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Pretty Smile

“ Yes!” she said and started crying again

Oh my God! Julia, I am so sorry. Have you told Kwaku?”

“ No! And please don’t tell him. He would kill them both if he ever found out. Please promise me” she said

I wasn’t sure I was ready to start keeping secrets from Kwaku but I agreed to keep quiet to protect the friendship Julia and I seem to be building.

“ Sure Julia. I wouldn’t tell Kwaku”

“ Thanks “

“ Where are you?”

“ I am at this coffee shop around Nana Kwame’s apartment. I am not in the right frame of mind to drive. I have to go back to the office but I know I can’t get any work done in this state”

“ I wish I was there to console you. It’s hard handling these things alone. I can come to London this weekend to keep you company”

“ That would be nice Nana but I know you are busy at school with your finals. I would be fine, I would try and distract myself”

Did they see you? Do they know you know ?” I asked

No. They didn’t hear me walk in, the door was open ajar. With their clothes everywhere on the floor. It was disgusting”

Oh, God. I am so sorry Julia. So sorry that you had to see all that. But I insist on coming to see you this weekend. I would plan and let you know. Don’t worry I would bring my school work along, you really need a friend now”

“ Okay, Nana. I would text you my address. Thank you”

“ Don’t mention Julia. I have to go now but I would check on you in the evening”

“ Okay have a nice day”

“ Thanks,” I said and ended the call

Before I went to bed I called Julia again to check up, after the call with her, I called Kwaku. I was really struggling to keep quiet about Julia’s situation. Kwaku seemed to be in a good mood and I didn’t want to ruin it.

He told me about his day and a new contract his company had gotten. He even mentioned he wanted to come to Bristol that weekend to celebrate but I had plans with Julia so I declined and promised to make it up to him.

That weekend I got on the first flight to London. Julia was very happy to see me. I had no idea I would be that close to Kwaku’s little sister that quickly. She hugged me and we walked to her car. Her apartment was very classy and elegant. She is a few years younger than I am but she behaved maturely and I admired that. We cooked lunch together and we spoke, she seemed stronger than the last time we spoke.

Have you spoken to any of them?” I asked

“No. There is nothing left to say. You know I almost asked Natasha to move in with me? She lost her job and she got evicted from her place. She has been living with her cousin and she keeps complaining about how small the place is. Since she is my friend, I decided to make room for her. I was in the process of transforming my other bedroom into her room to surprise her on her birthday next month”

“Wow. That’s so nice” I said

Yeah, and I had no idea she was sleeping with Nana Kwame. For Nana Kwame, I am not surprised, my mother warned me about him. Kwaku warned me too but I was in love and very stubborn. I knew he chased women around but when we started dating, he stopped. I noticed the change or maybe I forced myself to think that he had changed” Julia said and her voice broke.

Tears rolled down her cheek as she spoke, I could really relate, heartbreaks are never easy. I went to console her and asked her to sit down. I offered to finish cooking lunch and she agreed. She distracted herself with a reality show I would later come to enjoy.

After lunch we spoke about lighter things, I didn’t want her crying anymore. She spoke about her childhood and growing up with Kwaku. She mentioned how lucky and blessed I was to have met Kwaku. I certainly knew how lucky and blessed I was. I never thought I could be able to forget about David but Kwaku was definitely doing an amazing job in helping me move on and be happy.

“You do like my brother right?” she asked

I blushed

“I like your brother a little too much”

“He likes you a lot too. He can’t stop talking about you, I can see he is happy. After Kimberly died, I thought that was it for him”

“Kimberly? Who is Kimberly?” I asked

Julia looked surprised but it was too late, the cat was already out of the bag.

Oh no. He hasn’t told you yet?”

“No, he hasn’t. Please tell me”

Julia sighed and got up to take the half drank wine bottle we left on the kitchen counter.

I would need some more wine,” she said.

She poured some more and offered to give me some but I declined it, my heart was beating fast. I was scared about what I was about to hear. And here I was feeling bad about keeping quiet about Julia’s breakup while all this time Kwaku kept secrets from me. Julia sipped on the wine and started talking.

Kimberly was Kwaku’s first love and girlfriend. They started dating pretty young, growing up, she was the only girl I ever saw Kwaku with. They planned to get married twice in the relationship. The first one was when Kimberly had to go to the states to study but our parents didn’t agree because they were young and didn’t know any better, the second time was when she finished law school but Kwaku wasn’t ready he was trying to get his money right. Daddy offered to pay for everything but Kwaku didn’t agree. When he landed his job and was ready, Daddy started building some estates in Ghana; Kwahu to be precise. 

