t want him to know I stained my trousers in public and someone helped me if it turns out that it isn’t him. 

“ You seem sad. Are you okay?” he asked

“ Sad?” I asked and he nodded.

I knew I was sad but I didn’t know people have started noticing it. 

Is something wrong?” he asked

Nothing is wrong. I am fine. Thanks for asking” I said. 

He looked into my eyes and smiled, and it was as if he was looking into my soul. It was very uncomfortable, no one has ever looked at me like that before. 

I decided to get up and join my brothers but he held my hand and asked me to stay.

If you ever want to talk, I would be here. We have the whole weekend” he said and went back inside. 

Looking at him walk back inside reminded me more of this stranger that had helped me at the mall. His back and the way he walked were a little similar to the guy. I texted Stacy and she came to the kitchen.

Are you sure?” she asked

I am not sure but the perfume and the way he looks remind me of the guy” 

Kwaku Peprah? I doubt it. He is not correct like that” Stacey said and we both laughed. 

I laughed but I still wanted to ask, he stayed talking with Nana Yaw all evening so I didn’t get a chance. The girls slept upstairs and the boys stayed downstairs. That night, I thought about Kwaku and the way he looked at me. He had kind eyes. 

The next morning, the boys decided to make breakfast for the girls. 

Kwaku insisted on serving me, he smiled at me when he placed a plate of pancakes in front of me.

Do you like your pancakes with syrup?” he asked

Yes, please. Thank you” I said.

I had an assignment to create a twenty minutes film about my Christmas holiday and I decided to film my vacation in Lake District. I was around lovely people and I thought it would make a beautiful Christmas holiday story. 

Later in the day, I asked permission from my new friends, my brothers, and Kwaku and they were okay with me taking a video of them. 

Kwaku took every chance he got to talk to me, he was quite funny, and he said some jokes that cracked me up. 

I went upstairs to the room I was sharing with Stacy to start editing the video. 

Kwaku knocked on the door. I was surprised but not very surprised.

Hey,” he said. 

“ Hey. What’s up?” I asked 

He didn’t seem to have a reason for passing by, he was struggling to find his words. 

Umm..Umm. I wanted to know if you were okay and if you needed anything”

I chuckled.

“ I am okay. Thanks. I am just working on my film” I said

Oh? And how is that going?”

“ Fine thanks”

There was an awkward silence

“I have been wanting to ask you something Nana,” Kwaku said to break the silence.

“ Really? What?” I asked 

“ Can I come inside?” he asked. 

I nodded.

He sat on the bed and smiled

I have been thinking hard about where I have seen you before. And this morning I got the confirmation” he said and looked at my peach trousers.

I hadn’t even realized that I had them on, it wasn’t on purpose, I had worn them because it feels very comfortable.

Oh my God! So it’s really you” I said

I am right then. You stained your trousers and I covered you up at the mall?” Kwaku asked

I nodded then my eyes filled up with tears, I hugged and thanked him. I had no idea why I teared up. 

“ I never got a chance to thank you properly. I really appreciated what you did. Thank you” I said

Why are you crying?” he asked

I have been looking for you and I am just happy I have seen you again. I never thought I would ever see you again. Now I can return your jacket ” I said and wiped my eyes.

He chuckled.

“ I think I told you to keep the jacket. Don’t bother returning it and I am also glad I have seen you again. I have been looking for you too. I can’t believe you are Nana Yaw’s sister.” he said and laughed. 

Small world,” we said in unison. 

We laughed.

jinx,” he said shyly.

“ Okay. I would leave you to finish up then,” he added. 

I nodded.

I would see you around. Thanks again” I said

It’s nothing,” he said and walked out. 

I finished editing and went back out to get some more content. 

I went to find Stacy and told her Kwaku Peprah was the guy from the mall, after all, she couldn’t believe it.

“ How? Kwaku? Very odd” she said

I know, to think he could be that nice and gentle” I added. 

“ Maybe he is a gentle man at heart. Admit it, he has been nothing but a gentle man to you since we got here,Nana. He probably just becomes loud and rough when he is around his boys.” Stacey said and shrugged.

“ well, he needs to stick to one personality,” I said. 

