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The following morning I told only my mother where I was going, she wasn’t sure it was a good idea but she agreed anyway. I borrowed her car and prayed silently as I drove to Kwaku’s house. I was so nervous. When I got there I saw him. He was bringing out the trash. My heart started beating faster.

He was startled and stood in the same position when he saw me seated in the car across from him. He looked away and continued to the front of the house to drop the trash bag. He was going back inside the house choosing to ignore me. I quickly got out of the car and called him. He stopped walking but didn’t turn to look at me.

I am sorry Kwaku” I said

He turned to look at me and told me to go home but I walked toward him.

What are you doing here Nana? I thought I made myself clear the last time” he said.

I know you did but I wanted to apologize in person”

“ How did you find this place by the way?”

“ It was Julia. She texted me your home address ”

He walked back into his house without asking me in, I was confused. I stood outside for a few minutes and walked back to the car. I was about to enter the car when I saw him walking toward me.

Were you about to leave ?” he asked

Yes. I didn’t mean to upset you. You clearly don’t want to speak to me again. I probably didn’t want to believe you could be this upset with me

He walked closer to me and he touched my hand, I had clutched tightly the handle of the car door. He sighed and gently took my hand off the handle then closed the door.

I don’t think you came all the way here, just to leave. You wanted to talk so let’s talk” he said pointing to his house.

I stared at him and he stared back.

Well do you want to come inside?” he asked

I nodded and he led the way.

I fell in love with his cozy apartment but I didn’t tell him anything. He kept it very neat.

He walked me to the sitting room, turned on the TV then handed the remote to me.

“ Give me a second,” he said and walked to his kitchen.

I was scrolling through the channels when a sweet aroma filled the room. He was making breakfast.

I smiled to myself, it was very sweet of him. After some minutes he walked toward me and asked me to join him in the kitchen. He had a cute dining table in the corner and he has set it beautifully. I had no idea he could cook that well.

I wasn’t sure what you wanted to have so I decided to give you options,” he said and smiled.

The first time he had smiled since I got there. I was very hungry that morning so I appreciated his thoughtfulness.

We ate and talked, I wasn’t expecting how things turned out but I loved every moment. After breakfast, I helped him clear the table but he insisted on cleaning the dishes.

I went back to his sitting room and walked around looking at some of his family photos. I saw his baby photo and it cracked me up. He was very adorable.

I sat back down and found a show to watch. After close to thirty minutes he came to join me. I smiled to myself when I heard him walking over.

Are you okay?” he asked.

I nodded.

I am okay thanks,” I said.

He looked at me and I got a little shy. His eyes just look right through me.

So how have you been?” he asked

When I noticed he was trying to make conversation I reduced the volume on the television and placed the remote on the center table.

“ I have been fine. Yourself?”

“ I have been okay.”

so I am a little confused. Are we good now? You not mad anymore?”

He smiled.

“ I wasn’t mad, I was just a little disappointed you could do what you did”

I know and for that, I am so sorry Kwaku. I didn’t mean to lie to you. I wasn’t thinking straight at that time”

It’s fine Nana. I am sorry too for being that harsh. I regretted the words immediately after I said them. I didn’t mean to hurt you that way. Of course, I want us to be friends” he said and looked at me

Can I ask you something?” I asked

“ You know you can,” he said and chuckled

I smiled.

Okay then. So when I went to see Julia, Kimberly’s name came up. Please don’t be upset that Julia told me, she thought you had already told me. My question is how are you doing? Are you completely over her? Nana Yaw told me yesterday about how you told him you were upset with me because Kimberly lied to you about the baby and so you didn’t want to be friends with me if I was also going to keep things from you”

He sighed and leaned back on the couch.

I didn’t know Nana Yaw told you all that,” he said

I forced it out of him. I begged him to talk to you but he never came back with anything so I asked him. He was trying to keep quiet but I practically tortured him with my tears. I was very sad so he told me the truth. Don’t be upset please, he only said it because I forced him to”

You cried?” he asked and smiled

I laughed and covered my face shyly.

After all that I said, was that the only thing you heard?” I asked

Yes. I am really sorry that you cried. I knew you would be hurting. I didn’t mean to hurt you and to answer your question yes, I am over Kimberly but I am not over what she did. That’s why I was hurt when I found out you lied to me because I thought we trusted each other.  I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t trust me enough to come to me with everything”

I am so sorry Kwaku, I trust you. I do, I guess I wanted to make Julia like me too and I thought about her feelings more rather than considering yours first, that you are my friend and not her” I said shyly.