He needed Kwaku’s help badly so Kwaku moved to Ghana for about two years. But Kimberly found out she was pregnant for Kwaku and didn’t want him to leave the UK for that long but she also didn’t tell Kwaku the real reason she wanted him to stay. Kwaku left because what daddy needed him to do was important too. Kimberly started misbehaving, going to clubs kissing other men just to spite Kwaku, they broke up because that was what Kwaku thought Kimberly wanted. Kimberly in the process of aborting their baby died, that was a week after their break up, she wasn’t a very strong person physically so I think something went wrong when she took the pills and she bled to death in her room. Her parents thought she was asleep, they didn’t check in on her all night till the next morning and it was just too late”

Oh my God! This is so sad. Kwaku did tell me about his ex-girlfriend but not this part. I didn’t know she died”

Julia sighed.

“ Well, I understand why Kwaku hasn’t mentioned it. His whole life ended when Kimberly died. And the guilt and pain crushed him. He felt responsible for her death, he wasn’t himself for a pretty long time but since you came into his life he is gradually going back to the Kwaku I know. He laughs and smiles more and I know it’s because of you”

That made me smile but I was very sad.

“ So how did he handle the project in Ghana since Kimberly died during that time”

“ I guess he distracted himself with that project. He put everything into getting the work done. He came for her funeral and went back to continue. He hasn’t been in a relationship since then, and I know quite a number of girls who would kill to go on a date with him. When he started hanging out with you, I was surprised but happy. I honestly didn’t think you two would come this far. How did you meet by the way?”

I laughed, I wasn’t prepared to share that story but I told Julia anyway.

Well, we met at Stretford Mall. I was getting a few things mostly sanitary towels from Aldi because I was expecting my flow the following day. I checked my app, so I was very sure it was coming the next day. But my flow came earlier, probably when I was driving to the mall. It was quite heavy, I didn’t even feel any cramps. I really had no idea honestly.  I stained my trousers, it was bright peach trousers. I had no idea I was walking around Aldi with blood-stained trousers, Kwaku came out of nowhere and covered me up with his jacket and stood behind me till I wrapped his jacket around my waist”

“ What?! You were the girl he did that for?” Julia asked excitedly.

I nodded, I was so embarrassed

“ what?! Wow. I asked him where his jacket was when he came back into the car and he said he gave it to a friend. It was so odd when he said that but we were in a hurry to get to the hospital that day so I didn’t pay much attention to it. Our cousin Kesewaa was admitted for food poisoning so we were on our way to see her but we stopped at Stretford Mall to get her something. So when we settled down, I asked him about the jacket again then he told me what happened. You know that was his favorite jacket? He took it everywhere”

I chuckled

Really?! He just told me to keep it and walked away”

I see. And you two met again at Lake District. Did you exchange numbers at the mall?”

No. He just disappeared when he told me to keep the jacket. Now I know he disappeared because he was rushing to go visit your cousin at the hospital. I wanted to ask for his number so I could return the jacket even though he asked me to keep it. I wondered about him for days even weeks till I stopped thinking about it. I didn’t even know it was him when we went to Lake District but he looked familiar. He recognized me too and he asked me if I was the same girl from the mall and that confirmed everything”

“ Cute story. I like this, it’s like you two are meant to be. I pray he asks you to be his girlfriend soon. Do you want to be his girlfriend by the way?”

I don’t really know. I think it is a little early for me to enter into a relationship and now finding out about Kimberly I don’t know if Kwaku is ready for a full-blown relationship either. He is probably still hurting”

“So you want to be just his friend and go on dates once in a while?”

“Well yes for now. We shouldn’t rush into anything just yet. He is a great guy, if we are meant to be together I am sure we would until then I’d say we are keeping each other company”

Julia chuckled and shrugged

Our mum likes you though. She calls you “pretty smile” at home. You two would make such a cute couple” Julia said.

I smiled

“ How are you feeling now? You seem fine” I asked

Julia sighed

Your company is really helping. Thanks for insisting on coming over”

Kwaku called me, I started to panic.

“ what do I tell your brother. He has no idea I am here. I really don’t want to lie” I said

“ Just figure something out. He knows you are in school just tell him something”

I cleared my throat before I answered his call

Hello Kwaku”

“ Hi. How are you doing?”

“ I am good. How are you?”

“ Fine. What are you up to?”

“ I am just hanging out with some friends”

“ Oh, nice. What’s the occasion because I know you never go out” he teased

I laughed

“ No reason, we are just catching up. Nothing special”

“ Okay, I see. Have fun then. I just wanted to hear your voice”

I blushed

“ What have you also been up to this weekend?” I asked

“ I am having a boring weekend. Did my laundry in the morning, trying to figure out what to cook for lunch. Got any ideas for me?”

I stood up and started walking mindlessly around Julia’s living room.

