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Kind Eyes

My mother was more excited than I was.

She smiled widely and asked me to tell her everything about the date. It was a date to me now and certainly not just as friends, I had enjoyed his company so much and I hoped he felt the same too.

My mother and I fell asleep on the couch while talking and around 3 am, my father came to wake us up to go sleep in our beds.

When I woke up later in the morning, I went to find my big brother, I wanted him to tell me everything about Kwaku.

I knew Nana Yaw wasn’t going to tell me everything without giving me a hard time but I was prepared to go back and forth with him until I know everything I wanted to know about Kwaku.

He was still asleep when I got to his room so I didn’t bother him. I went to start breakfast since I was the first to wake up.

I caught myself smiling as I cooked, I was starting to feel the butterflies in my tummy as well.

“ God help me. Who is this man?” I whispered in prayer.

My mother came to join me and we fixed breakfast for the men in the house.

Have you heard from him this morning?” my mother asked

“ it’s too early. I am sure he is still sleeping” I said.

“ Yesterday, Nana Yaw told me that he is Samuel Peprah-Danquah’s son?” my mom said.

“ Samuel Peprah-Danquah? Who is that?” I asked

Ooh, he is a real estate mogul in Ghana. I know he owns several estates in Ghana”

Really? Well Kwaku is an architect, then I am sure he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps”

“ Yeah maybe. When his father started investing in real estate you were not even born. He has been around for a long time”

“ Wow. Let me google him” I said.

I looked for my phone but I had left it in my room. I went to get it and saw that Kwaku has texted and called once.

Wake up sleepy head” it read

I smiled and texted back.

“ I am awake. Good morning. How are you?”

As I waited for his reply, I googled his father’s name and my mother was right.

He replied minutes later and we texted back and forth about nothing in particular for close to twenty minutes, before he told me he had to prepare for work.

“ Okay. Have a lovely day” I texted

“ You too B,” he replied.

I have always wondered what guys meant when they refer to us girls as B.

“What does B even mean? What is he trying to say? Baby, Babe, or Boo?” I asked my brothers while we had breakfast and they joked about it.

He means to say you are a buffoon” Nana Yaw joked. Then Nana Kwadwo laughed.

I ignored them and continued eating.

When Nana Yaw had settled down, I caught him alone and asked him what he thought about me getting to know Kwaku. He didn’t have a problem with it, and he never once mentioned that Kwaku was a player, his only concern was about how very busy he is. But I didn’t have a real problem with it or I was just blinded by infatuation to even care.

How long have you known him?” I asked

“ Ooh, about four years. We were both groomsmen at a mutual friend’s wedding in Ghana. It was my first time meeting him and we connected right away, we stayed in touch after the wedding. When we were moving to the UK I told him about it and we caught up when we arrived here. It’s even a coincidence we both ended up in Manchester” Nana Yaw said.

“ So he is a good guy? You think I should get to know him?”

“ From the little I know about him, he is a pretty decent guy Nana but the relationship men have with fellow men is different from the relationship men have with women. I know you are smart, be careful and don’t just think and decide with your heart but with your head more”

“ Sure. Thanks. I wouldn’t use just my heart but my head too. I think I should give it a chance to see what happens”

“ Goodluck. You can come to me anytime if you are confused” he said

“ Thanks. You can be such a nice person sometimes but most times you are just so mean” I teased

Nana Yaw laughed.

I went Christmas shopping with my mother, Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. There was just something about it that made me happy. I couldn’t wait to start decorating and baking with my family. I took the opportunity and got Christmas gifts for my family and something for Kwaku.

That evening we went out on a date again, we went to see a movie and we shared the popcorn.

After the movie, we stayed at the car park and talked in his car for a while. I liked it when he looked at me, he paid attention when I spoke.

He never texted and he always apologized when he had to pick up a call he couldn’t ignore.

I told him more about my life and my writing. After the night we spoke about our exes, we never touched on that topic again. He asked to read my stories and I gave him the link to my website; where I have written a couple of stories.

“ I would check it out when I get home,” he said.

I nodded

Okay. That would be awesome. Thanks.” I said.

Excuse me,” he said and leaned forward to open the glove compartment.

He removed a small jewelry box

“ I got you an early Christmas present,” he said

He opened it, it was a beautiful necklace with a cute pearl locket.

“ It’s lovely Kwaku. Thank you” I said

May I?” he asked wanting to put it around my neck

I nodded and turned, I lifted my braids and gave him access to my neck. His hands were warm.

When he was done, I touched the necklace and looked at him.

“ This is very thoughtful. I love it. It is beautiful. Thank you” 

You are welcome,” he said and smiled

I smiled shyly and we continued talking

“ So Christmas Eve tomorrow, want to do something fun?” he asked

I shrugged.

