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Operation Sister-In-Law

The next morning we packed and got on the train, I cried and took a nap in Kwaku’s arms. I went straight home and broke the news to everyone. I spoke to my teammates on the phone and asked for a day to go to Birmingham to see Stacy’s family. Kwaku went with me.

Her mother looked so sad and that made me very sad. I hugged her when I got close to her. We cried some more in each other’s arms. Her photos were everywhere in the house. It was very sad, I felt like my heart was physically broken, it hurt so much.

After some weeks I found out Stacy’s body would be taken to Ghana for her burial. Traveling to Ghana wasn’t in my plans that year but I couldn’t miss her funeral. Her mother wanted me to eulogize her at the funeral service. I told Kwaku about it and we planned to go together. He had been very supportive in the past weeks and I was really happy to have him.

In the midst of all the hurt and the tears, I was able to finish up my film with my teammates. For some reason my creativity skills were at their peak during my time of grief, I channeled all that emotion into our film and it was a real masterpiece.

Kwaku handled our flight tickets to Ghana I insisted on chipping in but he insisted.

We didn’t want it to be a completely sad trip even though it was meant to be because I was grieving a dear friend. We tried to have some fun to take our minds off the hurt.

We arrived in Ghana a couple of days before Stacy’s funeral. We stayed in one of Kwaku’s father’s houses. It was the closest one to where Stacy’s funeral would be held.

The morning of the funeral I had a headache, I took some painkillers but it didn’t seem to go down. Seeing her lifeless body in the casket made everything so real I cried so much I couldn’t read her eulogy without crying. I couldn’t look at her mother because I didn’t want to be sad.

As they carried her casket away for her burial I felt like my heart was coming out of my chest

Is that it Stacy? I would never see you again?” I thought

At her burial, I held on to Kwaku’s hand tightly as they descended her casket to the ground.

We drove in silence back home, it had been quite an eventful day.

Kwaku fixed a cup of tea for me that put me straight to bed. I took a long nap but woke up and the headache was a little better.

Stacy’s death hurt more because I wasn’t one to make friends easily especially with girls, Stacy was it for me and she left without saying goodbye.

I went to find Kwaku when I woke up, he was working on his laptop on the couch. He saw me coming down the stairs and he smiled

There she is. Sleeping beauty” he said.

He pouted his lips for a kiss, I chuckled and gave him a kiss. He grabbed me and sat me on his lap.

How are you feeling now babe?” he asked

Just a little better I haven’t made peace with it just yet but I am getting there

Take your time.” He said and smiled

I smiled back and looked at his laptop

So what are you up to?” I said

Just making some designs for dad. He is about to start some projects in Do-do-wa, ” he said

I chuckled

“It’s Dodowa babe but okay. When is he starting?”I asked

He laughed

“I am not very sure when but I think it would be soon”

“Does that mean you would have to come to Ghana again to supervise it like the last time?”

“Oh no. He has people that do all that now”

He was playing music in the background and one of Stacy’s favorite songs started to play. I heard it and asked him to turn the volume up.

She used to love this song so much, It was on repeat for weeks on her phone when it first came out,” I said

I can’t dance to save my life but I danced anyway because the song brought back some good memories of Stacy.

Kwaku looked at me, he had never seen me dance before but I didn’t mind. He stood up to dance too, he is a better dancer than I am. That was a surprise but a very pleasant one.

We goofed around with some other songs all night and it was just hilarious.

He planned a trip to show me some estate homes his father owned. I knew a couple of the estate homes he showed me but there were a lot more I had no idea were for his family.

As he drove, I turned to look at him and smiled to myself.  I remembered the conversation I had with Stacy the first time we saw Kwaku during the Christmas trip to Lake District. I was so sure he was a bad boy and bad for me but I am glad I got to know him for myself.

I never believed it when I heard people say that sometimes you would meet someone that is cut right just for you and would fit perfectly into your world.

Kwaku and Julia obviously grew up with a life of privilege but they were very kind, down-to-earth people. Their parents did an absolutely good job raising them.

Fortunately or unfortunately in all my years of dating I always ended up with the rich spoilt boys. So I knew a thing or two about how they look down on others and disrespect people directly and indirectly. Now I could tell the difference between a man like Kwaku and the rest and I would pick Kwaku anytime just because of how he treats people around him.