Kwaku chuckled.

You don’t have to worry about Julia liking you. She is my little sister, she doesn’t have a say if I decide to date anyone”

l acted as if I didn’t know what he was hinting at, as long as he hasn’t officially asked me to be his girlfriend I didn’t want to start building any castles yet.

“I really love our friendship. I made this same mistake with my ex. I kept something from him thinking I was protecting him and my family but I learned the lesson the hard way. I am surprised I made the same mistake with you. I haven’t learned my lessons well then I guess. Moving forward, I promise to never do something like that again. I will always come to you first. Always.”

I would love that. Come here” he said and pulled me into his arms.

I missed you,” he said in a whisper.

“ I missed you too, a lot,” I said.

I was thinking it was the perfect time for a kiss, I was so sure he was going to kiss me after the hug but he didn’t. He let go of me and picked up the remote and opened Netflix.

“ What would you like to watch? ” he asked

I was confused I didn’t know what he was up to, I thought we were having a conversation. I really liked where the conversation was headed and I was ready to hear more nice things about how he was thinking about dating me.

I don’t really get time these days to Netflix,” I said and straighten up on the couch.

He smiled and looked at me

Okay. I know the perfect movie we can watch” he said excitedly.

He chose the movie and went back to the kitchen to get us a bowl of chips.

He sat next to me, I could smell his perfume. I wondered why he smelt so nice. He was just at home after all. I suddenly became very uncomfortable because, at that moment, I had come to realize how very sexually attracted to him I was. He placed his hand around me and I placed my head on his chest. I am sure the movie we watched that afternoon was pretty amazing but I couldn’t concentrate at all.

He was all I could think about right there in his arms. My heart was beating fast and I was very excited. I wanted to kiss him so badly and I was surprised he never attempted once to try and kiss me that afternoon.

We were all cuddled up. He played with my hair absentmindedly and intertwined his fingers with mine. It was so comfortable.

When the movie ended I told him I wanted to leave, I noticed that he was surprised when I told him but I really had to get out of there as soon as possible before I lost my self-control and kissed him.

He walked me to the car and hugged me tightly.

Thanks for passing by Nana,” he said

I am glad I did,” I said and let go of him.

He watched me drive out of his apartment complex and waved at me. I thought about him my whole drive home, I was so overwhelmed.

I was in love with him, I knew it and I was certain to keep quiet about it. I didn’t want to get hurt again. When I arrived home, I dropped my mum’s keys and went straight to my room to shower. I needed to cool down.

All my life I had never felt this way about someone, the way my body reacted when I was in his arms was nothing I had experienced before.

My mother came to my room since she was the only one that knew where I had been

“ How did it go?” she asked and sat on my bed

It was good. It was very good. He cooked for me and treated me so nicely. He was upset a little when I surprised him with my visit but he later calmed down and we talked and made up”

Thank God. That’s good news but you don’t seem happy why?”

Mummy, I think I am in trouble,” I said.

What? What trouble?  what happened?” my mother asked worriedly.

I wished I hadn’t acted so dramatically, I was only telling my mother that I thought I was in love with Kwaku, but I am a dramatic person sometimes and I couldn’t help it.

Mummy when I am with him, I get very happy. I think I am falling for him mummy, I am falling hard for him”

My mother looked at me

“ Are you sure? Do you remember how you felt about David when you two first met? You were crazy about him like this but he turned out to be so wrong for you”

No mummy. What I feel when I am with Kwaku is so different from what I felt for David. This is so powerful, it’s bigger than me. I had to control myself. My heart was beating, my palms were sweating and the butterflies filled my tummy. I was so comfortable and really happy mummy”

Does he feel this way for you?” my mother asked.

I shrugged

I don’t know mummy. That’s what I am confused about. He didn’t try to kiss me or anything we just cuddled on his couch and watch a movie. He was so engrossed in the movie while I was dying to kiss him

Nana Afia Amankwah!” my mother said and laughed.

I was so excited that I hadn’t paid attention to all the juicy information I was giving my mother but I loved that I could tell her everything. I laughed at myself, I was all over the place like a teenager who was starting to notice boys.