“ what do you have in mind?” I asked

My sister has gotten some tickets to The Compozers concert in London. Do you want to go with me ?”

“ The Compozers? The band?”

He nodded

that would be nice. I would like to go”

“Really?” he asked

I nodded

“ Yes. I like them”

“ Wow! Great then. We would have to go by train if we want to get there on time”

“ Okay. I can’t wait”

He dropped me home and we hugged again this time a little longer.

“ You looked stunning tonight. I forgot to mention” he said

I smiled and thanked him

You don’t look bad yourself,” I said.

“ Thank you,” he said

“The concert starts at 8 pm so we need to be out of here by five” he added

Sure. I would meet you up at the train station” I said

He chuckled.

“ No. I would come and get you. Don’t worry” he said

I was so excited, I told my family about the concert and my brothers were jealous, they wanted to join us but the tickets weren’t enough.

On Christmas Eve when Kwaku came for me, it was his first time seeing my parents. He was a little nervous. Daddy wanted him to stay and chat but we were going to be late if he did.

Nana Yaw escorted us outside and asked Kwaku if there were more tickets but Kwaku laughed and shook his head.

I am sorry. It was Julia’s boyfriend that got us the ticket, he was able to get us just one extra ticket more”

And you thought of Nana Afia while I am here right?” he teased. Kwaku laughed.

I promise to get more tickets next year,” he said.

I was happy to know that Kwaku was hoping to still be in my life in the coming year.

On the train, we listened to music; he gave me one of his AirPods.

He had an interesting taste in music.

He got a little embarrassed when Brian McKnight and Mariah Carey’s duet “ Whenever You Call” started playing.

He wanted to change it, but I asked him to stop. I loved that he listened to sentimental music. He was in touch with his emotions and I liked that in a man.

I wrapped my hand around his arm and felt his muscles, I placed my head on his shoulder and we listened to the song in silence.

I was expecting it to be awkward, the silence, but it wasn’t. I was at peace; he felt so safe.

I closed my eyes to enjoy the music but I drifted to sleep.

When we got to London, we met up with his sister Julia and her boyfriend Nana Kwame.

Julia’s friend Natasha joined us later.

During the concert, Kwaku held my hand while we danced and sang. He was so fun, he constantly asked if I was okay, I always smiled and told him that I was.

It was my first ever concert and I wouldn’t have chosen another set of people to hang out with. Julia and Natasha were very nice and fun. Nana Kwame didn’t talk much, but he seemed nice too.

After the concert, we found a restaurant and ordered a large pizza; we were famished.

Julia, Nana Kwame, and Natasha stayed back in London while Kwaku and I returned to Manchester. The train ride back wasn’t as calm, since it was Christmas dawn, a lot of people joined the train, they were going back to celebrate Christmas with family I assumed.

Kwaku held my hand while we spoke about the concert and everything else.

He looked very exhausted when we got home and I asked him to stay till morning because it was going to be hard to get a taxi at that hour because of how busy everyone was.

Nana Yaw was the one that open the door for us so he took Kwaku to his room and he rested.

By morning I was up to help my mother cook for Christmas.

I felt very happy while we cooked, I told my mother that Kwaku was sleeping upstairs in Nana Yaw’s room.

Really? What time did you guys get back?” she asked

Around 2 am,” I said.

I see. I stayed up waiting for you but I was very tired” she said

“You know something I noticed yesterday mummy? ” I said

What?” she asked

“You didn’t blow up my phone with calls and texts asking if I was okay. You didn’t seem worried like most times” I said.

My mother laughed

“Silly girl. Well, I knew you were fine and in safe hands. I had no reason to worry”

“I see. Well, I really was in safe hands, he took care of me. He held my hands the whole time”


I nodded excitedly.

We heard Nana Yaw and Kwaku talking and walking toward the kitchen. My heart skipped a beat when my eyes met Kwaku’s. He smiled at me and looked at my mother.

Goodmorning Mrs. Amankwah,” he said

Kwaku good morning. I am just finding out from Nana that you slept here. I hope you were comfortable?”

“Oh yes. I was. Thank you”

“You are welcome”

He walked to me and asked what I was cooking. I chuckled and told him. He nodded and asked me for a bottle of water.

Room temperature please” he added

I got it for him and asked what he wanted for breakfast but he shook his head.

“I am fine. I have to leave soon anyway. My parents arrived this morning from Ghana. They are in London currently for Christmas so I have to go home, freshen up then go see them”

“London? Are we not just coming from there? Is that why Julia stayed?”

He nodded.