So what now? Are you two going to start dating? You have been wondering about him for a while now” Stacey asked

“ No way. He is a player! Have you seen the number of girls here? I am sure one of them is his girlfriend. I really don’t have time for a player honestly, I am still trying to get over David” 

“ Oh my God Nana Afia! The guy is married now! Married! I don’t know why I bother with you. You are stubborn” Stacy said.

“ I am not stubborn. I just know I don’t have time for a player right now” I said and left to find something interesting to add to my film. 

Before we left Lake District, Kwaku asked for my number. I gave it to him but I knew it wouldn’t go anywhere besides I didn’t like the fact that he is Nana Yaw’s friend. 

He called me when I got to Manchester. 

Did you enjoy your stay?” he asked 

Yes, I did. Thanks for hosting us. You were an excellent host” I said

“ Thanks, Nana” 

“ You are welcome”

“So what now? Sleep?” he asked

I wish. I have to finish my assignment. I don’t want to do school work during the Christmas festivities”

He chuckled. 

“ Right. I wish you luck with that. And if you need any help don’t hesitate to call me”

I wondered why he thought I would need help from him, he is an Architect and I knew we had nothing in common but I said yes anyway so he would leave me to work. 

Goodnight Nana”

“ Night Night Kwaku” 

I woke up to find a sweet morning text from him. I didn’t know how to feel, it’s been a while since a guy actually liked me and put in effort. 

Kwaku, even though I knew he was a nice person from his gesture at the mall I wasn’t sure about him. 

He called me when he saw that I had read his text. 

“ Hello” 

“ Hi Kwaku” 

“ How are you?”

“ I am fine thanks. How are you?”

“ I am fine too. Did you finish your work?”

“ I did most of the work last night, so I am pretty certain I would finish up today. What’s up with you?” 

“ I would pass by the office and supervise some work. But when I close, I was thinking of coming to get you for lunch or dinner depending on the time I finish?” he said

I sighed.

“ Kwaku. That would be nice but I am sorry, I would have to pass. I am very busy” 

“ Oh sure. Maybe another time?”

“ I don’t think there would be another time Kwaku. I am really not interested in dating you. I am sorry” 

There was an awkward silence for a short while, then he found his voice.

“ Okay, Nana. Thanks. Do have a nice day. And good luck with your film” 

“ Thanks. Have a nice day too”

After the call ended, I suddenly felt bad for hurting him, I knew I had hurt him because his voice was a little low as he spoke.

I sent him a text apologizing to him but he read it and didn’t reply. He avoided me the rest of the day and I couldn’t concentrate on my assignment anymore.

That evening I called and he answered, I was surprised he did.

Hello Nana”

“ Hi, Kwaku. I am really sorry about this morning” I said

It’s fine. I also apologize if I made you feel uncomfortable”

“ You didn’t. The thing is, I am just getting out of a relationship and I don’t know if I am ready to start dating yet”

“ It was just lunch as friends but I understand you. I wouldn’t bother you like that again. How’s the assignment going?”

“ Actually, I couldn’t work on it today. I was thinking about you. I was sad that I hurt you”

He didn’t say anything, and it made me feel very bad.

If the offer still stands, I would love to have lunch or dinner with you tomorrow. I am very sorry Kwaku” I awkwardly added.

“ Nana Afia, what are you doing?” he asked

what do you mean?”

“ I mean you don’t have to go out with me because you think that would make me happy. I said I understand. Don’t do that. Don’t patronize me”

“ I am not Kwaku. I want to go out with you. I don’t know what I was thinking this morning. I just had a moment of weakness and said all the wrong things. I would be honored to go out with the man who came to my rescue”

“ Why the sudden change of mind Nana? ” he asked

Because I want to get to know you Kwaku”

“ Are you sure? Nana Afia listen, I don’t want you doing something you don’t want to. I totally understand, I am just now finding out that you recently got out of a relationship and I wouldn’t like to play second fiddle to your ex-boyfriend”

I smiled.

It’s fine Kwaku. You wouldn’t be playing second fiddle to anyone. It’s high time I started going out more anyway. I am tired of being indoors all the time. How do I move on then?”

Kwaku chuckled.

Okay if you say so. I would pick you up at seven tomorrow evening” he said

Okay. See you at seven Kwaku”

“ And please try and finish up your film”

“ Okay, I will. Goodnight”


But he didn’t go to bed, instead, we texted and he kept me company while I worked.