When I found out the sort of family Kwaku was from and the way he was all over the place at Lake District that first time, I was certain he was going to be exactly like some of my exes. 

It was one of the reasons I hesitated in accepting his proposal but I didn’t tell Stacy. I knew she was going to be upset but I am glad I gave Kwaku the benefit of the doubt.

At that moment I was so grateful to God, Kwaku certainly was incomparable. Words have never been able to describe just how amazing he was to me. A definite exception to the rule.

Are you okay?” he asked

His question interrupted my line of thought.

“Yes I am good,” I said

“Are you hungry?” he asked

Umm..not really. Are you?”

“Yes, I am. What do you want to eat?”

I started to think about what I might be craving

“Oh, God! Why did I just ask you what you want to eat as if you ever know the answer to that? It’s going to take forever for you to decide” he joked

“Babe! I always know what to eat. I am just not hungry right now” I said and laughed.

“Okay at the top of your head, at the count of one to three, tell me what you want to eat,” he said

“You are crazy”

“No babe I am serious. Okay so..one two three go!”

I laughed and didn’t pay him any mind.

“I said it, you have no idea what you want to eat”

That’s because I am not hungry baby,” I said and looked outside the window.

I really did not know what to eat but I also didn’t want to give in to his narrative about how girls never know what to eat when asked. I needed to stick up for all my girls around the world.

He laughed at me and took my hand

“It’s alright honey. I love you all the same” he said and planted a peck on my hand.

We haven’t officially said the words I love you to each other even though our actions toward each other have said it a million times. Kwaku went back to concentrating on the road but he still held my hand. I looked at him and smiled

I love you too,” I said

He chuckled and looked at me, he too then realized it was our first time actually saying I love you to each other. I blushed a little and looked outside the window. I was looking at the swift movement of the trees as he drove. He had connected his phone to the car’s Bluetooth to play some music. A song I have never heard before but loved immediately started to play.

“Whoa! Who sang this song?” I asked and looked at the car screen to check.

His name is Tayc,” Kwaku said

It had a nice bounce to it but it was sung in French so I didn’t understand the lyrics.

I just nodded and vibed with it but to my surprise, I heard Kwaku singing the lyrics fluently like he knew what he was singing. He had a nice singing voice but I was more intrigued by the fact that he spoke French fluently and I had no idea.

My eyes widened, I looked at him and laughed

“Stop! What?! Do you speak French?!” I asked

Kwaku laughed and nodded he continued singing and I cheered him on.

Watching the French words roll down his tongue was so sexy and a complete turn-on. We danced to the beat and just vibed. I played the song again because it was very nice but also I wanted to watch Kwaku sing in French again. When the song ended, he explained the lyrics to me.

We checked the last estate he wanted to show me and then drove us to a restaurant he said belonged to his friend. He had been meaning to check it out anytime he came to Ghana.

This said friend came around to say Hello while we ate. She pulled up a chair and sat with us, all her attention was on Kwaku because they were “catching up” but I noticed she was touching on Kwaku a lot.

Kwaku didn’t seem to have a problem with it but I was really mad.

“ If you need anything else do let me know sweetheart and Umm… Nana Afia right? It was a pleasure to meet you” she said and left.

I had a frown on and Kwaku saw it

What’s the matter boo?” he asked

Who is she?”

“ Mirabelle? I told you, she owns this place.”

“ Just that?”

Yes. She is the friend of my friend Kate. She told me about Mirabelle’s place and I told her I would check it out sometime. That’s all, there is nothing else”

Why then was she touching you so much? And she totally refused to acknowledge my presence. Just now she pretended not to remember my name saying “ Umm… Nana Afia like my name is hard to remember ”

Kwaku smiled

“ That’s how she is honey, and this is not me defending her. Your feelings do matter. I am sorry. ” Kwaku said.

I nodded and continued eating, I couldn’t wait to leave. Mirabelle came over again when she saw that we were almost leaving.

“ You know Kwaku, I think I lost your Ghana number,” she said giving her phone to him

I don’t use my Ghana number anymore,” Kwaku said, totally refusing to take her phone.

He turned and took my hand.

“ Oh? Okay..so how do you get by in Ghana then?”

He smiled

I have my ways,” Kwaku said and smiled.

Thanks, so much Mirabelle. Nice place you’ve got here” he added

“ You are welcome Kwaku,” she said

Mirabelle opened her arms for a hug but Kwaku stretched out his hand and shook her instead.