“Oh? Then why did you come back to Manchester?” I asked

He chuckled.

I wanted to be sure you were safe at home,” he said.

I smiled and he smiled too.

So now that I know you are safe in your castle, I would like to leave now princess,” he said and chuckled.

I nodded and told my mother that he was leaving.

Oh? So soon. I thought you would stay for breakfast at least” she said

Actually my parents are around for Christmas and I have to go back to London to see them”

“Back to London? I thought that was where the concert was” she asked

“Yes please, but I wanted to bring Nana Afia home and make sure that she is alright,” he said.

I could tell my mother was impressed, she nodded.

Oh, I see. That’s nice. I hope you get there safe”

Thank you. Merry Christmas” he said

Merry Christmas dear,” my mother said.

He said bye to Nana Yaw and Nana Kwadwo and I saw him out. I was the first to hug him this time, I was starting to like him a little too much.

Call me when you arrive please,” I said

I will. You look beautiful this morning by the way”

I blushed.

Thanks,” I said

He nodded and winked.

I waved at him and watched him walk to the bus stop.

Nana Yaw’s girlfriend Adjoa visited with her family and we had lunch together.

Lunch was very amazing, my mother hasn’t lost her touch.

I didn’t hear from Kwaku all afternoon. I sent him a message asking if he was okay before we all sat down for lunch but he didn’t reply.

I kept checking my phone while we watched a Christmas movie with Adjoa’s family.

I liked what Nana Yaw and Adjoa had, they were best friends and also in love. I looked at them all cuddled up in each other’s arms on the couch. I wanted to be loved like that. I looked around the living room and suddenly felt a sense of appreciation. I was grateful to have the family I have and the place I was right now in my life. I smiled to myself and cuddled up to my mother. I was very tired from the concert and the cooking and I had only a few hours of sleep that morning so the warmth from my mother put me straight to sleep.

When I woke up I was the only one in the living room. I stretched and yawned and checked my phone for the time.

Kwaku still hadn’t texted or called. I dropped my phone on the couch and went to find my family.

My father and Adjoa’s father were talking in the backyard. My mother, Adjoa, and her mother were in the kitchen fixing some desserts. After lunch, I didn’t think we would be eating anything else.

What’s going on here?” I asked and smiled.

Ooh nice, you are awake. Come and help me” my mother said.

What are you doing?” I asked again

Adjoa is teaching me how to do a cheesecake. Come and learn too” my mother said

Adjoa smiled shyly.

Our first attempt at baking a cheesecake wasn’t half as bad. I am not big on cheesecakes but I enjoyed the one my mother and I baked.

Adjoa left with her family late in the night and that was my Christmas. I took some videos of my family time and added them to my school assignment.

I was working on my computer when Nana Yaw came into the room.

“ where is your phone?” he asked

I wasn’t sure where it was, I hadn’t seen it in a while.

I looked around my bed but it wasn’t there.

I am not sure where I placed it. Why do you ask though?”

“ Kwaku has been calling you. He just called to ask me if you were okay. Check downstairs, I think I saw your phone on the couch”

“ Alright sure”

 I went downstairs and found my parents cuddled up on the couch watching another movie

Have you seen my phone?” I asked

“ No.” my dad said

“ Could you please scoot over so I check please?”

My dad look up at me and moved, he was sitting on it.

“ Found it. Thanks” I said.

He didn’t pay me any mind and focused on the Tv. My mother laughed.

If I didn’t know better, I would say my dad was trying to pull a fast one on me. He plays weak pranks on us any chance he got. He sat on my phone only to get me worked up for nothing.

I went back to my room and called Kwaku.

It was late, I didn’t think he would answer.

Hello Nana,” he said in a sleepy voice

Hi, Kwaku. Merry Christmas” I said

“ Merry Christmas Beautiful. Where have you been?”

“ I should be asking you that. I texted and when you didn’t reply I got worried”

“ Worried about what?”

I don’t know, I thought maybe you might have met some thugs on your way to London and they stole your phone and beat you up”

He laughed hysterically, he didn’t sound sleepy anymore.

“ Well, I did get kidnapped though but they called my parents to pay a huge ransom and I got to go home free and untouched ” he teased.

That made me laugh.

Lucky you,” I said just to play along.

Yes! A Christmas miracle” he said and chuckled.

How did your day go?” he added.

“ It was great. I enjoyed my family time. Adjoa visited with her family and taught mummy and me how to make a cheesecake. It turned out great”

“ Yummy. Save me a piece”

“ I would try. How was your Christmas too?”

“ It was tiring. We visited a few of my parents’ friends and then had dinner with my granny. We came back home and talked for a while then everyone went to bed. We would continue the fun today. I missed you though, I wish you were here”

“ I missed you too”

I think we should have a private Christmas celebration when I get back,” he said

When are you getting back?”