You do know there is a thin line between lust and love.  You might think it’s love but it’s probably you lusting after his body. Please take your time and get to know this man. Don’t rush and I would advise that you never stay alone in a room with him again. When sex comes in early in a relationship, it clouds your judgment about each other. Just be friends with him and reduce your expectations. Make other friends, don’t just stay focused on just Kwaku. I have seen him, he is very handsome but you need to know his character too”

I groaned

“ what’s there to know mummy? He is handsome, caring and I think he likes me. It can eventually grow into love, we can never tell” I said excitedly.

Do you know if his God-fearing? Are you two equally yoked? You have to consider all that and also you don’t have to think that a man loves you, you need to know that he loves you. You need to be certain and not be confused. So relax, if he hasn’t said anything. You shouldn’t do anything, instead meet new people and make friends. If Kwaku is the one you would know” my mother said

She was right and I hadn’t considered all that, I certainly did need a God-fearing man in my life. I had always told God that I wanted to know what a Godly relationship felt like, as I thought about Kwaku that evening I became grateful that he didn’t try anything naughty. How I felt when I was with him, I certainly wouldn’t have been able to say no if he kissed and touched me.

The next morning I woke up to a message from him, I was happy, he texting me meant that we were back to being friends again. I smiled and replied. We texted for a bit before he asked if it was okay to take me out on a date. Of course, it was okay, I jumped out of my bed and did a little dance.

When Kwaku’s car pulled over at my house that evening, eyebrows were raised. Nana Yaw teased me all the way to the door. I laughed so hard, my big brother is so hilarious. He opened the door and smiled at Kwaku.

Welcome back brother,” he said and hugged Kwaku.

He walked inside my house and greeted my parents. He looked at me and I got so shy, I was completely in love with him at that point.

When Kwaku sat to speak to my parents, I quickly rushed to my room to check my make-up and my outfit before we left for our date.

One thing about Kwaku is that he is a gentleman, I never have to overthink whether or not he would treat me right. I just know that he would, I feel so safe with him and to this day, I have no idea how he does it.

He opened the door for me when we got to his car. I looked at him as he walked to the driver’s seat and I thanked God for blessing me with a man like him. I prayed in my head. When he got to the car, he smiled and told me there was someone he wanted me to meet.

Who?” I asked

He is my pastor and one of my oldest friends. I would love for you to meet him”

“ Sure. I would love to meet him too”

He chuckled and started the car, we drove to a nice gated community. At the gate, Kwaku mentioned the name of the Pastor to the security man and he nodded.

He pressed the gate open and we drove past pretty luxurious estate homes. He parked in front of one of the houses and turned to me.

“Are you ready?” he asked

“ I am ready. Who is this person that I need to be ready to meet?” I asked.

Kwaku laughed and got out of the car to open my door.

He held my hand and we walked to the entrance of the house. He rang the bell and a beautiful young lady opened it. She was so happy to see Kwaku.

 Kwaku! Are you the surprise daddy says he has for me?!” she said excitedly and hugged him.

Surprise? I am not sure about that. How are you?” Kwaku asked still hugging her.

“ I am splendid. Come inside” she said and smiled at me.

Their home was very elegant, I couldn’t stop staring. She led us to a private room and offered us some tea.

I would get daddy now,” she said and gently closed the door behind her.

I looked around the room and saw a portrait of the man I assumed was Kwaku’s pastor and old friend.

Is that him?” I asked

Kwaku nodded and smiled.

The door opened wide and the pastor stood in the doorway with his arms opened wide.

Kwaku Peprah-Danquah,” he said in excitement. Kwaku stood up and went to embrace him.

“ Oh, my boy! Welcome welcome. How are you?”

“ Doing very well Sir. Yourself? How have you been?”

“ God has been good! Go on have a seat” he said and closed the door

Now who do we have here?” he said and smiled at me.

Hello. My name is Nana Afia Amankwah. A pleasure to meet you” I said

The pleasure is mine. You are pretty” he said

Thank you,” I said and blushed.

Kwaku cleared his throat, leaned forward a little then told the pastor I was his very special friend and he wanted to properly introduce me to him.

The expression the pastor made was enough to let me know how excited he was to hear Kwaku say that.

He stood up and asked to hug me. I hugged him and he held on a little tighter.

He let go of me and we sat back down.

This is good news. Let us pray” he said

We all held hands and he prayed. We stayed for dinner and I got the opportunity to meet his lovely wife and daughters. He had an incredible family.