She smiled awkwardly and shook him back.

I smiled to myself when I saw how embarrassed she had gotten.

We walked hand in hand to the door and Kwaku pushed it open.

You didn’t have to do her like that” I joked and we both laughed.

As we drove back home Kwaku let me in on something about his life.

I have shielded you a lot in the UK because I never want you to feel insecure. What happened back there at the restaurant, is nothing close to what I experience almost every day in the UK. A lot of women are very forward these days, wanting a number, asking me out to eat, and a whole lot; it is crazy. Over the years, I have mastered ways to ignore them by not being rude. I think this is your first time seeing a woman flirt with me but I want you to trust me, babe. You have absolutely nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing to worry about. I don’t want you overthinking this. You have me, I love you, my mind, body, and soul it’s all you. So please do not ever doubt it or ever feel insecure. Again, I am really sorry Mirabelle was rude to you babe”

His words were sweet and kind but I wondered why he decided to tell me that.

“ I wasn’t going to overthink the incident at the restaurant babe and I have never felt insecure with you but you asking me to trust you makes me feel you have something fishy up your sleeve”

“ Really? How? ”Kwaku said.

“ well first for all Trust is earned and not demanded. Is there something more you want to tell me?”

“ No Babe. Where is this coming from? I am only trying to assure you”

“ Do you have some sort of history with Mirabelle?”

Oh, God! Nana, did you listen to anything I just said? Why are you doing this babe?”

I didn’t want to fight with him so I ignored him the whole ride back and I could see that he was upset too.

When we got inside, I rushed upstairs to avoid him.

“ Are we going to talk about this?” I heard him say as I ascended the stairs but I ignored him.

This was our first fight ever since we officially became a couple and I hated it but he was confusing me with his assurance

“ A lot of women flirt with me but I don’t want you to worry about it,” I said to myself.

“ That makes no sense. And why he is telling me all that?” I added

I wanted to speak to Stacy so badly, I needed the opinion of another woman.

Not being able to speak to her hurt me so much. I heard Kwaku walking up the stairs.

I wasn’t ready to speak to him, especially about how other women found him attractive. He walked into the bedroom and found me seated on the bed. He looked very worried.

“ Babe. Can we please talk?” he said

“ No”

“ Come on Nana! What’s this? What are you doing?”

“ I do not want to know about the many women that flirt with you on a daily Kwaku. What were you thinking telling me this and then asking me not to feel insecure? Would you feel secure knowing other men flirt with me almost every day? You’ve just ruined everything! Just when I thought you were different from the rest, you do this”

“ Different from the rest? Have you been comparing me to your exes, Nana? I honestly do not know why you are acting this way and being this unreasonable. I would let it slide because I know you are dealing with a lot right now because of Stacy’s death. And to answer your question, if I found out other men try to get at you I wouldn’t be insecure because I trust you. What then are we doing together if we don’t trust each other?” he said looking at me but I looked away.

“ Say something Nana”

“ What do you want me to say?”

“ Anything. I am trying to understand you. Do you not trust me?”

I didn’t answer.

“ Nana? Are you being serious right now? Do you think I do not see other guys look at you when we go out? They might not be as forward as some women are with me but I have eyes too. But you don’t see me getting upset over it because I trust you, I trust us, and this relationship. I was only trying to let you know that you don’t have to worry about it because it’s you that I want. I really wasn’t expecting this childish reaction”

“ Childish reaction?” I said

“ Yes childish. What are we even arguing about? Can’t you see you are being unreasonable? And I can’t believe you have been comparing me to your ex”

“ I haven’t been comparing you to anyone David!” I said angrily.

Kwaku’s face changed when I mentioned David’s name. I hadn’t realized I have mentioned his name until Kwaku said it

“ David? Did you just call me David?” he said

I was just about to talk when Kwaku walked out of the room.

I rushed after him down the stairs trying to explain but he completely ignored me. When he got downstairs he took his car keys and drove out of the house. I called him but he never answered.

I had no idea what had come over me and why I was being so unfair to him. Kwaku really hadn’t done anything wrong, he was only trying to assure me. Now I understood where he was coming from and I needed to trust him more. He is a nice-looking man and I have always noticed other women stare at him when we are out but it felt different hearing him say it himself.

I didn’t have to overreact the way that I did. I felt terrible and to mention David’s name made everything worst.