“ I have work on the 28th. Adulting sucks” he said and chuckled

“ I see. When are your parents leaving?”

“ They are here for a month so I would be moving in and out of London till they leave”

“ Isn’t that stressful? Why did you move to Manchester then? Since your family lives in London”

“ I went to University in Manchester and right after school, I got my job. It’s a good enough job, it pays the bills so it kept me in Manchester”

“ ooh okay, that’s cool. So I want to ask you something” I said


“ When you saw me at the mall that day, what was your first thought? Did you hesitate before deciding to help me?

He chuckled.

I don’t remember hesitating. When I saw you and saw that you were bleeding, all I wanted to do was to make sure you were okay. People were ready with their phones to take photos, even women; you would think they would be the first to help since they can relate. Honestly thinking about it now, I am very glad I was there”

I smiled over the phone

“ Thanks, Kwaku”

“ You are welcome. Any more questions?” he asked

No. Just that one,” I said and chuckled

Okay. I have a question for you then” he said

I chuckled

Okay.. ask away”

“ What are you doing for New Year’s?”

I haven’t made any plans for New Year. I would just be home for New Year’s Day”

“ Okay. Would you like to spend the day with my family?” he asked

I thought he was moving too fast and I wanted to take my time if he turns out to be my next boyfriend. On the other hand, I thought about how he had met my family and it was only fair I met his.

Since he had offered it wasn’t nice to shoot him down, so I agreed.

A part of me was very excited to meet his family anyway.

I would like that,” I said

Awesome. I thought you would say no”

Of course, I wanted to say no. I suddenly felt bad for saying yes. I hope I had made the right decision.

We spoke for a short while then we went to bed. I was beginning to like him a lot but I knew very little about him. Before bed, I said a prayer. I didn’t want to start anything until I got a sign or a confirmation from God. Everything so far about him was perfect but I didn’t want to be carried away until God permitted me to go all in.

I woke up the next morning and saw a message from Kwaku. It was a song; Sam Palladio’s song Under the tree.

I listened to it all morning, I didn’t want to get out of bed. I eventually got out of my bubble and went downstairs to my family.

We exchanged gifts and wore matching Christmas-themed sweaters and took photos. I sent a couple of them to Kwaku.

He also sent me some photos of his day too. He had an apron on in a couple of the photos, it looked like he had been cooking.

He looked nice in his photos and it made me miss him more.

That evening, I didn’t hear from him and I didn’t call either I didn’t want to be too clingy. I cuddled my pillow and fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning to see a couple of messages and calls from him.

We got closer with each passing day, I liked him so much now.

I was very nervous when we had to meet his family on New year’s morning. He told me constantly to relax but I just couldn’t.

My mother baked his parents a pound cake which I presented to them on her behalf. His parents were so nice, his mother is so adorable and kind.

I knew now where Kwaku got his kind eyes from. She is also such an excellent cook, I never thought I would enjoy another person’s cooking like I enjoy my mother’s.

I didn’t want to leave, I had such a great time with his family I was nervous for nothing. His mother packed some food for me and forced me to take it along when I was leaving.

On our train ride back I told him how much I enjoyed my visit. It was nothing like I had expected. In my previous relationships, I was never lucky with the mothers of my exes but my experience with Kwaku’s mother felt very different, nothing I would ever have imagined.

He was so tired to stay for long when we got to my house and I understood. He said a quick hello to my family and I walked him outside.

He hugged me and kissed me on the forehead. It was unexpected but I loved it.

My mother likes you. She texted me” he said.

I like her too. She is amazing. And do let her know I had an amazing time” I said.

I will. Goodnight beautiful” he said

Goodnight handsome,” I said

I returned to school a couple of days later, it was my last year. It is an intensive two-year program.

And I was almost at the finish line to being a certified scriptwriter and a screenplay director. I was having lunch with a classmate near campus when Julia texted me.

I remember we exchanged numbers at the concert but we never spoke.

She texted that she wanted to talk. My heart started racing I hoped Kwaku was okay.

I apologized to my classmate and stepped out of the restaurant to ring her.

Hey, Julia. How are you?” I said

She was crying, I got more worried.

“ What’s going on? Are you okay? Is Kwaku okay?”

“ I am fine Nana. Kwaku is fine too. Can you talk I hope I am not catching you at a bad time” she said sobbingly

“ it’s fine. Don’t worry about it. Talk to me” I said

“ I just saw Nana Kwame and Natasha shagging in his apartment”

“ What?! Your best friend and your boyfriend?!” I asked to be sure.


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