I later found out during dinner that he has been Kwaku’s pastor since childhood. He knew Kimberly as well and what her death did to Kwaku, so bringing me to see him meant so much more to him.

I was a little confused because Kwaku just introduced me as his friend, it wasn’t like he had mentioned that we were getting married. I didn’t understand the excitement so on our drive back home, I asked him what everything was about.

“ Well, you certainly don’t think I would bring just a random friend to see my pastor and friend right?”

I smiled

Well you did tell him I was a special friend,” I said

Yep and that you are,” he said and looked at me.

I was so shy but didn’t want to make it awkward. I blushed and looked outside the window. He reached out for my hand and I turned to look at him. He smiled and I smiled.

He was driving but he managed to plant a peck on my hand.

I was going out of my mind with excitement, “Kwaku likes me, Kwaku really likes me” I thought.

When we got to my house, he parked but asked me to stay in the car so we talk for a bit.

“ I know today seemed weird and you have a lot of questions. Yes, I don’t take just anyone to go and meet Pastor Prempeh. He is like a second father to me. I took you there because you are very important to me Nana. I know you just got out of a relationship and might not be looking for something serious just yet but I can’t really wait anymore. What I am trying to say is, I want you to be my girlfriend Nana. I don’t mind us taking it slow. I know you are still healing from your ex and all that he put you through. I know this might sound crazy but I would want to go on this healing journey with you, we would go at any pace you want. I really want to be by your side, if you would have me”

My eyes widened I couldn’t believe what was happening, Kwaku Peprah-Danquah was asking me to be his girlfriend?

if you need time to think about it, that’s fine but please Nana, don’t keep me waiting for too long” he added.

I already knew the answer, it was definitely a big yes but I don’t know why the words couldn’t come out instead I nodded. I smiled and he hugged me. He got out of the car and opened the door for me.

He held my hand and walked me to the door.

“ I would be waiting,” he said

I smiled and nodded. He went inside and spent a short time with my family. I saw him out to his car and he gave me a peck on my cheek.

“ Have a good night beautiful”

“ Goodnight”

I watched him drive off and I rushed inside the house.

Kwaku asked me to be his girlfriend tonight!” I said excitedly

My mother was the first to speak, she asked if I was being serious. My dad looked confused.

Yes, mummy. I am serious, he asked me this evening”

And what did you say?”

“ I didn’t say anything, I was too shocked”

“ Shocked? What do you mean shocked?” she asked and took my hand.

She sat me down on the couch and interrogated me further.

“ I didn’t know what was happening, he took me to go and see this pastor he says means a lot to him and the pastor was elated when Kwaku introduced me to him. He introduced me as a special friend and not his girlfriend but the pastor was glad either way. The pastor prayed for us and we stayed for dinner. Kwaku drove me home and in the car, just now he asked me to be his girlfriend”

“ And you didn’t say anything?” my mother asked

I shook my head

“ Do you need time to think about it?” my dad asked

I would love some time to think about it but right now I am sure my answer is going to be yes. I really do like him”

Then just tell him yes Nana. He has been nothing but amazing to you and we both know he isn’t pretending”

“ What happened to me finding out if we are equally yoked? and If he is God-fearing?”

My mother chuckled

“ Well, I really do appreciate the fact that he took you to go see his pastor first. I am not saying that automatically makes him God-fearing but it’s a sign that he takes this man of God seriously. I don’t know a lot of men that would do that. So take all the time you need but also make sure you don’t take him for granted”

“ Sure I would think and pray about it. And give him an answer” I said.

That evening he didn’t call or text, I wasn’t sure if he was upset I didn’t give him an answer right away. I texted him but he didn’t reply.

That night I prayed, I didn’t want to accept his proposal, and then we have to break up. I really wanted my relationship with Kwaku to work, I cried and prayed I needed God to respond immediately. I sat on the floor, in tears still praying. I was utterly grateful and I counted myself blessed, a man like Kwaku found me worthy enough to want me to be his girlfriend. When I was physically tired, I started praying in the spirit. I laid prostrate on the ground in the presence of God. That night I knew God was with me, from the tears, the way that I prayed, I knew God was with me. When I have said everything I wanted to say to God, I worshipped Him with some music in bed until sleep came.

The next morning I felt refreshed and happy. I sang as I showered that morning. I connected my phone to my Bluetooth speaker and played Diana Hamilton’s song Mo Ne yo; it’s one of my all-time favorite songs.