I had no idea where that came from because I was very certain I had no feelings at all for David, none at all.  I was done with him. I knew it.

My chest started hurting, I was scared.

“ Have I ruined things with Kwaku? This is bad, very bad” I said to myself

I called Kwaku again but he was on another call

“ who is he talking to?” I thought.

I thought about the whole incident as I showered.

I kept looking outside at the gate to check out for Kwaku, I stayed up all night for him. I called again but his phone was off.

I was afraid, I cried and said a prayer to God. I needed Him to help me heal my heart. I didn’t know what was happening to me because I thought my heart was healed and ready for a relationship with Kwaku.

“I don’t know what was going through my mind when I acted that way toward Kwaku but please God don’t let this mistake be the end of us. I love him, God. I really do. Please teach me how to fix this mess. Please God, let this relationship work” I prayed

I cried myself to sleep that night.

I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night to check if Kwaku was home. I checked his side of the bed and the bathroom, he wasn’t there but I could smell him.

I went out of the bedroom and saw him watching television in the dark in the living room. I closed the door gently behind me and walked slowly on the stairs.

He looked up and noticed me when I was almost at the end of the stairs. He looked at me and then looked away.

I was so nervous.

Babe,” I said

He didn’t say anything.

I am so sorry. I am terribly sorry”

I went to sit next to him and took his hand but he took his hand away. That broke my heart.

He must be really upset to not want to hold my hand,” I thought

We sat in silence and for the very first time, our silence was awkward. I wanted to make things better between us but I didn’t want to say the wrong things.

He sighed and turned off the television, he rubbed his hand over his eyes and leaned back into the couch. He rested his head on the couch and looked up at the ceiling.

My heart was beating I was scared.

“ There is no coming out of this mess,” I thought.

I saw Kwaku’s head tilting from the ceiling to me. He looked at me the way he always does as if he could see right through me.

I gave you the chance to end this relationship if you were not ready to be in a romantic relationship Nana Afia. I did that because I wanted to avoid things like this. You calling me by your ex’s name is a bit much. You are clearly not over him-“

“ -I am. I really am. It was a slip of tongue” I interrupted

Please let me finish Nana,” he said

I kept quiet and bowed my head while I listened to Kwaku speak.

You seem confused. You have been through so much I know and I have been through so much too. I wouldn’t want you doing something you are not ready for and maybe in the future end up resenting me. I wouldn’t appreciate that so this time around I am not asking, I am telling you to take time and figure yourself out to know if you really want to be in a relationship with me. You can take all the time you need” he said and went to the guest room.

I wanted to call out to him but I decided to leave him be.

I went back to the bedroom and stayed up. It was a few hours to morning anyway. We avoided each other the rest of the days we stayed in Ghana. He leaves the house early and comes late and stays in the guest room. I tried speaking to him but he said there was nothing left to say. My heart was breaking.

When he booked our flight back to the UK, he chose separate seat numbers for us. My seat was two seats ahead of his. I kept looking behind to steal glances at him, our eyes met once but he lowered his head and placed his headset over his head. He looked sad.

When we landed he looked out for me to check if I was alright, he helped me with my bag and he got a taxi just for me to go home. I thought he would join me.

My mother was the first person I told, and she was very upset and blamed me for messing things up with Kwaku.

You always do this,” she said

What do you mean by I always do this mummy?”

“ You need to fix this or don’t you want to be with him?”

“ I do mummy but what if he is right and I am not fully ready to be in a new relationship? What if I need some more time to be sure. No one has ever loved me in the way that Kwaku loves me. I don’t know how to accept it I second guess myself every time. No one should be as perfect as this”

My mother smiled and looked at me

“Kwaku is not a perfect man Nana Afia. He has a dark past too. He has loved and he has lost. You see him as perfect because he has chosen to be intentional with you, chosen to correct all his wrongs. You don’t see him rubbing his past and weaknesses in your face because he has done his homework alone. He isn’t wrong for wanting you to figure yourself out if you are ready for a relationship because he knows and understands how difficult it is to work on yourself after experiencing such trauma. You need to match his energy”