“ Well, what ingredients do you have?” I asked

Let’s see. I have some tomatoes, onions, spaghetti, rice, potatoes, and some beef in the freezer

“ Can you cook Jollof rice?”

“ I can but I am too hungry to wait for it to cook,” he said and chuckled.

I was thinking of preparing some beef stew then cook some rice” he added

That sounds like a plan,” I said

“ Yeah. I would go and start it then. Enjoy your time with your friends. I would check up on you later” he said

Okay sure. Enjoy your meal too”

Julia was staring at me after the call ended.

You do like my brother, you just turned into a little teenager right now. Playing with your hair while walking and talking. I really wish you two the best”

I blushed

“ I really do feel bad for lying to him though,” I said

“ Don’t feel bad. I wouldn’t tell him, he would never find out. I really like having you around. I am enjoying your company, we should do this often” Julia said

We spent the whole weekend talking, and cooking. I think we really bonded.

Julia is very down to earth, from a distance when you see her, you would think she is uptight and snobbish but she is nothing close to that.

Before I left, she gave me a small gift box to say thank you. I really appreciated her gesture, I hugged her and promise to call when I got to Bristol.

A month went by and everything was going on well with Kwaku and me until I got a call from him one afternoon. I was busy with some school work and couldn’t answer right away. Just when I was about to return his call, he sends a message. I opened it to check

“Nana Afia. I had no idea you spent the weekend with Julia last month when she found Nana Kwame cheating with Natasha. When did you plan on telling me? Are we keeping things from each other now?” it read.  My heart skipped a beat as I read his message.

I called Julia to ask what had gone on, she apologized first, then told me she mistakenly told Kwaku everything when they were speaking that morning.

“ What exactly did you tell him, Julia?” I asked

“ I was sad and wanted to talk, you were busy with exams and school projects so I really didn’t want to bother you. I called Kwaku and as I spoke about the whole Nana Kwame thing I mentioned how I am grateful to you for coming to sit with me last month. Before I could realize the magnitude of what I had told him he started asking questions and I had to tell him everything”

“ oh my Goodness Julia. I trusted you, he really seems upset. What do I do?”

“ I am terribly sorry Nana. I told him I invited you over because I needed to talk. I really thought he understood, I had no idea he would question you about it”

“ I am so confused right now. I really didn’t mean to offend or lie to him”

“ I am terribly sorry for letting you down Nana”

“ It’s fine. I just hope Kwaku would understand” I said sadly and ended the call.

I looked at his message for minutes before I texted my apology. He didn’t read right away. I kept checking my phone to see if he had read it all afternoon.

I was very nervous to call him, I didn’t want him to ignore my calls so I played it safe with the message.

I got busy again with my studies but I had him at the back of my mind all evening as I studied with my friends.

When I returned to my room, he called. I was excited but a little scared, I had no idea what to expect.

“ Hello Kwaku,” I said

Hi,” he said

There was an awkward silence before I started talking.

Kwaku, I know you are very upset. I know I should have told you. But she didn’t want you to know.”

Kwaku didn’t talk, I thought the call had ended. I checked my phone and saw that he was still on the line.

Kwaku?” I said

“ Nana Afia, I have been thinking all day whether or not to call you but I wanted to tell you on the phone and not via text. I don’t want us to be friends anymore. You lie, and I don’t think I want someone that lies like you around me. From now on, I would handle things concerning my little sister by myself” he said

My heart sunk, and I suddenly started feeling uneasy. I stood up from my bed and started pacing in my room.

Kwaku, I know how you feel. I made a mistake I should have known better. I didn’t mean to go behind your back to be with Julia, I just felt that was what she needed”

“ She wasn’t thinking straight Nana! She told you to lie to me and you did? And kept quiet for a month. We speak every day and you never thought to tell me that my little sister was going through a breakup? That her boyfriend had sex with her best friend? You took the side of someone who was emotionally hurt and sad? She didn’t know any better. I really thought we trusted each other enough. You should have come to me first!”

Tears filled my eyes when he raised his voice at me. He was really upset.

“I thought you were different. I am sorry but I just can’t deal with a liar anymore. Take care”

He ended the call and I stood in the same position for minutes just staring at my phone. I just broke down into tears and sat on the floor

I called Nana Yaw, I was in tears.

Nana Yaw, Kwaku is very upset with me. He just called and told me he doesn’t want to be friends anymore”

“ What did you do?” he asked worriedly.

“ Something happened with his little sister Julia and she told me not to tell Kwaku. I went to spend some days with her in London to cheer her up without Kwaku’s knowledge. I thought I was doing the right thing but I just realized I had no right to keep something like that from Kwaku. He has found out now and he thinks I am a liar and he doesn’t want to be friends with a liar”

“ Oh, Nana Afia. Why did you do that?”