I was indeed happy, I haven’t sung in the shower in a long while.

Kwaku’s call interrupted the song but I was soaking wet to answer. I returned his call when I had dressed up.

“Hey!” he said

Hi. I was in the shower when you called”

“ That’s alright. How are you?”

“ I am great. You?

“ I am okay. Just going into the office for a while”

Okay. I would be leaving for school tomorrow so I would go to the mall today to get some stuff”

oh? I didn’t know you would be leaving tomorrow?”

“ I actually only decided this morning. My teammates have been covering up for me for a while now. I left school because I wasn’t feeling too good because of our fight” I said and chuckled

Kwaku laughed too.

“ Right… I would really like to see you before you leave” he said

“ Of course. Maybe we could meet up and have lunch or dinner?”

“That sounds like a plan,” he said

That evening Kwaku came over and had dinner with my family instead. I absolutely loved how he got along with my father, they spoke about current affairs in Ghana, they both shared a passion for Jazz music and they went on and on about it. We left them alone to talk while we went about our evening.

I was packing my things for school when Kwaku knocked.

Hey?” I said.


I asked him in and he sat on my bed

What are you up to?” he asked

It was a little weird that he was in my bedroom but I played it cool.

Umm… I was packing for school. Are you done talking about music with my dad?”

He chuckled

“ Yes,” he said excitedly

He picked up my stuffed dog and looked at it

“ This is cute. I can’t believe you own one of these. A big girl like you” he said

“ I am not allowed to have cute things because I am not a kid anymore you mean?”

“ Well, I just wonder why you all love stuffed animals so much. Julia has a ton, I remember when we were kids, I used to get very upset anytime I had to clean up after her whenever she leaves them all over the house”

I smiled

Okay, what about you? What did you like playing with as a kid? I am sure you were always stuck in your room playing video games”

Kwaku laughed

“I am not really a fan of video games and soccer anymore”

“Really? Why not?”

“It’s quite addictive; video games. It was getting in the way of so many things I needed to do in my life. For soccer, I didn’t like the fact that some men got into heated arguments over it. It’s really not that deep. The last straw for me was when I joined a group of my friends a couple of years ago to watch a Manchester United match at Old Trafford. I think Manchester United lost that match and one of my friends got so sad he started to cry”

“What?!” I said and laughed

“Listen! It wasn’t this funny then. He was so down, he even gave his girlfriend, now his wife a very hard time. He wasn’t picking up his phone. She thought something had happened to him. We had to go and check up on him in his apartment. It was a whole thing” Kwaku said and we laughed again.


“Yeah, so after that day I decided to give it up, it felt toxic to me. Honestly, there is so much more to life when you think about it”

I sat next to him on the bed and he held my hand, he does that any chance he gets and I absolutely love it.

Well, I think you are right but I am sure you are the only guy on the surface of this earth who thinks this way. Soccer is life to most men”

Well, that is true and I have no problem with that. We are all pursuing things that make us happy. I just know, those things do not make me happy anymore. Anyway, I am so busy these days to worry my head over soccer or video games

So what do you do for fun?” I asked

“Now, I think spending time with you is what I do for fun”

That made me blush.

My mother knocked on my door, she had two slices of chocolate cake on a plate with two forks

You two forgot to have some dessert,” she said and gave me the plate.

I was very full after eating dinner and I am sure Kwaku was too, I wanted to tell my mother but she wasn’t going to take no for answer.

We decided to eat just a slice at first but the cake turned out to be very delicious and we ended up eating the other slice. Kwaku fed me with his last bite.

We looked at each other while I ate the cake and I saw him leaning in to kiss me.

This was it! Our first ever kiss” I thought and moved closer to him.

His lips touched mine, they were very soft and sweet from the cake. It felt amazing kissing him and at that moment I knew I wanted to kiss his lips for the rest of my life.

We broke off the kiss and he kissed my forehead. He hugged me and we sat in silence just enjoying the moment. I felt so safe in his arms, I was happy, very happy.

I would be taking some days off work to rest. I have been planning another trip to Lake district and I was thinking about whether or not you want to join me?”

I knew how I felt about Kwaku and being all alone with him was a very bad idea.

I have a lot to do at school I am not sure I would get the time,” I said

“Yes, you are right. I only wanted to ask to be sure rather than assume”

“so what now? Would you still want to go?”

He chuckled.