I sighed and my mother continued

“ I know what you went through with David hurt you and it was traumatizing. I know because I went through that journey with you but I have seen you happy, in fact, happier than you have ever been with Kwaku. He makes you happy, stop thinking about David. Let that boy go, he was never any good for you. Do not let him ruin this beautiful thing you have with Kwaku. You deserve this, you deserve Kwaku. Call him please and fix this, a man like Kwaku is hard to find. If you let him go because you think you are not ready you might not meet someone as great as him.  Lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice; Kwaku is not David. He wouldn’t hurt you. Affliction would not arise a second time. Give Kwaku a chance please, and trust him but Trust God more. He brought Kwaku your way so I know He would see it through to the expected end. You wouldn’t want Stacy to be unhappy wherever she is, I know she was really rooting for you both to be together. Don’t disappoint her”

“ I miss Stacy so much mummy,” I said sadly

I know,” she said and hugged me

I called Kwaku when my mother left my room but he didn’t answer and didn’t call back.

We didn’t speak to each other the rest of the week, I reached out to him and asked if we could meet and have lunch to talk. He read the message and didn’t reply. Weeks, moved to a month and I couldn’t believe Kwaku and I were over. Just like that.

I graduated from film school and I needed to figure out what to do with my certification.

Nana Yaw proposed to Adjoa and they were busy planning their wedding. I was so happy for them both. Julia called me one afternoon and told me about her new boyfriend Alex. He is white and they met on a work trip.

Does Kwaku know?” I asked

Yes. But he isn’t convinced because he is a white man but I want to see how it goes”

As long as you are happy Julia that’s what matters”

I wasn’t sure it was right to still be friends with Julia because I had broken up with her brother but lately Julia was the only real friend I could boast of.

After Stacy’s passing and my break up with Kwaku I felt a lot alone and since Julia also lost her best friend Natasha we just grew fond of each other more.

Why don’t you come to London this weekend, we can hang out and gossip” Julia suggested

Gossip about your brother?” I asked

Well yeah, that too, and more about Alex..!” she said excitedly.

I had some time on my hands since I was job hunting so I went to see Julia in London.

We talked about Kwaku and Julia told me about some new people he had started hanging out with. I was confused.

What do you mean by people?” I asked

“ There is this girl I know is called Loretta and this other girl Brenda. I have seen them around him lately but they are just his friends”

“ How do you know they are just his friends Julia? Why is he hanging out with them in the first place?”

“ He is free to hang out with other people Nana but I am sure there is nothing there. I know my brother and he is so crazy about you. He still talks about you and asks about you. For Loretta and Brenda they are the ones that like Kwaku, he is just being nice to them”

“ Nice to them? Kwaku doesn’t speak to me but he asks about me? It makes no sense. Why is he doing this? ”

“ You need to ask him that yourself darling ” Stacy said sarcastically.

“ He doesn’t reply to my messages anymore. So I am done reaching out to him. He can be with whoever he wants” I said angrily

“Are you sure he can be with whoever he wants?” Julia and grinned

Stop teasing me, Julia. I hate how you are having fun with this”

“ I am not having fun with it. I am sad you two broke up. But I feel the two of you are acting like kids. Kwaku is so sad and you are so sad too yet you are proud to make it work. I have always known Kwaku to be stubborn but I am surprised to know you are stubborn too. Two stubborn people in love. Well, now you know two women want your man, just make sure you are not hurt if you find out that one of them succeeded in winning Kwaku over because as far as he is concerned he is single”

Whose side are you on Julia,” I said

“I can’t afford to be on any side because I love you both. I am only telling you the truth. Don’t you want to be my sister-in-law?”

That made me smile and blush a little.

“ Well from your smile I know that you want to, it would be nice having you be a part of our family. I never thought I would be this close to any of Kwaku’s girlfriends but look at us now? I am rooting for you both but I can’t do much if you two don’t fight for each other. Fight for Kwaku, try harder”

“ We can call your mission in getting Kwaku back Hashtag Operationsister-in-law” Julia added

That made me laugh

“ hashtag what?!” I asked

Operation sister-in-law,” she said again trying to give me a high five

I shook my head and ignored her

I can see you are very happy because of Alex,” I said trying to change the subject

“ Alex ..! My baby love,” she said excitedly

She spoke more about Alex, I listened but my attention was divided because I was jealous to know Kwaku was entertaining other girls.

When I went back to Manchester, I sent Kwaku a long text message apologizing and asking us to work it out. His reply was “ I would think about it” just that and he was gone.


Thank you guys for reading. Have a great weekend. Goodnight?