“ I don’t know Nana Yaw. I feel terrible”

“ You never come between siblings. Kwaku is very protective of his little sister. This is bad”

Can you please talk to him for me? I really like him” I said sobbingly.

That was the first time I had ever told my brother that I liked a guy. I was so sad to even realize I had let that information out. Nana Yaw sighed and told me he would try.

I couldn’t do anything, I tried to study but I couldn’t concentrate. I had no idea how much I loved Kwaku till I was losing him. I texted him, and he read the message but didn’t answer.

At least he hasn’t blocked me, there’s hope,” I thought.

A couple of weeks went by and I didn’t hear from Kwaku. It felt like a breakup, I couldn’t sleep, eat or concentrate.

For my final project, we were put in groups to write and direct a film. I couldn’t even do that properly, I have been looking forward to writing and directing my own story for years. The opportunity had been presented to me and I was moping around over a guy.

I knew I had to get it together and focus on my film but Kwaku wasn’t just any guy. I had come to realize how much I had fallen for him and getting over it was hard. I didn’t feel this hurt when I broke things off with my fiancé of three years, I was sad but not this dysfunctional.

I meet Kwaku whom I have known for some months and I can’t do anything right, at that moment I knew Kwaku was the guy, my guy, that’s why his silence killed me.

Luckily, I wasn’t going to class anymore, we had been given time to work on the project but  I spent most of my time indoors and in bed.

My teammates call for a meeting but I always came up with an excuse to stay in bed and cry. I was a complete mess.

I was really getting out of hand, so I picked myself up one morning and went home. I needed my mother she always had answers

At home, I asked Nana Yaw if he was able to speak to Kwaku. He told me he was able to and Kwaku was serious about not being friends with me.

“ He told me things I don’t think you need to hear but I understand where he is coming from,” Nana Yaw said

What things? What things? Nana Yaw, what things?” I asked worriedly.

Nana Yaw decided not to tell me, he didn’t want to hurt me but I kept crying and begging so he told me about Kwaku’s ex-girlfriend Kimberly, and how lies cost him, her life, and his child’s.

“ So when he found out you are capable of lying to him for a month, he just felt it was Kimberly all over again. He is very upset Nana, I tried but I can’t change his mind”

Nana Yaw hugged me and I cried a while in his arms before I went to cry some more in my room. Stacy called me to cheer me up but it wasn’t helping.

I ended the call and placed my phone on my nightstand. I was forcing myself to sleep when I heard my phone vibrating, it was Julia. We haven’t really spoken properly after Kwaku cut me off. I was slightly mad at her but I didn’t want to blame anyone for my foolishness. I sighed and answered the call

Hello Julia”

“ Hi, Nana. How are you?”

“ I am okay. You?”

“ I am okay too. How are things with you and my brother now? Are you two good?”

“ No Julia. Your brother and I aren’t friends anymore.”

“ What?! Why?!”

“ He says he doesn’t want to be around liars. He is still pretty upset about losing Kimberly and their child to a lie so he is very upset I kept your situation from him even though you asked me to keep quiet”

“ oh no! What have I done? I totally forgot that he would take it that far. I am very sorry Nana. I shouldn’t have involved you in my problems”

“ It’s fine. I would respect Kwaku’s decision. I really do wish you the best Julia, I hope you find a better guy and a better best friend”

“ Thanks, Nana. And if it’s any consolation, Kwaku is very sad too. He isn’t himself at all, that’s what made me call. He gets upset easily now and doesn’t talk to anyone. The last time I saw him like that, was when Kimberly died. I thought he was getting better when he met you because he is very happy when he is with you. Please he needs you more than he thinks. I know you have decided to respect his decision, but please don’t. He has no idea what he is doing, I know he likes you a lot”

I sighed and tears filled my eyes. I was sad to know Kwaku was also suffering emotionally. I didn’t want him to be sad.

“I really like him a lot too,” I said sadly.

Good! Then please don’t give up on him. I would text you his home address. You should go and visit him, if he is worth it, I think you should fight” Julia said.

I don’t know if it is a good idea, Julia. What if he drives me out of his house?”

Julia laughed

He wouldn’t dare. Relax Nana. He wants to see you too, trust me. He just doesn’t like going back on his word so it’s your place to make it right. His silly pride and ego wouldn’t let him call or text you”

“ Okay, I would try. Would he be home tomorrow?” I asked

Yes, he would be home. Thanks, Nana. And once again I am so sorry. When things work out between you two, I promise never to come between you two again with my silly problems”

I chuckled and she chuckled too. When the call ended she texted Kwaku’s home address to me.


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