Yeah, I would still go. I think the quiet time would do me some good but the offer still stands if you change your mind”

“I am not going to but thank you,” I said and smiled

“Okay Nana,” he said and we both chuckled

We went back to the living room and spent some time together after a while he asked to leave and I escorted him to his car.

We hugged for a pretty long time, he was going to miss me when I leave for school and I knew it.

I noticed that he didn’t bring up the proposal again but I knew he was thinking about it. I mean we did kiss and I know I should have given him some clarity but I don’t know why I kept delaying my answer. I waved at him before he drove off.

I gave Stacey a call when I got to my room and told her everything, she was so pissed.

“You this girl, when I say you are not correct you get upset, you see your life?”

“Don’t you think we are moving too fast?”

Too fast? Didn’t you kiss him today? Then return the kiss to him. Nonsense!”

“Calm down Stacy!”

I won’t calm down, you are very annoying. All I see now is a guy that knows what he wants and he wants you, Nana, stop overthinking. Forget about getting heartbroken! He is not David! Don’t condemn a good thing because you’re afraid and want to play it cool”

“What if we-..”

“Stop it with the what-ifs Nana Afia. Listen! if you don’t want him, I am ever ready. Can’t you see you two are meant to be together? Just look at how you two met? And he turns out to be your brother’s friend? If all these signs aren’t clear I really don’t know what is”

“He invited me to this mini-vacation thing at lake district it is going be just us two there but I had to decline”

I can’t. I can’t deal with you, I have to end this call before I kill you, Nana,” Stacy said and we laughed

“I am serious Nana! You are starting to really piss me off. Don’t blow this. I don’t know what your problem is but if you are hesitating because of David you better stop because that dude is married”

It’s not because of David, I am completely over that guy”

“Great! Then what is it?”

“Kwaku seems too perfect. Too good to be true, he looks and feels like one of the characters I used to read about in my novels as a kid. How can someone be this amazing? It’s not possible in real life”

Snap out of this Nana! Don’t be silly, this is real life and God is blessing you. All the prayers you have prayed to God over the years have brought you to this very moment so take a big leap of faith and go be happy, you deserve it. You deserve this! Call your man, say yes to his proposal be his girlfriend and go on your mini-vacation together. Go and be happy for once in your life. Trust God and stop overthinking. Stop it”

“You really think this is a good idea?”

Gosh! Nana, it is! Get out of your own way! I am ending the call now, please call Kwaku”

She did end the call, she didn’t want to listen to anything I had to say anymore.

I stared at my ceiling for a while and then called Kwaku, I should have checked the time, it was almost midnight. When he spoke he sounded sleepy

Oh no. Did I wake you?” I asked

It’s alright. Are you okay?”

“I am fine. I just want to tell you something Kwaku”


“I would love to be your girlfriend Kwaku and I am sorry I didn’t say yes sooner”

He chuckled

“You just made me a very happy man”

“When have you decided to go on your vacation?”

“Do you want to go with me?”

Ummm…I want to get to school first and  check my schedule, if it is not really packed I might speak to my teammates and join you for a day or two depending on the days you decided to go”

Okay. Let’s do it this way, you get to school and let me know which days are good for you, so we work with that”

“Okay sure. I would let you know. Thanks. Get some sleep so sorry for ruining your sleep”

“It’s fine Boo,” he said and we both laughed

Boo huh?” I said

Yes, Boo. Been waiting for months to call you that”

I smiled over the phone.

Okay..so it’s really happening. I am officially Kwaku Peprah Danquah’s girlfriend” I said

Yes! You are. No going back now. Let’s do this, I got you. Believe me”

“I believe you. Goodnight Kwaku”

“Goodnight Nana Afia”

We ended the call and I smiled from cheek to cheek like a kid.

My phone chimed it was a message from him, I opened it and it was a song.

Kojo Antwi’s song “Medofo Pa” I hadn’t heard that song in years. I had no idea Kwaku knew Kojo Antwi or listened to Twi songs. He added two dancing emojis and it cracked me up.

This is how I am feeling now. I am so happy!” he texted

Where on earth did you find this song? And when did you start listening to Twi music?” I teased

” I understand Twi, the fact that I can’t speak Twi fluently doesn’t mean I shouldn’t love and appreciate songs sung in Twi. Kojo Antwi is a legend”

I am only pulling your legs. This song is perfect” I texted

“Perfect like you” he replied

I smiled and listened to it all night till I finally slept.


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