Out of nowhere, I became very excited to see him the next day.

He was punctual, he took me to a nice restaurant where he had already reserved a table. He looked really nice.

After eating, we talked and laughed for hours in the restaurant. Our table was in a corner, so our loud laughter didn’t bother people much, Kwaku turned out to be a really interesting fella and we surprisingly had a lot in common.

When we went to Lake District, why did you invite about four more women? Is one of them your girlfriend and she insisted on bringing her friends or something?” I asked.

He laughed hysterically at me.

“ No. Julia is my little sister, Kesewaa and Abena are my cousins and Natasha is Julia’s best friend. They go everywhere and do everything together. Wait, did you not interact with them? I thought you knew”

“ Oh my goodness, really? I didn’t talk much to them about their personal lives. Besides I was busy with my camera. This is interesting and I was judging you so hard” I said and laughed.

“ You were? Is that also a reason why you didn’t want to go out with me yesterday? You thought I had a girlfriend?

I nodded shyly.

“Why would I ask you out if I have a girlfriend Nana Afia ?”

“ Well, you give off this bad boy, player vibe.”

Oh my God! Not you too. What do you women mean when you say I give off a bad boy vibe? You are like the fifth woman telling me this”

I chuckled.

“ I don’t know. You just look like the sort of guy every girl likes, and I think you know it as well, so you play on their emotion because you know you can get any girl you want”

“ Really? The things women think about would forever baffle me. Look, I don’t have time like that. I have been single for close to four years now. Not because I don’t see beautiful, intelligent women, I am just very focused on building something good, no great, for myself before I enter into a relationship”

“ I see. That’s good. Now I feel so bad for judging you before I got to know you”

“it’s fine. You are not the first and certainly wouldn’t be the last. I have learned to live with it”

So…if you don’t mind my asking, why did you break up with your ex-girlfriend? ” I asked

“ She cheated on me. I didn’t mind a distant relationship because we were doing a distance thing when she was schooling in the states, but I had to move to Ghana to work with my father for a while but she just couldn’t understand it.

But we talked it out and I thought we were good. Three months after I moved, my friends sent me videos of her kissing some guy and giving that same guy a lap dance at the club. I was shocked because knowing her she wasn’t a fan of going to the club. So seeing her doing all that at the club surprised me, I knew she wasn’t dealing with our distance well so I called her to assure her and let her know that I would be back in the UK as soon as I was done supervising my father’s projects but she didn’t want to hear it so she asked us to break up. I ended the call when she started acting hysterically on phone. But after thinking about it, I gave her what she wanted. So we broke up a week later and I have been single since. I really loved her, she was my first love, my first everything. We met when we were just five. We met in church and we became friends because our parents were friends. We started dating when we both finished high school and I waited for her to pursue law in the states, she came back and we were good, very good. But it’s life you know, people change and things happen”

Oh I am so sorry”

“ It’s fine. What about you, what led to your break up?” he asked.

I smiled and sighed.

Well for me too, he didn’t want a distant relationship. But I made some mistakes, our family got involved and it was messy. We trusted each other to a fault but I just don’t know. We started fighting a lot, he changed into this different person before my eyes. He just couldn’t wait for me and he wanted to get married so badly and start a family. He didn’t know when I would be going back to Ghana and he didn’t want to wait forever. He is married now, I have seen photos, he seems happy and I am happy for him”

“ Wow. I am sorry. That must have hurt a lot, seeing him married” he asked

Yes. It was very hard. But I can’t do anything than to move on now. I am trying, it’s not been easy but I am” I said sadly.

He checked the time, it was midnight. He looked around the restaurant and it was almost empty. He chuckled and looked at me.

“ I think it’s only right we leave too,” he said

I laughed

I agree,” I said.

I had such a great time with him and wished he would ask me out again.

On our drive back, he did and I was very happy but hid my emotion well. When he dropped me at home, I saw my mother peeping through the window.

Kwaku hugged me, it was so warm and I loved his perfume.

“ I would see you tomorrow” he whispered.

I nodded and he watched me enter my house. I quickly went to join my mother and we both looked at him drive off through the window.


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